Tips on How to Avoid Online scams

Today we are going to chat about scams. Whether they are offline or online, the main purpose of them is to extract from you, your hard earned money.How to avoid online scams

Whilst, you may think that the “deal” is legit, and go ahead with it, little do you realize that you will never see that money ever again.

Though I will make mention of some offline scams here, I will primarily focus on how to avoid online scams.

Rest assured after reading this, you will be in a better position to recognize any of these and easily walk away in the opposite direction with your wallet or purse still full.

So, lets get started right away,

How rife is scam prevalence in this day and age?

A study was done awhile back by the Financial Industry Regulatory Association(FINRA) and showed that out of 200 people, 80% of them were victims of some type of scam.How to avoid online scams

The most commonly affected by scams were the elderly, approximately 30% and men around the age of 40years (as breadwinners) who are wanting to take care of their families and desire to earn “more money.”

Furthermore, people with little or no knowledge of the product or service(of the scam), are easily targeted.

Another group are folks that are in a “money jam.” With the instability of the economy and jobs not secure or even paying that well, people are looking for ways to earn that extra buck to make things easier for them and the family.

Words like “Get rick quick,” or “Make $10 000 in one month,” are used to easily lure people to these schemes.

The most Common Scams around

The Better Business Bureau or BBB, reported these to be the common scams of 2015.

I will list some of the major ones below,

  • Tax Audit Scam
  • Debt Collectors Scam
  • Tech Support Scams
  • Government Grant Scams
  • Cash in Advance of a Loan Scam
  • Inheritance Scam
  • Credit Card Scams
  • Fake Lottery Scams

Scammers have become more aware that people are catching up to their tricks. This does not deter them from innovation and introducing new schemes into our lives.

Some Scam Stories

1.Man tells MUM to transfer $450 dollars by Western Union transfer and in exchange she will receive $5Million. Daughter intervenes Check this story out here.

2. Last year around August, an e-mail scam was doing the rounds about a power of attorney forwarded to the scammers office.

This power of attorney, was sent by a man who claimed that you are dead as a result of illness. Due to this, there lies a dormant unclaimed amount of 8.5million dollars.

The email addresses your urgency to the matter and asks for your banking details so that the money can be deposited into your account. Check out the full story here.

(We all know, that in the end they want to wipe your account clean)

Did you know?

They frequently target Facebook users as well?how to avoid online scams

If you regularly receive mail from the Facebook support team, then you will be able to easily pick out the “fake,” or “scammed.” email from the originals.

Look out for these giveaways,

  • The original will have the following text, “If you want to receive these emails,…”, the fake would read,” If you want to receive these messages,….”
  • The “FROM”, address must read something like this ”” If it does not end off with, then it most likely is spam.
  • The unsubscribe link should be a hyperlink, or clickable, and not just plain words without any clickability.
  • The wording of the message or text must be grammatically correct. Check for any spelling errors or anything that does not sound right as you read it.

Here is an example of a lady who got tricked by someone posting a link on facebook of a company that pays you commission if you get sign ups, by posting their promotional links. Check it out here.

Why do Scams work so well?

Perhaps you have personally being a victim of one or more of them or you know someone, who has experienced these scams.

Have you ever asked yourself, why is it that till today, after so many years, honest,decent people still fall prey to them? Is there something that we are missing, in order to bring a complete stop to it ?

Here are some reasons as to why scams will continue…..

1.Promises to fill a void or Offer you light when everything is Dark

This is a shiny object or a ‘pot of gold’ that is upselled to you with words like ” You Don’t Ever have to work again,” “Finally all your dreams can come through,”  ” You can be your OWN boss, ” … you get the picture.How to avoid online scams

To put the icing on the cake, they hire out actors to give you top notch convincing stories of how the program worked for them or by the time you have finished reading the “convincing” sales letter, you are already hyped up to signing on.

Many people still hope that this is true and take the deal.

2. Using Your Dreams against You

We all have dreams. My dream is to build a honest online business with the intention of helping others to realize their dreams. So I win and they win.

This dream of mine will certainly give me financial freedom, but it will give me something else, something more precious. The awesome feeling of knowing that I helped someone else. Just seeing them filled with excitement and enthusiasm by working towards their dream by building their own online business, makes this all the more worthwhile.

Now imagine for a second, a scammer learns of my dream and uses it against me.He shows me fake figures of people earning online and how they are realizing their dreams. He sweet talks me, and every now and again mentions my dream to keep me interested.

