Market Buster Review, What you should know?

Name of Product: Market BusterMarket Buster Review,What you need to know


Price: Start off price from $250

Owner: Ethan Taylor

Overall Rank: 20 out of 100

What is the Fuss All About on Market Buster?

In a nutshell, Market Buster is a software application. According to the creator, Mr. Ethan Taylor, the Market Buster is the only “money-making machine,” that you will ever need.

The point of this application is to take out all the guesswork from doing online trading and make you heaps of cash even if you do not have any prior knowledge.Sounds too good to be true?

When you visit the official website, you are will have watched a rather hyped-up sales video whereby you are quickly introduced to success stories on people testifying to earning up to “$800, in less than an hour.” or you hear of someone making their first “million dollars in seven months!!!”

Wow!!! That is something…


About Chuck Taylor…

From the sales video, you learn about how he first started off in the online security business and become quite popular. After which he then claimed, he was asked to render his services in the financial sector.

Within twelve months in this industry, he stated that he played a part in developing security protocol for major players, with the result having exposure to the likes of, SSL, Mcafee, Firewall, Symantec,” to name a few.

The exposure from here he believes, has helped him to learn about the “money workings” and as a result after two years of applying these skills,  he was able to develop his “Market Buster.” application.

His ultimate claim, is that this application can earn you a minimum of $2000 per day!!!

How does the Market Buster Application Actually Work?

It is based on an algorithm software which is able to detect any fluctuations or movements within the market.Market Buster Review, What you need to know

These movements give rise to what Chuck calls “trade signals.” The point is to tell you whether the market is on a rise or is dipping.So, it sort of predicts to you the direction of the market.

Having this knowledge, one is then able to comfortably make money on a regular basis.

In addition, he claims that his software is “idiot-proof.”So just about anyone can make mega bucks.

Pros and Cons


  • No Credit Card Information Needed
  • Free Sign up
  • Free Software (Trial Period of 6months)
  • No Education or Experience Needed

  • No support
  • Unrealistic Financial Projections or Earnings.
  • No Money Back Guarantee
  • No training

Is Market Buster for Everyone?

Unless you are interested in earning money using binary options, I would stay far away from this as possible.

UPDATE 30/03/2018

Binary Options is not really necessarily the safest option for investment. This latest blog on Binary Options tells you more.

In fact, I would recommend you check out other educational software, such as e-toro, should you want to this sort of trading.Mainly because of the fact, that they allow you to do paper trading.

This allows you to test your skills, learn markets without the need to put any real money down.

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What About the Training and Tools of Market Buster?

Let me break this whole Market Buster app deal for you.Market Buster Review, what you should knowMarket Buster Review, What you should knowMarket Buster Review, what you should know

If you look carefully at the screenshots above you will find a bubble denoting a number. This is a common ploy of “limited time offers,” to get you to sign up, that the marketers of Market Buster employ.

You will then be directed to another page asking for your daytime telephone number.

The final step is whereby you receive a call asking you to sign up with a software called, “Opeck.” to do your trading.

As I mentioned above the start up fee is $250, and this where your money goes to activate your trading.

So, in essence, the tool you will be using is a broker software called Opteck to do the trades. Remember, this is just a software, you still need training and knowledge on how to use it.

Unfortunately, there is none of that after you have parted with your hard earned cash.

Bottom Line

You’ve downloaded this Opteck app and transferred your money to start the trading, but guess what else happened?

Mr. Taylor just made a commission from your sign up.

My Final Opinion of Market Busters

Before I give you my opinion, let me point out some red flags that I picked up during my investigation.

Red Flag Nr 1: Illegitimate Landing page

I was intrigued when the advert first came as a pop-up on my screen, So, with the curiosity getting the better of me, I gave my details in the opt-in and decided to check it out.

With all the hustle and bustle going on, I checked that I had two replies in my email on two separate days from the support team of Market Buster.Market Buster Review, what you should know

So I decided to check this link out and guess what happened?

Every single link of their’s redirected me to a 404, which means that the site is offline or non-existent.Market Buster Review, What you should know

Red Flag Nr 2: Is it Really ‘FREE’?

“Making $2000 in a single day.”Market Buster Review, what you should know

Does this not get your warning bells all lit up? To come across an opportunity that delivers such a bold statement that would warrant a deep and thorough investigation.

I got excited when I saw that no credit card is needed. But then the guys used other taglines such as “free” and “no risk”.

If you read my post titled,” Free thing is Not Always a Bad Thing”, NO Credit Card information is one of my criteria to consider when an opportunity like this is presented to you.In this case, the software may be FREE, but you have to pay to activate it. So there is nothing really free here.

Thirdly, if Mr. Taylor had taken close to three years of his life to develop the Market Buster application, why would he give it away for free?

Red Flag Nr 3: Asking for You Number, It’s All About ‘Sweet Talking’

The second an opportunity asks you for your telephone information, it can only mean one thing. They are going to solicit information out from you.

In this case, though not exactly solicit, you will be contacted though to deposit money into the Opeck account.

Always be cautious, when you give out your contact details.


