Club Shanghai Review- $128, 538 in 13 Clicks! Scam?

Hi there and welcome to my Club Shanghai Review. My first thoughts were that it's a very interesting name for a business opportunity.

It gets one guessing as to what Club Shanghai is all about? Am I going to be a member of some elite club with a bunch of selected high rollers?

It turns out that Shanghai, China, is the birth place for the famous messaging app called We Chat.

The sales video states the same technology that is behind this $40 billion market of apps, is now ready to be shared with the Club Shanghai business opportunity.

Is Club Shanghai a scam or can you really earn a piece of this billion dollar pie? I decided to buy this product and see what it's all about.

Let me share my opinion with you.

Ready? Great! Let's get started!

NAME OF PRODUCT : Club Shanghai


PRICE: $7(+upsells)

WHAT IS ABOUT: Little about everything, but not much about anything.

OWNER: Unknown




Unlike other Clickbank products, the sales video of Club Shanghai offers very little clues as to what Club Shanghai is all about or how it actually works for that matter.

You learn that the narrator of the video, is supposedly a journalist by the name of Jermaine. Apparently, his job is to 'uncover the best money making opportunities.'

Hence, he found Club Shanghai and according to him, it has made him a cool $18,000(and some change) on his first day!

Club Shanghai Review Club shanghai is a scam as the journalist is talking lies

You also get to learn that the founders of Club Shanghai are two dudes by the name of Steve and Warren.

No pictures of any of these 3 fellows. No testimonials, nothing!

You basically are left with no other option but to buy Club Shanghai to satisfy your curiosity.

That's what I did. 

This is what I discovered...

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Before I dive into the review, let me show you that I did in fact purchase the Club Shanghai system. Here is the proof.

The proof that I did purchase Club Shanghai

The members area offered something very different in comparison to what the video was talking about.

I'll be honest, I was expecting some video tutorials or training on some exciting software stuff, but instead it was mainly composed of PDF downloads.

The Club Shanghai members area

There are a total of 7 PDF's covering various topics. The topics are totally unrelated to messaging (could not figure out as to why in the world they would do this).

I spent around 45 minutes reading through their main PDF, called The China Secret, which has to do with Chatbot messaging.

What is Club Shanghai all about

In a nutshell, the main training(or the first two PDF's) is all about learning how to integrate ChatBots with the famous FaceBook messenger service.

What are ChatBots?

Basically, they are robots that can do automated 'chatting' or conversations on your behalf if you have a FaceBook business page.

Let's say that you are not always around to answer users who visit your business page. These chatbots help to become your so-called 'concierge' service (if you will) on your behalf.

You can program them to automate answers to questions that you usually answer on a regular basis.

As I read through the PDF's it became pretty evident, that this sort of information is not going to help anyone who wants to start an online business from scratch.

Yes, it may help you if you already have an existing business and want to up the marketing or try something different, but for a newbie, I think that it's not worth it.

Just my opinion here.

As for the rest of the training, there is some information on Cryptocurrency, should you be interested in learning about that.

Then you get some e-commerce PDF's. Topics revolve around using the Shopify platform and how to become an Amazon and eBay affiliate respectively.

That covers the core package of Club Shanghai. I believe that they bring out fresh topics on a month to month basis.

So, is joining Club Shanghai really worth it or is it a scam?

It's time for the verdict.


Is Club Shanghai a scam? I think that it depends on the way that you see it.The asking price is $7 and it's a Clickbank product, so you can always get your money back.

The big question is, "can it help you to make money?'' I honestly believe that if you were to look at the Chatbot PDF's, you would see that its written to help someone who already has an existing business.

Should you be looking to start an online business, then this may not be the way to go.

Even if one where to look at the other modules, they do not have step-by-step lessons, mentor's, support or forums to help you along the way.

Furthermore, with such diverse topics, it can make the overall experience overwhelming. You don't want to jump from e-commerce, to drop shipping, and then affiliate marketing. As a newbie, you want things to be user friendly and simplified.

One can end up wasting precious time, feeling both frustrated and confused in the process.

Club Shanghai is a scam

As for 'Jermaine' who made his so-called $18 000 using this system, there is no real proof to back it up. I really cannot see how one can make $123, 538.50 with 13 clicks! It's pure hype and nothing else.

As I said earlier, it's $7 and you can check it out if you want. The choice is yours.

Starting an online business for the first time does not have to feel like you are 'walking through a minefield.' 

When I started 3 years ago, I knew nothing about a domain name, or any internet mumbo-jumbo stuff. Today, I am blessed to be able to help others build their own passive income business.

It's all thanks to this awesome training platform.

If you would like to learn more on how this platform can help you to get started, please click the link that follows. I would be thrilled to tell you more.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Club Shanghai review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

If you have any questions in mind or comments that you'd like to share, please leave them below. I promise to get back to you.

Kind Regards and Take Care


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