Why do you need a domain name of your own?

Okay, its all great that you’ve now decided to embark on a journey on earning money online. You are on way to starting up a website of your own. But, you need a domain name of your own, to go identify the site.Why do you need a domain name of your own?

How much does a domain name cost and where does one go to buy it? Are there any further costs involved and does a domain name need online protection?

No need to worry at all, all the answers you need are right here.

Allow me to first start off with what exactly a domain is, and the purpose that it serves.

Are you ready?

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What is a Domain Name ?

A domain name is the website address of your website.

When you type a url into the web browser, for example, if you type,  www.passiveincomeforall.com , it will direct you to this website that you’re currently on.

Why Do I need a domain name of my own
An URL address

A url is basically a full website address that takes you to a specific page or post of that website.

How do I choose a domain name ?Why do you need a domain name of your own?

Choose a domain name that is brandable and is easy to remember. Something that is relevant to what your “niche” or site is all about. Try to ensure that your domain is memorable as well.

For instance


Is brandable and memorable.

This is better than Knowingallaboutvintagecars.com

The one above is more keyword rich. Though it’s not bad, it is long and not as easy to remember as the first one. It is more nominal compared to having one that is more brandable.

Remember, in the long run its how much work that you put into your site that determines its success. The regular addition of content pages or posts, ensures that you get the rankings in Google.

Don’t Loose your head

When choosing your domain, don’t worry too much about it being perfect. Make sure it is something that you like, is brandable and has a .com in it.

Do I buy a .com or .org domain extension?

So what is this fuss all about? Which dot do I buy for my domain?

This would depend on whether your online business would be intended for local marketing or international business.

If it’s going to be international, then I would recommend a .com(commercial).

This ranks the best followed by .org(organization) and then .net(network)

Local Marketing

If you are going to focus on building a website intended for the local markets, then go for one that is pertaining to your country.

Example for South Africa, it would be .za or for Canada it would be .ca

What is a generic TLD(Top Level Domain)?

It may be tempting to purchase these domains that have extensions like .rocks or .money.

The problem is that they are new additions and showed no real results in getting ranked within the search engines.

I would rather put my money on a .com

If you are interested to learn more, check out this article, What DOMAIN EXTENSION should you choose for your website? ⇐

Why do you need a domain of your own?

Let’s see some of the benefits that’s attached to owing your own domain name.

  1. You OWN it

It is something that you own. In time. as you keep building the site, it will start to get Domain Authority.Why do I need a domain name of my own

This increases the value of your site, and in essence it becomes your ASSET. You own a piece of the internet and it will be there as long as you keep building on it.

2. You are the Captain

You can do whatever you like to the website, be it from writing content, adding images, putting in videos, podcasts or forums. Its entirely up to you.

3. Better Google Ranking

If you had a free website, then your domain would be a sub-domain.

For example,intitally my domain of this website when I first started building it,was free and read something like this


Then when I searched for a .com extension and  purchased my own domain name for this site it changed to this,


Can you see the difference?

Domains like .com or .org rank better than the subdomains in search engines like Google and Bing.

This is better for you, as your site then stands a better chance of getting ranked.So if you’re just starting out on a free site, you can stick to the subdomain.If you find the domain you like, then I recommend purchasing it, if you can,then and there.

Sometimes, they don’t last long and gets picked up quickly.


You can create a brand with your website, and start becoming an authority in whatever field you choose to talk about.

If you look around most brands are created with the purchase of a domain name.

So, now you know that purchasing your own domain name, is highly beneficial in the long run.

How to go about buying a domain name?

Usually domain names are not that expensive. They range in the price from $10 to 14$.

You can buy your domain name from any registrar. There are a lot of them around with the likes of Namecheap.com or GoDaddy.com. It is always important to check that there are no “upsells,” that may be associated with the purchase.


I personally purchased my domain name, from the Wealthy Affiliate SiteDomains. The process is very fast and within 20minutes or so, you’re good to go with your domain name.Why do I need a domain name of my own

If you are interested just sign up for FREE with Wealthy Affiliate and then where it says SiteRubix, scroll down to SiteDomains.

Folllow the easy steps to buy your domain. One of the advantages of buying via SiteDomains is that the renewal price will be fixed.

Should you choose to become a member of the Wealthy Affiliate(click here to learn more) program, you will get :

  • Free and secure Hosting of the Website,
  • WordPress optimized servers
  • Daily backups of Website
  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • Email & forwards
  • Site Health analyzing
  • Website auto login
  • Free WHOIS Privacy

What happens if I am unhappy with the services of my registrar?

