Want to Learn How to Sell Comic Books Online? Check This Out!

Is Comic Books a Good Niche to Get Into?

Are you a Superman Fan or Wonder Woman or what about the Green Arrow? Let’s not forget the Dark Caped Crusader watching over the Streets of Gotham.

How to Make Money selling Comics Online
My Personal Comic Collection

Whether you like them or not, you’ve got to admit, these characters are household names and are definitely money spinners within the entertainment industry.

Ever wondered to yourself if selling comics, (the true birth home for many of these beloved heroes and heroines) can be a profitable business? Is this an industry that is ‘dying out’ or is there a potential?

Today I am going to show you five of the best ways on how to sell comic books online. Even if you are not a comic book fanatic, you can still make this, either a part time or full time online earning possibility, if you so choose.

First, let’s have some fun and check out some interesting things about comic books.

SUPER Awesome Comic Book Facts

  1. Captain America’s Shield was given to him by President Roosevelt.How to Make Money selling Comics Online
  2. Michael Jackson wanted to play the role of Spiderman in the 1990 feature film (of the same name) and wanted to buy the Marvel Comics Company.
  3. Elvis Presley loved to read comics when he was a boy.
  4. We all know that Green Kryptonite makes Superman weak(or kills him) and Red Kryptonite makes him aggressive.How to make money selling comics online Did you know that there are over 25 different types of Kryptonite? Pink Kryptonite apparently makes Superman “gay”.
  5. The Library of Congress holds the largest collection of Comic books totaling over 100 000 copies.
  6. The first Modern comic book was published in the US in 1933, titled Famous Funnies, – containing newspaper humor comic strips.
  7. An edition of Action Comics # 1, The First Appearance of Superman was sold for a staggering $3.2million dollars!

Now more than ever, movies are being made, based on comics and this shows that the comic industry is here to stay. Take for example the famous San Diego Comic-Con International Festival.

This convention had its humble beginnings back in the 1970’s, starting out as just a single day ticket event with the purpose of showcasing not only comic books but other popular arts such as films and science fiction/fantasy literature.

What are the different Types of comics that are available?

We are familiar with the traditional Marvel and DC comics that are around. However, there are plenty of other comics that are popular too.How to sell Comic Books Online

For instance, did you know that Series like; THE WALKING DEAD and movies such as 300, SIN CITY and GHOST WORLD, all originated first from comics and were then converted into their respective series or film counterparts? And let’s not forget that comics are not always based on superheroes. They also have lots of fable type comics out there as well.

The Google Trends graph below shows a slight drop within the traditional comic book industry. However, we notice a stabilization and then an increase in people’s interest taking place.How to sell comics online

How Can I make Money Selling Comics?

I hope that you are convinced, even if it’s just a little, that this is certainly a worthwhile market that you can start targeting. The big question is how??

Let’s look at my Top5 Ways of making Comic Books a business

Wealthy Affiliate Banner

1.Get Rid of Your Collection- Auction It on eBay

Think that you may have an Action Comic # 1 collecting dust in your attic? Why not put it up for auction on eBay?. The highest bidder wins and you can make a neat sale.How to sell comic books online

The problem with this way of making money, is that you’ve got to have a huge inventory and you’ve got to have what people want!

Perhaps checking out 2nd hand stores and picking them up for bargain prices will get you to make regular profits by selling this way.

Here is some awesome training from one of my friends who is really clued up with selling things on e-bay. Read the full intensive trainings, How to Sell and Make Money on eBay Part 1

2. Selling on Craigslists

This is simply an online newspaper ads section whereby folks interact with one other to complete transactions.With selling on Craigslists, you would want to be careful and avoid getting scammed.

The reputation of some of the sellers may be a little dodgy on this platform. If however,  you can build a good relationship with some honest folks, Craigslist can also bank you some good money at the end of the day.

3. Build Your Own e-Commerce Site

There are some reasonably priced e-commerce building sites that let you build your own store. Shopify, for instance, is one such avenue to give a try. What’s great is that you are given a 14-day trial to see if you are happy with their services, before you commit. You don’t need any design or coding skills and can set up your store within 25 minutes.How to sell Comic Books online

I am currently building a store of my own revolving around Personalised Storybooks and the tools, training, and support so far is amazing.