He tells me this is the quickest way,that time is ticking by and people are doing really well in his “business”

Eventually, I am brainwashed and ready to take out my credit card.

Understand this:  This is their business, to scam you, to make a living out of stealing from you.The truth is they are good at it.

So, how do I avoid these online scams?

You want to earn a living online right?

Where do you start? There are so many companies promising you that their way, is the way to go. How do I know which one is a scam OR NOT?

ANSWER : Simple, use the R.E.A.D system. It is my way of helping people to find that diamond in the wrath,

What is the READ SYSTEM?


1.RESEARCHHow to avoid online scams

The best way to know more about the company or the ‘deals’ you’re faced with, is to do your homework. Check out the History-how long has the company been in existence? Who are the founders? Are they experienced within the field?

One of most overlooked things is the profile picture of the “owner” of the business. Check that they match 100%.


Because sometimes, they can “steal” other peoples photo’s and claim it to be their very own. I reviewed a product a couple of months back called the Tinnitus Terminator on my other site.

It turned out that the owner had two different pictures. So which one is real? Can you trust this person? Absolutely not.


Is the support structure solid? Are they friendly, and do they deal with your queries in a timeous manner? Are they easy to reach or always unavailable?How to avoid online scams

Test it before you sign up. This will give you an excellent indication of what to expect.

Check out sites like or to see if any complaints have been lodged against the company.

If you’re still not sure, don’t stress. Give me a shout, and I can do a review of the company for you if you’d like.

2.Emotion Control

Its easy to be enticed by the way these deals are presented to you. Yes we all want that fancy car, beautiful home and awesome lifestyle.But!

At what expense?

At the expense of loosing our hard earned money.

Switching off the emotions and practice Rational Thinking, will allow you to look at the deal through a different lens.How to avoid online scams

What helps is to ask yourself questions like, ” Am I using my head or my heart?”  or “Does this deal make sense, or do I need to investigate further?”

Don’t fall for the emotional triggers they use, “All your financial worries will be over.” or “This is the easiest way to get rich quick.”

And if they really push you in the corner and tell you that this deal is time-sensitive, that’s your cue, to say NO….and walk away.

I find that speaking to my spouse or someone I can trust, gives me a different perspective of things. It allows me to see things more clearer and ultimately make a better decision.

Often, it is those that get their emotions intertwined in the process that falls head first into the webs of scam. Sadly for some people, it is too late.

Don’t let it be you.

3. Analyse and Scrutinize

This is where you do the number crunching of the deals.

“Why would these people give me 1 million bucks for my $450?”

“How could I win the lottery, if I have never played?”

Work out all the costs that are going into the program or offer. Another company I reviewed (full article right here on this site), offered a basic “catch” price of $24.95.

Turns out, that further upsells are necessary in order for you to make that business a success. The extra charges totalled to double and if you wanted the highest package, then triple the advertised price. Furthermore, the products that you needed to purchase were all pertaining to the growth of the company and not your own business. Hence, following a “pyramid,” scheme compensation plan.

If you are looking to earn an honest living online, then find a company that allows you to use all their tools and view operations without paying a dime at all.

Then at your own time, you can decide whether it is for you or not without any pressure.

Think a company like that does not exist?

 ⇒Check out my personal recommendation, to see that there still are honest ways and companies with integrity,to get you to earn a really decent living. Check it out here>>>

4. Decide

This should be the easiest part.

You’ve got all the information you need to say “NO”

Don’t let anyone change your mind, or invoke guilty feelings. Trust me, better opportunities lay ahead.

Have you ever heard of the line, ” GOOD THINGS COMES TO THOSE WHO WAIT.”

One more thing, don’t forget to ask me if you need help with making a decision about a company or offer. If I can’t help , then my friends within the helpful online community can help.

⇒Learn more about this helpful community and the wonderful tools and training to get started to building your very own internet business.⇐


Is there a get rich scheme? Can you really make $50 000 in one month?

I honestly never heard of such a thing. Think of it this way, if  there was, everybody would be rich and crime would be at an all time low. Nobody would be begging and everybody would be their own boss.

The truth is that, there is a way to get really rich and comfortable, but it is not easy. It will take hard work, and lots of your patience and time. But I can guarantee you that the rewards will be amazing and worth it.

I never promised you an easy way, but a safer one.Its up to you….

