Influearn Review- [Run Away From This GPT Site!]

Hi and welcome to my Influearn Review. Would you like to generate extra money from using your social media accounts? Then you may have considered signing up to the Influearn platform.

I know that its free to join,but there is a catch here. Before you go ahead and sign up to Influearn, you need to read this review first. Why? Because I am going to prove to you that joining this venture will be a complete waste of your time.


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WHAT IS IT ABOUT ? : Influearn is a get-paid-to site that allows you the opportunity to earn money from the downloading of apps, answering of surveys or subscribing to video streaming services.



The main idea behind the Influearn platform is to cater for two parties namely, the advertisers and the customers.

The advertiser's intention is to utilize Influearn to increase their brand awareness to people like you and I, the customers.

In turn, we can earn by doing certain tasks such as the answering of surveys, or getting our family and friends to join Influearn as well.

Who are the owners of Influearn? Unfortunately I could find out any information in this regard. The only info, is that they are headquartered in New York. That is about it.

When I saw that they were giving out a free $25 sign-up bonus, it immediately got me on high alert. 

I just reviewed another GPT or 'get paid to' site that also offered $25 to join. I could not help but to think that perhaps, they might be one and the same thing.

Let me show  you the secret that I had uncovered....


The other GPT site is called Both and Influearn have similar member dashboard areas.

Take a look below.

Influearn review influearn and have the same member dashboard

Member Dashboard Area : Influearn 

Influearn and

Member Dashboard Area :

As for the completing of the tasks, you would have to go into their 'task wall' section to learn more.

The layout of this section is the same as that of the website. The only difference is that that have an additional tasks that apparently pays you $100.

Out of curiosity, I decided to check it out. However, I did not complete the tasks in full as I realized that it would end up committing to ongoing daily subscription charges. I was not prepared to commit to these sort of unnecessary expenses.

As for their survey tasks, it was a dead end as well. Just a quick warning here, you will not be presented with ready-to-do surveys. 

What really happens, is that if you were to click on one of these surveys options, it would take you to another survey site. In my case it had lead me to the "YourSurveys," official website.

Influearn review takes you to your surveys official website

From that point onward, I knew that it would be a losing battle. From my past experiences, I have learned that surveys sites like these are a complete waste of time. 

I would spend a great deal of my time answering screening surveys, only to be told that I do not qualify for the main paying survey. 

If you enjoy survey jobs then do stay away from this survey business opportunity. Rather take a look at Paidviewpoint.

The other way in which you can earn, is via their referral program.

Knowledge Business Blueprint review


Just like, you can earn $2 for any friend that clicks on your referral link and should they sign up, you earn $10.

The Influearn system is built in such a way, that they have embedded your link with the corresponding social media channel. 

All that you have to do, is to click on the related tab and your link will be shared across your social media feed.

influearn review how to share your link with social media

At, you needed to reach a $50 threshold limit to qualify for a funds withdrawal. 

It's a bit different at Influearn. They do not have any minimum amount for a cashout. However according to their terms, you have to meet some requirements before you can cash out.

INFLUEARN REVIEW How to make money with influearn. the Influearn referral program

They do not elaborate further as to what these 'requirements' are. For all we know, they can easily make up stories or cancel your account at the last minute, just to avoid having to pay you your earnings.

Which brings me to the next question- can you make money here?


They have a leader-board of users who apparently have made up to $36.951.

Influearn is a scam with fake leaderboard earnings

In my opinion, I think that these are unrealistic earnings which cannot be verified. Anyone can fabricate figures like these.

The other interesting thing, is that they posted payment proofs that were dated Oct 8, 2018, and Feb 20, 2019, respectively.

Influearn is a scam fake payment proof

How can this even be possible if the official Influearn domain was registered only on the 6th May 2019? is a scam as the domain name was bough in june, fake payment proofs

It does not make any sense at all.

Can you really make money using Influearn? I highly doubt it.


Just like, I believe that the $25 sign-up bonus is to lure folks into joining this platform.

I think that the owners of Influearn stand to gain more. They have your very valuable e-mail address and can promote offers in the near future, or even sell it to others.

I personally think that Influearn is a scam, and would not recommend it to anyone.

The truth is that no-one is going to give you money for nothing. I reviewed another GPT site called, that also gives you $10 to get started.

In my opinion,the legit GPT sites are the ones that pay much smaller commissions, and have verifiable testimonials.

Such sites include the following :

As I said, the downside is that you have to join many of these sites to earn a substantial amount.

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Thanks so much for joining me on this review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

If you have any questions or comments, just leave them below. I promise to get back to you as soon as I can.

All the best and do take care.

Till next time.



5 thoughts on “Influearn Review- [Run Away From This GPT Site!]”

  1. Thanks for this review. I will definitely steer clear of this get paid to site. The only one I really tried with survey Junkie and the screening out process was frustrating. But now I am doing wealthy affiliate. I like it so far. The first month cost me $34 which was $20 membership and $14 domain but I’ve got a lot of value out of it and only the first 10 days or so. Writing and then editing and formatting the articles is kind of hard for me in some ways especially with ergonomic issues but I’m finding a way to do it and just doing it little by little as I can.
    I like the logo you got for your website. I’m noticing more now when websites have a logo because I learned about logos. Where did you get your logo?
    Thanks for your great writing and take care.

  2. A really great review of Influearn.  I have tried doing surveys myself to make money and I have to agree with you that there really is no way to actually make much money doing them.  This particular site certainly sends up a red flag with offering $25 just to sign up. I completely agree with you that anytime a company offers money for nothing up front, isn’t too reputable.  Good job.

  3. You know, one would hope that if a person was to put out TWO scam sites that at least they would go to the effort of making the dashboards look different!  Scammers REALLY annoy me.  Lazy scammers annoy me to no end!

    Thank you very much for bringing attention to these two scams and also pointing the way to other work from home legit sites.  Personally, I find that filling out surveys just doesn’t make enough money to make them worthwhile.  However, if you have a ton of time on your hands they might be worth a try.

    So, I guess the question is do you want to take up a ton of time for very little money or to go to a site where you can make a reasonable living?  I think the answer is obvious as you have pointed out!


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