AZ Millionaire Method Review- $1Million in 12 Months! The Truth is Ugly!

Hi and welcome to my AZ Millionaire Method review. The AZ Millionaire Method is coined as a bullet proof system that has made 'ordinary people' millionaires in one year or less.

That is a mighty bold claim, wouldn't you say? Is AZ Millionaire Method a scam or can you become a 7-figure earner in 12 months? 


It sounds pretty exciting to be able to make so much of money within such a short period of time. Before you go ahead and buy this product for $37, allow me to tell you the truth in this comprehensive review.

Despite the rise in online scams, there still are legit ways of making money online.

NAME OF PRODUCT: AZ Millionaire Method

PRICE: $37(+upsells)

WHAT IS ABOUT : Teaching you some ways on how to sell on the Amazon platform.

OWNER : Ryan Ford(alias)



AZ Millionaire review is az millionaire really easy to use

If I were to take a calculated guess, then judging from the name AZ Millionaire Method, I would say that they are referring to Amazon. The multi-billion dollar empire owned by Jeff Bezos.

Even the color schemes that they've used in their logo resembles that of the Amazon logo.

Recently I've noticed that these types of 'make money online' sales videos follow a certain trend. They always seem to firstly show you 'wonderful' bank balances, in order to prove that their systems really do work. None of these balances can be verified by the way.

Then only later, do they offer you a 'sneak peek' as to how their system actually works. In some cases you do not even get to see anything at all, leaving you guessing, and with no other choice but to purchase the final product.

The AZ Millionaire method sales video is no different. They show you those unverifiable bank earnings.

AZ Millionaire review unverifiable bank balances

It turns out that my initial guess was correct!

The video reveals that AZ Millionaire method has to do with using Amazon. Whilst it's all nice to hear that Amazon generated 232 billion and some change in revenue for 2018, I personally do not see how knowing this information is going to help you make money.

It's a given that Amazon is huge, but do they show you how the AZ Millionaire method can help you to make money with Amazon?

The only clue or sneak peek given about the AZ Millionaire system is, that you can get your business up and running within 30 minutes. Other than that, you are left in the dark as to what AZ Millionaire is all about?


As the plot thickens, you get to hear that Ryan Ford, the narrator, had the misfortune of being involved in a car accident. As a result he is no longer able to continue his day job as a security guard. 

He received a letter from one of his close friends, Harvey, offering to help him financially by introducing him to the AZ Millionaire Method.

AZ Millionaire what is az millionaire all about

It would appear that AZ Millionaire is something that one downloads and is easy to follow.

Is this really the case?

Prepare to be disappointed.

AZ Millionaire Method is a 13-page PDF that talks about some ways that you can utilize, to leverage off the Amazon website.

AZ Millionaire Methos inside the members area

The main methods they talk about are;

(1) Kindle Direct Publishing

The Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP program allows for authors to utilize Amazon to sell their books.

You can earn,

  • 70% Commission on products that are priced between $2.99 and $9.99
  • 30%  Commission on products that are priced between $0.99 and $2.98

You can sell various types of books such as children's books, cookbooks, and novels to mention a few.

They talk about using the (2)Amazon Createspace program that allows you to publish hard copies of your content. If you already have a physical book published elsewhere then you can sell it through Amazon using their (3)Amazon Advantage program.

The last two methods that they mention involves registering for your own e-commerce store. You can do it either by opening an(4) Amazon Webstore or an (5)Amazon astore.

The rest of the PDF goes into slightly more detail about the methods that I've mentioned above. For instance, on the KDP program, they walk you through on how to choose a niche, how to publish and promote content and so forth.

Its interesting to see that for most of their methods, they link you to the official Amazon website for more information.


Which begs the following question. Is there really a need to pay $37 for this 13-page PDF, whereas you can get all of this information directly from the official website?

That is what AZ Millionaire method is all about?

Can you really make money with AZ Millionaire Method? Let me show you.


You are going to hear from some folks as to how the AZ Millionaire Method turned them into millionaires. Some of them have apparently made this kind of money in a shockingly short space of time.

For instance, take the case of the lady pictured in the screenshot below.

AZ Millionaire Method review az millionaire method is a scam as they have fake testimonials

She claimed to have reached the target of making one million dollars, within a mere 48 weeks of using the AZ Millionaire method. 

Is this really possible? Can you believe her?

Unfortunately not. 

The reason is because the testimonial is not real. This lady is an actress who renders her services on the Fiverr platform.Take a look at her audition profile on Fiverr below.

fast fake testimonials

In fact a few days ago I wrote a review on a product called Fast, and believe it or not she was on that sales video as well.

Here is the screenshot taken from the Fast sales video.

fast review fake testimonials

Testimonial seen on the Fast.profits online sales video

Using a fake testimonial in my opinion, does nothing but bring doubt as to whether the system actually works. It questions the credibility of whatever is inside the members area, be it video training or PDF's or even if it's a simple plain e-book for that matter.

