Instant Email Empire – $100 In 24 Hrs? Scam or Legit?

Hi there and welcome to my Instant Email Empire review. Instant Email Empire goes by another name as well, 'Copy My Email,' system. This one opens up with a very bold claim, that you can make $100 in the first 24hours, guaranteed!

They claim that you do not even have to do any list building yourself, as it's all done for you. Is this really possible or is Instant Email Empire a scam?


Though it may seem all easy at first glance, I think that there's more going on here than meets the eye. I am glad to help you with your research. At the end of the day you want to have peace of mind, knowing that an opportunity is worth both your time and money.

Despite the rise in online scams, there are still legit ways of making money online.

NAME OF PRODUCT : Instant Email Empire AKA Copy My Email


FOUNDER : Unknown




According to the sales page, the Instant Email Empire system is as simple as you sending emails to, the 'people who requested the emails to be sent to them.'

what is instant email empire all about

If I were to guess, then I would say that these are certainly not going to be  any 'ordinary' emails.

In my opinion, I think that these e-mails are product offers.

The reason as to why I say that, is that there is a higher chance that someone is likely to buy and you are likely to earn a commission as a result.

As I watched further into the sales video, they mentioned that people who are on your email list, do not even have to make a purchase in order for you to earn a commission.

This is a principle that is more commonly referred to as "Cost Per Click'' advertising. What's even more interesting is that according to them, they will send you 'hungry subscribers'. 

As I said earlier, this is my best guess. The only way to know for sure, as to what Instant Email empire is really about, is to check out their members area.

Shall we dig deeper into Instant Email Empire and see what is going on?


It turns out that my initial assumption of Instant Email Empire was wrong.

I thought that one would make money from the 'actual' product that the e-mail was all about. The truth is that there is no actual product here.

What do I mean? 

So what is really going on here? Let me explain it to you.

Instant Email Empire Inside the members area

Instant Email Empire aka Copy MY Email System (The Members Area)

You see, what is actually happening here is that, you get paid for every person who 'clicks' on your e-mail and joins the Instant Email Empire system.

I believe they pay out around 20 cents for anyone who clicks on your email links.

When these people whom you've introduced, register with Instant Email Empire, they become an "EMAILER".

So how does an "EMAILER'' help you? You earn 10 cents  for any click generated from the ''EMAILER'S" downline.

They claim that on average from the work of one ''EMAILER'', you can earn up to $300 per month.

In another words, the way that I see it, it's all about getting folks to sign up and invest into the Instant Email Empire system.

Instant Email Empire is a complete scam by giving you 5000 subscribers

Though they provide you with 5000 subscribers initially, you can 'jump-start' the process to earn more money, more quickly.

That is via two ways: 

  • WAY ONE: By emailing the subscribers two times a day, instead of the default one time a day, and
  • WAY TWO: By adding 5000 more subscribers to your account.

Of course, should you choose any of these two options, they are an additional charge.

Then there is something else you need to know- You have to renew your membership in 90 days. This means that even if you do not make a profit, you still need to pay an additional $34.

But don't worry they've got you covered. You can bypass their system by purchasing more EMAILERS. They call this part the 'Guaranteed Signups Program'.

(Once you purchase these EMAILERS or referrals, you cannot ask for any refunds whatsoever.

You can buy 3 EMAILERS for $97, or 1 EMAILER for $47.

Is Instant Email Empire scam yes their upsells are crazy

Is it starting to look like you will have to pay more and more, to advance within this system?

Is Instant Email Empire a scam?

It's time to end this Instant Email Empire review with my verdict.


Is Instant Email Empire a pyramid scheme?

The fact is, that there is no real product that one is purchasing here? You are pouring funds into a system and getting other people to pour their funds in as well.

In exchange, you get paid from the investments within the pool. At least, that is the way that I see it. It appears to look like a pyramid thing going on.

Secondly, you are not introduced to any 'REAL' founder or owner.

On the positive side, it's a Clickbank product, and you can get your money back within 60 days. 

I think that it may be possible to make some money here, but at the end of the day, you are not really building a solid business of your own.

Furthermore, this is not an opportunity that has passive income potential, if that is what you are looking for. At any time, these guys can shut shop and you will be left back at square one.

This is my honest opinion. I personally would not recommend this to anyone.

I believe that you can make money online. You can build your very own passive income business. 

