The Best Work From Home Opportunity- It Does Not Get Better Than This

The Best Work From Home Opportunity That Me Helped Me Start My Very Own Online Business

How to Start an online business


This is Roopesh, and welcome to PASSIVE INCOME FOR ALL. I am excited to talk to you about what I think is the ‘Best Work From Home Opportunity.’ 

3 years ago, I never imagined the possibility of starting an online business. Honestly speaking, I tried so many offline ventures, that my faith was wearing thin.

When I first dived into the online world, I was bombarded with stuff like, ‘Paid Surveys,’ ‘Paid APP’s,’ PTC(Pay-To-Click) Sites and of course the usual overhyped MLM’S.

Truth be told, I thought that my luck of making money online was going to be worse than my offline experiences.

Thankfully, I was proven wrong. I found hope here.I found a legit ‘work from home’ business. 

Today it’s my pleasure to share with you, what it’s all about.

There Is Something That Is More Precious Than Money.....It's TIME

How to make extra money in your spare time

Once time is gone, it’s gone. No getting it back and definitely no use lamenting over it. If I were to ruminate over how much time I have wasted, trying different ways to make a few bucks, it will drive me crazy. Whew!

Let me show you just how badly I wanted to make money, that I ended up trying some of these no-good make money deals!

  • Horse Racing - I know what you're saying, that it's not a money making opportunity, it's gambling. That's true. The point is that I sat studying the race cards for hours on ends. 2 years flew by, and I had not noticed it.
  • Real Estate - I studied and registered to become a realtor. I then opened my own real estate business. I soon came to realize that I was not a 'salesy' kind of individual. Selling houses was cutthroat at the time, and I got axed out of my commission on one too many occasions when the buyer and seller made private deals.
  • Buying into a Franchise- My wife and I decided to invest in an educational franchise for kids.We taught kids how to use the japanese abacus. It's aim being to assist in their brain development and increase IQ's. Unfortunately, the franchise was relatively new in the country and we blindfoldedly signed a contract that was one-sided, all in the master franchisee's favour, because of our excitement and sincere intention to make a difference in the lives of children. 5 Years of our precious time flew by. Not to mention, all of our savings too.
  • Useless Penny Paying Surveys- Coming onto the online world, the experience of doing surveys was nothing short of frustrating. I would spend 10-15 minutes just filling out 'screening surveys', only to find out that I did not qualify for the main survey. And when I did finally get to the main survey, it paid out $0.50.
  • PTC(Pay To Click) and Playing Online Games - It sounds great, to earn money by clicking on links and getting paid for watching ad's. Only thing is, many of these ask you to fill in countless captcha's that make you go blue in face, before you finally get to see the ad. As for the part that involves playing games, it's a measly pay for 15-20 minutes of game-time.
  • No Stranger to MLM''s- You probably must have heard of those dream vacations, car incentives and passive income bonuses. I had two problems regarding making these Multi-Level marketing businesses work. Firstly, the products were damn expensive. Secondly, markets like the health and wellness sectors were extremely competitive, which made my job more tougher. Lastly, the higher incomes were always reserved for the best recruiters. I suck at recruiting and it was tiring asking people to come to 'secret' seminars or 'house parties.'

Have You Experienced Any of This? 

Some of these did pay eventually, but the money was not anything to shout about. And it was not PASSIVE INCOME.

The minute I stopped doing any of it, I stopped earning. It was not long thereafter that I finally found the Best Work at Home opportunity.

I Finally Had A Breakthrough...


When you come to look at it, there are literally thousands of websites created every signal day. Sites like Amazon, Alibaba are making billions in a year! No question that famous search engines like Google and Bing, are money-making machines in their own right.

Doing surveys and the like, was earning the breadcrumbs. I knew there had to be a way to earn a piece of the internet share, but I just did not know how.

As a pharmacist, I wanted to help more people and what better way than through the internet.(Sadly though,unforseen circumstances prevented me from opening my own pharmacy).

Anyways, as I scrolled through Facebook, I read about a business opportunity. It sounded interesting, and so I turned to big daddy Google to learn more. The opportunity turned out to be a scam. But that was not where the story ended.

I stumbled across a review of a business platform that would help newbies build their own online businesses. It was free to register and you did not need to have any online experience. You would also get 2 FREE WEBSITES. I thought that somebody was ‘smoking their socks.’ Since it was free and no credit card was needed, I gave it a go!

Today as a result of that fateful day, I am a pharmacist turned internet entrepreneur. I built a website to help people with a particular health condition. This company helped me realize my dream and it can help anyone with any passion, hobby or interest to build a solid business.

Let me tell you more about this legit work from home community platform

-It's Just 4 Simple Steps

It is not difficult to build a website

There was a time when the most successful businessman of today, knew very little of their field. 

I’m talking’ about guys like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. They started from knowing a little, to becoming industry leaders today. It’s going to be a learning curve and the important thing is to just follow the steps that successful people have taken and you should be fine.

Take me for example, a pharmacist. I had zero knowledge of how to build a website, or how to select a domain name or any of the internet ‘mumbo jumbo’ stuff. And the best part is, that I did not have to worry about recruiting. 

