How to choose a profitable niche for your website

You are really excited now that you want to build an online business. Many people are doing this via a type of marketing called Affiliate Marketing.How to choose a profitable niche

Now to become a successful affiliate marketer, you’ve got to build a website around a niche. It can be based upon any subject or topic that you are passionate or interested about. Today I will be showing you how to choose a profitable niche for your website. There 10’s of thousands of niches to choose from and just about any of them can earn you a full-time online career. Even baby clothing can be an awesome niche…


How Can I Earn Money From a Niche?

One of the most common ways of earning money through your niche is via Affiliate marketing.

Many of you may be new to this concept of affiliate marketing. I will touch upon this later in this article, If you like, you can hop over to my section on “What is Affiliate Marketing?” to learn more as well. Having said that, the big question is how to choose a niche that is profitable?

Before we go any further, let us start off with the basics.

What is a Niche?

A lot of people get confused with this term and tend to overthink it. Basically, a niche is an audience. Let’s say you do a Google search for “how to lose belly fat” or “how can I build a business online” these are niches.

As a customer, I am involved in a lot of niches. For instance, I buy a mobile cell phone, I need a car, I want to go for a cruise, I want to purchase rare coins and so forth, all of these are niches.

Are you with me so far?

As you can see the scope for a marketer such as yourself is huge. You can target any of these sectors and build a full-time online business around it.

Bottom Line: Anything with an audience can be a Niche.

Got It Cool. let’s move on!!

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How to Choose a Niche

As I mentioned above, we are in the business of Affiliate Marketing. This is a process of promoting products to the readers who visit our site. These products or services are linked to programs(or Merchants), which you, the website owner are affiliated with. Should a customer click on the product and purchase from the merchant, you earn a commission.Simple!How to choose a profitable niche

One of the biggest affiliate programs in the world is Amazon. They allow you to promote millions of products via their program. They provide a 6-8% commission depending on how much you sell.

Tip: I would recommend you choose a niche that you are interested or passionate about or one that you are interested in learning more about. Why?? Because you are going to be building content around this niche, if it is something that you like, it will be a lot less work to do going forward. In other words, it would not seem like a burden to write about on a regular basis.


Let me discuss some techniques that you can use to find your particular niche. For the discussion purposes of this article, I am going to use luxury bed linen as an example for a niche selection.

Note: I want you all to remember that for many of you, this is your first time.How to Choose a profitable Niche I can understand the excitement and nervousness that you are going through. Just go easy with the process, the first time is a learning curve. You will make mistakes along the way and that’s totally fine. The main point is that you are starting something that many people out there would shy away from.

So Congratulations to you for coming this far!

On with the techniques for selecting the niche.

  1. Use Popular Marketplaces

There are two billion people online. Can you see how massive your audience is? So whatever niche you select, there will be a market for you to target.

If I punched in my niche idea of luxury bed linen.

Amazon threw out 2,502,900 results!! Sheww! Now that’s a lot of searches. What does it tell you? It’s popular! Just look at the first result.

How to choose a profitable niche

Notice something?

There are over 6,000 reviews of this one item alone! This gives you sufficient information to learn about the product and see what people have to say. So when you are writing your content should be as detailed and as helpful as possible to offer an insightful product review!!

Other Affiliate Programs

There are thousands of affiliate programs, so you do not have to restrict yourself to justHow to choose a profitable niche Amazon. Let’s take the same example and punch in “Luxury Bed Linen + Affiliate Program” in the Google Search Bar and see what happens.

As you can see on the first page alone, there are plenty of affiliate programs to choose from.



Important: One of the criteria to ensure that your niche is viable, is to make sure that there are Affiliate Programs for it.

3.Scoping for Sub-Niches

So we now know that luxury bed linen is a good enough niche. But now let’s think long term. Can we only just talk about luxury bed linen all the time? Sure, we can preview a lot of different types of linen. We can target different price ranges and offer people choices. Some may be affordable and others may not be.

But what about sub-niches?

This is stuff that is related to the niche. Products that we can talk about besides just bed linen include things such as, luxury bathrobes, slippers, and towels. What about luxury velvet blankets? We can even talk about the different types of pillowcases and sets that are available. I even saw a kids luxury cartoon linen set on Amazon. And let’s not forget the luxury carpets and curtains to match the linen. I am sure that you get the point.