Look at it this way, at least you will not be scammed out of your money… That’s my promise.

Sounds fair…great.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed this article.

Please share this with friends or family so that they too, will not be victims of scams.

We can and will fight this.




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  1. Hey Roopesh

    I have to congratulate you on your hard work, and the useful information given. I also have to add that I really enjoyed your content and your writing way.

    Wealthy Affiliate is trully the best thing for someone who wants to start an online career. You really point that out.

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    • Hi John

      Thank you very much for your kind words, it really does mean a lot to me.

      I am also happy that you enjoyed this article.

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  2. Tips on How to Avoid Online scams – Wow havent we all got caught at least once – as you so rightly have put it – they target the desperation for need of money. This is such an important Niche and I hope the post is propagated to many.
    The design is also much aligned to an information site and is not cluttered towards ultra creativity
    Well Done and all power to you

    • Hi Rowan

      Yes we certainly have at some point in our lives experienced scams.Unfortunately, this is why it is necessary to scrutinize the deal or offer carefully before proceeding ahead

      I too would like to bring forth this message to many more readers.

      Thanks for the comment.



  3. Great tips. You’ve got to be so careful online. There are lots of people who are after your money and don’t give a toss about giving your what you paid for… Filthy scammers!

    It’s such a shame that this issue has to be addressed. It’s so wrong that these scammers sit there essentially stealing people’s hard earned cash!

    • Hi Hannah

      Yeap!! Its all about becoming aware of these tricksters and not getting emotional,especially when they promise you the world.

      Its wrong and that’s why we got to bring these kind of people to the attention of the masses.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Take Care


  4. Hi Roopesh,
    I just went through your READ system today when I got a very attractive looking internet marketer email. It was incredibly enticing but I took a step back, did some google searches, got control of my emotions and analyzed things. I was able to stop myself.
    Good thing sites like yours can help people learn the right ways to get income online. I hope you have a nice day and thanks for this great technique and useful article.

    • Hello Maria

      Glad to hear that you scrutinized the “enticing offer,” inside out before jumping all in. Sometimes they can really make it seem like its the one and only product for you. It’s just a matter of going through the READ system and ticking on the checklist and finally making a decision from the mind and not heart.

      Glad that I could help.

      Do stop by again.

      All the best to you as well.



  5. Hi Roopesh, thank you for sharing tips on how to avoid scams online. If only I come across this article couple of months back… I could have saved myself a couple hundreds of dollars. Sigh..
    I tried one of those binary options trading software which actually turned out to be a scam. They promised me to make me a millionaire within 3 months and I deposited the funds as they mentioned. Unfortunately, the software didn’t work like what is promised. I loss more trades than winning, and eventually lost all my initial deposit.
    Ever since then, I have told myself not to fall for any more shiny objects. Often this kinda products only benefits the owners and not us.
    Hope others can take my experience as a learning point and avoid such mistakes in the future.

    • Hello Kumar

      Always a pleasure. Do not beat yourself up, I too got taken for ride quite a few times before I found a true and honest way of building a successful online business.

      I was a victim of the binary options scam as well. And it certainly leaves a bitter taste in one’s mouth and a hole in your wallet as well. Sorry to hear about that.

      This is why I decided as well to share with as many people as I can via this site, the scams, the awesome products and tips on how to go about building an internet business.

      Wish you all the best.



  6. Trusting a program and even investing a certain amount of money into it only to find out it was a scam certainly feels like crap. That’s why each and every one of us should take notes of what this post is saying because figuring out a scam before you join it or invest in it can make a real difference. I’m happy I found your post and from now on I’ll be able to tell a scam for a legit program.

    • Hi Aless

      Its certainly feels horrible knowing that you were a victim of a scam. Its definitely something, that I would not like anyone to go through and if there is a way that I prevent this by helping the folks, then its all the more worthwhile.

      I will continue to expose the scammers and try my best using this site to warn people and at the same time, show them that there are some legit opportunities out there.

      Thanks for stopping by and I am glad that this post had helped you.

      Take Care and All the Best


  7. Excellent advice and tips on how to avoid online scams! It makes me so angry that people will work tirelessly to scam legitimate working class people out of their hard earned money.

    When it comes to Facebook these days, I’ve noticed that scammers will hack into one of your friend’s accounts that’s on your friend’s list and then try to re-add you via a friend request and then they’ll contact you with an amazing opportunity to get money from another person on Facebook. Needless to say I never fell for it.


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