Just know this, if someone like me, can come from the health field into the online business world and can do this, then I know that anybody can do it. And I know that YOU can make it a success, Now, onto those 4 steps, shall we? 


They call this part, ‘ selecting a niche,‘ 

What is a niche? It’s simply an audience that you choose to target. In my case, I selected the health niche. You can decide on any niche for your website. If you are passionate or interested in it, chances are that a portion of the 3.4 billion people searching will also be interested.

Don’t stress if you can’t find a niche or are having some trouble with it. Wealthy Affiliate will help you with this.


These days, technology evolves at a rapid pace. Gone are the days when coding was needed to build up a website. In fact, you can get your very own FREE WEBSITE framework all LIVE in under 30 seconds!

How to get two free website with Wealthy affiliate

 Your focus will be on writing content. Now, many folks think that they need to be a Professor or have a degree for this. That is the worst lie that you can tell yourself.

I always like to think that when I am writing content, that I am speaking to a friend. That I am helping him or her out. As you keep writing, it gets easier. Trust me on this one.

And the other huge benefit to being consistent, is that Google and other search engines will start trusting you and reward you with good website rankings. This is how you get FREE traffic, 24 hours a day, to your website!

Don’t freak out if you don’t know much in terms of how to build content for your website. The FREE training and lessons at Wealthy Affiliate is all you need to start a solid online foundation


In this business, you don’t have to recruit to earn money. In fact, you don’t even need your own product or service to earn. So, how do you earn money online?

Simple- by earning commissions on products and services that you recommend on your website. The big merchants like Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, and thousands of other affiliate partners will PAY YOU for recommending their products.

Isn’t that cool? WA teaches you all you need to know about this.

In a nutshell, these four simple steps will get you started off, on building a solid online business that can yield great passive income. I know that you can do this!


Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

How to start an online business

When I first started out, I was intimadated, scared and excited all at the same time.

It was a foreign concept to me at the time and feeling that way was normal and understandable. What really put my mind at ease, was knowing the fact that there were literally thousands of members within the WA COMMUNITY, all learning and building their businesses. I did not ever feel alone as help was, and still is, always there. 

As I’ve said earlier, everyone has to start at the bottom and here you have a great start. It’s all about how much of a difference you want to see in your life. Where do you want to be in 3 or 5 years time? 

What you do or don’t do, can impact your future. Besides, it DOES NOT COST you anything to give this a go.You’ve got nothing to lose!

I look forward to helping you out. Click the button below.


When you sign up, I will welcome you to this awesome teaching platform. You will get your TWO FREE websites, access to the online entrepreneur course(10 lessons), and access to the one of a kind community. There is more to mention, but I'd rather have you experience it for yourself.
This is My Promise to you. You get all of the above, without the need to put forward any credit card information.
All I ask of you, is to give it a try. Sounds Fair?

Joining Wealthy Affiliate has been a huge and welcome step for me. I have found the people so helpful with all their advice and encouragement. Am still finding my way but am loving learning so many new things. Have always been afraid of using the internet but am slowly but surely losing that fear. Thank you
Wealthy Affiliate Testimonials
Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be anytime anywhere. I would have wanted everyone around me to be a part of this organization but unfortunately some countries are not included in its registration plan. 
I want to state that although I am yet to complete my courses, Wealthy Affiliate is my Number One Bet for Online Marketing. What I like most here, the systematic arrangements of lessons, follow up tasks, the vibrant community and the support from the owners - Kyle and Carson are tremendous.
More grease Wealthy Affiliate.
Wealthy Affiliate Testomonials
Linah Jacobs
Hi Kyle. I've been here over 5 years now. I actively looked for a place where I could learn how to build websites and make my own money so I could leave my a job I hated. That's how I found WA. I stayed at the Starter level for quite some time before becoming a Premium member. 

The skills I learned here gave me the skills and confidence to apply for a web administration job in my area. I was offered that job and was elated until the company ran into problems and laid me off. But I still work for that company as an outside contractor.

I now find it very easy to converse with people about hosting, domains, niche markets, building WordPress sites, creating content, SEO, etc. All of which I learned right here.

I've enjoyed getting to know people in live chat, following people, and asking and answering questions. There's so many people here with different skill sets. And they are all willing to share their knowledge which is a big plus. So I have to say, I've been very happy here and plan to continue my membership for the foreseeable future.

I've proved to myself that I can make money with a niche site. I've had some Amazon sales so I know the system works. I just need to focus more on the "rinse and repeat" part! 😉
Wealthy affiliate testimonials
I have just joined and it is the best thing I ever did, I was sucked in to all this make money online crap with fancy sales page, mostly with videos forcing you to watch the whole thing before you even got a glimpse of a link or price. I ended up with information overload not knowing where to start, but always seem to know where I want to end up (I suppose this is Dreaming) When I joined here, the penny dropped as all the information and guidance I needed was all in one place, Excellent platform and I have not even done anything yet, I feel accepted and welcome - Thank you 
Johnathan Wilson