If there is no real proof, then why should you spend even $1 to buy the product? 

To add insult to injury, there is no REAL owner or founder to take responsibility for the AZ Millionaire Method. They used an alias, Ryan Ford.

AZ millionaire is a scam used an alias Ryan Ford

If they are not prepared to offer you any transparency as far as their identity is concerned, then why should anyone sign up with them in the first place?

Think of it this way. If you are seriously looking to start an online business, then one of the important aspects for you will be, to know whom it is that you are going to be doing business with, right?

You cannot start building a solid foundation, if the people who are supposed to help you, are hiding in the shadows. Who will you turn to when you reach a setback? Is there a support forum that you can reach out to?

The answers to these questions, in the case of AZ Millionaire is, no one to turn to, and no support structure of any kind.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

Trust me when I say that one of the key ingredients to having a successful online business, is to have REAL people who are there to help you whenever you need it.

I am earning a passive income online as a result of joining this teaching platform, that has two real owners, top notch training and back-up and an interactive community to help me every step of the way.

Does this mean that AZ Millionaire Method is a scam?

It's time to end this AZ Millionaire Method review with my verdict.


There is one positive that I see here. That is, it's a Clickbank product. This means that you are covered by a 60-day money back guarantee.

Apart from the over hyped marketing, the fake testimonials,the unverifiable bank balances, and the use of an alias, there is one more point of concern that I would like to bring to your attention.

AZ millionaire is a scam you cannot make money on the same day

They are misleading you into believing that you are going to make money on your first day. Heck, Ryan claims to have made 20K in his first week!

That is ridiculous in my opinion. Let's say that you sell books on the KDP program and are lucky enough to make 70 % commission on a $9.99 sale.

You make $6.99 profit. To make $1,000 000 you would need to sell $143,061.516 books!

Yikes, that is a lot of hard work, wouldn't you say? 

Is AZ Millionaire Method a scam? On the one hand they talk about legit business models, but on the flip-side they provide false hope to people. I personally do not think that it's worth your $37.


This is a proven and real method that you can use, to build a passive income business from. It's called affiliate marketing.

You do not need to have any experience to start. You can sell products for thousands of merchants. You are not restricted to just Amazon. You can build a business on any hobby, passion or interest that you have.

I learned affiliate marketing, four years ago, and today I have a full time passive income business. When I started out it was all foreign territory to me. Now I can honestly say that I am grateful that I learnt about affiliate marketing. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you can make it a success as well.

If you are ready to learn more, it would be my honor to help you get started with your very own online business, learn more here.

Thanks so much for joining me on this AZ Millionaire Method review.

I hope that it has helped you.

Should you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I promise to get back to you as soon as I can.

Kind Regards and Take Care



7 thoughts on “AZ Millionaire Method Review- $1Million in 12 Months! The Truth is Ugly!”

  1. I must say, your review on AZ Millionaire Method is well compiled, with beyond every doubt proof that the AZ Millionaire Method is a big time scam. Using fake testimonials, giving information that is already available on the internet and charging for it. 

    And then, making bogus claims about making buyers millionaires in under a year. 

    Purchasing the AZ Millionaire Method is a waste of money, when the information offered is free. I see this program as a scam. 

  2. Thanks for writing this review on az millionaire method. I must commend you for a job well done for taking your time to do your findings and research before writing this of the things I see about az millionaire method is that, is just an over hype program promising without having anything to deliver. The fact that he made mention the fact that you can make $1million in 12months make it a scam in my own point of view because if it is truly easy to make that huge amount of money in one year online then everyone during online Business will be millionaire  by now. 

  3. Many scam site are springing up on the internet.The article associate to AzMillionaire never pinpoint if it is a scam but with the testimonies background showing the woman  is not really testifying for AzMillionaire.To be able to avoid falling victim,one must conversant and versatile with the mode of a scam site just like AzMillionaire.
    Thanks for the job well done on this article.

  4. Hey Roopesh, you really hit the nail on the head. There are many online scams like AZ Millionaire that claim they can make you a millionaire with little or no work with their “method”.

    I quite agree with you that having real business with real people behind it is the best way to learn affiliate marketing, Honestly I feel like kicking the founder of the AZ Millionaire Method in the ass for cooking such big lies to steal 37 bucks from unsuspecting people.

    It’s this kind of AZ people that are perpetrating scams in the online business world. But you have done the correct thing by exposing them!
    I will check your blog regularly from now on to read more reviews about any scam you discover. Thank you a bunch!

  5. Well even after reading the review am still not 100% sure if i can confidently say that they are real or not because i do not believe in sites that gives you the impression of making you millionaires in less than a year or in one year but i believe that one can build his/her wealth in a gradual process.


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