Millionaire Bizpro Review-Can You Make 1K In 24Hours Using Their System?


Can you make $1000 in 24hours with just '15-20 minutes' of work? These are some of the claims that you will hear on the official Millionaire Bizpro sales page? Are these claims true, or is Millionaire BizPro a scam?

In this Millionaire BizPro review, I am going to show you what their core training is all about. I will also reveal some startling aspects that I have uncovered during my research.

Then all you've got to do is decide whether Millionaire Bizpro is going to be your business opportunity of choice.



WHAT IS IT ABOUT?:It's about using pre-built squeeze pages or 'mini-websites' to market products.

PRICE: $47 (and many upsells)




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If you were to look closely at the sales page, you would probably have noticed a couple of signs that might have already got your 'warning bells' ringing.

Whilst this may not necessarily mean that Millionaire Bizpro is a scam, as yet, it is something however, that one needs to keep in mind before making the final decision.

If you have not picked these signs up already, then let me show them to you.

Is Millionaire Bizpro a scam

The first red flag is the date on the sales page. It automatically defaults to the 'present date'. Isn't it a coincidence that the closing date happens to be the very day that you visit the site? 

Coming to the second red flag, you will find that the number 45 is scratched out and next to it, it says, "7 people".

This means that they have 45 positions to fill in and that there are only 7 spots left. Even if you were to refresh your browser, or log in on the following day, the situation will be the same.

Bottom line: these are common tactics employed to work on your emotions and get you to feel that 'you will lose out' if you do not act immediately. Do not fall into this trap.

Who is the founder of Millionaire Biz Pro?

Founder of Millionaire Bizpro

He goes by the name of Derek. Is he really the man behind the show or is there more to the story?

Upon further investigation, it turns out that the picture of Derek has been used in various other places within the internet. His image has been used to promote dental implants, erectile dysfunction treatment protocols and on pharmacy ads.

Millionaire bizpro is a scam fake owner

What does this mean?

That there is 'no real Derek' or whomever he claims to be. The photo used is a stock photo readily available on stock image photosites such as Pixabay. It allows anyone to use images as they please.

Thus far, it's not looking good for Millionaire Bizpro. Is the actual product any good? Coming up next.


When you join the Millionaire Bizpro, the member's area looks something like this.

Millionaire bizpro review why the millionaire bizpro is a scam

The core training around Millionaire Bizpro is based on building 'mini-sites' with pre-designed squeeze pages(or sales pages).Your job is to market products using these squeeze pages.

Note: Since you are not going to be paying any hosting or domain charges here, it means that these sites are not going to be your property. They are owned by Millionaire Bizpro. That means that should this company close down, you essentially will not have a business of your own. Just thought that I'd bring that to your attention.

The official website hints as to how the platform actually works.

Is Millionaire Bizpro a scam

This is what is written above,

"Millionaire Bizpro is a service that when purchased you are set up with up to 15 webpages. These are predesigned and you will be able to capture e-mails of people interested in earning income online. We will then show you how to monetize this data and earn income by selling other people's products that you will get commissions for."

As they say that 'money is on the list,' and e-mail marketing should be a part of every online business. However, in this case, there are few issues that I picked up regarding the training.


Pre-designed squeeze pages means that you are limited when you want to market your products or services, as far as customization's go.

It also means that you are not going to stand out from the crowd, by using 'generic' designs.


To do e-mail marketing means that you would have to sign up with an e-mail service provider. I am using ConvertKit.

Anyway, the point is that e-mail service providers are not free. For this reason, I would personally recommend one to only sign up, once traffic starts coming to your site.

There is no point wasting money when you are just starting out.

What do you think? Makes sense?


I get the fact that the whole point of starting an online business, is to make money. However, there is more to it than just selling mediocre products, only to earn commissions.

It's about your reputation, and if you intend to stay in the business for a long time, then I believe that it makes sense to do 'detailed' product reviews before recommending them.

That way, you are showing your readers that you have done your homework and you have built trust with them. In the future, it will be easier to market to an audience that trusts you.


