The Silk Road Effect Review- Quickest Way To Make $1,800 or SCAM?

Hi there and welcome to my review of The Silk Road Effect. It's a pretty strange name for a business program, wouldn't you say? The sales video starts off by stating that they can "guarantee you will be a millionaire," within 12 months from now!

That's a pretty bold claim. Is The Silk Road Effect a scam or can this product help you to make money online? I decided to buy this product, to see for myself exactly what it's all about. If you're thinking of signing up, let me show you what I've found, to help make your decision easier.


Ready? Great! Let's get started.

Despite all the scams going around, there are legit business opportunities around.

NAME OF PRODUCT: The Silk Road Effect

PRICE: $17(+upsells)


WHAT IT'S ABOUT: Mainly, the major ways of making money online



When I watched the sales video, they gave a slight hint as to what The Silk Road Effect is all about.

They mentioned a situation where one could buy an item for $5, sell it for $100 and make an awesome profit.

My first thoughts were that they were probably referring to the drop shipping model or that you could make that same $100 without having to outlay costs for the product, in which case, it would be affiliate marketing.

They go on to say that it's a highly and closely guarded secret that has been held back "for hundreds of centuries."

The silk road effect review

You will see bank accounts that tally up to a  $1,000 000(which cannot be verified).The sales video also has its fair share of emotional triggers to work on you.

They will have you believe that The Silk Road Effect cannot support more than 20 members, hence you need to act fast! (Please do not fall for this tactic)

They will even tell you that The Silk Road Effect is like nothing that you have ever seen before.

The Silk Road Effect is a scam as they say that its like nothing that you have ever seen before

Naturally, this is enough to get the curiosity of anyone. 

Since the rest of the video does not reveal much else, you have no choice but to join to see exactly what is going on.

Let's see what is really going on, shall we?


Before I get into the Silk Road Review, let me show you the proof that I did in fact purchase the product.


It's kind of strange as to why anyone would want to sell you a system that can apparently make $34,000 per month for just $17.

Exactly what is it all about?

Let me show you.


It would appear that my initial assumption is correct. The Silk Road Effect has to do with both dropshipping and affiliate marketing as well.

the silk road effect inside the members area

All of the training modules are in PDF'S and Video format. You will notice from the image above that there are various, strange names such as 'Marco Polo Secret' 'Deluxe Club,' and the one you're already familiar with, 'The Silk Road Effect.'

These are just fancy words to describe their training modules. For instance the Marco Polo secret is actually about Dropshipping. 

The topics covered in this course are:

  • Dropshipping,
  • Becoming an Amazon Affiliate, 
  • Building an e-commerce website, and 
  • Using Shopify.

I dislike the fact that one has to download the video's onto their computer before they can get to watch them. However, the truth as I came to find out later, is that the video's are simply renditions of the pdf's. In other words, whatever is said in the videos are covered word for word in the pdf's.

 Download whichever one you prefer.

So, does this product deliver or is The Silk Road Effect a scam?

It's time for the verdict.


Let me start off by mentioning the good parts of The Silk Road Effect.

I like the fact that the topics that they cover are trending, which are legit ways of making money online. For instance, I use affiliate marketing as my source of passive income. You can see how I did it here.

I also like the fact that there is an actual product that one is getting for their monies worth. Finally, it's a Clickbank product, so there is a 60 day money back guarantee, should one not be satisfied with the product.

Now for the things that I do not like.

I honestly cannot see how they can 'guarantee you will make a million' within a year's time. The sales video is overly hyped up, and will have you believe that you can make fortunes overnight (to the tune of $34,000 a month).

Yes, people are making that sort of money. However, it takes time, with these types of business models.

It depends on one's efforts and how much commitment one puts in to learning. It also depends on the quality of training that he or she receives. Which brings me to the last thing that I do not like about The Silk Road Effect.

The training, whichever you choose (pdf or videos) is one sided.

I keep thinking from the viewpoint of a newbie. I felt that the training tells you, rather than showing you how to do things. Furthermore, there are no step-by-step lessons to guide one through. There are no forums or community support to help you if you are stuck. 

While the information is decent, it's also very basic. There is only so much that you can cover in a 42 page pdf (As in the module of Dropshipping).

Is this the best start for a complete newbie?

Whilst not necessarily a scam, in my opinion I do not think that The Silk Road Effect is a good start for a newbie.


When I started 3 years ago, I knew nothing about online business or where to start. 

What I did know, is that I wanted a change in my life, and I was willing to put in the time and effort. All I needed was someone to point me in the right direction.

That's when I came across this amazing teaching platform that offered me,

  • The step by step easy to follow training,
  • The top notch back-up,
  • The one of a kind community support,
  • The ongoing live webinars, up to date tutorials, and
  • loads more.

In fact, there is so much more they offer.The platform is called Wealthy Affiliate and I learned how to make a passive income online as an affiliate marketer.

