Is Pure Leverage a scam?

Product Name: Pure LeverageIs Pure Leverage a scam

Website :

Price : $24.95 + $19.95per month

Owner : Joel Therien

Rating : 20 out of 100

What exactly is this business all about?

Pure Leverage is the brainchild of Joel Therien who is the President and CEO of the company.

Pure Leverage, is actually, part of a company called GVO(Global Venture Opportunities) that started around 1999.Is Pure leverage a scam

The way in which you can earn money in this business is by selling internet marketing tools and getting a commission on these sales.

What tools are you selling and how does it exactly benefit you or the person you are selling it to? More about this later.

Lets discuss the pros and cons of Pure Leverage.

Pros and Cons

In my personal opinion. there is not much positives associated with this business. Nevertheless, it is worth the mention.


  • Low entry Price.


  • The sales page, claims that there is 100% Commissions, but after reading the fine print, you will come to realize, that it is for a short period only.
  • Limited capacity of building on your own “niche” website or a business that you are passionate about
  • “Bullying,” attitude of staff, when criticisied about their services or products.
  • Further upsells into the business.

As evident above, there are far more cons in this business. As I explain to you the business model in more detail, it will become apparent that this business follows practices that are somewhat questionable.

But, I think it is best for you to be the judge at the end of the day.

Who is Pure Leverage suitable for ?

If you watch the sales video, on the landing page of the official site, take note of the speakers first few words,

We give you ” all the tools to leverage your freedom and grow your business no matter what business you are in..”

So, this business is intended to benefit anyone. The problem here is that the tools given to you, at a price,of course, does not really work well together to grow your ‘personal’ business, be it selling printer cartridges, delivering health products, selling musical equipment or any business that you are currently in and want to expand upon.

Why ??

Because the focal point of Pure Leverage is to sell and promote the product which is, Pure Leverage related. Only by selling these products(tools)to someone else, can you earn a commission. Naturally, you will earn more money if your downline sells these products to someone else and so the cycle continues.

Do you see where this is going ?

This has the characterstics of typical “pyramid” workings, whereby there is no real product or service to sell. The purpose of the product is to promote the product itself. Nothing more, nothing less.

As I will discuss later, the tools offer little or no value in building a sustainable business of your own. It’s all centered around Pure Leverage products.

So what is the Commission Structure like ?

Within your first month only, you will earn 100% commission from any sales that your down line makes.Is Pure Leverage a scam

Thereafter, you will earn only 50% of the sales that your down line makes.Is Pure Leverage a scam

So, it can be quite misleading when someone reads on the landing page , ” 100% Commissions of these amazing Tools!!” As evident, this is not really the case.

The bottom line is that you can earn in Pure Leverage by purely selling these tools to others and hope that they sell it to others, irrespective of how good or not they really are.

How effective are these Tools and is it easy to sell them?

Lets have a look at the tools that are within the Pure Leverage Program.

  1. Your Own WebsiteIs Pure Leverage a Scam

This sounds very exciting, and you would think to yourself that you got your very own piece of the internet. This is actually far from the truth…

Though you do have a website of your own, its not one that you can promote anything that you wish. As much as you would intend to build a website of your own, you will only be using this website to promote ??????…….Pure Leverage.

It actually will not be suitable for anything else. The reason is that there is no authority that gets built over time with your site and little emphasis is placed on SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

2. a. Lead Capture System

Have you ever visited a website, and saw an Opt-In Form pop up. Its a block, that will ask you to fill in your NAME and E-Mail.Is Pure leverage a scam

The purpose of that website developer is to get you to subscribe to the particular service that he is offering and by signing up, you will receive his latest news or offerings.

b. Autoresponder

Once you got the customers e-mail address, what are you going to do with it? Use an Autoresponder??

The purpose of an Autoresponder is to manage, organize , automate and distribute the information that you want to send(in this case Pure Leverage Tools and Marketing), via e-mail to prospective clients.

From my training, these tools work well only if your site has built up an authority and is getting traffic. Once your site is getting traffic, then you can get people to subscribe. Once they subscribe, then you can send them the information that you want them to read. Then you can get conversions.

As I mentioned above, this program does not teach you about building a site and adding quality content to get your site ranked.

So, can you see how difficult it will be to build this business?

But what about the Elite Coaching Program that Pure Leverage Offers?

3. Elite Coaching Program

The coaching takes place about 2-3 times a week. Is pure leverage a scamThe primary focus of which is to teach you about selling and promoting Pure Leverage to others.

So, no real emphasis is placed on building a quality website, or effective ways of getting traffic to your website.

If you want to get traffic then you can do some paid advertising, but this is going cost you a lot of money.

Rather learn to build a website of your own, around something that you are passionate about and earn money that way. Yes, it will take time and some hard work, but at the end of the day, its all yours and it will last for a long time, earning you money.

