How to build your own WordPress Website in 30 seconds Video Demo

Is this really possible? Can you actually build your very own website in such a short timeframe?How to build your own WordPress website

Today, I am going to show that such a feat can certainly be accomplished.Building websites does NOT have to be tough.

I remember when I got my first site, I was so excited.

I could not believe it! Sure it was just a start, but it was something new, something different.

For many of you here today, it will be the first time. I know the feeling.Trust me, there really is nothing to it. Once you have your site, the real stuff is building it with content. But more about that later on…

I have a very special treat for you today.I have included a video to show how to create your own website in 30seconds.

After watching the video it will become more clearer that the process is pretty straight forward towards building your own fully functional WordPress website.

Before we dive right into that, I would like to quickly chat a little about websites and how important they really are.

Why are Websites so important ?

Here are some important reasons, as to why having a website is a good idea

  • Increase brand awareness of your company – be it for local or international marketing
  • Easy access for clients to learn more about your ‘operations’
  • Lots of revenue generating funnels, such as AdSense , affiliate commissions or your own product sales.
  • Gives you FREEDOM to work a full time business from the comfort of your favourite armchair.

Here are some interesting facts about Websites

  1. In 1999, the founders of Google wanted to sell their site for $1 million to They turned down the offer.How to Build Your Own Worpress website
  2. On a monthly basis, there are 2.6 trillion searches taking place on Google on a daily basis!
  3. The website You Tube which is owned by Google was bought for an estimated $1.65 Billion dollars.

Why Use WordPress?

There are a number of reasons as to why one should use word press as their choice of content management system(CMS). Some of the reasons are easy installation process and the variety of templates and plug-ins that one can choose from.

I don’t want to get into more detail at the moment. I have covered it in a earlier post. Here is the link, should you be interested in learning more.

⇒How to Build a Successful Website⇐

The Video to Get you Started

As promised, below you will find the video that will give you an awesome walk through of the process of starting up your site.

Just to give you a taste of what the video encompasses

  1. How to register a domain name
  2. Choosing a theme or design for your website
  3. Finally , the Build your Website Step!
  4. Learning about the Frameworks within your site, things like posts, pages, plugins
  5. Site Manager- Basicially this is where you will learn to manage your site.

So, sit back,enjoy and have fun.How to Build A WordPress Website

Getting your very own Niche Website….easy as ABC!

So, how was the video?

Hope you found it easy to follow.Within 5 minutes, I can help you to get your very own website for Free! Not only that, you will be able to choose from a range of MANY different themes.

You get to choose what profitable niche you would like your website to be built around. The most awesome part, is that you don’t have to do any of this alone!

You have an entire community of over 200 000 people to guide and help you. Let’s not forget the easy to follow training steps and plenty of classrooms at your disposal.

You only need to do TWO Simple steps,

  1. Create your Starter Wealthy Affiliate account( FREE!)
  2. Start to Build your WordPress Website

Do these Starter up WordPress really work?

Is it really worth it to pursue with a free subdomain website?A lot of times, I get asked whether these free domain websites really do work.

Do they actually get traffic?

The answer- most definitely.If you would like to read a wonderful success story, here is a nice one.How to build your own wordpress websiteIts about a webmaster, who had got over 4000 clicks alone from his free website. This is without any paid advertising using social media networks and is based strictly on true or ‘organic’ traffic. Read the full story here.

Great stuff, don’t you think?

You can be one of these guys as well!

Give it a go!

A Gift for You

Firstly a big Congratulations on starting up your first website. Well done.How to build your own wordpress website

My gift to you is to offer you the chance to place your URL right here on my comments page. You will give your site a head start to receiving some FREE traffic.Who knows, where that may lead to.

And it’s something that you should be proud of.Share it with family and friends.Maybe they too would be interested in starting up something of their own.

Once last promise to you, I am here to help you.

So if you need to know anything at all, please just ask.

Thanks for reading

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  1. This blog is having the general information. Got a creative work and this is very different one.We have to develop our creativity mind.This blog helps for this. Thank you for this blog. This is very interesting and useful.

  2. Thanks for sharing the valuable information here. So i think i got some useful information with this content. Thank you and please keep update like this informative details.

    • Hello Dhiya
      Its a pleasure, glad that you found this article useful.
      Will try my best to keep writing more as time goes by.

  3. You make this so easy to understand. Making a website with a WordPress platform lets a website owner focus on the important stuff, creating content.

    I like your use of colors with the fonts. That highlights the important points you make. People do not have to be intimidated with the idea of creating their own online business.

    Well done!

    • Hello Glen

      I try to show people that its not impossible at all for one to build their very own successful website. And the process needs to be as straight forward so that people can give attention to the stuff that really needs it.

      Stuff like building quality and engaging content.

      Thanks so much for stopping by.



  4. Technology has come a long way. I remember when to build a website, you will have to seek the services of someone who was a professional in the area of computer programming or any area relating to computing and pay enormous fees. Now WordPress has made it so easy, even your grandma can create a website in minutes with practically no help at all and for a very small cost.

    • Hi Reneea

      Yes, and surprising so I have been talking with some of my friends and told them what I am doing online. They were shocked to say the least, as some of them still have the mindset that building a website is only reserved for technical folks.

      Once I showed them, how easy it was, some of them were hooked.I think I am going to show my grandmother as well, lol

      Thanks so much for your visit.



  5. I have only started created my first website through WordPress recently and I am really impressed with it. It has a simple user interface. The guys at Wealthy Affiliate have created a course that will teach you all that you in need to know to make your website successful. Not only do they teach you what you need to know but also get you to put what you’ve learned into practice, which of course is a good thing. I can only highly recommend using WordPress. It is great for beginners and you can be on your way in a very short while.

    • Congratulations, on having started your first WordPress website.Wish you tons of luck.Perhaps send me the URL, via the contact page, so that I can check it out.

      Yes, the course and training at Wealthy Affiliate makes it fun to start your own website business.Though, I must admit that at times, it can be a bit hard.Once, you passed those parts, you get a sense of accomplishment and the feeling that it was all worth it.

      WordPress, is an amazing platform, and as you said, it’s great for beginners.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  6. Nice post. I have been reading a lot of stuff on this topic in the last few months, but this article stands out with its simplicity & authenticity. Every passage made profound sense. Thanks a lot for this.


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