Is ENJEO a Scam? [Is It The Best Way To Start Affiliate Marketing?]

Welcome to my Enjeo review. Would you like to make money just from recommending digital products? The great part is that you need not to purchase any of these products in order to qualify for payment? It sounds pretty exciting, doesn't it? That is what the ENJEO site is all about.

Is Enjeo a scam or can you really earn from this website?  Today I'm going to show you how this website works so that it can help you to make an easier decision. Especially if you are looking at signing up for this opportunity.


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WEBSITE : www.Enjeo.com

FOUNDERS : Unknown


WHAT IS ABOUT : An 'affiliate program' that pays you to get paying customers to their website. In other words, you earn commissions for bringing paying customers.

The commission per product sales is very low. You earn more for bringing customers to sign up to the platform.

I personally think that if you are one looking to creating a passive income online and long-term sustainability, this is not a good option. 



The Enjeo website is marketed as a portal that pays you for getting paying customers to their website.

The website offers a range of digital products. Your job is to get family, friends, and co-workers to purchase the products that they are already familiar with. You in turn will earn the commission for every successful sale that takes place.

Let's find out who the owners are.


It is not very clear as to who the owners of this site are. There is no e-mail address. However, they do have a contact number on record.

The only other information that I could find is that the site was registered back in 2011.

Enjeo Review who are the owners of Enjeo

You would think that by now at least they would have had a bit more 'inside’ information. It’s a bit strange, don’t you think?

Let us see exactly how this platform works.


It is free to sign up with Enjeo. However, there is one main requirement-that is you need to supply them with your bank account details.

Upon successful registration, you can access the various products that you can promote.

Enjeo review how to access the various affiliate products

Your job is to simply paste links of these products on any social media platform where you have a good following on. It could be using your email or YouTube or even Facebook.

Once an interested party purchases these products you will receive a commission.

What exactly will you be promoting?

Let's take a closer look at these digital products.


 Most of these products are ongoing subscription plans. For instance, they have a roadside assistance plan, identity protection plans as well as credit monitoring plans.

Enjeo Review what are the main affiliate products
  • Credit monitoring mini plan
  •  Reality listing mini-plan
  • Roadside assistance mini-plan
  •  Public records mini plan
  • Identity protect basic
  • Identity protect ultimate

How can you make money by promoting these products? It’s time to check out the Enjeo compensation plan.


The commission on most of these plans is around $1.25 per week. You only earn this commission once a customer is billed.

However, the disappointing part is that you can only earn this commission up to a maximum of 6 months.

How can you make money selling the Enjeo products?

That means that should a customer maintain his membership(after 6months) on a specific plan you will not earn any further income.

This is why I believe that most folks would rather concentrate on recruiting people to the business.

The Enjeo Compensation Plan

You get a $10 referral for every new customer or affiliate that you introduce to the business.

That is certainly more lucrative than the $1 commission, wouldn’t you say? 

 So is ENJEO a scam? Before I share my verdict, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this business opportunity.

Wealthy Affiliate review


 It's free to join.

They have a decent affiliate program.


Very little earning potential on actual products

The products that you market are not unique

There is no owner or founder information.

They do not accept PayPal as a payment method


In my opinion I do not think that ENJEO is a scam. I have seen folks have funds deposited into their account from the company.

However, I still feel that one should thread carefully if one decides to join ENJEO.For one main reason, whilst the $10 affiliate bonuses are great it is not something that you should rely on completely.

Remember the owners left no trace on the platform. That means that at any time they can close shop. Where does that leave you? Especially after having done the hard work of getting the customers.

Secondly, it is not a site that is focused on helping you to earn a passive income online. Whilst the $1 commissions are passive it is not significant income. Your only choice is to recruit to earn the bigger commissions.

I think to make a few bucks the site can assist. But If you are looking for a  way to earn long-term passive income or sustainability, then this is not the right platform.

ENJEO did do something right.

They based their business on a fantastic business model call affiliate marketing. 

What is affiliate marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business model that allows you to earn by promoting other people's products or services.Learn about the best affiliate marketing training course here

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 I hope that this ENJEO review has helped you out

 If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

 Looking really forward to hearing from you.

 Kind Regards and Take Care.



I did not know much about affiliate marketing or even how to get started with making money online. I am happy to say that close to 4 years now, I am earning a passive income online. Yes, It took me time and at times it was a challenge.But it's worth. I would love to help you get started, if you are ready. Enjoy your Visit.

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Vicki - June 11, 2020

Hi Roopesh

I don’t like the feel of thisd company. I have seen similar places like this and they are data gatherers who spam your details. I’mnot saying this one does this but I do know there are much better places to belong to if you want to build a great future online and earn a great income.

I checked out your recommendation Roopesh and know 100% this is the best platform on the internet to help people and my advice to anyone reading this comment is to click on Rooppesh’s banner and really improve your future

    Roopesh - June 11, 2020

    That is an interesting point that you brought up about ‘data gatherers.’ Come to think of it, they do get your e-mail address upon sign-up. You could be onto something.

    Thanks for checking out my NR.Recommendation I am glad that it resonates with you.

    Let me know if there is anything that I could help you with.



yawehbass - June 11, 2020

Enjeo is legit and not a scam and its has good reviews from different users. And it is quiet a good means of earning money and the  interesting part is that it is scam free. but the question i and anyother user will likely ask is the orgin of the site and the management. a site without any proof of ownership might be look scary to user and will also create doubts or it will fail when the trust of users is tested

Skuchmane - June 12, 2020

Hello dear, thanks for sharing this  its very concise and amazing post with us this article is great and gives good information here, its very useful for people who wants to sell their products online, great work keep it up and i will make sure i do some recommendations.thanks alot for the info admin, it really was nice

evansese - June 12, 2020

hello dear,

a big thanks for sharing these unbiased review on Enjeo, someone has actually told me about this platform but I really wanted to find out by myself if it was legit or a scam platform this your review goes a long way to help in decision-making…

thanks a lot for sharing and have a great day..


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