Does Kyäni really work? NOT SURE? Let Me Give you a HELPING HAND..

What is the Kyäni Business Opportunity all about?

Hello everyone and welcome to my review of Kyäni. Kyäni is an MLM(Multi-Level-Marketing) concept that is concentrated within the health and nutrition market. Does Kyani really workBorn in 2005 and made public later on, it is developed by two families, the Hansons and the Taylors, that offers people the opportunity to sell their famous, “Triangle of Health” products which is their main promotional item amongst others.

These products, which may come in the form of drinks or supplements, are said to offer nutritional wellness to folks and are believed to contain powerful antioxidant properties.(More about them later on.)

Is this opportunity worthwhile to give a go? Does Kyäni really work? Is it a scam or not? Let’s find out.


Pros and Cons

  • Focused on Health– a demanding and profitable target market
  • Fair Compensation Plan

  • Products are expensive
  • Need to do recruiting
  • Limited time to build business-(only 24months after which you will be excluded if there are no sales)

The Kyäni Products

Does Kiyani really work
Triangle of Health- sells for $149.95 (excluding shipping)

As I mentioned, the products forming the “Triangle of Health,”  package are the Sunrise, Sunset, and Nitro.The basis of these lines contains the Wild Alaskan Blueberries, Omega 3 extracted from the Wild Alaskan Salmon and Nitric Oxide. These products are claimed to have had a positive benefit on people’s health.




Let’s take a look at some of these products in a little more detail.


Price: $85.00 including taxes and shippingDoes Kiyani really work

To be taken in the morning, this is a liquid supplement that comes in a pack of 30sachets. Consisting of 22 superfoods along with the Alaskan Wildberries and other nutrients boasting to have potent antioxidant properties.


Price: $75 including taxes and shipping.Does Kyani really work

These are gel capsules consisting of your fat soluble Vitamin A and D along with your Omega-3 fish liver oils. To be taken preferably at night time for maximum absorption and apparently helps with the maintenance of cell health and with optimal functioning of the cardiovascular and immune system.

Kyäni NITRO  and Kyäni NITRO Extreme

Does Kyani really work

Retailing at $106 and $116 respectively (inclusive of taxes and shipping).

These are liquid supplements containing nitrates which the body converts into Nitric Oxide.

The molecule is said to be helpful in circulation, digestion and, rejuvenating and repairing of cells within the body.

The Nitro Extreme version is said to have some added nutrients which are devoid within the plain Nitro product.

I really like the fact that there is a “100% Money Back Guarantee” on these product lines. If you so wish, you can always give these products a go from that point of view without having to tackle any of the business aspects.

How Does the Kyani Compensation Plan work?

Regarding the sales of the products, your commission earned is calculated by working out the difference between the Retail and Distributor price of the product along with a percentage.

Naturally, you would earn more by recruiting people into the company. To see how this works, check out the video below.

It talks about how the Pay Gate Accumulator works, regarding monthly income earnings and the associated bonuses, the Check Match Program as well as details of the Dream Car program.


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What Will it Cost To Enter The World of Kyäni?

This would depend entirely on the plan(or pack) that you choose to suit your budget. Here is a breakdown of the different options

Distributor Pack: $40

Contains: Brochures

Product Pack: $299Does Kyani really work


  • Brochures
  • 1 – Kyäni Sunrise
  • 1-  Kyäni Sunset
  • 1- 8pack of Kyäni NitroFX 15ml
  • 1- 8pack of Kyäni Nitro Extreme 15ml

The Business Builder Pack – $499

ContainsDoes Kyani really work

  •  I Information Pack
  • 50 Health Triangle Brochures
  • 5 – Kyäni Sunrise
  • 1-  Kyäni Sunset
  • 1- 56mls Kyäni NitroFX
  • 1- 8pack of Kyäni NitroFX 15ml
  • 1- 8pack of Kyäni Nitro Extreme 15ml

The Premium Business Builder Pack – $999

ContainsDoes Kyani really work

  •  I Information Pack
  • 50 Kyäni Sunrise Brochures
  • 50 Kyäni Sunset  Brochures
  • 50 Kyäni Nitro Extreme Brochures
  • 9 – Kyäni Sunrise
  • 4 –  Kyäni Sunset
  • 2 – 56mls Kyäni NitroFX
  • 3- 8pack of Kyäni NitroFX 15ml
  • 3- 8pack of Kyäni Nitro Extreme 15ml
  • 2- 56mls Nitro Xtreme

Is the Kyäni Business Opportunity for EVERYONE?