See how it compares, in the table below.

the silk road effect review

If you are interested in learning more about Wealthy Affiliate, then click on the image above to start your free account or to check out my post on the best affiliate marketing course for beginners.

Thanks so much for joining me on The Silk Road Effect review.

I hope that it has given you all the information that you need to make a decision.

Let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with.

Kind Regards and Take Care



18 thoughts on “The Silk Road Effect Review- Quickest Way To Make $1,800 or SCAM?”

  1. I havent heard about silk road before now but from all indications, It looks like a scam site to me because i have fell victim of sites like this that promise minimal work and high yield. The best online network for now is wealthy affiliate because you have got nothing to loose. The trainings will also equip you for the future

    • Sorry to hear about your experience. How is it going at WA? Let me know if there is any way that I can help you out.



  2. You know, my problem with a lot of these online business promotions?  They would hardly tell you the whole truth. They would hype their services or promotions so much that skeptics like me would see a red flag and run as fast as our legs can carry us. A lot of people have bought difficult profits and services and are still putting their monies in the pockets of these people who promise outcomes that are almost impossible to achieve but who would say anything to make you path with your money. Nice review. 

  3. Hi Roopesh, thank you for taking time to review about Silk Road. I stumbled upon this program when I searching for how to make money online, but didn’t really convinced to buy it. Like what you said, it sounds overhyped to generate 34k in just 12 months. How much the upsell cost and for what? Also, I should check your recommendation about Wealthy Affiliate. I’m still a beginner in making money online, so I hope to find a surefire method to earn the money. Thank you 

  4. Thanks for the review on the silk road effect,this article will be helpful mostly for newbie 

    one of the red flags to always consider on any platform is the origin of the platform starting from the founder to all the Co workers of the platform,their are many platform like that and many are been scam because they want to make it fast and quick online 

    I like your recommendation on wealthy part of the community and I can say in any place they are the best program online so far that have engage in. 

    • Good to know.

      How is it going at Wealthy Affiliate? Are you enjoying your journey thus far?

      Let me know if you need help with anything.

      All the best.


  5. You have incredibly done a great job gathering this article.

    i love this review because you have carefully analysed it and gave us the needed insights on whether to go for the online business platform or step aside. Truly,  in the past years and present many online platforms have appeared to be real scam but having read through this, I can say it worth giving a trial.u

  6. Hi Roopesh! Thank you very much for unmasking this platform. It’s great to see you actually purchased the product and have given us an inside look. I hate to see how they take away money from people that are genuinely searching for an opportunity online. They know how to use those emotional triggers on their behalf.

    It’s disgusting to read phrases such as: guarded secret that has been held back “for hundreds of centuries.” LOL

    I know Dropshipping an Affiliate Marketing are legit ways to make a living. Thank you for recommending better platforms to learn all we need to get started building our business online.

  7. A well-Researched article! A complete knock out for the scam called The Silk Road Effect! $2362 per Day! That said it all – a scam. The fact that the owner is anonymous is another turnoff.This scam is nothing compared with wealthy affiliate. Wealthy affiliate trains and trains you to do it yourself without a limit to your earnings – it all depends on you!Aside wealthy affiliate do you know any other platform that is legit and not pricey?

    i would love to try it if any!

    • Hi 

      Yes, I can recommend other programs as well. Would you like something in the ‘get paid to’ side or I have a marketing system that you can show to people to help grow their business, and you, in turn, can bag the commissions?

      Let me know.

  8. This is a very expository article.It is true that many online business programs have turned out to be scam. I really took time to thoroughly read through your article and I can say it’s an enlightening one. Funny enough though as the name doesn’t sound or look like an online affiliate program site but I’m convinced giving it worth giving a trial.

  9. Hi Roopesh, I have read your article attentively about the silk road effect training course. I found here lots of information which will help me to take the right step in online marketing. After reading your review I realized that it’s not perfect for a newbie. I have visited your site passiveincomeforall I found good also. However, I am a member of wealthy affiliate site and I like the fact that you have recommended the wealthy affiliate. Thank you very much for writing this article.

  10. Awesome information!

    This is an incredible one. Thanks for the way you have outlined the wonderful tips. II must say this is an eye opener; I cannot help but agree with everything that you had written here.

  11. What an incredible blog post!I really love the way you outlined the reviews of the silk road effect. The name doesn’t even sound like an online affiliate program.I must say this is an eye opener. Having taken time to thoroughly read through the article I can say ‘ the silk road effect’ is worth trying.Thanks for your indepth analysis.

  12. Hi Roopesh,

    Thank you for sharing this great informational article about Silk Road Effect Review.I have read the article Silk Road Review. This is really a great article.I likes this article very much.This is really very helpful information for us.I am bookmarking your article to share with friends. Thank you again for sharing this informative article with us.


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