Is Instant Cash Solution A Scam? Instant Cash or Instant Scam?

Hi there and welcome to my Instant Cash Solution review. I've got to admit, they've got a catchy name on their hands. I mean who would not want cash instantly?

This name surely must have got folks interested, and I too am curious. Is Instant Cash Solution a scam or are there people who are making money instantly?

Many times the sales video's or marketing, over hypes things and often under-delivers when you get to the member's area. Is it the same story with Instant Cash Solution? I decided to check out exactly what is under the hood and want to share my opinion with you.

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NAME OF PRODUCT: Instant Cash Solution


OWNER: Rich Meyer

PRICE: $100, $200 or $300 membership plans




What is Instant Cash Solution all about

According to Founder Rich Meyer, Instant Cash Solution is one of the most simplest, easiest and fastest way of making money online.

All one has to do is to firstly join Instant Cash Solution(ICS), by choosing from one of three membership options. Then your one and only task is to post pre-written ads on social media platforms, or Craiglists and get paid commissions for anyone that joins through your link.

Like the initial sales video mentions, you do not, 

  • Need to have any computer experience,
  • Need an e-mail list, or
  • Need to sell, tell or explain anything.

According to Rich, you are supplied some tools that will help to make it even more easier to get leads and ultimately commissions. (You get more tools and resale rights as you choose the higher membership options, I will discuss this in more detail soon.)

Sounds like a simple push button system, doesn't it?

What exactly is it that you are going to be promoting in these pre-written ads? Let me show you in the next section.

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To get started with Instant Cash Solution, you will have to choose from one of their three membership options.

They are, 

  • BRONZE Package -  $100, $29 Admin Fee
  • SILVER Package    -  $200, $29 Admin Fee
  • GOLD Package      -   $300, $29 Admin Fee

These membership fees are one-time payments, and so is the admin fee. If you start on the Bronze Package, you can upgrade at anytime to the higher levels, and pay that fee minus the Admin fee.

What exactly it is that you are buying, when you join Instant Cash Solution?

You are going to get a set of marketing tools that includes the following: 

  • Pre-Written Ads 
  • Classified Ad Headlines
  • Email Swipes
  • Classified Advertising Training Course
  • ICS Marketing System (Capture Page & Auto Responder Emails)
  • ICS Members Area (Amazing Training & Marketing Resources)
  • Personal ICS Website {Hosting Included}
  • ICS Quick Start Action Plan
The Instant Cash Solution products

What is the point of these tools? After having watched Rich Meyer's overview of the business, it becomes evident that these tools are designed to promote the Instant Cash System.

How to make money with Instant Cash Solution

A Sample of An Ad Posted On Craiglists

For instance, the pre-written ads are written with "Earn $100-$300 per day" in the headlines.

The ultimate goal, is for you to promote these ads on social media and other platforms such as Craiglists, and get folks to sign up. 

If they come as far as supplying their e-mail address and not taking out a membership, then the additional tools such as e-mail swipes and autoresponder will assist you to re-target, until these 'cold leads' eventually turn into 'hot leads.'

Can you really earn 100% Commission with Instant Cash Solutions?

Coming up next.


The compensation plan is fairly straight forward. According to Rich, all you have to do is get folks to sign up and their membership fee is payable to you 100%. Everything except the $29 admin fee.

So, if you are on the Bronze level and should someone sign up on the Bronze Level, you will earn $100. If you were on the Silver level, and someone signs up on the Silver Level, you earn $200. The same applies if you were on the Gold Level.


There is one thing about the compensation plan that really sucks. Initially, Rich tells you to go for the plan that you can afford.

Then later on, you get to hear that if someone whom you sponsor decides to purchase a plan that is higher than the one you are on, that members fee goes to the person that is on that level.

In other words, your member bypasses you and becomes an 'affiliate' or 'referral' to someone higher than you. In essence they're telling you that to be on the safer side, your best option is to take out the highest plan, which is the Gold membership .

Bottom Line: All your hard work goes to waste pasting ads all over, and you can lose potential sales, if you register for the entry level membership (the Silver membership).

Does Instant Cash Solution actually work?


Towards the end of the 'ICS Business Overview' Rich makes mention of a dedicated page that has videos of real testimonials.

Instant Cash Solution review, no real testimonials

Upon visiting this page, there are a couple of videos, but I could not find any with testimonials.

Nevertheless, I will check on a regular basis, and should things change, I will update this post.

To summarise, you take out an ICS membership, promote ICS on social media, get people to join ICS, their membership fee becomes your commission. 

Since this is the only way to make money, does this mean that Instant Cash Solution is a scam or pyramid scheme?

It's time for the verdict.


Is Instant Cash Solution a pyramid scheme?

According to Wiki, a pyramid scheme is "a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products or services."

From the ICS compensation plan, it's evident that members earn as a result of getting other folks to sign up. There is no other product or service to sell other than the Instant Cash Solution membership.

While Rich does mention that their ads are generic and can be used to promote any other business, I am of the opinion that members are less likely to utilize this option.

The reason being is that once you join, your focus will be on getting your initial investment back. There are no refunds, so naturally you're going to promote Instant Cash Solution.

If everyone follows this same route, then it can end up looking like a 'cash-gifting' operation which may not sit well with some authorities.

As for making money fast, posting on social media is not always a 'walk in the park.' There are plentiful business opportunities and you need to have a game plan to stand out. Whilst Rich says that his ads are 'tested and proven', there are no real testimonies to back up that it works!

One last point. This opportunity cannot provide you with a passive income potential, since the commissions are once off. You have to constantly post and work at it.

That sums up my review of Instant Cash Solution. I hope that it has helped you out.

Making money online is a reality for millions of folks. The key is to join the right business platform, to have a successful mentor to teach you, to have the time and to put in effort, to see it through.

If you are interested in wanting to start a solid online business, then I would love to show you what has helped me and thousands of others make money online. Simply click on the link below and I will show.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I promise to get back to you.

Kind Regards and Have an Awesome 2019


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