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Hello everyone and welcome to my post on how to start affiliate marketing for beginners. I have tried to make this article as simple as possible for all the newbieshow to start affiliate marketing for beginners. that are interested in wanting to start up their own online business.

Whether you want  to learn more about Affiliate Marketing or you are already in the stage of wanting to  start up your own part-time or full-time venture, this article will certainly help you out.

I cover the important aspects of Affiliate Marketing. Things like what affiliate marketing is all about, why it is so popular these days, how to get started and what the future holds for you if you decide to take this learning route.

So are you ready to learn more?

Great! Buckle up here we go!

What is Affiliate Marketing all about?

Very simply put Affiliate Marketing is the process whereby you(the affiliate) earns a commission for recommending a product or a service to a customer. The commission is paid to you by an affiliate company(or merchant) whom you sign up with.How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

So, let’s say you have a website based on dogs toys. If someone visits your site, who is interested in buying a particular type of dog toy, they would click on your affiliate product link embedded on your website. This link would direct the customer to the merchant(or affiliate company, let’s say its Amazon in this case) to conclude the transaction.

Once they complete the transaction and purchase the item, Amazon pays you a commission.

The process repeats itself and you can earn commission after commission

This is the basic idea on how Affiliate Marketing works and for today’s purpose there is no need to make matters complicated. If you want to read more, then please check out my detailed post on Affiliate Marketing here.

⇒How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?⇐

Why is Affiliate Marketing so Popular these days?

Here are a couple of reasons as to why so many folks start up an online business doing Affiliate Marketing:

  • Anybody can start Affiliate Marketing from Home
  • Cheaper to start up compared to franchises, or a physical store
  • No need to stock any physical product
  • Flexibility– can be part-time or full-time
  • Can be a lucrative source of passive income potential
  • Joining affiliate programs is FREE!
  • Upscale your business to a global audience

Facts about Affiliate Marketing

  • In 2011, Affiliate Marketers increased by 35%
  • 73% of Affiliate Marketers are Male
  • In 1996, Amazon launched its “associates program,” which brought Affiliate Marketing into effect.
  • Affiliate Marketing is NOT A GET RICH QUICK thing!

How Exactly do I start with Affiliate Marketing?How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Glad you asked. Let’s get into the meat of this discussion.

1. Its all about Your PASSION

First thing that you will need to do is decide what you would like to build your business upon.

It can be collecting action figures, toy models, video games, camping, standing desk chairs, health devices, electronic appliances or gadgets. You can make money selling music or comics, the list is literally endless.

The key is to choose a niche that you are passionate about or something that you would like to learn more about as time goes on. The reason why I say this, is because you don’t want to come to a point whereby you are stuck and have nothing left to talk about, as you are building your website.

2. You Need a Website

This is an absolute necessity if you want to do affiliate marketing. I know what you’re thinking right now, “I don’t know anything about building a website, I am doomed before I even start!”How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Relax, it’s not as bad. I knew nothing about websites when I first started out. Just over a year now, I can say with confidence that I have built TWO websites. And it is not stopping there.

I started off at an online training university called Wealthy Affiliate. Registration is FREE and you get two FREE websites. 

You can try it out below and register for your first free sub-domain below.( *A sub-domain is simply the name(or URL) of your website.)

These guys are the real deal, but more about that later. Should you want to get started right away with your FREE websites and start building your affiliate marketing campaign, click on the link below.How to earn money while studying in college


Now, That I got a website, what do I do?

Since this is a blog on how to start affiliate marketing for beginners, it would be very unfair for me to just leave you hanging with a free website with no clue on what direction to take next.

Once you got your Free websites, with your very own sub-domain name, it’s time to start building it up. You will need to

  • Set up your Website(Lesson 5)
  • Getting your Site Ready for SEO(Lesson 6)
  • Finding Content Ideas for Keywords(Lesson 7)
  • Understanding Website Pages and Creating your first 3 Pages(Lesson 8)
  • Creating Quality Website Content(Lesson 9)How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

As you can see in the image above, all of these lessons are broken down for you within Wealthy Affiliate. Everything takes place in easy step by step tutorials allowing you to work on your business more efficiently and to do things the right way from the word go!

Guess what?

When you signup for your TWO FREE websites, you automatically get access to these lessons at no charge at all!

How cool is that? I told you things are not so bad.

Now it is just a matter of building and adding Content

Remember when I mentioned earlier on, that affiliate marketing is not A GET RICH SCHEME, now you can see why.

Because here you are building an honest online business. And we all know that to build a business takes time and some hard work.

