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Is it possible to Make Money Online?


With over 3billion people searching the Internet, there are endless opportunities to get your share of the market. The big question is, How do you get in front of them?

Today you will learn how to make money online as how I did.There is just one thing you need to know.

Building a successful online business cannot be done overnight.You will have to put in some hard work and time.

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Great! You’re still here! Fantastic! I knew you had it in you. Let’s get started..

The one cool part about this business is that you don’t need any experience whatsoever. I started with zero experience and you can too! The other bonus is that I will get you started with $0.

Three REASONS why most people FAIL to make MONEY Online

1.Its a GET RICH THING – Like any business, be it online or offline, you simply cannot expect ‘dough’ to roll in during the early stages. Many folks think they will be able to buy their ‘dream home’ or ‘flashy car’ within the first 3months.get-rich-quick

IT WILL COME, but you have Got to put in some Hard Work and Give It TIME.

2. Presence of ONLINE SCAMS – There are tons of them springing out like mushrooms on a daily basis. People have been burnt by them and I understand completely their desire to NOT try something online Again!scam1

The Truth is that there are some really good guys out there.Today you will have the chance to experience it first hand. That’s a promise.

3.Lack of Training, Support, and Mentorship – Have you ever had the experience of no one helping you out when you start an online venture? After paying those hefty fees, doesn’t it frustrate you that you are left ‘hanging’  to figure things out for yourself and the support structure sucks?support

I maintain that it really helps to have a person or even a community of like-minded people who have threaded the path and become successful, to guide you on your online journey.

Let’s Get YOU Started up with Your FREE Website in Under 30 Seconds

I started with an online business and have been working on it for a while now. It’s a change from my normal 9-5 job. Apart from being able to work at my own time, I love spending the day, the way that I want to. You can realize this too.

Yeap, I am going to help you to sign up for your TWO Free websites right now! Just follow these 3 Simple Steps

1. Step One: Go to Wealthy

2. Step Two : Fill out your details and Create a Free Starter Account

3.Step Three : You Are In!

Your FREE Membership gives you full access to the, Getting Started training, TWO free websites, support, tools and free website hosting.

You will be able to learn from experts within the field and mingle with others who are on the same journey as you are, to becoming Internet Entrepreneurs.

You’ll be amazed at what an awesome , helpful and interactive community this is.

(I will be waiting for you)

More about Wealthy Affiliate

The Getting Started training comprises of 10 lessons. After having completed these 10 lessons, you would have achieved the following goals:

  • You would have built your own ‘Niche’ website 
  • You would done this WITHOUT any prior technical know-how
  • You would have gotten the opportunity to make friends with some top Internet marketers
  • Your Website is indexed with Google
  • You’re on your way to building a Passive Income Business

All of this is FREE! You’ve got nothing to lose! Join Wealthy Affiliate Now!

I am looking forward to us working together.

Your Friendroopeshgovind1


Quick ReminderWealthy Affiliate is Completey Free. No Obligation, No Get Rich Promises , No Credit Card needed.

Let me know if there is something on your mind.I will be happy to help you out wherever I can.

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6 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online- Get Started NOW”

  1. Three words: Just do it! If you have been considering taking the plunge into internet marketing (whether to build your own brand or to promote your own products or review/promote other company’s products), Wealthy Affiliate is the way to do it. The foundation provided to you, even with no or little internet experience is key to building a successful website, and the support from the community is wonderful. You wont get rich overnight, and you will put in hard work, but you will be successful!

    • Hi Martina

      I like those three words. I am glad that I applied them to Wealthy Affiliate. It is one of the best moves that I have made.

      Thanks for your words of encouragement. My readers will enjoy reading them.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  2. Hello Roopesh
    Yes scams are countless on the internet.
    Having been involved in Internet Marketing for many years I know only too well how a lot of people get sucked in by these so called experts and gurus who promise you riches beyond your widest dreams.
    But that’s all they are, Dreams.
    To earn an income from the internet takes hard work and unless you are very lucky you wont see a return for all that hard work for many weeks if not months.
    You really have to get yourself known, get established and build up trust so that people will come to your website and actually turn into customers.
    It also helps if you can find a good online company that will show you ‘How To’.
    As you point out Wealthy Affiliate is such a company and they will help you get started building an online business.
    More than that they will give you two free websites and access to everything you need for a full seven days, and it wont cost you a penny..
    After that seven days if you decide its not for you then you can leave and no harm done.
    A great offer all-round.
    To your own success Roopesh.
    Robert Allan

    • Hi Robert

      Your comment means a lot to me. I must be honest, I have NOT been in the game as long as you. It really means something to get someone’s perspective who has experienced it all.

      I am sure that over the years you must have seen a lot of transitions within the industry and its good to see that you too back up the teachings of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

      As you said, if someone finds that Wealthy Affiliate is not for them, they have lost nothing at all.

      Once again, I appreciate your time in commenting.

      Thanks for the best wishes


  3. I totally agree with you Roopesh, if it weren’t for all these online scams a lot of people would have had a different interpretation on how to make money online.

    And as for the get rich quick thing, this is highly overrated. But even when you said 3 months, some people might think that that isn’t really ‘quick.’ What is a more realistic timeline that one can expect to start having success? When did you experience your first sale, or make your first dollar online?

    • That question is tough to answer. I would give it from 6Months up to a year for one to see results. I made my first commission 7 months after having started my website.

      It really is an awesome feeling. Once you understand your audience, then the sky is the limit.




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