What Are The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Newbies?

Hey there, let’s solve a little puzzle together. You’re excited to jump into affiliate marketing, but there are so many choices, right? It’s like being in a big market where everyone’s shouting, “Pick me!”

But guess what? The secret to getting it right lies in choosing the perfect affiliate marketing training. It’s like having a special key that opens the door to all the know-how you need for online success. If you’re looking for the best affiliate marketing training programs that’ll guide you to victory, you’re in the right place.

Affiliate marketing isn’t just a job; it’s an adventure. And with the right training, you’re not just starting a journey – you’re steering a ship to triumph.

In this guide, I’ll tell you about two online courses that can make you a real marketing pro. Your job? Follow the steps, don’t skip anything, and take action.

But you might ask, “Why only two courses when there are so many out there?”

Great question.

There are indeed tons of courses, but I’ve personally tried and tested these two. I wouldn’t suggest something I haven’t experienced myself.

Affiliate Disclaimer:

Just so you know, I’m an affiliate for these courses. If you decide to join through my links, I get a commission. But here’s the thing: it doesn’t cost you extra. Your support through my links helps me keep my business going and share cool stuff about online business with you. So, if you do decide to join, I’d really appreciate using my links. Thanks a bunch!

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Why Should You Start An Online Affiliate Marketing Business?

I get it, you’re eager to explore those affiliate marketing training courses, but let’s pause for a moment and chat about what affiliate marketing is all about.

Are you on the right path by choosing to be an affiliate marketer?

Here are some cool things about starting an affiliate marketing business:

  • It’s a breeze to grasp the basics of this business model.
  • No recruiting nightmares
  • You don’t need to break the bank to begin.
  • It can totally blend with your free time (yep, flexibility rules!).
  • You can build your business around something you’re super passionate about.
  • You’ve got a sea of niches to choose from, really!

And guess what? You can actually kick things off for free, right here.


Just wanted to shine a spotlight on the fact that you’re making a smart move by aiming to kickstart your very own online affiliate marketing business.

Alright, ready?

Let’s zoom in on some key points to think about when you’re picking the right business course to kickstart your journey.

How To Choose The Right Affiliate Marketing Business Course?

When you embark on your quest for the best affiliate marketing programs, it’s like setting sail with a compass that’s your guiding star toward your goal of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Here are some key pointers that should be your North Star when making those crucial decisions.

1. Relevance to Your Journey:

Imagine you’re stepping into the world of health and wellness affiliate marketing.

Now, think of picking a generic course – it’s like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. This is where niche-specific training steps in, ready to light up your affiliate marketing path.

The course should help you build a business around any topic you’re smitten with. Whether it’s jewelry or model airplanes, the training should be your co-pilot on this voyage.

It should never be about recruiting new members and building a merry-go-round of payments. That’s like a classic Ponzi scheme lurking in the shadows.

And watch out for programs like 7 Figure Accelerator that play that game.

2. Price Point: Where affordability meets a treasure trove of wisdom, that’s where the magic happens in your wallet-friendly training course.

3. Community Support: A supportive community isn’t just frosting; it’s like the cherry on top. Connect, learn, and flourish with fellow adventurers and pros. You need this kind of camaraderie when those days get a bit cloudy.

4. Tools and Resources: The right tools are like having a compass and map. Make sure your training course dishes out essential tools for your growth.

5.No Upsells: Clarity is gold. Choose courses that respect your investment and don’t toss surprise expenses your way.

6. Expertise and Credibility: Seek training courses whipped up by experts who’ve got the affiliate marketing magic in their pockets. Courses stamped with approval by industry rockstars or folks who’ve struck gold provide trust and assurance that you’re learning from legit sources.

7. Learning Formats: Think about how you groove when learning. Some courses belt out videos, while others dish out the written word or interactive workshops. Go for the course that dances with your learning style for maximum gains.

8. Flexibility and Accessibility: Check the course’s groove and accessibility. Can you learn while sipping coffee or are there clock-ticking deadlines?

Does the course come with a mobile-friendly twist for learning on the move? Flexibility in learning can give your success a big lift.

9. Case Studies and Success Stories: Courses that unwrap real-life stories give you a backstage pass to winning strategies.

10. Regular Updates: Affiliate marketing is like a moving train, with trends and tactics evolving. Choose courses that promise regular updates so you stay on the cutting edge.

11. Money-Back Guarantee: Reputable courses often pull out the money-back card, showing they stand tall behind their value. Having a parachute for a refund within a set time eases any jitters about investing.

12. Trial Period: Some courses toss a free sample your way. Dive into these previews to vibe with the content, and style, and see if it’s your kind of gig before locking in.

13. Networking Opportunities: Look for courses that create networking gigs. Bonding with fellow students, trading wisdom, and soaking in advice from like-minded explorers turbocharges your learning.