However, keep in the back of your mind, that you would be competing with big authority e-commerce site likes Amazon, Target, and Sideshow.

This may make the breakthrough a little challenging but NOT impossible, to say the least. Give it a go, click on the link below to start your own comic book e-commerce store.

How to sell Comic books online

4. Selling on Amazon

This is a very similar story to the auctioning on eBay. The only difference here is that you’ve got to try to source out inventory from wholesalers. The main thing is, that in order to make money from comic books, you’ve really got to them at a good price.

Arranging for drop shipping with Amazon and vendor fees may eat into your profits. It will be after a fair amount of time, till you can actually see a profit.

So, with all the above, I would like to put forward to you the BEST WAY possible on how to sell Comic books online and that people is, via Affiliate Marketing.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply the process of earning a commission from Affiliate Merchants for selling their products. So, in this case, Amazon can actually become your ally instead of your competition.


Let me explain

1.You simply build a website of your own. Don’t Worry,  I will show you below, how easy it is, and I will get you started on TWO FREE Websites of your own.How to sell Comic Books Online

2.Then you blog or write about the comic books. You can talk about topics such as limited edition comics, upcoming releases, reviews etc..

3. Then you register with people who are selling Comic books online. These are called Affiliate Merchants. They are the ones who are going to PAY YOU! Amazon is one such affiliate.

How to sell comic books online
A snippet of the Affiliate Programs for Comic Books

To find more affiliates for comic books, simply type [Comic Books + Affiliate programs- into the Google Search Bar] and you will see the various merchants.

4. Getting Traffic or Visitors to your site: This happens as you keeping building your site and adding quality and engaging content, and maintaining good SEO practices. SEO simply means good techniques and practices taken to ensure efficient site rankings. (Don’t get scared here, it’s not that hard to learn, I will show you an awesome online training platform and community that teaches you this stuff)


So, when your visitor reads your blogs or reviews on comics and they are interested in it, they will click on your affiliate link from your site which will direct them to the merchant to complete the sale.

Payment Time: Upon completion of the sale, you get your commission.

Tips on Making Additional Profits and Not Just on COMICS

You can make money on other related items on your site.

Things like

  • Collectible Figurines
  • Movies Memorabilia
  • Special Posters and Artwork
  • Graphic Novels,

and further, check out this amazing craze to traditional comics called Manga Comics

What is the Difference between Comics and Manga Comics?

Manga comics is the Japanese Version of Traditional Comics.How to sell comic books online

It differs in the following aspects

  • Printed mainly in Black and White
  • It’s read from right to left
  • Includes cultural references, generalizations, ideologies, and stereotypes and
  • better advertisement and merchandise marketing.

Look at its trending on the graph below. Still, think that the comic book niche is not worth looking at?how to sell comic books online

Are you Ready to get your Website?

In the table below, you can register for a FREE website. Simply type in a domain name of your choice. I punched in a name and it’s available. I did not go ahead with registering it, so if you would like to, you can take it, provided that it’s still available after you are done here.How to sell comic books online


How to sell comic books online


Register your Domain Name Below

Learn More about Affiliate Marketing

Wealthy Affiliate is the most genuine and amazing community and training platform to start your comic book niche affiliate marketing campaign.

You get:

  • Awesome training, lessons, tools, and webinars– to learn about SEO, Keywords and Website Building
  • A one of a kind Community of over 800 000 people -to help you every step of your way
  • Direct support from the owners
  • Full and daily back-up of your WEBSITES
  • Two Free Websites
  • FREE Starter MEMBERSHIP–  so you don’t even need a Credit Card.how to sell comic books online


Before I leave you, I want to share with you one final way of making money in the comic book niche. Before I reveal it to you, can you guess what that is?

Here it is,


I have always loved the fantasy world. Living in a world hoping that Superman would be REAL and just sort out the baddies, or that Professor X would be able to influence the leaders of the world to make positive impacts and changes to their countries. Sadly though, they don’t exist. But this does not stop me from dreaming, does it?

