Christian Martin Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review[SCAM?]

Hi and welcome to this Christian Martin Work From Anywhere Accelerator review. Would you like to start a 'work from anywhere' business? The perks of having such a business are attractive.

You do not have to work the regular 9-5 or answer to a boss. This program is marketed as one that will help you realize the possibility, of having such a flexible business. Is Work From Anywhere Accelerator a scam, or will it be worth your time?


Let me help you decide, whether joining WFAA is the right choice for you or not. Before we get started, you may be interested in checking out the proven method that I have been using, for the past 4 years, to earn a passive income online.

NAME OF PROGRAM : Work From Anywhere Accelerator 

FOUNDER : Christian Martin

PRICE : $1,497

WHAT IS ABOUT ? : The course is designed to teach on how to go about starting your own digital ad agency. You will be taught on how to use tools, such as funnels, scripts, and social media advertising, to help your clients to get more leads for their businesses.



The Work From Anywhere Accelerator system is basically a course that will help you to build your own digital marketing agency.

There are many 'brick and mortar' enterprises that could certainly benefit from the additional brand exposure that social media channels can offer.

The problem is that many of these businesses may not have the resources, the time or even the adequate training on how to go about executing effective marketing for their businesses within the online world. This is where your digital agency can help them out. 

Christian Martin is the founder of the Work From Anywhere Accelerator program. He is from Denver, Colorado.

The website on which he promotes the Work From Anywhere Accelerator(WFAA), is rated as an (A-MINUS) with the Better Business Bureau. Christian has been in operation with this business for 7 years.


The flagship course is broken down into 8 main modules. According to Christian, you get the processes, scripts, templates, funnels, systems and other bonuses that will help you to launch your business within 6 to 8 weeks.

Here are just some of the topics that will be covered should you decide to purchase the program.

  • WEEK ONE: The million dollar mindset, how to sidestep procrastination forever and make your dream come true.
  • WEEK TWO : Creating your offer- What to offer to your clients, & how to say it.
  • WEEK THREE : Funnel Cloning - how to setup the perfect funnel even if you have never done it before.
  • WEEK FOUR : Facebook and IG Ads - How to setup the perfect Facebook ad campaign for your client to drive massive traffic and sales.
  • WEEK FIVE : Learn the "6-Figure Sales Script" so you can choose clients without being pushy, salesy or extroverted.
  • WEEK SIX: Getting clients with the P & H method, replacing your income.

Christian talks about using a 4-step funnel process to get leads for your clients. During his webinar, he used an example of a 'roofing' business.

Work from anywhere accelarator review how does the funnel work

The first step is to have an ad placed on Facebook. The interested client will click on the ad which will then take them to a 'special offer' that is related to their problem. The prospect will be prompted to leave their details and your client gets a new lead. You charge your fee and everybody is happy.

One of the strategies that he recommends you follow, if you are a newbie to all of this, is to offer a free trial with your funnel clients and only start charging them once you are two weeks in. By then you hopefully would have got some leads for their business, and they would be happy to pay you going forward.

The one piece of advice that I definitely agree with him on, is not to diversify your clientele too much. Stick with one specific niche.

According to Christian, within the members area there are ready-made templates that covers various niches.

work from anywhere accelerator 17 funnels that are available

Does WFAA really work? 

Let me show you in the next section.


As I watched Christian's one and a half hour long webinar, I noticed many pictures of him at various holiday destinations. He states that as a result of doing this business, he is able to enjoy this sort of lifestyle.

Nevertheless, the part that interested me more where the testimonials. There are plenty of testimonials both within the actual webinar, as well as on his website.

Work from anywhere accelerator review does it really work


how much does the work from anywhere system costs

The price to join the Work From Anywhere Accelerator is $1.497. You can opt to pay for the course over 3 months, in which case it would be $597 per installment.

You also get the option of using the Paypal credit plan.

There is a 60-day action based money back guarantee. This means that you have to work with the program over 60-days and show Christian that whatever you have tried does not work in order to get your money back.


There is a real person who stands by his product. Unlike other business systems and products that I have reviewed in the past, that have used aliases or fake identities.

They have 5-day live chat help service.

You get lifetime access to the program.

There are real testimonials.


There is no trial.

There is a conditional 60-day money back guarantee. You have to prove to them that you have carried out tasks, and worked with the program, in order to be eligible for the money back guarantee.

The course is expensive.

It may not be as easy to build a global business. Though Christian makes mention that you should target clients in other locations, if you are a newbie, it would make sense to first get used to getting local clients. Furthermore, people in other countries may be more comfortable with using their local agencies.

Competition may be tough. Digital marketing is big business. There may be other agencies who are already well established. Whilst I listed this as a con, it can also be a pro, as you can initially sell your services a little cheaper, to get the business.


No doubt, that billions are spent on a yearly basis on advertising. It certainly is a good sector to get into. 

Is Work From Anywhere Accelerator a scam?

In my opinion I do not think that Work From Anywhere Accelerator is a scam. There are folks who have posted their success stories.

However, the big question is, is it for you?

Firstly, this is not a complete online business that you can get started with right away. You have to pick up the phone and liaise with your potential clients, whether it's a chiropractor, or a massage therapist, etc. 

So, if you are one who does not like the idea of having to converse with people to do business, then this may not be the right option. If you are looking at building a business without having to physically talk to anyone, then check out my NR.1 recommendation here.

Secondly, even though I think that this program is not a scam, I do believe that the way Christian has marketed his program is a bit misleading. The video before the main webinar, is where he shows you clips of him at various holiday destinations.

Whilst this may be true, the person who is going to be doing the course is not going to enjoy that kind of luxurious lifestyle within the initial stages. It will take time to build a brand, reputation and an eventual customer base.

Lastly, the cost of the program may not be affordable for everyone.

I do believe that the way to go, is to definitely start something within the online world. Times are changing and many people are turning to the internet. However, this does not mean that you have to spend a lot to get started.

You can get quality training, top notch tools, and great community support, whilst using a proven business model, and do not have to spend much to access it all. Take a look at the proven method that I use to see what I mean, click here now.

Bottom Line : If you enjoy speaking to customers and do not mind regularly posting on social media channels, and are not on a budget, then WFAA may be for you.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Work From Anywhere Accelerator Review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

I made a short video to share with you the 'secret' to becoming a success.

Whilst joining the right teaching platform, or having an amazing community support, or using the top-notch tools, or even having a mentor by your side, is important, there is one key ingredient that you need to have to become a success as an online entrepreneur.

Check out the video below to learn what that is.

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If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I promise to get back to you.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and Take Care


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  1. Hi, I have been very interested in creating/using funnels for a long time. I have stumbled across this course that you have reviewed and am very interested. The only issue is that I am currently a student at University with a lot of student loans building up and I do not have the kind of money required to buy this course. Is there any type of guidance or advice you could give me on what my next step should be. I have been doing research for a while but have absolutely no clue where to start. I have a very good idea on how I could get clients but am not sure where to start. Thanks so much!


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