Userfeel Review- Can You Make Money as a Website Tester?

Hi there and welcome to my Userfeel review. Would you like to make money from testing websites? Userfeel is one such platform that will pay you $10 per website testing job.

Is Userfeel a scam or will it be worth your precious time? Can you make good money with Userfeel ? I signed up with them and wanted to see if its really worth all the fuss. 


At the end of the day its about helping you to find a decent way to making money online. These days there are so many opportunities that end up wasting your time and your hard earned money. 

Despite the rise of online scams, there are still legit ways to making money online. 




WHAT IS IT ABOUT : A platform that offers usability testing for website owners and developers of applications.You can earn money as a website tester.



The Userfeel site was registered back in 2010. The founder of Userfeel is Yannis Karampelas. According to the official Userfeel website, Yannis wanted to provide usability testing for Greek website owners.

Userfeel Review who is the founder and ceo

He created Userfeel. It's main intention is to counter the problem of the language barrier by been a multilingual remote usability testing platform.Userfeel gives people the opportunity to test their websites and get feedback irrespective of what language their site is in.

They claim to have around 40 000 testers and cater for 40 different languages.

In essence Userfeel serves two 'parties.' 

The first 'party' are the owners of the websites or applications. Let's say that you are an owner of an e-commerce site. You probably may want some indication as to what the visitors user experience(UX) is like when they shop at your online store.

Perhaps you may want to get feedback from a certain demographic(like age, gender, country, language, and level of web experience), then you can load screener questions using  the Userfeel services to get a targeted response.

You are essentially getting real users to interact with your online asset. At the end of the day, it about improving on any errors, and creating a better and more user friendly service.

This is where the second 'party' comes into the picture- namely the website tester. Userfeel hires people to test their client's websites or applications. In exchange for successfully completing the test, they pay a website tester a set fee. 

How do you go about becoming a website tester and earning money with Userfeel?

Let me show you.


Your first step to becoming a tester on Userfeel, is to register and then take a qualification test.

The registration process is fairly simply and takes a few minutes to complete. 

The qualification test on the other hand requires some of your time. You have to first download the Userfeel software.

This software works in the background whilst you performing a test. 

How does a qualification test work?

The qualification test is a 20 minute audio and video test. As you navigate your way through a website, you have to talk through the entire process, The key is that they want to hear about your experience, so the more 'interactive' you are, the better.

For instance, in my case the qualification test had to do with navigation through a fashion design website. The primary task was to search for a men's black watch.

In addition to telling them how I had to go about looking for the 'search bar,' I also mentioned that the site was 'busy' and 'cluttered.' I did not like the fact that there were no product reviews. I found the checkout process fairly easy, so I made mention of that as well in my test.

So, it's these kind of things that you will have to look out for and mention in your assignments.

Take a look at the video below, to see how a Userfeel website test is done.


Will you make money immediately after doing the qualification test?

Unfortunately not. 

Once you complete the qualification test, they will let you know of the outcome in only 5-7 days time. Maybe it might take a bit longer.

Your test is rated by one of Userfeel team members. If you get a good rating then you stand a better chance of getting testing jobs.

Going forward as you get assignments, you get rated by the clients. Should you score a good rating with them, then it too increases your chances of getting more jobs.

The pay per website testing job is $10.

Bottom Line: You are not guaranteed a set number of jobs, or how much money you can earn on a daily basis. 


I like the fact that it's free to join the platform.

Their method of payment is PayPal or Amazon Gift Cards.

Unlike other websites testing platforms Userfeel shows more transparency. They have a founder to stand responsible. The website also shows you who the team members are, which I think offers authenticity to the site.


Each test is time sensitive. Should you be approved as a website tester, then they will e-mail you the assignment. It can even be at odd times like late at night. Should you not act quickly, then the job will be passed onto someone else. Bottom line, you have to act quickly.

Each test may take up to 20-30 minutes of your time. The problem here is that you are not guaranteed a $10 pay out. It really depends on whether or not the client was happy with your specific feedback, in which case you would be denied payment and someone else will get the job.

With Userfeel you will not be guaranteed any set amount of jobs.They mention it on their website. 

Userfeel review no set amount of jobs

Their are no testimonials on their website. Whilst the site does have testimonials from the clients(website owners) perspective,there isn't any from those who have used the platform purely as a website tester.

This is NOT a passive income opportunity. You have to be active to earn. 


I do not think that Userfeel is a scam. The site is legit and has a fair amount of testimonials from some trusted brands.

