Success with Anthony, scam or legit? Let’s find out….


Product Name: Success with Anthony

Website URL:   www.sucesswithanthony.comSucess with Anthony, scam or legit

Price : $49(2 payments) or $67, then followed by upsells running into $1000’s

Owners : Anthony Morrison

Overall Rank : 30 out of 100

What is Success with Anthony all about?

This would be hard to say because it consists of a lot of programs and courses, which to be honest does not live up to a structured teaching online platform.

It may not make sense initially, but allow me to break this program down for you within this review.

By the end, you will have a much clearer picture of exactly what I am talking about.

The Product

If you watch his sales video, which is flawed(in my opinion), you will find that his central theme upon which his campaign is based upon, is “website” traffic.

He claims to offer to you tools or software, that is able to get “into the action” of high volume traffic with minimal effort, which you can capitalize upon, to eventually receive high conversions or sales.

These tools are what he claims brings him regular monthly paychecks of over $100 000 each month!Sucess with Anthony, scam or legit

Furthermore with these tools, one does not even need to “produce regular content” on one’s website.

He actually does not endorse producing regular content and labels it as utter BS.

His reasoning behind this is that it is a complete waste of one’s time as there is no guarantee of your website ever producing any kind of success.

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The Pros and Cons of Success with Anthony

  • As I mentioned above bits of products here and there, but nothing to offer value to the customer.

  • Limited or no support
  • No feedback from Anthony or any staff.
  • Lots of complaints either in the form of no refunds honored, or upsells and credit card billing without notification.Success with Anthony, scam or legit
  • The product was banned from the Click bank Affiliate Program


Anthony Morrison Kicked Out of Clickbank

Many affiliates were told to stop their promoting of, “Success with Anthony”, as of May 2012.  To be banned from any affiliate merchant could mean a lot of things…..

Either Anthony and his company were:

  • In breach of the Clickbank policies,
  • There were no sales or more refunds requested than anything else,
  • There was a lot of customer complaints


The Tools and Training of Success with Anthony-MORE IS LESS

As I mentioned earlier on, his video sales page, is Sucess with Anthony, scam or legit?based around using his software that is able to get right into the huge traffic volumes of media platforms such as YouTube, Google, Bing, and others.

How was it supposed to work?

It was actually supposed to get customers to fill in, an opt in form, prior to watching the desired video. Thereafter, you get your cash as a percentage of the number of e-mails that are received.

Sounds easy right?

Well, that’s where it starts…but the hole does get deeper and darker.

So you sign on, thinking you’re getting the software package. That is just the start of the range of various low-quality products that Anthony will try to sell to you which does not meet the expectations of his sales ad.

You are in for a wonderful ride of paying for upsell after upsell. There are modules which come in the form of PDF’S and Videos and cover topics such as e-mail marketing, social media marketing profits, and SEO.

As you’ve already guessed, if you are just a beginner to the internet world, this is going to be extremely overwhelming, to say the least. I mean would you not want to understand the basics before getting into the nitty gritty stuff? I would sure think so.

If that’s not enough, he then goes on to try to market to you some of his other “wonderful” programs such as “Success with Anthony 2.0” and “Traffic with Anthony,”

To complement this, he will push you to go for the ridiculously priced web hosting and tools, both of which he has a vested interest in already, claiming, all are essential to your internet success.

Whereas at the end of the day, the truth is told, this is more beneficial to him than to you!!


 Do You Get Good Support from Anthony and His Team?

Absolutely, the support is awesome to help you max out your credit card!Sucess with Anthony, scam or legit

Either than that, you are all alone and need to figure out the program by yourself.Sucess with Anthony, scam or legit

There is no community to back you up or a forum whereby you can voice your concerns. In fact, with the tons of complaints, no one has ever reported having direct communication with Mr. Anthony himself.

I think that whether you are new to the internet business or have been around, it is essential to have a solid support structure.

You need the guidance, help, and motivation, especially during the rough times. This will allow you to push on till the end. There are training platforms, that offer all of this stuff and allow you to trial for free. Here is one such legit platform.

The Price(Starting from $67, then $49(2payments) upsells going into the $1000’s)

As you watch the sales video, towards the end he breaks down the different products and their associated prices.

They are valued at a whopping $2000bucks, of which he discounts to you at a $1000.

At the end of the presentation, being the nice guy that he is, he decides that for a mere $67, you can enter his world. And to make it even more affordable, he breaks it down into two monthly payments of $49 each.

The problem here is that once you purchase the product at the entry level, you will be sure to be hit by upsell after upsell.

You will be bombarded by emails, telephone calls and more enticing sales ads to take up the offer that you “feel” is necessary for your success. And before you know it, you have already parted with $1000’s if not more of your hard-earned cash.