No problem. You can simply transfer your domain name to another registrar of your choice. There may be a delay in executing this transfer, but within no time, you should be able to enjoy the services of the new registrar.

It is just a matter of transferring certain settings, like DNS name server settings,  from the current registrar to the new one.

What about the privacy protection of my Domain?

 Why do I need a domain name of my own

Yes, it is exciting that you have purchased your own domain and have a piece of online ‘Real Estate,’ but have you checked if your domain’s private information is protected?

Buying through certain registrars may not always offer protection of your private information from scammers or the public in general.

This is why you should always check that the company that you are buying your domain from offers you WHOIS Protection, or protection of your private data.

What happens if my data is unprotected?

This allows people to contact you via your e-mail and

  • Offer to renew your domain at higher prices – They will overcharge you which does not need to happen.
  • Sell you domains that are similar to yours at higher prices

Check out this article, Domain Privacy Protection, Closing the Hole to Thievery.

Certain companies may charge you for the WHOIS service. Some may charge $4 or $6 per year for this protection. This is fine, I suppose if you have only one site. What happens if you decide to build more websites, then this fee can become quite substantial.

This is why I love to purchase my domains at Wealthy Affiliate., as every domain that you purchase with them by default, is completely private and protected from solicitors and scammers.

In fact everything you need is included in the price, privacy, domain protection, e-mail, auto dns and next year price guarantee.

I think you would agree with me, when I say that you need peace of mind when buying your domain and know that everything is safe and secure

To conclude I would like to leave you with a few tips to keep in mind before going out to purchase your own domain name.

Tips on Buying a Domain Name

  1. Trusted- Make sure that you register your Domain name with a company that you can trust. Ensure that your name and business is on record as the owner of the Domain name, in the event of any misunderstandings cropping up.
  2. Free WHOis Privacy Service – Ensure that you have this service available to prevent any of your personal information leaking out.
  3. Short and Simple- Try to keep your domain name as short as possible. This makes it easy for somebody to remember and type it correctly into the browser.
  4. Select a name- Try to select a domain name that would give one an idea of what the site is about. For example, I have built another site , www.dealwithtinnitus.com

As you can guess, without even visiting this website, its about tinnitus and talks about how one would deal with having this condition.

5.Don’t Buy a Domain name with dashesAs far as possible do not buy a domain name with any dashes in it. If the.com is not available, go with the .org or .net versions.


Thank for reading my article on why you need to have a domain name of your own.

I hope that you found it helpful.

If there is anything that I can help with, or you would like to comment or suggest on something, please do not hesitate to contact me or use the box below.

Thanks and I Look forward to seeing you again

Regards and Take Care


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  1. Hi Roopesh.

    Lots of great information at this site. I have signed up for a yearly membership with WA . To be honest I have not utilized this membership potential yet but that’s just my fault. This seems to be the perfect platform to build up a successful company, and I will now begin to take advantage of this golden opportunity .


    • Hi Kenneth

      Glad to here that you joined Wealthy Affiliate.In my opinion, it’s the best training platform to get you to earn in the online world.

      Sometimes, there is a time and a place for everything.Perhaps you were not ready then but now may be the right time for you.

      Take the lessons and training in your own stride.Dont Rush, the Internet is not going anywhere.There is tons of opportunities out there for you to earn.

      Do it slow, do it right, and have fun along the way…..



  2. Hi
    im new online,joined a program to learn how to make money online and then came the dreaded word l need to have a domain of my own if im serious about making money online.
    l thought l do not need my own domain name but after good explanation and reading l understand that anyone who want to succeed online should have own domain name, a piece of the internet.
    it`s interesting that with so many internet sites there are still domain names out there for everyone who wants one.
    Thanks l have enjoyed reading your post and understand more now about domains.

    • Hi Roamy

      Welcome to the online world.Intially, it may take some getting used to.After you do and stick with it, you will be in for a wonderful ride.

      I think the domain name is your identity, yourmark in the Internet world.

      Trust me, you will be glad that you get one of your own.If you need any help, do give me a shout.

      Though there are domains names still available, you should try and find something that you like, instead of settling for what’s available.

      Glad this post helped you.

