Qualities of a honest online business

If you want to make money online, and want to do it the proper way, then you have got to seek out the right people.Qualities of an honest business

By right people, I mean the people who are in the game and know the game well. Well enough, to you take you under their wings and show you exactly what to do.

This post will show you those kinds of qualities that make an honest business. Once you are able to recognize a business teaching platform with these qualities, you can congratulate yourself.


Because 50% of your battle is won. You’ve found someone you can trust who will lead you in the right direction to pursue your dreams of having your own online business.

The other 50% will, of course, be YOU!!! After having found the tools, training, and support, you will need to drive and motivate yourself to stick to the process and not give up.

Do not give up until you get to the top and get your very first sale……that’s when you will smile and say…………………….

“I did it!!!!”

Finding Your Mentor

What are the qualities that you need to look for in a company, to qualify it as honest, trustworthy and reliable?

After all, not only is it your time that you are going to spend with them, but you are also going to invest your money in exchange for their expertise and knowledge.

Below, are my top 5 qualities, I believe that should be on your checklist every time you investigate whether the company is worthwhile of your attention or not.


As you may have noticed, my site also deals with the exposing of online scams and tips on how to avoid them.Qualities of a honest business A lot of times, companies “cloak” their ulterior motives by offering false promises or “good deals” to lure people in. Often it may be too late, as the person only finds the truth when he/she has already lost his money.

Having said that, when you research a company, see if the company “lays all the cards on the table for you.”

By this I mean, showing you exactly what they are all about. If they have different price options, then they should disclose to you what you are getting for each option.

I personally, dislike after having signed up with a company, only to find out later that for me to go further with their program, I would need to “upgrade” my membership and pay extra. This had not been brought to my attention initially and makes me feel that I was cheated.

That’s not Fair Play.

Free Trial

It’s not a bad thing if companies offered you a free trial. I would love this option as it allows me to experience their services and products first hand before committing.

This won’t leave me feeling ‘locked in’ or obligated.

This also gives one the impression that the company has nothing to hide and are confident in what they are offering to you.

Here is one such legit company that offers you transparency and allow to test it their entire platform, without the need of having to release any of your credit card information.

2. AUTHORITY WITHIN THE MARKETQualities of a honest business

You would want to learn from experts in the field. You would want the latest information and up to date resources. Especially within the internet world, things are changing at a rapid pace.

A simple example.

Did you know that Google’s algorithm has now changed to the Hummingbird?

The means that for your site, to maintain good SEO( Search Engine Optimization) and ranked well with Google, more emphasis must be placed on writing quality and engaging content rather than focusing on keyword density. In fact, the shift is now on writing content and incorporating your article with LSI(Latent Semantic Indexing)

Check out the article here- Latent Semantic Indexing and Keywords for Higher SEO

My point is that you need information like this so that you understand the workings of the internet world and can steer your business in the right direction by keeping up with the latest trends.

3.Hold my Hand Till I See The Light

No one wants to be left in the dark.Qualities of a honest business Especially if you are trailing unfamiliar territory with building your new online venture.

You don’t want to come to a point, where you are stuck and you cry for help, but no one hears you.

You need to have a company that supports you throughout the journey. If you reached a stumbling block, various channels should be available to you. Channels such as live chat, blogs, one on one support, to get you sorted out so that you can move on.

I need motivation.

Besides the obvious technical hurdles you encounter, there is the other side of emotional and mental challenges that may creep up from time to time as you try to find your way.Qualities of a honest business

You need a company that has a community to inspire and lifts you up when you are feeling down and tired.

Having a group with similar goals and ambitions, will make the battle feel less alienated and get you back in the saddle and moving forward in no time.

The community at this business teaching platform is amazing.Learn more about this awesome business here.

4. United We stand, Separated We Fall

In my experience with working for a company, I’ve never liked the gap that existed between employee and employer. There is an order and distance, that I find “alienates” the workers from the bosses. Qualities of a honest business

This is why to me it is important to find an online company, where I can have access to everyone within the company, including the owners or founders.

If I have an issue, they should be accessible and help by offering solutions or alternatives. This indicates, that they have the interest of their members at heart, irrespective of how huge the corporation has grown.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner

5. “It is Not Easy, But it’s not Impossible.”

An honest online business will echo statements such as, ” This is not a get rich scheme.”

Or you will hear words to the effect of, “It may take you 3, 6, 9 or even 12months, before you get your first sale or Don’t Ever give up, no matter how long it takes.”

This is honesty. This is giving it to you without the trimmings and telling it like it is.

So that at the end of the day, you know what you are in for.

The success stories are the best part……

Okay, so you don’t like hearing it. No one likes to hear that it takes hard work. But when you hear of the success stories and trust me there are plenty of them, it will get you all motivated and ready to give it a go.