Check out the training platform where I learnt to build a website and have every single tool and all the help that I will ever need….>>>>>>

4. Video : E-mail and Streaming

As you may have guessed by now, this is a another way of promoting Pure Leverage to other people to get you to build your down line.

5. Live Conference Rooms

This is to help people extend their Pure Leverage Down line, by having conference calls. It once again, pays little attention to give you ways of building your own business.

Besides, people within this type of industry can get better tools and for FREE as well. One such tool is Google Hangouts,  that allows you to liase with one another. If you like, you can register for free here.

What about Support?

The level of feedback and support, that a customer receives from a company,is a reflection of how valued that customer is to that company. What can be even worse, is if the company does not respond to the customer at all, leaving a lot of questions unanswered…

Here is one such complaint from an unhappy customer,Is Pure Leverage a scam

“I was told I was paying $1 for the service. Global virtual charged me $99! I want my money back into my account! He is hard to contact I made a request but haven’t heard anything back yet. This is a scamming company and something should be done about it!”

Here is a customer requesting his service to be canceled by Pure Leverage,

“GVO Please cancel this entire order and credit my account. This was my original request. After completing to tickets for help. I do not have the tech. skills to operate this program. Thank you.Jim “

Here is the reply from Joel Therien himself,
“Jim, I have been doing business online since 1998 and this is the very first complaint against us that I do not take lightly. We have over a million people use our products and this is the very first complain. So I thought I would just mention a few things.

1. High pressure sales? Jim, we sell strictly online, we do not do outbound calls to anyone. So with that said we do not put high pressure sales people on the phone EVER. So how could we be a high pressure sale? Did we force you to join up? Did we force you to pay for the year upfront? Did we force you to come to our website? Did we have some sort of magnetics that forced your mouse to click the buy now with our high pressure sales?”is pure leverage a scam

As you can see, the respond is not very heartwarming or comforting to say the least. For the founder and CEO, this certainly does not paint them in a good image.

With this in mind, I think it is always important to research the support and feedback of any company before investing in it. Especially, if you’re still starting out to learning the ropes of earning an income in the online world.

So what exactly is the cost to Join?

The price of $24.95, gets you access to the basic program of Pure Leverage. To join the affiliate program, there is an additional fee of $19.95.There are other levels to join, and they cost more.

If you want to earn on a certain level, then you have to pay the fee that pertains to the training that is offered on that level.

So, as you see, these upsells, can lead to more than just the $24.95. These kind of strategies are typical of the “real” MLM business’s that are out there. Don’t get me wrong, not all MLM are bad. There are some of them however, that you really need to watch out for.

My Opinion On Pure Leverage

I think the tools that they offer are mediocre and only helpful if you are serious about promoting Pure Leverage.

Regarding the promoting and selling of the products, which is Pure Leverage, I personally do not think, it will be an easy task.

With such limits as to getting the site ranked, with a few templates to choose from(shared amongst other affiliates), the competition will be tough to get exposure to the online market.

Regarding the chances, of building your own business and empire, I hardly see this as an avenue to take. You are limited in expressing your thoughts and have to follow a single path.

Is Pure Leverage a Scam?


If you want to build your online business, you need training from the very basics. You need the up to date tools and latest education on what’s going on within the industry, as this market is constantly evolving.

Most importantly you need help, guidance, support and motivation.

⇒Have a look at my Nr 1 ranked program and you will see the difference.⇐

Is pure leverage a scam? For me this business is something that I personally would not recommend.

NAME : Pure Leverage

Website :

Price : Starter price : $24.95 + $19.95,

Owners : Joel Therien

Verdict : Note RecommendedIs Pure Leverage a scam

Overall Rating : 20 out of 100

Thank you for spending your time. Do you have anything to share about Pure Leverage. Have you had an experience with them? Please let us know and share below.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Regards and Take Care
















16 thoughts on “Is Pure Leverage a scam?”

  1. Greetings Roopesh,

    After reading the phrase ” ‘bullying’ attitude of staff”, that was instant turn off for me & a reason good enough to stay away from that entire thing.
    Annoying upsells are an addition to all of that.

    It sounds quite shameful how Pure Leverage has a primary focus as trying to tunnel folks to promote their own products first hand.. instead of teaching people how to grow a successful business in overall manner.

    It was really sad to read the way founder himself responded to a customer. I certainly don’t want to be treated like that thus I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Did it really happen? It’s hard to imagine it.

    A lot of valuable information here. Thank you for your effort & insight. Stay safe!


    • Hello Henry

      Yes, customer satisfaction and value for money, should be the core focus of a company that wants to thrive in this competitive world.

      Unfortunately, I think Pure Leverage falls short in these departments. That extract was just part of what the founder was saying. I just added it in to give you an idea of his services.

      This leaves one with a bitter taste and forces them to find greener pastures.

      Thank you so much for reading my article.

