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Is QubitTech a Scam? Ponzi in Disguise, The Truth is Revealed!

Welcome to my Qubittech review. Just a quick heads up, Qubittech has now rebranded to Qubitlife. Is Qubittech a scam? Yes, it is.

You will see all the red flags that point out that QubitTech is in fact a Ponzi scheme. Many folks are under the impression that if a company has been in business for a long time and people are making profits, then it's not a Ponzi scheme.

This is not true. Ponzi schemes can last long and I will show you what drives them to exist. How long can Qubittech last? What can and will drive its collapse in time to come? 


Qubitlife picture

Creator : Greg Limon

Price to join : From $100 to $100 000

Do I recommend it? No

The company promises a 250% ROI on their crypto-packages. You can purchase from $100 to $100 000.

There are no REAL products  for purchase.

The company offers higher commission incentives via their MLM-compensation plan.

They have received numerous fraud warnings from various countries and are found to be operating illegally.

Better Opportunity : If you are interested in building a business with real income potential, that is affordable to start, click below :

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Is EMRIS International A Scam? [CBD MLM-Review, Is This Worth Your Time?]

Welcome to my Emris International review.Is Emris International a scam or not?

Is it really hard to make money? That is what most folks think. The truth is that it really boils down to choosing the right opportunity.

If you have the drive to succeed, then with the right opportunity and having the right support and mentorship, it's only a matter of time until you eventually reach your ultimate goal.

Emris International is a multi-level marketing company that has its interest in the CBD industry?

You might have heard that the CBD oil industry is quite a lucrative market. According to Rolling Stone magazine, the CBD industry is projected to hit the 22 billion dollar mark by the year 2022. That definitely sounds like something to be involved in, doesn’t it? 

Is it still worth your while to join this MLM-company or is it too late?  

At the end of the day building a business requires you to invest your time, money, and effort. You want to make sure that Emris International is the right choice for you.

Today I'm going to show you what EMRIS is all about so that it will help you to make an informed decision.

                                         EMRIS INTERNATIONAL MLM REVIEW

Emris international picture

Creator : Ilean Harris, Matthew Harris and Aspen Emry.

Price to join : To become a brand ambassador, you would need to purchase a starter package. $199 or $499.

Do I recommend it? Only if you are a fan of the MLM-business model

The CBD Market is a challenging one. If you love the MLM -buOnlysiness model and have sales and marketing experience 

One of the ways in which you can earn with Emris International is by selling CBD-Based products for a retail profit.

The CBD Market is a challenging one though. It's not exactly trending in this day.

Then you can recruit members to join the company where you earn commissions on your team's bonuses.

They provide you with a replicated website, to get your prospects to join you.

If you love the MLM-business model and have sales and marketing experience, then this might be for you.

Better Opportunity : If you are interested in building a business with real income potential, that is affordable to start, without having to do any recruiting click below :

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Is MiningCity A Scam? – Crypto-MLM Ponzi Scheme?

Welcome to my Mining City review. They launched a new coin. There are new updates to their YouTube channel. Is this the way to go becoming a shareholder of a cryptocurrency mining venture?

Is Mining City a scam, or is it safe to invest in this company? It makes sense to keep up with the times, and including cryptocurrency investing in your portfolio is a smart move. But should you put your money into Mining City?

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Is Bitlocity a Scam? [ Before You Invest $25, Read This Review]

Welcome to my Bitlocity review. I missed the pre-sign-up to Bitlocity. I heard that you could be part of their founder's club. So, if you have missed the pre-sign up too, then you are probably wondering if signing-up to Bitlocity is still worth your while or is Bitlocity a scam?

You might have heard folks raving that Bitlocity is the next best thing since sliced bread. Since this venture has recently been launched and revolves around Bitcoin, you may feel that you are missing out on this make-money- online opportunity.

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Is PGI Global A Scam? Legit Crypto-Trading MLM Platform?

Welcome to my PGI Global review. Is PGI Global legit or is it a scam? I am sure that you may have noticed the rise in crypto-trading MLM platforms lately? On paper, it sounds like a winning formula...

You invest in Cryptocurrency, and the company takes care of all the hard work and gives you a certain return on your investment. At the same time, you can increase the amount you earn by introducing people to the program. More passive income for you!

Sounds great, right?

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Is IBuumerang a Scam? [Upcoming Travel MLM, Should You Sign-Up?]

Welcome to my iBuumerang MLM review. Is IBuumerang a scam or can you make money from joining this 8 Trillion Dollar Travel industry? When someone books for their next travel adventure and save on their booking, you earn on that savings!

Does that sound exciting? Yes, I know that you might be asking that with the pandemic going on, is it even feasible to consider this opportunity?

And right now your answer might be a resounding now, but what about later on? When it's okay to travel, should you consider joining the Ibuumerang Travel MLM business?

They always say that with MLM's if you get in early, your chances of success are greater! Does it apply here? Is it worth your while to join this recently launched network marketing company?

I was invited by an iBuumerang ambassador to sit in on one of their training webinars.

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Is Crowd1 A Scam? [Ponzi In Disguise or Legit MLM?]

Welcome to my Crowd1 review. Are you looking to earn a residual income? How would you like to have your very own passive income business? It sounds exciting, doesn't it? Crowd1 is marketed as a company that can help you to become an entrepreneur. Is Crowd1 a Scam or is it a legit way to making money?

Some folks are going as far as calling it a Ponzi. Is Crowd1 a Ponzi scheme?

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Is PetronPay A Scam? [Invest In Oil, Earn Daily Gains? What’s the Catch?]

Is Petronpay a scam or should you join this multi-level-marketing venture? It's refreshing to see a business opportunity where you get to invest in oil.

It's even more exciting when you learn that you can get started from as little as $25. But the big question remains, 'is PetronPay legit and should you invest in this company? '

Let me help you to decide before you go spending your hard-earned cryptocurrency on this business opportunity. 

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Plexus Worldwide MLM Review [Can You Make Money By Joining Plexus?]

Welcome to my Plexus Worldwide MLM review.Would you like to start your own home-based business? Are you passionate about helping others achieve good health and wellness? You may then be considering joining the Plexus Worldwide business opportunity?

A company focused on the health niche. Is Plexus Worldwide a scam or is it worth your time and effort? Today I am going to show what the Plexus business is all about. More importantly, I am going to help you to decide if it is the right business decision for you.

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Stampin Up MLM Review [Papercrafting Business, Can It Work?]

Welcome to my Stampin Up MLM review. Are you the creative type? Do you enjoy spending your time paper crafting? Would you like to make money by doing this hobby? Then you may be considering joining the Stampin Up MLM(multi-level marketing) business?

Is Stampin Up a scam or can you really make good money with this business opportunity? Today I am going to show you what it is all about? This review will help you to decide whether or not Stampin Up is the right business opportunity for you.

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