To answer this question, you’ve got to ask yourself the following question.

Am I good at recruiting people?

Känyi being a classic MLM business, in my opinion, would mean that the better portions of the commission and payouts ultimately comes from the recruiting of others to the model.

So, if you are at good at this, if you have the knack of going out and speaking to folks, and holding meetings etc, then this opportunity will fit like a glove for you.

The other alternative is that you can earn profits from the retailing of these products, though the profit margins may NOT be as high.

I think it all boils down to the type of person that you are, and what is it that you would like to achieve. And no-one knows You, better than Yourself!

If you check out my previous post on MLM vs Affiliate Marketing, you will find that there certainly is money to be made within the network marketing sector with sales boasting over $120 billion dollars worldwide.

I don’t dispute this, but I think that MLM is NOT for Everyone. Some are suited for it, whilst for others, it may not work for them. If you try it and it doesn’t work out, don’t be discouraged, as there will be something that is for you that does not involve recruiting, like this platform. It’s just a matter of being patient and when the time is right you will recognize ‘that opportunity’ that is for you!


My Final Verdict on the Kyäni MLM Opportunity

Is Kyani a scam? In my honest opinion, I do NOT think it is.

Does Kyani really work? Some people out there have made it a success. Some people can testify to the effectiveness of the product. On the flip side, there are equally negative reviews on it as well.

Personally, I feel that this is a business opportunity that I would NOT pursue.


For one reason, I have been down the road of MLM businesses. There are some decent ones out there, but I guess for me, it just never worked out.

The principal area that I failed in was the recruiting part. I used to spend hours traveling and chatting on the phone, holding meetings just to try to get one or two folks to sign up, and honestly speaking, I grew tired of it. I lost a lot of my money and more importantly, TIME.

I never got one family, friend or individual recruited. I might be shooting myself in the foot by saying this, but I can tell you that the story for me, will unfold in exactly the same way with Kyäni.

I came to a point where I needed a business that would grow WITHOUT having to RECRUIT, and one whereby I would honestly have the privilege of FLEXIBILITY, that would allow me the ability to build a business around MY OWN PASSIONS.

Most importantly, it needed to be something, that was AFFORDABLE for me.

Note: I did not say EASY or GETTING RICH QUICK.

I found that opportunity within the online world and I never looked back. It’s working for me and I love the fact that I get to help people from around the world with my business. More than money, that is what I find most rewarding. The beauty of being able to reach out to another. Is that not what we are all supposed to do?

So, if you would like to look at starting an online business that

  • Does NOT NEED recruiting of family, friends, and others
  • Does NOT NEED selling and keeping of physical stock,
  • Gives you ACCESS to Market to the WHOLE WORLD
  • Got Top experts and community help to Guide you from day one.
  • Offers you Class Education, Training and Tools AND
  • Is FREE to JOIN and check out, then

Simply click on the link below and check out my review, or you can sign up for your FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP right away!

Does Kyani really work

Thanks, folks, I hope that this review helped you. If you’re going to sign up with Kyäni, I  wish you everything of the best.

May you shine and hope that all your dreams come true.

To your Success!


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6 thoughts on “Does Kyäni really work? NOT SURE? Let Me Give you a HELPING HAND..”

  1. Thank you for the thorough review of Kyani, I agree with you, it is most probably not a scam, but you must realize that you need to put a lot of work into it to make it work well for you. It seems to me it is a great portion of work for pennies, and you need to recruit persons, it is not for me I’ll stick to Wealthy Affiliate.
    Best regards and best luck to you with your business.

    • Hi Roy
      Thanks for your comment. I have to say that it really does demand lots of hard work may not be all that feasible at the end of the day.
      I like the fact that with Wealthy Affiliate, one really does not to be physically selling and can have a further outreach been that is an online website building platform.

      I enjoy WA and you enjoy it, but I have come to realize that some may not like it. I guess its more trying things out first and then finding what suits you and sticking with it.

      All the best to you too.

  2. Thank you for this excellent review. I agree that the MLM route can be a rough route, especially having to put in so much up front investment. I too, have been down that road. And, this doesn’t mean that it’s a scam, but, one needs to have the right personality and mindset and enjoy that type of sales to truly do well. Your alternative, however, sounds like it is awesome in respect of no upfront moneys and the support and advice you get for free. And I believe an online business is the way to go. Thanks for the info!


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