Are “FREE” trials or sign-ups from online companies a good thing?

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As many of you have searched online for decent business opportunities,Are free trial or sign ups from online companies a good thing I am sure that you no doubt have come across Free” Sign up or Trial Offers from them, to get you to come on board.

Are these sign-ups a trap or are there some good intentions behind them?

Join me today as we uncover some of the reasons as to why companies follow this path.

But first, I would like to tell you a lovely little story…..

The Man With The Kind Words…

We all love to wine and dine and go to eat out now and again. When my wife asks me very nicely, ” Any ideas on what we can have for supper tonight? “ I can read in between the lines and I know exactly what she is asking me.

Where are we going to spend our money tonight to get out stomachs full and our taste buds satisfied?”

The answer: Our favorite restaurant, “FEGOS” why are free trial offers or sign ups from online companies a good thing

Now why just one place out of all the choices? Because the food is good, the service is awesome or the price is nice!

Trust me it’s all of them but it is also none of them.


What are you talking about?

When we spend our time and money at this dining place it is not because of the awesome food, the great service, and, the price is not exactly that cheap!!

There is another reason, a special reason and that is because of….the owner.

Yes, we don’t think twice about going to this restaurant purely because of this man. Why him?

Because whenever we go there, be it on any day at any time, or no matter how busy the Café is, this owner will take the time to come and sit by our table and chat to us, like we are long lost friends…like we know each other for years and are catching up on old times.

This simple act of courtesy is what makes us choose his place most of the time!!!

So, what is my point here?

My point is, that my wife and I have become loyal customers to this Café, because of the fact that we are made to feel like we are “being taken care of” and that ” our presence has been valued and appreciated”.

So, they gained loyal customers, all because of something that we received which is acknowledgment, respect, and courtesy. And all this came for “FREE”

Yes, we paid for the food and tipped the waiter, but the “FREE” touch from the owner made the experience all the more valuable and worthwhile.

So,in essence my wife and I are glad to spend our money in exchange for something that we are getting for “FREE.”

This is why I believe that online companies or businesses that offer something for “FREE” to their visitors, can be an excellent source for their ongoing success, provided they offer value.

So let’s look at this concept a little closer.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner

Growth Of “Free ” Products or Services Campaign Is Trending

As the internet grows on a daily basis, the demand for better online services and products increases.Why is free sign ups or trials from online companies a good thing

This is no exception to the case of people seeking online opportunities to make money.

With tons of companies competing with each other, claiming that their products or services are the ‘holy grail’ to your financial freedom, one is confronted with both “legit”  as well as “scam” services.

Check out my article, ” Tips to Avoid Online Scams.” if you would like to learn more⇐

The challenge comes, when one has to decide which one is the legit option.

Is it a bad thing if a company gives away a “free ” trial of their offerings? Is it a trap?

From my story above, getting the “FREE” service, got us to be their customers.

But what about within the online world?


Is There A Hidden Agenda To These Campaigns?

Let us investigate some of the strategies that companies employ to get you to sign up to their offers.

From here, you will be able to see whether the intention behind it, is favourable or not.

Here are some of reasons behind FREE promotion or trial services.


Let’s say that you came across a review of a training and educational platform that teaches you to become successful in the internet world, and you are interested in wanting to know more.

You are not 100% sure though but would like to give this a go.

To your surprise, you come to find out that there is a FREE trial, Are free sign trials and sign up from online companies a goodd thingand to sign up, you DON’T even have to give your CREDIT CARD INFORMATION

How cool is that?

I got absolutely nothing to lose. There are so many times you learn about the “average Joe” giving out his CC details to a so-called “trusted” site, only to later find out that illegitimate transactions had taken place. The worst part is, he has to go through such inconveniences to stop this process from escalating any further.

So you get to TEST the program without spending a dime! Here is one such legit training platform that I would recommend.

2. We are Emotionally Charged Beings

As humans, we are driven and operate from our emotions. A lot of things that we do stems from an emotion.

Though things start off with a thought, it is this thought that is as a result of an internal feeling or emotion.

For instance, let’s say you want to go for a short getaway to the coast and soak up all the sunshine.

That original thought comes from the feeling or emotion of wanting to “get a break,” or “wanting to have some fun time and recharge your batteries.” Does this make sense?

This is exactly the basis behind that  “Free” promotion or trial from a company.Are "FREE" trials or sign-ups from online companies a good thing?

By offering us this “Free” Trial, companies are aware that it will set off an emotional trigger. The nature of which is for us to perceive it as, that which we are being offered as “FREE,” has immensely more value than there actually is to it.

Some online companies abuse this opportunity to lure people in.Then there are those that really do want the customers to experience their service, and find that it actually does meet or even exceed their emotional expectations.

So, not all the time, when a company catchphrases you, are they tricking you. Some of these guys really do want to show you that they are sincere and stand 100% by their product.

