Is Paid Social Media Jobs A Scam?Can You Make $25-$35 per Hour?

Welcome to my Paid Social Media Jobs review. Is Paid Social Media Jobs a scam or can it set you up to become a social media manager?

They make the job sound easy. The sales video mentions that all you have to do is perform simple tasks such as posting status updates, uploading videos or replying to comments on the social media platform in order to get paid. They claim that they will even provide you all the necessary training and tools that you need to get started.

Is the training worth your while?

I bought the 'package.' I would like to share my opinion of what Paid Social Media Jobs is all about.

It is my hope that after having read this article, it will help to make your decision easier.

NAME OF PRODUCT: Paid Social Media Jobs


OWNERS: Unknown

WHO IS IT FOR: Anyone who wants to learn about Social Media Marketing for businesses.




Here is the proof that I did indeed purchase my copy of Paid Social Media Jobs. 

Is Paid Social Media Jobs A SCAM


The premise behind Paid Social Media Jobs is as follows-

Many businesses have FaceBook, Twitter or other social media accounts. 

The creators believe that as a result of these businesses having other commitments such as salaries, payrolls, staff meeting, etc to see to, they do not have the time (or specific manpower) to manage these social accounts. This is where you come in.

You can provide a service to these companies by managing their accounts, and in turn get paid for doing so!

They claim that they have all the necessary tools and training that you need to help get you started. Let's dive into the member's area and see what that is all about.

What is Paid Social Media Jobs all About

The core training consists of 3 modules. All of these modules have a video averaging around 18 minutes in duration. Accompanying the video, is a 'written' summary of what has been discussed.

The purpose behind these three modules is to provide you with the basics of what it entails to become a social media manager.

The 4th module contains all the advanced training.


The section goes into a bit more detail on what the job of a social media manager is all about. They touch again on the importance that social media plays towards the success of a business.

Then there is a 'Social networks section' that gives one an overview of each of the social media networks.

What is Paid social media jobs

I like the fact that they've highlighted the core aspects of each of the social media platforms. For instance, in the case of Facebook, they covered important topics such as,

  •   Setting up a FaceBook business page, 
  •   How to create FaceBook Timeline covers,and 
  •   FaceBook Tools and Analytics.

Going forward, they talk about building an effective resume, in their training. It concludes by listing sources to help you find work as a social media manager.

How do you eventually end up finding work as a social media manager?

They recommend the use of freelance marketing websites such as Craigslist and Gumtree.

According to what I gathered from the training, one will also end up bidding for jobs, writing proposals and pitching your services to businesses .


The training covers quite an extensive amount of topics.

The teaching matter is based on a trending topic.


There is no evidence of any founder or owner to be found anywhere within the member's area.

Though the training covers a decent amount of topics, most of it is done in written format. It can become both monotonous and boring.

Training is more 'theoretical' rather than 'practical'. 

No 'real' testimonials.

You Can Build Your Very Own Online Business Without Needing Any Experience 


I believe that many companies out there consider social media as a very important tool to improve their brand awareness, social engagement, customer following, etc. Therefore, to me, it makes sense, that they will already have a social media marketing plan in place.

I am not implying that you do not stand a chance. In my opinion, I think that it may pose a bit of a challenge if you are starting out.

Can Paid Social Media Jobs help you get there more easily?

Is Paid Social Media Jobs a Scam? I do not think that it is a scam. However, I think that one has to consider these two important issues.

paid social media jobs is a scam

For me the marketing is somewhat misleading. You have seen what one has to do to get into this game. From learning all about the social networks, to building up a solid portfolio to finding jobs and eventually marketing yourself.

The second issue is with regards to the limitations in the training. The training environment is not interactive. I think this is an important factor, especially if you are brand new to online business.

In other words to be part of a forum of some kind. A forum where you can learn from others and share tips, and motivate one another. Like this teaching platform  that taught me how to make money online.

In my opinion, Paid Social Media Jobs does not score high in terms of their training department. It was more a case of 'telling me what to do', rather than 'showing me how to do it.' Nevertheless, the material provides a fairly decent introduction into how one can become a social media manager.

If you're interested in getting your feet wet, then you can access Paid Social Media Jobs here.

I hope that my Paid Social Media Jobs review has helped you out.

Have you tried any sort of social media jobs before? How did it go?

You Can Build Your Very Own Online Business Without Needing Any Experience 

Would love to hear your story.

Kind Regards and Take Care



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