I just want to show you that a simple research technique will give you tons of ideas for a single niche.

What about topics for content?

Great question! You’ve got lots of ideas for product reviews. Now how can we ‘beef up’ our site with some engaging and helpful content?

Here are ideas that I came up with to help you with your content. You can talk about the ways to maintain and wash your linen. What is thread count and how to choose your linen based on this? You can talk about microfiber versus bamboo linen. One of your posts can read the top 3 best selling luxury setsHow to choose a quality duvet set?

Do you see what I am getting at? You can get a vast amount of ideas to write on.

The only problem that you may have is finding the time to write these articles!

3.Checking for Keywords

The main reason to write the content is to add valuable and helpful information for your readers. You don’t want your site to look like a huge online “commercial”

One of the things we use within our content is keywords. The main purpose of which is to be able to help rank our content with popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

If our content ranks high, for instance, if it lands on page one of Google then it gets more exposure to more people. This means that we can get more sales or conversions.

2 important things to consider whether the keyword should be used or not.

  1. Monthly Searches: If the monthly searches for a keyword are above 50, then I would definitely consider it. This simply means, how many people are searching(or traffic) for this keyword.
  2. OSR- means Quoted Search Results. This is highly beneficial to you as it gives you an idea of the competition that you are up against. It is a metric that tells you how many competing pages there are on Google for that particular keyword. Usually, as a rule, it should be below 300.

One of the other things to look and see if your niche is profitable is to analyze your competition and to do this keyword search, we need a Keyword Tool. I have used the one at the Wealthy Affiliate platform, to show you some keywords that fall within the above two parameters and you can use within your site. Refer to the highlighted information below.How to choose a profitable niche






How to choose a profitable niche





As you can see the Monthly Searches for the keyword, ” Best sheet thread count,” is 153 ( above 50) and the QSR is 10( below 300). So this is an excellent keyword to use.

Let’s look at another one

How to choose a profitable niche





how to choose a profitable nicheThe second keyword I searched for is “bamboo linen sheets” Monthly Searches is 48 and QSR IS 25. Another good keyword to use.

What happens if I can’t find a niche to talk about?How to choose a profitable niche for your website

So you are stuck and can’t find a niche. No problem! Check out this video below that shows you more about how to go about selecting a profitable niche.  In addition, this video will also give you the option of taking up a really cool pre-selected niche which you can use to start building your own online business.

Isn’t that cool?

Here is the video from the helpful Wealthy Affiliate community below that I promised you. Enjoy

Choosing your direction, it starts with a niche.

Getting Started does Not have to be hard

As you have seen, it really is not all that hard searching for a lucrative niche. The key is not to overcomplicate things and just go with the flow.

At least, know this, that many people are making niche affiliate marketing a full-time job. You have chosen a path, whereby the scope is huge and the whole world is your audience.

Just trust yourself and believe that you can do this and work at your own pace. Before you know it, you would have accomplished a lot.


Making the process easier for you

In closing, I would like to make mention of one more thing. If you are interested in making this process of building a niche website easier and more fun, then I recommend you check out the Wealthy Affiliate training platform.

As I demonstrated the effectiveness of the keyword tool within Wealthy Affiliate, that I used above, this platform offers much more than meets the eye. From taking you through a step by step process of building your site, registering a domain, to learning the essentials of content building, SEO, social media and so much more.

You will get a whole community of over 800 000 people, helping you along your path of building your site. You will never feel alone and will receive the inspiration and motivation to move on.

⇒Learn how you can build a Successful online business with the expertise and help of the Wealthy Affiliate Community.IT’S FREE!!⇐


You have all been a fantastic audience for joining me here today. Hope that this article helped you to see the picture around niche selection and how profitable and lucrative this business can be.

Do you have a niche idea and want a second opinion? No problem, let me know and I will help you wherever I can.

Till next time, take care and God Bless.







14 thoughts on “How to choose a profitable niche for your website”

  1. A niche is always something I have struggled to understand. Your article sure has helped me to understand what a niche represents and how I can profit from one online.

    I do have several passions in life that I know I could make money online with, so thank you very much for pointing me in the right direction with a niche and my own website.


    • Hello Neil

      Intially, it seems like a Niche can be tough to choose.Once you start to look around and see what people are using in their daily lives, you will pick on ideas and find that almost anything that be a profitable Niche.

      It’s just a matter of following the steps and having a good program to guide you through the process.