14. Customer Reviews and Testimonials: Explore the tales of past students. Their words offer a sneak peek into course strengths, weak points, and what you can bank on.

Now, let’s dissect how the two affiliate marketing training courses I recommend fit into this treasure map of criteria.

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2 Of The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses That You Should Join

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program Number One: Wealthy Affiliate

Alright, let’s dive into the top dog of affiliate marketing training – Wealthy Affiliate.

I’ve been on this journey since 2015, starting with Wealthy Affiliate, and guess what, I’m still a part of their crew.

One of the best companies for affiliate marketing is wealthy affiliate

With Wealthy Affiliate (WA), you’re not just scratching the surface; you’re diving into a deep sea of wisdom. Their training covers everything from beginner basics to ninja-level strategies. Think of it as your ultimate guide to creating and growing your affiliate business.

  1. Relevance to Your Journey – 10/10

Wealthy Affiliate spoils you with not one, but two meaty courses: the Online Entrepreneurship Course (OEC) and the Affiliate Bootcamp Course.

Best affiliate marketing programs for newbies wealthy affiliate has two tarining cousres

OEC is like your magic wand for building a business around anything you’re head over heels for – be it football snacks, hiking trails, or collectible toys, or anything you want!

The Affiliate Bootcamp Course? It’s tailor-made to guide you in the make-money-online realm.

  1. Price Point – 10/10

You can dive into the free starter membership and hang out there for as long as you want.

If you’re ready to level up, there are two paid plans: Premium Membership at $49 per month and Premium Plus at $99 per month.

  1. Community Support – 10/10

Prepare to be blown away by their community vibe. Their live chat is like a buzzing marketplace of ideas, help, and new friendships, day and night.

Best affiliate marketing training programs, live chat within wealthy affuliate makes it so awesome

Oh, and here’s a cool twist – members can share their stories through blogs, making it way more versatile than a usual Facebook group (by the way, WA isn’t a fan of Facebook).

  1. Tools and Resources – 10/10

Ever dreamt of having a built-in website builder? Check.

You can even buy and register your domain right on WA. Hosting? Covered for all your premium domains.

Why wealthy affiliate is one of the best affiliate marketing training programs tehy have a live chat feature

They’ve got your back with a content builder that polishes your articles and checks for grammar and plagiarism. Plus, it lets you publish directly to your site.

Dig this – they’ve got tools to find your niche, uncover potent keywords, and even cool stuff like AlphabetX, SiteComments, and Site Feedback.

  1. No Upsells – 10/10

No hidden tricks here. The numbers you see are the numbers you pay.

49 or 99 bucks a month – take your pick. You can even switch plans if you feel like it. I recently bumped up to Premium Plus myself.

If you can, start with the Premium plan. It’s a winner.

  1. Expertise and Credibility – 10/10

Meet the big shots – Kyle and Carson, the founders. They launched WA 18 years ago and still roll up their sleeves. Check out Kyle’s AI (artificial intelligence) series – it’s a game-changer for your business.

By the way, they teach what they actually use in their business. No smoke and mirrors here.

  1. Learning Formats – 10/10

Lessons come in video and written form, with a checklist for you to tick off tasks.

What is the learning format is in wealthy affiliate, the best affiliate marketing training program

But here’s the fun part – each lesson has a community discussion below it.

Need help? Just ask.

Oh, and if you prefer reading lips, the videos have subtitles too.

  1. Flexibility and Accessibility – 10/10

Their library bursts with videos, webinars, and classes. Did you miss a live webinar? No sweat, you can watch it later.

There are no deadlines or expiration dates for your training. It’s a take-your-time affair.

  1. Case Studies and Success Stories – 10/10

Jay Neil, the WA Ambassador, rocks the case study scene. He starts with a niche site and turns it into a profit machine right in front of your eyes.

  1. Regular Updates – 10/10

Every Monday, they unwrap new training classes.

My challenge? Keeping up with all the awesomeness.

Best affiliate marketing training program weekly wa updates

WA stays ahead of the curve, keeping you in the loop about the latest in the online business realm. Kyle and Jay drop wisdom on using AI in your biz – mind-blowing stuff.

  1. Trial Period – 7/10

They lose a few points here. The free starter membership is great, but once you upgrade, there’s no going back.

That’s why the seven.

  1. Networking Opportunities – 10/10

Say hello to a global network of over 2 million members. WA is your hub to connect, learn, and exchange ideas worldwide.

  1. Customer Reviews and Testimonials – 10/10

BBB A+ rating, and they rock Trustpilot. The WA success stories are the real deal.

Features are cool, but let’s talk about the benefits.

How can Wealthy Affiliate change your game?