Unfortunately, this is the way the industry is. It is filled with scammers preying upon the innocent to promise them “instant ” success with minimal effort at a hefty price tag.

This paints a somber picture for the legitimate programs and services that are out there that strive to guide one on the correct and decent route to climbing the ladder for online success. The road they show is more challenging, honest, and definitely more financially rewarding.

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My Final Say on Success with Anthony

Just watching the sales video alone set off the first Red Flag for me.


After having watched the video on a Sunday evening, I decided to see if the video really is LIVE and if the offer is available for that day only.

I cleared my ‘cookies’ and browsing history and refreshed and checked it on Monday to see what happens.

Low and Behold

The exact same video played again! Does it make sense for a “LIVE” video to be played everyday at any time?

2. Irony on Time

He talks about the traditional ways of writing content and getting traffic as being utter nonsense. He claims that these ways of building a website by the philosophy of “Build it and they will come ” is BS and is a complete waste of your number one asset which is TIME.Sucess with Anthony, scam or not

The irony to this is that, he is prepared to give you a $100 money back guarantee if his system does not work for you after a period of 365 DAYS!

So he is actually telling you that you rather waste 365 days of your life(not forgetting huge amounts of money) and then he will give you $100.

Can you honestly equate an entire year of your life to $100? So now its okay for you to waste your so-called precious ASSET?

I personally do not approve of his ways of making money by selling people’s information(their e-mails). The fact that he has been kicked out of an affiliate network, along with numerous complaints, (A lot of these can be found on does not make “Success with Anthony” a good company to invest your time, money and energy into.

I always believe in doing a thorough research of a company, and to look at the essential qualities, in order to deem it an honest enough business to go forthwith.

Unfortunately, not much positive can be said of this one. I would personally suggest to everyone to steer clear of “Success with Anthony”.

If you compare it to one of my favorite training platforms, you can easily see the inferiority of this model. See the table below.


Success with Anthony, At a Glance

Name :  Success with Anthony

Website URL:

Price : $49(2 payments) or $67, then followed by upsells running into $1000’s

Owners : Anthony Morrison

Overall Rank : 30 out of 100

Verdict : Inferior products, no support, huge upsells, and lots of previous unhappy customers.Sucess with Anthony, scam or legitHave you tried “Success with Anthony” or do you know of someone who has had experience with them?

Thanks for joining me today. I would love to hear from you on any thoughts or comments that you may have.

Until next time, keep safe and take care.








10 thoughts on “Success with Anthony, scam or legit? Let’s find out….”

  1. Hi

    This is a great breakdown of the product.

    There are so many products out there to that are just trying to take you for your money and not trying to help you with what they say they are. I mean 1000 on upsells? That seems a bit much. Glad you were able to shine some light on this.

  2. I completely agree with what you are saying here. That product does sound like complete and utter BS. Your review really does dissect why it is a waste of time and how CB has kicked him off. Your comparison with WA is useful. I think I discovered WA through a similar review. It is clear what his product doesn’t do and that WA do all of those things people want. An honest, truthful review.

    • Hi Gary

      Glad you found WA, that is awesome and you are definitely in good hands.

      Yes, its goes to show that if SWA is doing wrong, they will certainly face the consequences.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  3. Hi there,

    That product, success with Anthony looking at it really gives off a not so nice scent of a scammy product.

    Content is not required?

    False, anyone that claims otherwise really does not know much about online business, content is the foundation of any online business.

    Also, really good to avoid any product that was once on clickbank and no longer.. make it questionable themselves. Perhaps falling foul of their quality standards.

  4. Oh my, so not even Clickbank will deal with Success with Anthony. The way I see it is that is really bad… Clickbank has some good products but they also have loads of scam there too!
    I watched the sales video on that a few months ago when I came across this product and immediately high tailed out of there, thanks for making everyone aware of this dodgy product.

    • Hello Lynne

      Yes, quite true about Clickbank.Imagine, even though they deal with some mediocre guys, they still will not deal with SWA.This shows you in what regard Suc with Antony is held by Clickbank.

      Thanks for your comment.

      Take Care


  5. I struggled for 18 years with this kind of programs, and I was scammed a lot of times. Get rid of this programs like “Success with Anthony.” right away that promise you 1000’s of dollars in a short period. These businesses don’t exist.

    The Wealthy Affiliate program that you are recommending was until now the unique, honest program that I know, of course, is my personal experience.

    • Hi Alberto

      Sorry to hear about your encounters with online scams.You are right, schemes with unrealistic promises are definitely the ones that one should stay away from.

      Glad that you are at home with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s only once one actually tries out this platform, will one be able to see exactly what it’s all about.Then they will be in a better position to decide whether or not it’s for them.And the best part is that this can all be done WITHOUT paying any money whatsoever.

      Thanks for stopping by.




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