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Jeunesse MLM Review

Jeunesse MLM Review- Is it Worth your While?


An Overview of the Jeunesse Company

Jeunesse, a company that claimed to have reached $1 Billion in sales in just a period of 6 Years. Founded by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis back in 2009, Jeunesse is operational in 121 countries worldwide.

Along with some vitamin supplementation, the companies main product lines are focused on the anti-aging industry.

The big question is, “is this a company that is worth your while to sign up with?”

Welcome to my Jeunesse MLM Review. Today I will take you through the core aspects such as their business structure, product lines, and some of the product ‘issues'(that I’ve picked up) that may help to make the decision process easier. Continue reading

Is Touchstone Crystal a Scam?

Is Touchstone Crystal a Scam? Let this Review Makes things Crystal Clear for You.

At first sight, your thoughts are, “It Glitters, and it’s beautiful, and it’s got to be mine.” Backed by the famous Swarovski company, that has its presence for 35 years in the industry, comes Touchstone Crystal.

An MLM business that gives ladies, the opportunity to have their own jewelry selling business. The touchstone crystal catalogs feature products that range from earrings and necklaces to bracelets and rings.

What about the business side of things? Is touchstone crystal a scam? Will it be worth your while signing up for it? Allow me to help make it easier for you to decide. Continue reading

It Works MLM

It Works MLM Review- Will this Really Work for You?

An Overview of the It Works MLM

The It Works company started back in 2001. Mark and Cindy Pentecost gained success with their first product-‘Ultimate Body Applicator.’

Ever since, the It Works MLM company grew to include body contouring, skin care and supplements.

Is this a business that is worthwhile signing up to? Let me help you decide as I talk about the products, the business and certain complaints of It Works. Continue reading

An Overview of Juice Plus MLM- Can you Juice your way to Success?


What is Juice Plus about?

Juice plus MLM business was introduced back in 1993. It is founded by Jay Martin, who is the President of National Safety associates. He is also responsible for producing companies involved in fire detectors, water and filters.

Mr. Martin concentrates on building this business of selling ‘supplements’  that are composed of fruit,vegetable and grains.

Is Juice Plus MLM the right business of choice for you? I will cover two important aspects, the products, and the business plan. It is my hope, that this will help in making your final decision easier at the end. Continue reading

Talk Fusion Business Opportunity

Talk Fusion Business Opportunity-Everything you Need to know..


An Overview of Talk Fusion

Its always a tough challenge when it comes to deciding which company or business opportunity one should sign up with. Especially with the fact that you have so many choices out there, it makes picking ‘the diamond in the rough,’ all the more difficult.

Is Talk Fusion for You?  Welcome to my review of the Talk Fusion business opportunity. Continue reading

What is Evolv Health

What is Evolv Health? Is it Worth Your While?

An Overview of Evolv Health

What is Evolv Health about? 

EvolvHealth is a direct selling company that has been around for just under 8 years, having started their business back in 2009.

Its central focus is the selling of products within the health and wellness industry. There are many other MLM companies that operate within this niche, so ‘what makes Evolv Health any different?Continue reading

Partylite MLM Review

PartyLite MLM Review- Is this the One that you Have Been Waiting For?

An Overview of Partylite- What is PartyLite All About?

It’s refreshing to see that, unlike your traditional MLM models that are focused on the health and fitness sectors, Partylite concentrates on a different segment of the market.

It gives distributors an opportunity to build a business around the selling of scented candles, home decor and flameless electric warmers, to name a few. Continue reading