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How to Build a Successful Website

Would you like to learn how to build a successful website of your own?How to build a successful website

No problem. You have come to the right place.

Whether, you want to create a site of your own or for someone else, or even for something that you are passionate about, a website can reach an amazing about of people. So, your presence will have a much wider audience compared to exposure without an online portfolio.

In time, as you build your website, you will start gaining more exposure, gaining authority and trust and can turn your website into a really lucrative online business. One that can sustain you for years to come!!!

Its easier than you think, its fun too!!! The best part is that is quick, you will learn how to build of website of your own in less than 30seconds

Amazing!!!! Don’t you think?

Fundamental Ingredients of A Quality Website

Before we get into the key ingredients that are needed to build a successful website, you need to know that when you start up a website, its needs to have a place where it is “stored” and “maintained”

What do I mean by this?

This is called “web hosting.” It is simply a place whereby your website is kept so that when people visit it, it will be opened up in quick a time as possible and the website will run smoothly.

The last thing that you need is to have people come onto your site and find it takes years to load. This puts them off and eventually they click on that “x” and boom! you lost your visitors.

We will talk more about web hosting later. For now here is what I think your site needs to get off onto a good start.

  1. Professional Appearance
  2. Easy Navigation around your site
  3. Quick Loading Time
  4. Quality and Engaging Content

Amongst the above, you going to need a good structural framework to support all the helpful and quality content that you are going to write about.how to build a successful website

For this I would recommend WordPress. It has been around for years and this very site that you are on is built upon wordpress. Its easy to use, and there is a host of themes to choose from.

For now, the important thing is to get you started, so don’t worry too much about the themes. Once we get you up and running, you can change themes till your hearts content.

Lets get Started! Enter a domain name of your choosing in the box below and then Click on the BUILD IT NOW! button. Once you done this, you have just got your very own WordPress WEBSITE!!!!


As I mentioned before, word press is a system that is going to manage your content.

Around 10years back, people created their websites and had to use coding whilst building their websites. HTML is the language or coding that forms the basis of any website right up till today.

These days things are made much easier that you do not need to learn this code and anyone can start building a great site using word press. Beside no HTML, or any advanced knowledge not needed to build a site, here are other benefits of using word press.

  • OVER 1300 Template to CHOOSE FROM
  • Over 10000 “plug-ins” to Improve FUNCTIONALITY


Now that you have learnt more on how to build a successful website, are you ready to take the plunge. Below is a link that shows you how to create your very own website in under 30seconds.

The great part is that it is absolutely FREE!

How to build a website online


Update(19/06/2016): Watch my You Tube Video showing you How EASY the Process is to get your Word Press Website Registered.

There is only 3 simple steps that you have to follow!!

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The fun starts Now!

Now that you are good to go with you new functional word press site, you need help to build it and grow and see it take a life of its own.

This is where I come in. I will be with everyday step of the way. Whenever you need help, just look up my name in the Wealthy Affiliate community and I will answer any of your questions that you may have.

Thanks for reading my article on how to build a successful website. I hope you had fun just as much as I enjoyed guiding you through the process.

Cheers to your new and exciting journey!!!