Affiliate marketing vs Networking marketing,which one is better?

When it comes to affiliate marketing vs networking marketing, there are a few fundamental differences between the two of them.Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing

These differences could help one to decide, which will best suit their needs when wanting to build a business.

Not everyone may be privy to affiliate marketing.The same can be said for network marketing.

Does it make it hard for you to decide which one to go for?

Don’t worry, after reading this post,  you will have gained a better idea of what they are about. If you ever have to make a decision, it will then be much easier.

Let’s get the ball rolling.

What exactly is Networking Marketing ?

This is simply a business structure, or a method of selling a product or service to people, that you are connected with. Other terms commonly associated with network marketing are MLM(Multi-Level Marketing), and “direct sales”

How does Network Marketing work ?

The company teams up or partners with the members, who will expand the brand awareness of the company by marketing their products or services to family, friends or anyone who may benefit from using them.Affiliate Marketing VS Networking Marketing

The members earn an income for any sales generated and in turn will work to expand their network size. As the member’s network grows, so too does the company grow and everyone wins at the end of the day.

A good network marketing company will offer a good service and have a well laid out compensation plan.

Is Networking MARKETING huge?


An industry with over 180 Billion Dollars, network marketing is only growing from strength to strength. On a daily basis, almost $200 000 million is paid out in commissions.

So, there is definitely money to be made. The only thing is that network marketing must be done properly. All the tools and training that is given by the company, is exactly what the member needs to follow. It is when they deviate from this path, that the model does not exactly work out….

Let me explain.

Stumbling Blocks

There have been a lot of perceptions created by the manner in which network marketers go about marketing the product or service to the rest of the world.

It is normal, that once you join one of these companies, Affiliate Marketing VS Network Marketingthat you are all excited and ready to promote this product to everyone you meet. Sometimes, people may get too carried away with all this excitement, that they may “misrepresent” the product and find it to be a”stumbling block” within the business.

By this I mean, they may use words such as “cure” or “guaranteed to work” and as a result if the product does not deliver, this reduces the credibility of the company in the buyers eyes.

During the recruiting of new members, existing members may tell people that “once you join, its easy to make money” or “you don’t have to worry anymore”

Once people sign up under this notion and find that it is “not really a piece of cake,” that’s when the huge dropout starts.

 Does Network Marketing Work?

Yes, I have seen people earn megabucks after putting in a substantial amount of time and hard work into it.

It works, just follow the company marketing plan and give it time.

What is the Story of Affiliate Marketing ?

Affiliate marketing works online. Its the process of earning commissions via the sales of products or services through one’s website.

Here’s how it works …Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing

Very simply put, you’ve got a niche website(lets say for arguments sake its about baseball).

You register with an affiliate company, say with Amazon for instance. Then you build content around baseball, and decide to write on limited edition baseball shirts.

You search and find some awesome stuff on Amazon and decide to promote it on your site. You then embed the affiliate link from Amazon into your site.

Once visitors decide to buy any of these items, they will click on your link and will be lead straight to complete the transaction at Amazon.

Amazon pays you out your commission. That’s it!

That’s how Affiliate Marketing works!

Common Aspects Between Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing

Here are some of the common things that these two share

  • Both are Commission Based
  • Both pay out earnings which are Relative to the Efforts that you put in
  • Both require TIME
  • Support  is readily available within the Industry°°

°°The last point would obviously depend on which company you choose. There are mediocre ones and then there are top notch companies within both industries.

Make sure you do your research before signing up with ANYONE!!OKay!

Good, got it! Great! Let’s check out the differences now

Affiliate Marketing vs Networking Marketing, The Core Differences…

Affiliate Marketing                                                 Network Marketing

  • Marketing/Selling is Online
  • Online so Access to WorldWide Clients
  • Requires Writing Content Ongoing Basis
  • Need to do your own Research
  • Easy on the Budget – no need to stock or buy products
  • Multiple Income Streams, -Google AdSense, Commissions
  • Own Product Marketing
  • No need to Recruit new members.
  • Direct Marketing and Selling
  • Offline Business, need to network with People
  • No Writing, more Talking and Liasing
  • All research of product done for you
  • May need to stock your own products/marketing materials
  • Higher earnings -dependent on Hierarchy levels
  • May Need to recruit new members

Been on both sides of the fence.