Wealthy Affiliate Banner


At the beginning of the sales video, you will be introduced to a very 'chirpy' lady by the name of Megan Elizabeth,who made herself $1.179 from apparently having used the Millionaire Bizpro system.

Here is a screenshot that was taken from the video.

Millionaire Bizpro is a scam

 Now, just a few seconds later, you get to hear a testimonial from another lady.

And guess what? Her name is also Megan Elizabeth. And she too, is from Erin, PA. Take a look below.

Millionaire bizpro is a scam fakes testimonials

What are the chances of that even happening?

Anyway, if you were to tell me that its a really weird coincidence, I would not argue with you. So, let's give them the benefit of the doubt, shall we?

However, allow me to take it one step further. Let me use the first 'Megan Elizabeth' example.

After having done some research, I came to find out that she actually goes by a different name. She is an actor and advertises her services on a platform called Fiverr.


Millionaire Bizpro is a scam

What does this mean?

This means that actors are hired to lend out 'success' stories. They are hired to read out a script, to say that one can make money by using the system.

Does Millionaire BizPro really work? With no real proof, its hard to say. Here is an online business teaching platform that works, and there is proof.

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At the end of the day you are still getting a product for your money. As far as this is concerned, it is not entirely a scam.

Should you join Millionaire Bizpro?

Firstly, there is no legitimate owner of the platform. Then you have 'actors' who are saying that they are earning, which is hard to believe. You really do not have any proof that Millionaire Bizpro actually works.

As for the training, in my opinion it's not 'newbie friendly' and is incomplete to say the least. Basic and fundamental techniques of driving website traffic are not taught here. And to top it all, you get many more upsells coming your way.

Do I recommend Millionaire Bizpro? No!


CAN YOU TURN $47 INTO $1000? Yes, You Can.

You can make it happen. However, it will not happen overnight.

Like any online business that stands the test of time, you will need a solid foundation in place. You will need the proper training, tools, guidance, and support to help you get there. A legit platform like this one can make earning passive income online, a reality.

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You need to take it step by step. You can definitely get there.

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Thanks for joining me on this Millionaire Bizpro review. I hope that it has helped you out.

What are some of the fears, if any, that stops you from starting your own online business?

Would love to hear from you.

Once again, it was great chatting to you.

All the best and take care.


8 thoughts on “Millionaire Bizpro Review-Can You Make 1K In 24Hours Using Their System?”

  1. Great investigation in your review to uncover what are LOTS of red flags. Keep up the good work exposing bad opportunities like this. When the founder of a company you’re looking to invest in isn’t even using his own photo online, that’s a HUGE no no. lol

  2. Thanks for highlighting your red flags in Milionaire Bizpro.
    I am still amazed that people can get away with this so often.
    There appears to be no information about what exactly you are paying for until after you have paid for it.
    It also looks like their aim is to get you to promote their business. a very circular type of business with no real product at the end.
    Thank you for highlighting this. I know you are very polite and say it is not a scam but it is misleading.
    If online businesses had to register their correct name maybe it would get rid of a lot of these misleading claims. What do you think?

    • I think that you have a point there.

       These days many programs come out and manage to promote whatever it is by bypassing the ‘watchful eye.’

      However, in time sooner or later, the relevant authorities do find out and clamp down on them.

      I think if you are going to join a program, the best thing to do is to do as much research as you can.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

      Kind Regards and Take Care


  3. Great review about millionaire bizpro. I agree that programs that give you some for squeeze pages or template will not help you make money.

    I was in a program a few years back that did this, and i could barley get anyone to sign up.

    Also like you said since your using a squeeze page, it means you’ll have to spend money on ads which also isn’t cool.

    So I’ll stay away from this product. Thanks.

  4. Wow Roopesh, you have really done your detective work well here, even uncovering that the reviews were done by actresses rather than real people who had made money on the system.

    And to find that the photo of the owner was also a fake! I can’t believe people are allowed to put such claims out on the web without somebody stopping them. We are going to need internet police one of these days.

    Thanks again for warning us of these unscrupulous business practices and warning us what to look out for. The article was an eye opener and really helpful.


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