What is the SAFFA Method really all about and should you Trust it?

Name : The SAFFA MethodWhat is the SAFFA Method

Website : www.saffamethod.com

Price: Minium Investment $250

Owner : Jake Mason

Overall Rating : 2 out of 5

What is the SAFFA Method?

In a nutshell, the SAFFA method is a binary option software that ‘promises’ returns on small investments within a relatively short period of time.

To give you an example, it has been advertised that with only an initial investment of $300, this method can make you anything from $800 to $1000 daily!

To make the offer more enticing, it goes further on to stating that if you put down a 1000bucks, then you can make around $2500 return. Think that this is possible? Let us dig deeper into what the SAFFA method is really all about and decide if it’s something worthwhile to consider.

Pros and Cons of the SAFFA Method


  • Free Software
  • No Training Required


  • Money withdrawal problems
  • Minimal Investment of $250
  • Advertising is misleading
  • No Support
  • Very little information on the founder
  • No Trial

Exactly who is the Founder of the SAFFA Method?

Visiting the official homepage of ‘The SAFFA Method,’ you are greeted with a face of a gentleman by the name of Jake Mason.

Who is he? Nobody knows! I tried searching for this guy on the Facebook and Twitter accounts and could not find any match.

What is interesting though is that this guy’s image has been used on countless of other binary option advertisements. And as you can see from the image below , many of them have been advertised as downright SCAMS!What is the SAFFA Method


I have always maintained that if you don’t know who you’re really doing business with, then don’t do any business with them at all!

Especially when it comes to Money! Don’t TRUST anyone with your money, if you are not 100% certain of the deal. At this point, I would say that the SAFFA method is looking like a bit of a shaky deal , wouldn’t you?

How does the SAFFA Method work?

Very simply put you use a trading software to make daily trades on the stock market. The SAFFA method is advertised as automated, as it does these “trades for you” whilst you go about doing your own thing. In other words, you can earn while you sleep. How do I wish that were true?

It seems that $250 is a very common entry price for activating Binary Options Trading Systems. Whilst I have no doubt that there are some really legitimate trading software robots that ask you for this fee(which by the way is your money , that you would use for trades), many bogus guys out there capitalize on it in their schemes.

For instance, I reviewed two of these companies, namely Trianasoft and 1-K Daily Profit right here on PassiveIncomeforAll.com. Both of them ask for $250. Investing your money is as good as gone with them!

Coming back to what is the SAFFA method, its software is FREE but that’s where it all STOPS! You need to invest a minimum of $250 into your trading account. Will you ever see this money again? Your guess is as good as mine.

Let’s look at some red flags that came up when I was researching the SAFFA Method.

Red Flags of the SAFFA Method

Red Flag Nr 1: Duplicate Presentation

I mentioned earlier on, that Jake Mason is a member of a number of other binary option scams. In addition to this let me bring to your attention that he promotes another ‘opportunity’ called The Aussie Method. This time, his name is Jake Petru. Isn’t this interesting?What is the SAFFA Method

With all these systems popping up all over the internet hashing out the same sales video pitch, in different countries, it does not take much convincing to decide what to do anymore.

Let’s check out the next red flag.

Red Flag Nr 2: Fake Testimonials

What is the SAFFA Method
Testimonials from The Aussie Method

You probably may have guessed it already, but the testimonials on both of the above opportunities are the same.



What is the SAFFA Method
Testimonial from The Saffa Method

I ran a quick Google Image search,but could not find any Social media link to these images posted on these homepages.

My Final Opinion on The SAFFA Method

Personally, it is something I would not try. There is no TRIAL!. The video shows you absolutely NOTHING on how the system actually works. The video keeps working on one’s fear that there is space for only 20 folks. A very common tactic used to lure people into signing up. And his attempt at offering to give you $10 000 cash , should you not be happy with the program, is a feeble one.

Who is going to give you 10 000 bucks for nothing?

Verdict: Not RecommendedWhat is the SAFFA Method

If you’re really interested in checking out a legit online business opportunity, then spend a few more minutes and read my review of The Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Model.

  • There is a FREE Trial
  • No obligation to go Premium
  • You get two FREE Websites
  • Over 300 000 Active Members as we speak
  • Top Notch Training and Support and 
  • Did I mention that ITS FREE to check out?

Check it out and let me I know what you think

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What is the SAFFA Method and can you really trust it? You’ve got my answer. Have you given it a go or do you know anyone who has?

Please share your stories here and let us bring more awareness to these types of ‘opportunities.’ that are doing the rounds.

Thanks for joining me today folks.

It was a pleasure having your company.

Until next time, stay safe and take care.




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