Cash Sniper – Legit Clickbank Product or Scam?

Hi and welcome to my Cash Sniper review. Cash Sniper is advertised as a 'done for you,five-minute profit system.'  

To this day, I have not come across one legit automated done-for-you money making system. Is Cash Sniper a scam, or are we going to see something special here? 


Today I will reveal to you exactly what Cash Sniper is all about. I recall back to the time when I was in your position that you are in right now, looking for a legit way of making money online.Perhaps you might be feeling that the search will never come to an end.

The truth is, that despite the rise in online scams, there are still legit ways of making money online. 


OWNER: Unknown

PRICE: $9(+upsells)

WHAT IS ABOUT: Affiliate Marketing



To save you some time, allow me to give you a quick synopsis of their sales video.

At some point, you will hear people testifying that the Cash Sniper system has made money for them.

Like the gentleman pictured in the screenshot below.

Is Cash sniper a scam fake testimonials

He claims that the system has helped him to clear all of his debts and he is now living the life of financial freedom.

Unfortunately you cannot believe him. The reason being is that he is a Fiverr actor reading out a script.Here is his audition profile.

Is Cash sniper a scam fake testimonials

Then you will come to learn that 'Ray Pickard' is the narrator of the video. After his unfortunate car accident, he is unable perform his professional duties as a chiropractor.  

With some luck, one of the clients whom he helped with their health condition, hands him the Cash Sniper system. He goes by the name of 'Paul Trevor.'

Both of these names, 'Ray Pickard' and 'Paul Trevor' are fictitious.You will also notice some 'false urgency banners,' and 'limited time offers.'

All of what I had mentioned above is done with one goal in mind, to get you to take action and sign up.

To find out more on how Cash Sniper works, you are left with no choice but to pay the $9 registration fee.

Let me show what lies behind closed curtains.


The sales video hints,that the Cash Sniper is a complete system that you can download. 

Is Cash Sniper a scam? Is There really a system for one to download

Upon successful download, you will be able to start making money in under 30 minutes!

Sounds really cool, doesn't it?

Are they telling you the truth? 

Prepare to be disappointed.

There is no automated money-making system that you are going to be downloading here.

This is what the members area looks like.

Cash Sniper Review what is the members area all about

The members area consists of only 4 downloadable PDF's. These are the titles.

  • (1) Cash Sniper Main Guide (24 pages)
  • (2) Cash Sniper Secret Method (40 pages)
  • (3) Cash Sniper X (18 pages)
  • (4) Cash Sniper Profit Booster (11 pages)

What is the Cash Sniper training all about?

Basically these training modules are centered around teaching you about affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you earn a commission as a result of successfully promoting products or services that are owned by other people.

It's a legit way of making money online. I used this model when I first started with online business, and today it serves as my source of earning passive income online. Here is proof that affiliate marketing works.

How does affiliate marketing work

Learn About the Best Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners, CLICK HERE

Here is a breakdown of what the various PDF's are all about when you purchase the Cash Sniper product.

1. Cash Sniper Main Guide

Cash Sniper Review PDF breakdown

General introduction to affiliate marketing.

2.Cash Sniper Secret Method

Teaches you how to go about installing a WordPress site, building an email list, squeeze pages, and buying solo ads.

By the way, none of these methods are secret. I have no idea why they would call it such.

3. Cash Sniper X

Has to do with YouTube Marketing.

4. Cash Sniper Profit Booster

Content writing, introduction to SEO and using product reviews.

Is it worth your while to purchase the Cash Sniper system? Let me first tell you what it is that I like about Cash Sniper and the not so good things about it.


I like the fact that it only costs you $9 to join.

I also like the fact that they talk about a legitimate way of making money online namely, using affiliate marketing.


I feel that their marketing is misleading,having you to believe that its a quick system to set up and that you will be earning money in 30 minutes or less. Coupled with that, they used fake testimonials, and false 'limited offer'tactics to lure you in.

The training is in PDF which can be both boring and monotonous.

There is no order or logical flow in the training. They first start with teaching you about building a website, then they jump to email marketing, and using solo ads. Then in the last module only, do they talk about building content for your website.

In my opinion, there is no flow and it can make the newbie left feeling both overwhelmed and confused.

Does this mean that Cash Sniper is a scam?

It's time to end this Cash Sniper review with my verdict.


The good thing about Cash Sniper is that it's a Clickbank product. This means that you are covered by a 60-day-money back guarantee. You can always get your 9 bucks back.

The other positive, is that it talks about affiliate marketing which is a legit business model.

The big question is, 'should you buy this product, or is Cash Sniper a scam or waste of your time?'

I find three potential flaws as a result of the training been made solely in a PDF format. Let me show you how I think it could impact your learning of affiliate marketing and in turn hinder your progress to grow a successful online business.

FLAW ONE- Constant Updates(Highly Unlikely)

You may have guessed that the internet is evolving at a rapid pace. Needless to say that you have to be well informed of the latest news and updates to make sure that your online business is kept abreast with the changes.

I highly doubt that they offer updates to their PDF's. Which means that at the end of the day, you might be learning old methods, strategies, etc.

 You do not want to waste your time learning outdated material, do you?

FLAW TWO-Limited Topic Coverage

As an example, their training on SEO or Search Engine Optimization only spans over one page.

In my opinion, it does not do justice to both the topic and to you. 

When I first started affiliate marketing, it took me time to learn these concepts and till today, I am still learning new things.You cannot simply cram important topics that are vital to your success as an affiliate marketer in a few paragraphs.

FLAW THREE-They telling you, not showing you

According to John C.Maxwell, in his book, Developing the Leader Within You,

"80% of people learn from visual stimulation..."

Having a different medium such a video tutorial, can help boost your understanding of the subject matter even better.

When you see, you learn.

In addition, you have no way of knowing if what you are doing is correct or not. There are no community forums, or other like minded folks to help you should you encounter a setback.

Having the theory is important. I believe that having someone to show you the way, and help you in times of need is even better. Like this awesome teaching platform that helped me with my affiliate marketing business.

Bottom Line: In my personal opinion, I believe that the training on offer at Cash Sniper can provide one with a basic introduction to affiliate marketing.However, I do not think that it's sufficient enough or the best way to get started.


There are only 3 key ingredients needed to become a successful affiliate marketer.

The first ingredient is to use a robust, user-friendly, training platform that has a good track record and proven to deliver the results.

The second ingredient is to have support. Apart from actual technical support, you also need people to motivate you, help you and show you how to get to where you want to go.

The third ingredient is to give it a fair chance. By this I mean put in your time and effort. It's not going to happen overnight.

So, if you are ready to give it a fair chance, then I got good news. It would be my honor to show you the best affiliate marketing teaching course that has the first two ingredients(and more), click here.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Cash Sniper Review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I promise to get back to you as soon as I can.

All the best and take care


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