However, from the perspective of earning money as a website tester, I do not think much is in one's favor.

For example, your ratings are determined by the team members or clients. Whilst you may think that you are giving a good review of the website, they might have a different opinion.

As a result you could be denied payment.

In other words, your success is determined by external factors rather than your own efforts.

>>Put your hard efforts to work and build yourself an online business.<<

Since they cannot guarantee you regular jobs, it makes sense to not depend on Userfeel as your main source of income. If you are into doing 'get paid to' jobs, then I recommend that you sign up with these free sites as well.

In that way, you are keeping your options open and stand a chance of earning from other sources as well. However, the options that I mentioned and Userfeel have one thing in common- they are not passive income money making opportunities.

You have to physically do the jobs online and trade your time to earn a few bucks.

Would you rather be interested in earning a passive income? Where you put the efforts in once, and can earn residual income over time?


Four years ago, I registered with an online business teaching platform that taught me how to build my own passive income business. 

They taught me how to build a business model that does not require any recruiting, or cold-calling or having to buy any products. In fact, with this particular business model, you make money based on your own passion, hobbies or interest.

You do not need to have your own product to get started. It offers you flexibility so that you can do it in your own free time, should you have other commitments.

The best part, is that it's newbie friendly, so you do not need any technical knowledge or experience to get started. You will be building an online asset that will one day pay more than just your bills.

You will not have to trade your time for money. Let me show you how to get started and what other awesome benefits this teaching platform can offer you, click here to learn how to create a passive income online.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Userfeel review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Have you tried website testing jobs before? If so, what was your experience like?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and Take Care


10 thoughts on “Userfeel Review- Can You Make Money as a Website Tester?”

  1. Getting paid to test websites sounds great but considering the long term where I can’t earn without participating actively is what makes me reluctant engaging in side gigs like Userfeel. With over 15 years of operation in the website testing industry makes it convincing to join but I haven’t gotten any invitation since I created an account. I guess I’m among the many that may not get a testing offer in a year :). 

    Thanks for your suggestions and I’m gonna give some a try. 

    • Wow, 15 years in the website testing industry. That is definitely a long time.

      Sorry to hear that you have not received an invitation as yet.

      Let us know if anything changes.

      All the best


  2. HI Roopesh

    Nice review!

    I think this could have been a great opportunity but the fact that the website owner has to agree or not with your review makes it useless. Because, after reading your review and after they got useful tips from it they can still decide not to like and you get nothing. I do not think that policy is good at all. Userfeel should have made it compulsory to ha at least a minimum fee for service render.

    Thanks for another discovery.

    • You are most welcome.

      That is actually a great suggestion. I hope that they consider something like that in the future.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  3. I have not tried tried website testing before and honestly I do not think I’d like to trade my time for money. I’d rather work hard once building something that will guarantee me passive income in the future. I’d be more interested in the alternative program you talked about.

    I cannot imagine having to rely on other people’s approval before I get paid for my work. I like being the architect of my destiny. That way I can hod myself accountable for my success or otherwise.

    Thanks however for the review, we as humans have different preferences and this might just be what another person wants. Therefore, I hail you for a job well done in making this review.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words, really appreciate it.

      I agree with you, I too like to be the ‘architect of my destiny.’

      Everything of the best to you.

      Regards and Take Care


  4. Hey there! This job requires  lot of time and effort and is not worth your precious time. Must have a little bit of hardwork from qualification test up to the website test and not sure on the payment as it depends on the clients descrition if they should pay you or not.

    Even that you are done with the website test the payment is not guaranteed as well as the amount of job. Your chances to earn money is limited but still, it works.

    Thank you for sharing this post.

    Have a great day!

  5. Definitely, agree with all the things you have pointed out.

    A lot of websites that talk about making money online have at least mentioned about online survey or testing at least once in their content. But the problem is they never actually try to tell you the pros and cons of that platform.

    In desperation to make money online, I tried so many things including online surveys but usually, the time needed to complete those are not exactly worth the Return on Investment.

    I think that most of these testing sites are only there to actually exploit the users since there is no guaranteed payment or reward most of the time. I feel cheated and unhappy so I stopped doing these kinds of things.

    So, if anything what would you recommend to start earning money online?

    • That is a great question, thanks.

      If you are looking to start earning money online, then I would recommend affiliate marketing. It’s a business model that gives you flexibility. It allows you to build a business without having to recruit. 

      You do not even need your own product to get started. In the long run, it gives you the potential to earn a passive income online. 

      Check out my review on the best affiliate marketing training course for beginners.


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