Affiliate Funnel Studio Review? 5 Figures in 28 Seconds! Scam or Not?

Hi there and welcome to my Affiliate Funnel Studio review. This is a ClickBank product that is advertised as a software capable of getting you profits within the first few seconds of activating it. 

Bold claim. Is Affiliate Funnel Studio a Scam? I decided to buy the product and see for myself, if this is really possible.

Let me share my honest opinion of Affiliate Funnel Studio so that you can make an informed decision on whether to sign up or not.

Ready? Great! Let's Get Started!

NAME OF PROGRAM : Affiliate Funnel Studio


OWNERS : Alan Magliocca

WHAT IS ABOUT: Funnel System along with some e-mail marketing training to earn commissions.




The brainchild behind Affiliate Funnel Studio is Alan Magliocca. As I researched this product, I learned that he has many other marketing systems to his name.

You will come of know of them shortly.

Who is the creator of Affiliate Funnel Studio

Interestingly enough they tell you what Affiliate Funnel Studio is not about.

They state that it does not,

  • Need any website hosting
  • Need complicated or expensive funnel software,
  • Need any installations or downloads, 
  • Need to spend money on traffic sources.

Naturally, this would get the curiosity of anyone. Imagine having to do very little and just sitting back and waiting for the cash to roll in.

So then, exactly what is Affiliate Funnel Studio all about?

The creators do give you a hint that the system revolves around affiliate marketing. 

What is Affiliate Marketing all about?

The short version: You earn commissions by bringing a customer and an affiliate merchant(or vendor) together. Let's say that you build a website on drones.

Someone visits your site and found your review of a particular drone very helpful. All they do, is simply click on your affiliate link.

This link will take them to the affiliate merchant(let's say that it's Amazon), to complete the transaction. 

Upon successful transaction Amazon pays you your handsome commission.That is  how affiliate marketing works.

How does affiliate marketing work


Mind you, affiliate marketing is a legit way of making money online. I use it as my sole source of earning online and I teach others how to start their own affiliate marketing business. If you would like me to help you get started, simply click here.

Coming back to Affiliate Funnel Studio, they give you a short demo on how the system is supposed to work. The demo is vague.

They show you how they grabbed their affiliate link from JvZoo (the merchant they affiliated with) and a few moments later they show you some profits.

They tell you that it's a one time 'plug and play' solution and to leave it overnight to reap the profits.

How does Affiliate Funnel Studio works

Unfortunately, that is all that you're going to hear regarding this system.To get to know more, you've got no choice but to buy the product.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner


After having paid the membership fee, you are going to be redirected to a couple of upsells. I was not interested in any of these as I wanted to see what Affiliate Funnel Studio was all about. Hence, I clicked all the way till the end.

It turned out that Affiliate Funnel Studio is one of Alan's products that falls under the 'Affiliate Academics' umbrella.

Affiliate Funnel Studio members area

He has another one called the Affiliate Funnels Clones.

Affiliate Funnel Studio members area

How does Affiliate Funnel Studio actually work?

Affiliate Funnel Studio, is as the name states, a software that allows you to build a quick funnel to promote an affiliate product.

There is a 38 minute training video that Alan has made that shows you how the software works. Its kind of like 'filling in the blanks,' where there are fields such as funnel name, funnel head and sub-headings, inserting your affiliate link, etc.

You can also add some customization to these funnels by tweaking the content design, changing font's, background colors and so forth.

Affiliate Funnel Studio how the software actually works


One of the crucial steps is to insert your 'API Connection' into the software. 

What does that mean?

If means that you also need to register with an email service provider. The point is that once people see your funnel, they will opt in with their e-mail address. You need an email service provider to keep this e-mail address on file.

The ultimate point: You can re-target them with additional offers.

Note: Registering with an e-mail service provider is an additional service.

How do you get traffic to your funnels?

The video made mention of using a particular Solo Ad service. This is an additional expense as well.

To Summarize: You build a funnel. You promote the funnel. Then when you get leads you re-target with affiliate products and earn affiliate commissions


As an affiliate marketer, I understood the 'gist' of the training. If you have worked with funnels, landing pages, or are an affiliate marketer yourself, all of this stuff may not be foreign to you.

However, I keep thinking from the point of view of a newbie. Someone who has not done affiliate marketing. How would it be for them?

How to make money selling music online

First they need to register with an affiliate partner? In the videos, they recommend you sign up with JvZoo and promote their products.

Then the newbie has to sign up with an e-mail service provider. I signed up with ConvertKit. One can choose from a range of providers.

When you enter Affiliate Funnel Studio thereafter, you've got to get used to a brand new system. On this note, I personally did not like the fact that one cannot edit the funnel in 'real time.'

I will explain...

Say for instance, if you were to change the background color to red, then you have to save changes, then check the preview and come back and make adjustments. In other words, going back and forth. 

Finally, after that hurdle, the newbie has to get accustomed to spending money on Solo Ads.

Bottom Line: I think that they could have made more videos to show everything (from A-Z) to cater for the beginner. In my opinion, the training can leave a newbie feeling overwhelmed.


Firstly this is a ClickBank product, so if you are not entirely happy, you can always ask for a refund. Secondly, the support looks good and the owner does stand by his product. I think from that point of view it is not a scam.

However, I do have TWO concerns.


The sales video is misleading and hyped up. Whilst the software may build your funnel in a few minutes, it is not the same when it comes to getting approval for JvZoo products to promote.

Many merchants, will keep you waiting and if you are new, they may not approve you at all.

You may have to wait to get a campaign rolling!


In the back office of the Affiliate Academics members area, there is a training video by Alan, on products to focus on to make money.

And these products are none other than his own. In addition to the two I mentioned earlier, there is the

  • ELI
  • AF - Affiliate Forward
  • SkyDirect
Is Affiliate Funnel Studio a Scam

As you can see from above, if the commissions are high, it means that the products are 'high-ticketed' or expensive ones.

I guess that it's his product and he is entitled to do what he wants. However, when it comes to you as an affiliate marketer, it seems like the focus given is less on other products or niches.

Just my opinion here.


Affiliate Funnel Clones did not lie about everything

And that is, that the internet opens a huge opportunity for anyone to make money online, irrespective of race, gender or experience.

However along with this 'window of opportunity, ' you are going to get those unscrupulous folks who will try their luck to scam you out of every cent.

How do you know which opportunities are legit?

I have written a fair amount of reviews. Some about downright scams, other's about borderline work-jobs and then you have the top notch make money online systems.

For three years, I have helped folks to get started with their own online business.

The formula is really simple. You need to sign up with a teaching platform that has been around for a long time and has got a proven track record of success, like this one.

You then need a mentor (or a community of like minded folks) to help you.

Finally and most importantly, you have to be willing to put in some effort and give it time.

Internet fortunes are not made overnight. I can promise you that!

So, if you would really like to start your 2019 on a solid footing, then I would like the opportunity to help you get started. Learn more about this teaching platform by clicking on the link that follows.

Thanks for joining me on this Affiliate Funnel Studio review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and Take Care


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