      Kind Regards


  3. Hi Roopesh,

    No doubt if you are committed to building a long term business, getting a custom domain is important. If you are unsure about your niche choice, you can always start with a subdomain first.

    Write a few articles (you don’t have to publish them right away) to get some ideas on how to expand the content. Play with a few keyword choices to practice your blogging and if you feel that you have the knack for this niche, then go ahead and purchase a custom domain.

    I stress on this because a lot of times, people buy domains and then realized that they either have no interest to continue or feel stuck halfway through and just want to change niches.

    • Hi Cathy

      Agreed, it is always a good idea to go with a subdomain, until you decide what it is that you really want to do with your site.

      I think a lot of people, follow through first with writing and publishing, and later on find out that their niche is not a viable or profitable one.

      I am guilty of it too.But I was excited and well, it was a lesson in disguise.

      Thanks for your valuable contribution.

      All the best.



  4. Hello there
    l think this is a no brainer really, anyone looking to make money online or anyone serious about their online success need their own domain.
    l know when l got started online l was not convinced of getting my own domain, but after reading all the advantages of having own domain,l knew l had to get one.
    Now after a short period of time, my domain is even worth a good amount of money because of the work l have put into it.
    Like you point out, it`s important to think the domain name over before settling for just anything.
    Again thanks for explaining why one needs a domain name.

    • Hello Roamy

      Yes, it does start with a domain name. That’s your own piece of internet real estate.

      It certainly offers you great advantages to have your own domain name. Glad to hear that your domain name has accumulated value. Over time, it will only go up as you keep building your site.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      All the best


  5. Hi RoopeshG,
    This is a great post about domain names.
    although I have been a member of WA for nearly 6 months now I did not know a huge amount about domain names.However after reading this post I am a lot more informed!
    I purchased the domain name for my website from namecheap and am very happy with the service I have so far received and I think WA is an excellent host platform and training facility!

    • Hello There

      Thank you for the comment.

      Glad to hear that you are a member of such an awesome community. I think that when the time is right, you will go ahead and purchase more domain names. At least for now, you are in the game of building your own online business and that in my opinion is an excellent achievement.

      Yes, I purchased my first domain from name cheap as well and the process was smooth.I purchased my third domain through the Wealthy Affiliate platform and within 20minutes, I was good to go.

      See you around


  6. Great site for beginners – lots of good information. I’ve been purchasing domain names for over 20 years (Only been on WA for +6 weeks however) and your information made total sense to me.

    It’s difficult to find a short domain name that includes your keywords. Recently, I purchased a couple domain names that are kind of long but have key words in them: it’s too early to see if they will get ranked high on Google. If you have time,

    I like how you discuss the importance of protection – it’s a crazy world out there – I find it amazing how many crooks and scammers are out there.

    Good luck with WA and have a great weekend!

    • Hello Dan

      Indeed, this information is intended to get new folks introduced into the game. There is so much potential in this market and it starts with getting your domain name and website.

      Wow!20 years, you must be having quite a bit of experience in the field. I am sure that you have witnessed lots of changes within the market.

      Regarding the scammers, they are everywhere. We just have to be vigilant and protect our assets. This can only come about by having knowledge of their workings or tricks.

      I love the WA platform and am sure that you will feel right at home.

      Will look for you within the community.

      All the best to you too and have a great weekend too!


  7. I find that having your own domain name makes your website look much more professional. Shows that you take it seriously. Your own bit of web real estate.

    I’ve heard that it helps you rank higher in Google too if you have a .com. is this true? I used to get .co.uk domains but started just buying .coms because they are supposed to rank better.

    Great post by the way. Really interesting.

    • Hi Hannah

      Welcome Back, its good to hear from you again.

      Could not agree with you any more.Its your own piece of internet,and having your own domain certainly puts value on your site in the long run.

      I think ranking is more dependent on the quality of the unique and engaging content that you have on your site.Your own domain may play a role in ranking,but it is by far the main reason for ranking.

      Hope to see you again.



  8. This is a topic that is usually not mentioned however it is an important one. Owning a domain or domains is extremely important for sooooo many reason. Definitely for creating a brand, buying low selling higher, or creating authority sites that become extremely valuable over time if done correctly…and this is just scratching the surface maybe. You included good information especially on considering privacy which is important. Great info…keep it coming!

    • Hello to you

      Absolutely, this is subject that needs to get more coverage and exposure. It alone can become a very lucrative business as you just mentioned.

      Hope to see you around.

      All the best.



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