These stories will tell you, how hard people have worked to become successful.

What is more reassuring,  is when you hear from these folks, the obstacles that they have had to overcome AND they tell you…..” If I can do it, then so can you..”


These five qualities of an honest online business, are what makes a student good and a teacher better.

Everyone learns from everyone, and everyone goes on to achieve their own success, and it’s uplifting and rewarding.

Think a company with these top 5 qualities does not exist?  Think again.

There is a platform that has an online interactive community that shares a common goal of building successful online businesses.They have up to date training and top-notch tools to help scale their business. The best part its free to trial them.


Thanks for stopping by, I hope this article helped you in some way.

Please share with friends or family, whom you think will benefit from it.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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12 thoughts on “Qualities of a honest online business”

  1. Hi Roopesh

    Great article, I like the info you presented in your article. As an online business owner myself I can relate to what you are saying.

    Keep up the great work and I will be excited to see what you write in the future to come!


    Thad P.

    • Hi Thad

      Glad to heat that you are in the “game” as well.

      Hope it is going all well.

      Yes, there will be lots more to come, so please do drop in again sometime.

      All the best in your ventures.



  2. What a good article. Those are the 5 qualities I wish all internet marketing companies possessed, but the reality is most of them don’t. They try to decieve you by not telling you everything upfront and keep making you upgrade to get the other pieces of the puzzle. It turns out they don’t work anyway and the only one getting rich is the hucksterselling the program. I am glad this isn’t the case with your recommendation. This company is really legit. Thanks Jason

    • Welcome again, Jason

      One thing in particular that I am not fond of is upsells.When you are not aware of these hidden costs it becomes really frustrating.

      As you mentioned,some of these extras are not really worth it and as they are not essential to the growth of your business.

      Nice to speak to you again



  3. Hi Roopesh,

    I can’t agree more about your 5 qualities of an online business. Now when I look back to my previous years which I’ve been fooled around by different scams and all of them are lacking part of the 5 qualities. Now I ‘ve learnt and will not be taking the same mistake again.

    Thanks for your sharing


    • Hello Louis

      It’s only through trial and error, that we learn from our mistakes and move on. Indeed, I intended for this post to be used as a checklist when scrutinizing companies and see if they are legit or not.

      Glad that I could help.

      All the best


  4. Interesting article Roopesh. It’s scary how many people are out to rip people off these days.

    Well, I say these days, but there were obviously scam artists around long before the internet, these days it’s just a lot easier for these people to find an abundance of new unsuspecting victims to prey on.

    I’ll be having a look at your recommendation with great interest.


    • Hello Lee

      It certainly is a scary situation.As you said whether you are online or offline, they are out there waiting for the opportunity to get you.

      Our job is to be vigilant and arm ourselves with information in order to avoid these scams.

      Let me know what you think of my Nr1 Recommendation.I am sure you will be quite interested in it.Should there be anything else, that I can assist with, please let me know.

      All the best.


  5. One thing I really loved about this blog post was the positive overtones. It’s important to keep a positive mental attitude when starting or creating an online business. It can be pretty difficult to stay positive with all of the online scams out there. I have certainly come across my fair share of dishonest online businesses, and have unfortunately wasted my fair share of money on dishonest online businesses as well. Thank so much for sharing your experience.

    • Hi Ciandress

      You are spot on. A positive mind-set over a negative one can certainly make a difference when approaching building a business, climbing a mountain or tackling any new “adventure.”

      I know what you mean, its sad but its true, there are lots of people who have been victims of scams and lost quite a bit. My experience have taught me to be vigilant of these scams and to be able to pick out the legit programs from the bad ones. It takes some practice as some of them are so convincing and appear to have your best interests at heart. The pointers in this article has helped me and I hope it helps others as well.

      I wish you tons of success in your “adventures.”



  6. Hi Roopesh

    I like the way you began your article with having the right mentor. I think most people can get stuck with wanting information from everywhere, and if they do not find it from the right sources, it can not only stall progress, but when you have a question a mentor can’t answer, then you’re stuck.

    This day in age, it is an employee vs employer mentality, and like yourself,I like to engage in the same ways. How is all of it working for you?

    Good job wit posting links throughout the page, I found that useful.

    Keep up the great work. I’ll be looking forward to see more!

    • If you got the right tools and someone who shows you the right way on how to use them, you can be very successful in your online business. That’s why I recommend this platform to ANYONE, who is serious about wanting to start their own business.They have everything under one roof.

      As you said, then next powerful thing is, is to have the right mindset. I think that also stems from your desire, passion, or how bad you really want to be your own boss.

      I always remember Bruce Lee’s word, ” Nothing is More Dangerous Than An Average Man With A Laser Sharp Focus.”

      Thanks for the compliment, and I hope that all is going well on your side.

      Take Care



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