Whether you’re a rookie or a pro, they arm you with tools, training, and a supportive community. You won’t just build your own biz; you’ll have skills to help others too.

Think SEO and local marketing – you could even kick-start your own digital marketing agency. People in WA have minted cash crafting mini-niche sites using WA training.

Here’s the gold nugget – joining WA means gaining skills that’ll stand by you for years. You’ll profit online, and you might even help others profit too. That’s a win-win in any world.

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses Number Two: Invincible Marketer

Now, let’s zoom in on Invincible Marketer, a program that promises to be your guiding light from a newbie to a confident affiliate entrepreneur. Aaron Chen, the mastermind behind it all, has crafted a step-by-step program to shape beginners into savvy online sales experts.

Invincible marketer is the next best affiliate marketing training program
  1. Relevance to Your Journey – 10/10

Like Wealthy Affiliate, Invincible Marketer offers you the ticket to build your business around your passion.

But here’s the twist – Aaron’s training isn’t just about affiliate marketing. It’s about boosting your game in any industry, even powering up your MLM or coaching hustle.

He’s got a Private Product Network (PPN) – a buffet of products across niches – for when you’re pondering where to start.

Best affiliate marketing training programs what the ppn network is all about
  1. Price Point – 09/10

Take your pick from three tiers:

Wait, there’s more – Aaron’s got Video Authority Mastery, but it’s not a must-buy. I skipped it myself.

He also has the Invincible Platinum membership for $3,997.

  1. Community Support – 08/10

Invincible Marketer brings you into their Private Facebook group – a place to connect. But here’s where it gets spicier – Aaron’s Live Coaching calls are the gems.

Awesome community support at invincible marketer

He dives into your concerns, be it funnels, email campaigns, or YouTube channels. Money-wise, this feature alone is a steal.

  1. Tools and Resources – 07/10

Unlike Wealthy Affiliate’s one-stop shop, you’ll need to venture out for tools like funnel builders and link trackers. Fear not, though – you don’t have to splurge. I used Systeme.io, an all-in-one gem.

  1. No Upsells – 10/10

When you pay, you get it all. No add-ons, no extra sneaks. Straight-up value.

  1. Expertise and Credibility – 10/10

Aaron’s your front-row teacher. No third-party noise. Even before I joined, Aaron personally answered my queries.

invincible markeer is one of the best affiliate marketing training programs for newbies because great support by aaron cheng

A genuine deal, if you ask me.

  1. Learning Formats – 09/10

Seventeen modules with video lessons led by Aaron. Each session’s got tasks to tackle. Clear, simple, and effective.

  1. Flexibility and Accessibility – 10/10

Missed a live class? No sweat. Replays are your buddies in the library. You dictate the pace.

  1. Case Studies and Success Stories – 07/10

I’m living proof of Aaron’s training prowess, and I’m not alone. Success stories abound.

  1. Regular Updates – 06/10

As of now, updates seem a bit scarce. No big shifts noted in course materials. A gentle 6 out of 10 for this part.

  1. Trial Period – 7/10

A 7-day trial for $7. After that, it’s your call – upgrade or peace out.

  1. Networking Opportunities – 09/10

Aaron’s your support pillar. A rare owner who’s there for you. Connect with fellow Invincible Marketers on the private Facebook group.

  1. Customer Reviews and Testimonials10/10

Buzz on third-party reviews is all sunshine. I walked the talk and tasted success with Aaron’s guidance.

My first $1000 commission with invincible marketer

Wealthy Affiliate VS Invincible Marketer

So, the million-dollar question – Wealthy Affiliate or Invincible Marketer?

In my book, both are stellar gateways for newbies to step into the affiliate arena. But like anything, there are distinct shades that set them apart.

Wealthy Affiliate’s forte? It lays the cornerstone of your online journey, building a robust website foundation. Plus, it holds the SEO compass that guides you through the digital maze. But here’s the kicker – Invincible Marketer doesn’t dabble in SEO.

Now, let’s talk updates.

Wealthy Affiliate stands as a shining example of an always-evolving platform. Fresh insights, new trends – they’re on it like bees on honey. On the flip side, Invincible Marketer’s flagship training has been a bit static since my last visit.

Here’s where Invincible Marketer takes the cake – the mindset training. Aaron dives into your entrepreneurial brain, molding it for success. In a world brimming with strategies, this unique touch can be a game-changer for your online voyage.

So, my verdict? Both courses pack a punch, but each has its distinct flavor.

Ready to roll with Wealthy Affiliate? Join here.

Got your eyes on Invincible Marketer? Click here to dive in.

Thanks for sharing this learning journey with me today. If you’ve got burning questions about affiliate marketing or these courses, drop a line in the comments. I’ll be there, ready to chat.

Wishing you the best in your online ventures.

Cheers and Stay Awesome,


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