      Glad that I could help.

      Take Care


  2. Hi Roopesh,

    Thanks for simplify what affiliate marketing entails especially given the fact that MLMs have raided the online space big time pretending to be affiliate marketing platforms.

    i like the fact that you’ve emphasized that anyone can succeed in this field even with no any prior experience.

    i wish you could get us some more reviews on the scams out there and keep offering us more tips on how to get established in affiliate marketing.



    • Hi Eliud

      Absolutely, you do not need experience to start your own niche online business.

      All you need is a drive and an ambition to want to do this.There are thousands of Niche ideas out there, so one should not have a problem with finding one.Even if you can’t decide upon a niche, it’s not the end of the world.

      Thanks for your suggestions.I will certainly be exposing more scammers out there as time goes by.

      So, please do stop by again some time.



  3. My biggest fear before joining Wealthy Affiliate was always choosing a Niche. But then once I understood the whole concept better, I got rolling and ended up choosing a niche related to a health problem I suffer from. By choosing my own problem,it became easier to research and write content.

    • Hi Lora

      Glad that you overcame that hurdle.

      That stops a lot of folks from moving forward with the process.As you have found, it it’s something that you are personally connected with or interested in, it’s makes talking about so much more easier.

      Wish you everything of the best in your health niche.

      Take Care


  4. Hi Roopesh,

    Thanks for a great article – really informative and detailed, especially since I’m more or less completely new to this. Love it!

    Just wanted your opinion though. Quite apart from picking a niche that I’m interested in (I have quite a lot of things I’m interested in!), would it help if I promote more expensive stuff so that I’d earn more if someone buys something through my link?

    • Hey Raze

      Welcome to the affiliate niche marketing world. Wish you lots of success!

      Though an item may be expensive, you should look at the commission structure at the respective affiliate program shop around for the best commission.

      Furthermore, high ticket products, usually tend to sell less frequently than lower priced items.

      Of course, if you sell one or two of these, you may earn more than selling 10 of a cheaper item.

      I would try to have a balance of both them.

      Hope this answers your question.



  5. Hi Roopesh, Thanks for your in depth article.

    I didn’t struggle too much to find my niche. I also have a website helping others to make an income online and I think it’s very rewarding.

    It’s really important that people feel comfortable talking about their niches and that there is room for a lot of topics to be covered. You cannot be too broad nor too narrow, there must be an equilibrium.

    Also, it,s very important to be be aware of affiliate programs and what you are going to promote. Does each sale offers a good commission? If you need 1000 sales to make 1000 dollars it can be a challenge.

    All the best

    • Hi Stefan

      You are welcome.

      I am thrilled to hear that you are already the within online business world with your site up and running. That is fantastic.

      You advice is spot on. A niche cannot be broad or too narrow but must have a balance. A lot of folks find this to be a hard part. I went through it myself with my first site. Guess these are all learning curves.

      Since we are into affiliate niche marketing, affiliate programs and good ones at that are crucial to the success of this business. As you said, its need to be viable for all the efforts that you are putting in.

      Thanks for stopping by.


  6. Enjoyed reading your content on how to find a niche. I have always struggled with finding a niche. I think it’s so difficult! And this is what has set me back a lot, as i choose one niche then build my website and then decide i have chosen the wrong niche! I go round in circles. The last niche i choose was too specific, so after 7 days of writing content for it, i was stuck to what to write about.

    Your information makes it very simple to find a niche. I will bookmark this site for later use.

    • Hi Jenny

      It can certainly be overwhelming and difficulty initially. I think it helps to look at the potential a niche can offer for future content writing.

      Sometimes its a great idea to check out sub niches and see what else related to main niche can be included within your site. I also find using Google Trends an excellent tool, to look at the whether the niche is trending within specific times or seasons of the years etc. That helps me as well.

      Glad you found the information helpful.

      All the best and Good Luck to you.

      If you need some help, don’t hesitate to give me a shout.



  7. I just wanted to share with you how I chose my niches. I just look around the room that I am in and start writing down what I see that may sell. So if I see a desk or a bookshelf I think furniture, then I think to myself office furniture or bedroom furniture for example. There are so many niches to chose from that anything really can be profitable. You just have to work at it.

    • That Owain, is an awesome way to find Niche ideas.I love it.I am sure our readers will find it very useful.

      Thank you very much for sharing.




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