When I started in 2015, I knew nothing about how to buy a domain name or where to start. I mean there are so many options, so many avenues. How do you know where to go?

As a pharmacist, it was all foreign territory to me. Thankfully as a result of joining this awesome training platform, that has got everything that you need to get started, I am happy to say that I am an internet entrepreneur.

Not only have I learned how to build my own online passive income business, but I am able to help others do it as well. If you would like me to help you get started, then it would be my honor to show you a proven method on how to start your own online business, here.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Instant Email Empire review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below. I promise to get back to you as soon as I can.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and Take Care


11 thoughts on “Instant Email Empire – $100 In 24 Hrs? Scam or Legit?”

  1. What is your view of pyramid scheme? Isn’t it having a pyramid structure and the people on the bottom pays money to feed those people at the top of the pyramid? Based on your description of Instant Email Empire, it’s look like a common online scam but not a pyramid scheme. Some online MLMs are, they are the ones we call “pyramid schemes”. But I agree with you, this program should be avoided and I salute you for not recommending this. 

    • Hello there,

      I said that ‘it could be a pyramid thing’ going on, but did not declare it to be a complete pyramid scheme. I do believe that your explanation is spot on, that people at the bottom pay to feed the ones at the top.

  2. Anything that has ‘Instant’ in its title when it comes to online marketing is immediately suspicious to me, as I know from experience that there is very little that can be done in an instant online that will make you much money. Email is a marketing method that cannot be done in an instant for sure.

    So I was curious as to your take on this ‘opportunity’ to see if I had misjudged the course and training and in reading through your take, it seems I was spot on with my thoughts. This is a typical MLM scheme where there is not even a product to sell other than getting other unsuspecting people to fall for the same thing they want you to fall for.

    This is yet another typical product that gives the industry such a bad name. There are good products and platforms available, but someone who is new to the business is going to fall for this and lose money. Once that happens, then they smear the whole market segment based in their experience.

    That is a shame, because there are legitimate ways to make money online, and not small amounts either if the person is willing to put in the work and has a solid plan and guide to lead them to a viable online business that they can scale up and succeed with.Wealthy Affiliate is one such platform that you have mentioned that will do that.

    • Really enjoyed reading your comment.You certainly brought up an interesting point. That is one of my biggest fears too, that people will label legit programs as scams after purchasing products like these.

      The real loss, is that there is an amazing opportunity to make money online and people will not look in this direction as a result.

      Thanks once again for your time.

  3. Can email marketing be regarded as the best product from clickbank? How can I make the best use of cost-per-click ? This is a wonderful write up, I gained a lot and am seriously considering investing in the instant email empire method. I love the article as it answers most of the questions I always ask about the legitimacy of instant email as a clickbank product. Thank you for shating.

  4. Thank you for the post on the Instant Email Empire. I’m very glad that there are people like you out reviewing sites like these so people like me do not waste our hard earned money on scams. You are doing an amazing service to all online marketers that are just beginning in this world. Thank you for your guidance keep up the good work.  

  5. Ever since I had my son a year and a half ago, I have started looking for legitimate ways to make money from home. It’s so nice to come across posts like this, that shed light on websites and programs that may not be what they promise. When it comes to trying to replace my income from my 9-5 with income from home, the last thing I want to do is spend unnecessary money and time. Thank you for the review on Instant Email Empire.

  6. I was searching for some ways to make email marketing for my website more effective when I landed on your review of Instant Email Empire. Well, it had me scrolling down to see what it’s all about. It promises a guaranteed $100 in 24 hours? Wow! But wait, the founder is unknown? 

    Hmmm, red flags right there! I don’t think sending out emails over and over again to your subscribers in the hopes of getting them to click on your emails is a good way to make money. I had enough with pyramiding scams so I am definitely staying away from Instant Email Empire. Sometimes I wonder how programs like this ended up on ClickBank. 

    You’re right, building your own online business that you have complete control of is the best way to earn passive income. You may have to work really hard and spend a lot of time in the process but knowing that your efforts will ultimately be rewarded will make it all worthwhile.

    • Very true.

      These days there are legit programs with top-notch tools, training and support that levels the playing fields and gives anyone the opportunity to start their own online business from scratch. 

      The one main ingredient needed is the strength, determination, and commitment from the person.

      All then is just to give it time, and it will come together.


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