Having said that, a successful affiliate marketing needs the right ingredients to make it work. You could say its kind of like making a killer tiramisu (Boy ! Am I salivating right now!)tiramisu

If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer and believe me every single one of you can, then you need to learn about

  • SEO(SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) – this is a very high term which simply means to employ effective strategies to get into good books with Google and other search engines so that your website gets good rankings and ultimately visibility and sales
  • Keyword research and the use of an effective keyword tool
  • Blog and content writing Skills
  • PPC and other stuff

Trust me, it’s NOT half as bad when you got a great training platform to learn all of this stuff from. Plus, you will never ever feel alone as there are 300 000 other active members within Wealthy Affiliate working towards the same goal.

Need I mention that the support , training, and education is top notch so you know that you are in the right place to start up affiliate marketing. There is no need at all to look anywhere else.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

What if Affiliate Marketing is not for me?

Affiliate marketing is meant for anyone, but may NOT necessarily be for everyone. This is why choosing Wealthy Affiliate is the right choice.


Well, you know yourself the best and after doing the first 10 lessons at Wealthy Affiliate, if you find that it’s not for you, then you simply stop and walk away. The best part is that you have not lost a single dime in the process.

Does affiliate marketing really work?

For me it does and I can show you proof if you would like to see it. Nothing beats earning your first online payment. My one came after 8 months of working on my website. Will I carry on? Absolutely.

Did you know?affiliate-marketing-is-big

There are 2 Billion Searches on Facebook and 3 Billion Searches on Google a Day! Can you just imagine getting a tiny share, like .001% of this to your site.

You get the point. Affiliate Marketing is here to stay.

Now that you know what Affiliate Marketing is all about, the choice is yours.

You can create your free account right now and begin your first lesson, Don’t worry as soon as you sign up, I will be there waiting for you.How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

or if you’re still not sure then check out my detailed review hereHow to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners


Thanks for joining me today on this article on how to start affiliate marketing for beginners. I hope that it has helped you.

It’s the first site that will be a challenge, as was my experience. I had to learn lots of technical stuff along with research for my niche article.

It was a fun process, it had its hair pulling moments but I have good support and made many good friends.

Thereafter its just a process of duplicating the process and within time, things become so easy and straightforward.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches other money making ways as well. Things like adsense, local marketing etc..There is so much to do and try out.

The first step is always the hardest one. Take it and enjoy the ride…

“Do one thing that makes you scared every day.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

The floor is open for any questions, comments, or queries. Please share or like this page using the social buttons with your family and friends.

Looking forward to hearing from you






8 thoughts on “How to Start Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.Your Search Ends Here!”

  1. Thank you for simplifying this process! The thought of picking the area one wants to centre their business around, building a website, having to write stuff, coupled with getting people to actually read the stuff could be hugely overwhelming.

    I am sure a lot of people looking to get into Affiliate Marketing without having a clue how to would find this article very interesting and easy to understand. Great work!

    • You are very welcome Medu

      Especially if it is the first time that one is tackling this sort of stuff, things can really get overwhelming. Fortunately, though there is steps to follow through here and everything is one place. This makes life really easier.

      As one go through the lessons, he or she gets a feeling of accomplishment which makes the journey all the more ‘sweeter.’

      It is my wish that as many people out there get to read this article. I would like to see lots of people realizing their dreams by building their own business. Everyone deserves to have a fair opportunity and Wealthy Affiliate gives it to them.

      Thanks for stopping by



  2. fantastic i so much enjoy scanning your site it was very informative especially the way you used the affiliate banners and how you introduce people to it your review was helpful. You did not over use the affiliate links which is good.Thank you and may you succeed in your online business.

    • Hi Ceds

      Its sounds to me like you are a website builder yourself. Well, I thank you very much for your compliment. I am glad that you have found it helpful.

      Looking forward to hearing from you again.



  3. Hey Roopesh,

    You really made affiliate marketing simple to do and start your own online business. From experience how much effort does it take to start an online affiliate business in comparison to one that’s already established?
    Have you personally made passive income from your site without a constant upkeep of your website? Or maintaining your site is only requires a few hours a week once established?

    Sorry for all the questions but really curious for the answers 🙂

    • Hi Vinnie

      Thanks for your questions. Its no problem at all. Let me see if I can help you out.

      Its a tough question to answer when you ask whether the effort is same compared to starting up a physical business. I can answer that question using a personal experience of mine.

      I bought an educational franchise around 7years back. Let me tell you the upfront costs were way higher than starting up this online business. The effort in my opinion is same if not more when it comes to online. You will be sitting in the front of the computer learning some new technical stuff. That takes time. What I found though, is that till this day I love it and if you love doing something, then the effort does not matter at all.

      I have made income from my site. This is where you can spot the difference between a physical store that you are running as opposed to a set-up online business. When the business is online, you can check in from time to time and not regularly with a physical store. The audience is global, (depending on your niche) and so the earning potential is higher.

      Hope this helps



  4. starting affiliate have been one of my everyday dream to atleast create some income online and cover my bills without misusing my money on my saving account that were meant for some purpose

    brotherman with the information you have provided you have just made my world and makes me feel like im on top of the world



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