Yes, there are tons of testimonials from people who have reached the pinnacle of successes with the  “so-called,” Market Buster.Market Buster Review

It just bothers me that the video starts off with these success stories and later on he says, “if you are tired of making so much of money, you can stop with the program.”

Who would ever want to stop making money?


Are these real testimonials? For all, we know they could have been paid actors?


Red Flag Nr 5: Who is Chuck Taylor?

As I mentioned earlier, I received e-mails from this guy hounding me to sign up.

But at the end of the day, we only hear his voice in the sales ad. Is this really someone that you can trust?

So what do I say?

I really do not fancy someone who puts up a show and makes the folks pay for something, which he does not deliver upon. In fact, this entire thing is all about the commission.

Yes, Mr. Taylor is an affiliate who earns by referring people to the Opeck company. Any sign up that Opeck receives as a result of his referral will earn give him a lovely commission.

Yes, I agree affiliate marketing is the way to go. But not by deceiving people. In my books, this is not fair play and without hesitation, I am rejecting this program with a big NO!!

Alternate Options

I personally at this point cannot recommend or offer any sound advice on choosing an opportunity within the binary options, or the stock market.

I can, however, tell you that if you want to make money online as an affiliate marketer, there is an awesome teaching platform for this.

It takes you through the basics, it’s honest and fair and the tools and training are really top notch, to say the least.

The best part is, that there is a whole community of people helping each other out, over and above building their own internet businesses. You also do not need your Credit Card to join them!!

So you’ve got nothing to lose. Check it out.




Thanks for joining me today on the Market Busters Review. I hope that it has helped you out?

Did you ever have any experience with them? Have you every tried binary option trading? If so, let us know how it went.

Till next time, Take Care


Market Busters at a Glance

Name of Product: Market Buster

Website: Busters Review, What you need to know

Price: Start off price from $250

Owner: Ethan Taylor

Overall Rank: 20 out of 100

Verdict: Not legit!!!




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10 thoughts on “Market Buster Review, What you should know?”

  1. Hi There,

    Great investigative research done there Roopesh. I think it is fantastic that guy like you are warning us about potential scams and doing the hard work to expose them. Market Buster, yet another one of those pie in the sky forex or financial market software scams. BTW, some of those trading programs are programmed to make sure you trade at a loss, so that the broker gets a commission!

    • Hi Derek

      Thanks for your comment.

      I have been a victim of these scams, and trust me it’s really not a nice feeling to know that you have been taken for a ride and lost a huge chunk of your hard earned cash.This is the very reason, that I want to bring to the attention of people out there scams like this, so that they don’t fall prey to them.

      Absolutely, you trade a loss, and the brokers gain….it’s the name of the game.

      Take Care


  2. Wow the $250 price mark is a bit steep really isn’t it? Especially when you consider that most people who are looking to earn online don’t have hardly anything in their pockets in the first place! Great review – the 20 out of 100 mark has put me well off this…along with the price!

    • Hi Chris

      Absolutely, $250 is a hefty price to pay just to get started out.And you are not even given a solid foundation to begin your journey if you follow Market Buster.

      Glad you enjoyed the review.

      Everything of the best.


  3. I have never been a fan of binary options and your very informative review on Market Buster just reinforced that in me, Roopesh.

    Honestly, I have always wondered why people readily gamble huge amounts of cash with those things.

    I mean, it’s one thing to take calculated bets to build your business online and quite another to take wreckless risks.

    • Hi George

      I too have not been a fan of binary options.

      I think that the economy is not doing so grand worldwide, and people are living in desperate times.This calls for desperate measures and I suppose that may be a reason, as to why people are taking these chances.

      There are calculated risks that one can take, but Market Buster i not one of them.

      Take Care


  4. Great detail into checking out what Market Buster is all about.

    It surprises me how many of these types of websites are out there and promising you the moon for knowing nothing the day you sign up.

    I have never seen or heard of anyone around me that has come across any opportunity that could make people an overnight success.

    Now your number one recommendation speaks the truth for a genuine opportunity.

    • Hey Travis

      It’s nice to hear from you.

      I too believe that a great opportunity is one without the trimmings.Something that offers top notch training, tools and has a solid support structure.

      Most importantly, it is not camouflaged by ‘get rich overnight’ promises.These opportunities will from the outset tell you that the success is highly dependent on your hard work and the time that you are willing to invest.

      That is why I stand behind my number 1 recommendation.It delivers on all these levels.

      Great to chat with you…



  5. Hi Roopesh,
    Thanks for the thorough review it seems you’ve done quite a bit of investigation.
    I have seen at least 5 other products that claim they can make you thousands in no time. I was close to falling for one of them but then I started doing research and quickly found a lot of negative reviews.
    People like you are the ones that can save the regular internet user from such ugly scams. Keep up the good work.

    • Hello Alex

      Thank you very much for the compliments.Really appreciate it.

      I feel, that is unjust for people to just ‘steal’ from others their hard earned monies.

      I am grateful that I have this opportunity to help others by exposing scams like this to them.

      Thanks for stopping by.



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