      All the best


  2. Hi Roopesh,
    About a year ago I was contemplating signing up with Pure Leverage, so I gave them my email address and I am still receiving emails from them almost every day. I wish they would stop spamming me!
    You have provided a good review and I certainly wouldn’t join them after reading this.
    As with most MLMs, you will have trouble selling these products that seem to be mediocre at best. I get the impression that what you will really be selling is the MLM business opportunity.
    Look at how Joel Therien replies to someone who dares to ask for their money back, this shows he doesn’t care less about his members. As you say when building your own business you need help and support, Pure Leverage seems to fail here as well.
    Thanks for your review.

    • Hi Peter

      Thanks heavens that you did not sign up with them. Is there a way that you could perhaps unsubscribe to the annoying e-mails. Is there no hyperlink in their email. I know these type of e-mails, can be quite irritating, to say the least.

      Glad that you enjoyed the review. This is how these schemes work, to sell you their product and focus less on building your business.

      Support and help is integral to learning and moving forward in any business. Without the proper guidance, how will one succeed?

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Take Care


  3. Wow, I’m so glad I found your review. My daughter was looking into starting online businesses for additional income and I started doing additional research to help her out. She was considering Pure Leverage but now that I’ve read your blog we definitely won’t be pushing through anymore. Can you recommend other legitimate sources of passive income? Thank you.

    • Hi Julie

      Glad that I could help.

      Firstly, I would like to congratulate your daughter for seeking to pursue a career in the online world.

      I would recommend for her to try affiliate marketing. It is not a get rich thing and takes time and a lot of hard work.

      The great news is that she will be able to learn from people who have been there, experts and people alike, get the top notch training and tools to push her in the right direction.

      I would certainly recommend her to give the training platform called Wealthy Affiliate a go.

      Let me know, if there is anything else, that I can help with.

      Regards and Best of luck to your daughter.



  4. Ashame on Pure Leverage treating a customer like this. Never Got Any Complaints!!!! come on, an eight year old knows better than that. Joel Therien is a crooked con-artist. I used to be in his program, too. I told him I wanted to cancel and he wasn’t very nice about it. That sounds like a complaint, right? He tried to degrade me, too. It didn’t work when I mentioned lawyer. He DID give me my refund

    • Hey Jason

      Thanks for joining us.

      Sorry to hear about your experience. Its sad to see that you had to go to such lengths to finally get heard.

      This is certainly not a display of integrity or honestly.I believe in time, lies and deceit will catch up with these people.

      On the positive side,there are companies that offer you awesome support,training and feedback.

      So, like within any sector,the internet industry has good and bad players too.

      Take Care


  5. Hi Roopesh, thank you for this text, a thorough analysis indeed of Pure Leverage. I would say that your assessment of this business is fair and based on facts. Your rating is in fact higher than what I would give to this company. Keeping distance from it seems to be the best possible strategy. Many thanks again.

    • Hi Jovo

      Thank you for your comment.

      Absolutely,there is not really that much value that this company has to offer.

      It would be my advice as well to steer clear of them and look at other valuable opportunities.



  6. There are so many internet marketing scams out there and this sounds like just another one to add to the pile. I’m glad that there are folks like you out there doing reviews and hopefully that as you continue to get the word out, this will help other people to avoid getting sucked in. All the best!

    • Hi There

      I enjoy doing these reviews as it exposes the good programs from the bad ones out there. As many people, myself included have been a victim of a scam at one point or another, reading about them first hand will save one a lot of time and MONEY!!!

      Thanks for swinging by.



  7. Thank you for exposing this company. I personally haven’t heard of these guys, but there are so many companies out there just like them! It’s a shame that scammers can capitalize off someones dreams to become financially independent, just to make a quick buck!

    Please continue exposing companies like these, we need more people like you!

    • Hi There

      You are welcome.

      Within any sector or industry, you will come across good and bad players. Is helps to know which ones are which, so that it can make your life easier when going forward with building your own online business.

      I am glad to be in a position to expose these scammers and will certainly continue exposing both the good and bad guys in this industry.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  8. Hey there! I just finished reading your review on Pure Leverage and wanted to drop you a quick comment to say thanks.

    This system sounds like a pyramid system to me too Roopesh. I really feel sorry for the people that have signed up for this system, thinking that they are going to learn a genuine way to earn online.

    I think what is worse about this system is the fact that you are just expected to push more of their own products. I want the flexibility to promote what I want to promote. It wouldn’t be so bad if the products were any good, but as you have pointed out, it wouldn’t appear that way at all.

    Thanks for the warning, appreciate it!

    • Hi Andrew

      There are lots of ways and not just throug affiliate marketing that one can earn money from.Unfortunately, with Pure Leverage,the earning potential can be limited.

      I agree wholeheartedly with you that there is much more freedom, choice and flexibility when it comes to promoting one’s own product.

      Though it may be a little harder initially, it can be quite rewarding as time goes on.

      Thanks for stopping by.




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