I imagine a Superhero, that can magically grow someone’s legs or arms that may be amputated. Or he has the ability to give a blind girl her version or a deaf boy his hearing merely through a simple touch. I call him “THE H-MAN,” short for, the healing man.

If you had to create your own superhero, what would they be like and how would they help people?

Would love to hear your insights and views.

Thanks, folks, I hope you enjoyed this article on how to make money selling comic books online.

If there is anything, that I can help with, do let me know.

All the best and take care

Let the SUPERHERO in all of us Shine everyday!









10 thoughts on “Want to Learn How to Sell Comic Books Online? Check This Out!”

  1. Hi Roopesh

    Comics are such an interesting market especially with all the huge blockbuster movies being created with marvel and how they are interlinking the storylines.

    I like the different ways you can actually make money from these iconic little stories.

    What I find surprising are those other movies that have come from comics like 300 and sin city, I did not realize that.

    My super-hero would be Super Hairy Man that rips of his hair for bald people. (would have to reside in the comedy section)


    • Hi Wade

      I think that this is an exciting niche that one can go and looking at the various different ‘sub-categories’ one can target this can be very lucrative of a market to target.

      I like your super hero idea. Its very funny. Thanks for that.

      All the best


  2. Considering how much money comic books can be worth this sounds like a right good earner for a bit of extra cash. Anyone who is into their comic books could definitely do well from this niche. Sounds like a great opportunity.

    Great work on this post. Very well written and nicely layed out. Keep up the good work.

    • Hello Hannah

      Thanks for the comment and compliment, really appreciate it.

      Yes, but I think one can make this niche more about earning just extra cash, but convert it into a decent part time or full time earner.

      Its just a matter of building relevant and regular helpful content and reviews and establishing an authority within the market and then the sky is the limit.

      Nice to hear from you.



  3. Hi Roopesh,
    In you article: Want to learn how to sell comic books on line? indicating that these cartoons to sell you need a website and you can get 2 for free, that’s is fantastic! But there must be a catch, the cost to learn to build you page maybe? must be expensive, is not it?

    • Hi Renan

      Thanks for that question. When you decide to sign up with the Wealthy Affiliate online community you get two free websites. These TWO FREE websites are included in the Starter Membership through which you signed on to.

      As a Starter member, you will get access to 10 lessons to build upon those Free Websites. The main point of these Free Products is to allow you to trial the program and experience the amazing WA platform. You are NOT OBLIGATED to go onto the PREMIUM membership at any time.

      You can stay on this Starter level for the rest of your life and the two sites are yours to keep. Might I add, you can even EARN whilst you are on this LEVEL.

      For more info about the fees of the Premium level and the Wealthy Affiliate program check out my detailed review here.

      Hope this helps



  4. Hello Roopesh,
    I would never thought that comics would be a money maker until this article.
    I wish I had all of the comics I had as a kid! I would be sitting on a gold mine.
    Do they increase in value as they get older like old coins?
    Is it possible for me to build a website I have no internet experience at all? Is it very technical?

    As far as creating a superhero I would be hard pressed to come up with a better one than H-Man. That is the best.


    • Hey Tim

      Thank you very much for your comment.

      I have some comics in my collection, and a few hard to find ones.I too wish that I could go back in time and purchase the high value stuff and then come back and make a killing.Wishful thinking, I guess lol.

      These days, building a websiteis relatively easy.Once it’s built then it’s a matter of writing quality and engaging content.This is the part that takes time and hard work.Yes, there are some technical aspects, but if you are getting your education and training from an institute that has helped others and know your needs, then building a website can be a really fun and exciting journey.

      Hope this helped, and watch out for my H-Man, comic coming out soon! Lol



  5. Hey Roopesh, your article is very informative and I like that you’re concentrating on passive income because that is the ultimate way to live life freely and happily.

    I was never into comic books or even into buying them but I can say that selling them passively or making it a passive income earner is a very great idea because there are still kids that aspire to read comics or haven’t made it to computers yet so it is a very lucrative venture.

    All in all, it is a great way to get your feet wet as far passive income so good job and keep up the good work.


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