What is Social Media Traffic Exchange All about?

What is Social Media Traffic Exchange or SMTE?

SMTE helps website owners or bloggers to improve the traffic to their website which ultimately increases exposure of their websites within the online world.What is Social media Traffic We all know that there is no point to having valuable content if there is nobody to share it with. This is the sole purpose of SMTE, to help folks get their articles shared.

Officially launched on the 24th July 2016, SMTE has grown to a member base of 315 people in just a couple of months.

With the ease to be able to share links, banners, social media sites and more, Social Media Traffic Exchange is proving to be very popular. 

Let us take a closer look at how SMTE works.

How does the Social Media Traffic Exchange system work?

Basically, it is an exchange system which uses coins. It allows you to trade these coins in exchange for likes, shares or followers on popular social media platforms.What is Social Media Traffic Exchange

You can earn coins by liking, sharing or following other folks on their requested social media of choice.

If you would like to receive a like or share, you simply choose a URL from your site and select the specific social platform that you want it to be shared on. The last step to do, in order get your post shared, is to decide how many coins you would like to trade for the share. You can even choose the gender and country that you want your post shared by!

Simple and easy, don’t you think? This is a win -win situation for everyone!

When you share someone’s URL you get coins, and when you want your one shared you give coins.

Registration is FREE! At the time when I registered, I received 1000 FREE coins to start off with. This was part of the opening special. Not sure if it is still active. Click the link below to start your traffic exchange campaign.What is Social Media Traffic Exchange

Here are the various social platforms that you can make use of within the exchange system.What is Social Media Traffic Exchange



How else can you Earn Coins with SMTE?

There are various coin packages which you can buy and are reasonably priced.What is Social Media Traffic ExchangeIn addition, you can also place a banner on your website and earn a 1000 coins from each user that signs up via your link.

Apart from DRIVING traffic to my website, can I earn Money from signing up with Social Media Traffic Exchange?

Absolutely. You earn $.50 for each user that signs up via your site using their affiliate program.

You also earn 40% of whatever your referrals spend at SMTE.

What are the Membership options ?

There is the free membership and then there is the VIP Membership. The VIP membership is quite affordable with its cheapest plan starting off with $2.00 or 14days up to $23 for 365days.

Here is the breakdown of the two membership options. (Click on the image if you would like to sign up)What is Social Media Traffic Exchange

What is the Support like at SMTE?

Tony Hamilton is the man behind the show. With a really sincere need to want to help and uplift folks to become successful within the online world, I could not think of a better person to start this project up.

I can personally tell you that his helpfulness shows in all areas and when it comes to support,it is no exception. When I first registered with SMTE, I was having difficulty in receiving my activation e-mail.What is Social Media Traffic Exchange

I e-mailed Mr. Hamiltion and within a very short time, my account was active and I was ready to start exchanging and sharing my posts.


My Final Opinion of Social Media Traffic Exchange

Here are a couple of reasons why I think registering with Social Media Traffic Exchange is a good idea:

    • It’s FREE to Join
    • Social Media helps to Drive Traffic- This platform does it in a SIMPLE and FUN way
    • Awesome Affiliate Program– that allows you earn from referring people to SMTE
    • VIP Program and Banner ads are affordable
    • You can Choose the Demographics you want to direct your post, videos, or pages

Social Media Traffic Exchange


What is Social Media Traffic Exchange all about? With all the tough competition around, I think it is about giving people the chance to get their work noticed. I think that SMTE is about helping one another succeed.

After all, this is the way things should be done whether it’s online or offline, don’t you think?

Have you had any experience with traffic exchanges? Do you find them to be worth your while or not? Share your perspective here.

Thanks for reading everyone. Looking forward to hearing from you.



8 thoughts on “What is Social Media Traffic Exchange All about?”

  1. Awesome Review Roopesh!

    Thank you so much for sharing my Friend. Social Media Traffic Exchange is absolutely for helping Friends to increase website traffic, referrals and revenue online from anywhere in the World.

    If I weren’t already a member of Social Media Traffic Exchange then I would surely join you at this site my Friend!

    Thank you for sharing & caring Roopesh,


    • Hey Tony
      It is really nice to hear from you. Thank you very much for the compliment. Yes, I enjoy using SMTE and ever since using it, I have seen a difference in my website getting more exposure.

      Take Care and All the best to you.

  2. Hi Roopesh,
    Great review, I’m a member but really don’t use it to its full potential. I must revisit and get it working for me more.

    I have been spending so much time writing content, and sharing it I sometimes forget that I need to interact with other people in order to grow.
    Thanks for the reminder.

    • Hello Jenny
      I hear you. It is hard at times to focus on both the social media as well as the content building aspect. The primary focus is the content building so you are definitely on the right path. Try to squeeze in more time for the social media interaction. Before you know it, you will be able to make it routine and it will be as easy as pie.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi Roopesh.

    I have joined this program but have not had time to find out more about it yet. I think I have an idea of how it works now. However, just like other advertising companies, we all want targeted traffic. From your experience, how targeted the traffic is? Since there is no point to get whole bunch of followers and they do not care about your topic. And thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Kien

      There is traffic, but it is not as targeted. I am assuming that you mean from the point of conversions?

      I guess its still early at this point, as I have only been a member for 3weeks.

      Thanks for your comment.



  4. The only thing that concerns me about using a traffic exchange such as this is that you might end up sharing some content that you wouldn’t otherwise share. Your followers might not like all the things you share. It reminds me of when I used to take part in Stumble Exchange years ago, where we would thumb up each others website on Stumbleupon. I would end up thumbing up lots of things I wouldn’t normally like, then Stumbleupon would think I genuinely liked those things, so I wouldn’t be able to use SU like I wanted to.

    Do you genuinely get a lot of extra traffic using this social media traffic exchange?

    • Hi Marcus

      That is an excellent point. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. The way it works at SMTE, is that you actually choose the specific URL of the page or post that you would like to be, “Liked or Shared,” In this way, I can control the type of content that I wish to be viewed.

      To be honest with you, I have become a member for close to three weeks now. I have seen some spikes in my traffic.

      Thanks for stopping by.




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