Here is one such online opportunity,



Whilst some companies, reel you in with their “Free” sales ad and start piling you up with emails, asking you to pay for upsell after upsell, other guys leave you to “explore their world”.

Why?Are "FREE" trials or sign-ups from online companies a good thing?

Because they are confident in their service or product. They know that their platform for teaching you to earn a living online, is robust, tried and tested, and it works.

They are so confident that they will not even bother or hound you every second of the day to sign up for their “Paid,” Or “Premium Subscription.”


Following up from the previous point, there are a few players, in the “make money online” game that will let you test out their complete program for “FREE”.

The reason why not many will follow this route is that they know that once you have tested them out, you probably may never go back to them again!

Companies on the other hand that are transparent and allow you to test their products and service offer a high level of creditability to their name.

Take, for instance, the Apple iStores.Are "FREE" trials or sign-ups from online companies a good thing? You are free to test their products and feel them in your hands before having to make a purchase. In addition, they offer free training to their customers. This has allowed this company to soar the market with outstanding ratings and sales and delivers services with the result being, exceptional customer praise and satisfaction received.

Do you think that such an online company exists?

One, having these criteria as above, as their mission, when they market to you their “Free” Service?


So, now you know the reasoning as to why there is a “Free” trial on a given opportunity. The next question, is how do I know if the offering is genuine or not?

Simple go through the checklist.

Go through it step by step. if a company is offering a “Free” Trial check if,

  1. Can you access the trial, without divulging your credit card details? if yes, then,
  2. Does the company sound genuine in satisfying my emotional needs?(help, support, and growth), if yes, then
  3. Are they CONFIDENT enough, to show me exactly how they work so that I know what the programs feel like, if yes, then
  4. Are they CREDIBLE, to stand 100% by their products, support, and services? IF YES, then you are HOME-FREE.

I personally have searched for a long time, for a sound and honest online “university” to teach me on how to go about earning passive income using the internet.

There was a time, that I believed such an opportunity did not exist. This changed the second I learned about Wealthy Affiliate. No other teaching tool or program, in my opinion, can come close to this company.

They deliver top-notch training and give you a good start in building a solid business foundation.

They are a “yes” for every one of the checklist points above and if you give them a try, you would know why as well.

If you want an awesome and fair opportunity to learn the ropes of earning a decent living using the internet, then I recommend you check them out.

And the best part is… yeap!!

You guessed it, IT’S FREE(before you buy a single thing).




Hope you enjoyed this article. Please let me know your thoughts on “FREE” offers from companies.

Have you ever taken up a “FREE” internet offer? How did it pan out?

Love to hear from you.

Take Care


6 thoughts on “Are “FREE” trials or sign-ups from online companies a good thing?”

  1. I always get really nervous when I see a free signup or a trial offer, especially as it normally involves providing your credit card information. There are certainly some out there that are worth bothering with, especially the ones that you don’t need to provide your credit card details. Like you’ve said, taking the time to research and figure out whether the approach is safe is absolutely critical.

    • Hi Vince

      Trust me, you are not the only one who gets nervous.Absolutely, there are legit programs that don’t require credit card information.

      The task is to decipher the good ones from the scam deals.

      Once you cross the hurdle, then you are home free.

      Take Care


  2. That’s quite an interesting title and question – it’s what got me clicking through from Google’s results!
    I suppose it depends on whether or not you need to give any payment data for a free trail – makes it a little hard to cancel after the trail period otherwise. I also beleive that certain scams could work through trail systems – if clever enough

    • Hi Chris

      An interesting point of view.I also do think that scams would definitely work through a trial system.The question is, in whose favour would it work out to, the visitor or the author of the program?

      It is a “dicey” situation when you have to present your Credit Card Details to unlock the workings of a program.I understand that many companies need to protect their intellectual property.But, like the awesome program that I recommend, if they can be more transparent, it would make them appear more trustworthy and credible.

      This would actually make it easier for the visitors to give their credit card information, when the time comes.

      All the best.


  3. Hello Roopesh!

    Thanks for the great insight into the FREE labels and click buttons that we are so inundated with today.
    Like some of your other readers have mentioned. It makes me want to jump like I have touched a hot stove when I see the GET IT NOW FREE! ..

    I agree that the one free offer that seems to break the standard is the free trial at Wealthy Affiliate.
    I am a member there, and one of the reasons I decided to try is that they didn’t ask for my credit card.

    This is so rare today. Most online marketing is all about getting your credit card. Saying whatever they have to to get you to put that number in.

    Thanks again for the great information!

    • Hi Tim
      Thank you so much for stopping by.

      Your reaction is not surprising when one comes across those ‘Free’ words.

      On the flip side, there are companies that are sincere in their offers.As you mentioned Wealthy Affiliate, is one such platform.

      I am glad to hear that you are happy with these guys.

      Everything of the best to you.


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