I have personally had my experience with networking marketing programs.Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing The first one I started off with was back in 2001. It was a company called Skybiz. I am not sure if any of you have heard of these guys.

Basically, they jumped on the bandwagon of selling websites to people. At that time, I had absolutely zero knowledge of a website or even how it worked. I thought it would be a great opportunity to help out my family and friends. Get them on the internet with having their own website.

It all seemed so wonderful and dreamy, if you know what I mean.

So, the product was, the “websites” along with some “training”, which teaches you how to build them up. I cannot recall the price for these products, but it was expensive. Not only that, I had to recruit members and get them to my downline.

This is what Skybiz really punted for us to do.

As the commissions were higher as you recruit members, so the focus was not ultimately on using the product.

Do you see where this is going?

Exactly….a  Typical Pyramid scheme.

I lost lots of money but more than that, lots of relationships with family and friends were severed as a result of them loosing money too. To say it left a bitter taste in our mouths, is a huge understatement.

To be fair, not all network marketing models are scams. I learnt a valuable lesson from this experience. Thereafter, I carefully studied any opportunity that came along. And along came an opportunity that was legit.

You all have heard of Amway by now. It’s the company that I signed up with, 2 and a half years after Skybiz. The initial start up fee was pricey and I felt the products to be expensive. Not to say they did not work. Oh no! They are fantastic. My wife and I are particularly fond of their “Dish Scrubs.” They work wonders on your pots and pans, you should try it out!!

Anyway, I went for the seminars and they were inspiring and motivating and I actually sold a few products.

So I made some money. I did not manage to recruit members though. I guess you could say, at that time, I did not put in my best effort. My friend on the other hand took the business on, and made a success of it.

He built it up to an awesome passive income potential. Yes it took him years to do it, but I admire him for sticking with it.

So network marketing may not be for everyone, as was the case for me. But it does NOT mean it does NOT work…

Affiliate Marketing is for Me!

Though network marketing was not my cup of tea, almost 10 years later I found what I really love to do, and that is affiliate marketing.Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing

I will not lie to you, I have not learnt everything as yet, but its the one thing that I look forward to doing. I like the fact that I can write about things that I am passionate about and build my own business around it.

I don’t have to go to seminars and physically recruit people. Sure, there are webinars, training and lessons to follow through, but they are all online. And I love that, everything is within the comfort of my home.

How difficult was it to build a website and start the business?

Initially, the idea seemed scary and intimidating but it was not bad at all. In fact, just about anyone can start their own website AND its FREE!

⇒Check out my article,” How to Build a Successful Website.”⇐

What about the domain name?

This is simply what the name of your website is. As I mentioned, you can start with all of this for free, by using a subdomain, then later on you can decide to buy your very own domain name. Trust me , it not expensive at all!

If you really want your own domain name ,read this, “Why do I need a domain name of my own?”

Regarding starting up the business, that’s the best part. You don’t have to do anything on your own. You follow step by step online lessons and training and you simply can’t go wrong. If you are in a jam, you’ve got an entire community (of over 200 000 people at the click of a button) at the platform where I learnt, to guide you and help you through the process.

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So there you have it. The lowdown of these TWO great money making generators. Which one would you choose? Have you already started with any one of them? If so, how’s it going?

Before I leave you, I would like to tell you something very IMPORTANT. If you just leave with this one message, then my job is done. Here it is

“It takes HARD WORK, TIME AND DEDICATION.” to see any business through, whether its affiliate or network marketing or even setting up your own hot dog stand.

At the end of the day, your hard labor will reap the fruits, that much I can guarantee you!!

You have been a star for joining me today.

I appreciate it.

Take Care





14 thoughts on “Affiliate marketing vs Networking marketing,which one is better?”

  1. There are a lot of negative connotations that come along with both affiliate marketing and networking marketing because of all the scams out there. But the truth is, there are great opportunities in both arenas. The key is to find a high-quality, low competition product that has a large market to sell to. I personally prefer affiliate marketing myself, but it’s a shame that there are so many scammers out there. Unfortunately, it scares people away from opportunities that can be rewarding and lucrative.

    • Hi Matthew

      That’s true, there are a lot products and services that ‘claim’ to help you out, and then ends up actually leaving your wallet dry with no solid investment in return.

      Fortunately, amongst the ‘bad’ ones there are some really good and honest opportunities that one can really pursue. I too prefer the online affiliate marketing route and am happy with my current chosen training university.

      Its fun, legit and is in my opinion, value for money.



  2. Great topic for an article and I really enjoyed the reading. One reason is because I was immersed into network marketing FIRST, and then into affiliate marketing so I have “an insider” aspect ad well. I can only tell that affiliate marketing is so much better than MLM. You don’t sell offline to people who you know, you don’t need to be a representative of a product worrying that people are laughing at you, and you definitely don’t need to be embarrassed that you are under a legal pyramid scheme. Affiliate marketing is the real deal 🙂

    • Hi Alexey

      Thanks for the compliment.

      Absolutely agree with you on the points that you brought up.Look, as I mentioned there are folks out there that are making Network Marketing work fo them.

      I, just like yourself prefer the AM route.I believe as long as something is working and its LEGIT, then one should stick with it, be it Affiliate or Network Marketing

      Hope to see you around.

      All the best.


  3. Thanks for your article I now know what network marketing is . I have been doing it with Avon and it was ok . I did not know that was network marketing .I did not recurit anyone but did make some small profits but the problem was people did not pay me. They took my products on credits and that was the end of my business.
    Affiliate marketing on the other hand is great as you say, so I am sticking with affiliate marketing.

    • Hi Brilly
      I hear you.I had experiences like that as well with my network marketing company.At the end of the day, I found myself sitting with stock that customers have ordered.

      When it’s time to collect and pay, they run the other way.

      It’s was a headache for me and something that I wished not to pursue any further.


  4. Hi Roopesh, what an informative and well written article about which way to go with marketing – affiliate or networking. I do find posts to do with finance and marketing a little boring sometimes but not so with yours. Once I started reading, I had to get to the end. You really do have a way with words.

    I myself am sort of into affiliate marketing but my subject is quite intense and to do with health. This makes it very time consuming with research and actually writing something that the reader will not find too ‘heavy’.
    I suppose my problem is, I’m too consumed with the subject to worry too much about products. But I need to get people buying the product to improve their health. Getting a happy medium with my site is quite difficult. I don’t want the reader to think that I’m here just to sell. I really do know that what I’m talking about will benefit everyone’s health.

    Have you any tips on how to keep a balanced site that will not put the reader off? You are obviously very experienced in this field. I have not sold a single item from off my site. I started last August. The site is slowly getting traffic, perhaps I’m impatient! Anyway, thanks for a great article and a really nice clean, easy to read site. Ches

    • Hello Ches

      I am ever so grateful for your humble words. Thanks so much, it really means a lot to me.

      I can relate totally to what you saying regarding your health site.I too have a health site,it’s the first one that I ever created.It still in a work of process.

      I also have to put in some extensive research into the articles that I would write about.Over time, the site had become more informative. I really do find this rewarding, customers wanting information and offering their appreciation.

      Sales wise, not much has happened on that front though.Now, I am starting to see some traffic and I have starte putting in some appropriate and helpful product reviews.Things are picking up, at a slow pace though.

      My advice to you, is keep going.Different niches takes their own time to break the mark.Sooner or later, you will make it.I know it.

      If there is anything that I can help with, please let me know.



      • Hi Roopesh, Thanks very much for your reply and for the encouraging comments. It will help me to keep going and hopefully help readers to improve their health. I can see this is important to you also. Good luck with your sites. Ches

        • Hello Ches
          Its a pleasure, anytime.
          You have a fantastic site, I find it the information on their very beneficial. Lots of things to help folks out.
          Wish you tons of success with it as well.

  5. Wonderful information, as i have been looking for the information to start the multi level marketing but i was not aware of where to start, what to do and how to work with it.You provided the information that i have been seeking of.I will now start the my business inconection with yoour idea.


    • Hi Jose

      Glad to have helped you.

      If there is anything else that you need to know, just give me a shout.

      To your success.




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