Is Trianasoft a Scam? Not sure? This Review makes it Clearer for You!

Name of Product: TrianasoftIs Trianasoft a scam

Owners : Michael Wademan and Dave Campbell

Overall Rating : 1 out of 10

What is Trianasoft all about?

Marketed as a binary options software program, Trianasoft apparently helps one to do online trading with minimal training, knowledge and charting of the stock markets.

Its founders claim that it is able to take all incidents and fluctuations that may affect the market into account and spit out a push button solution to making a trade.

This includes things like world events, weather and supply and demand, and is thus able to give its users a 92% success rate on trades. They claim that one can make an average of $600 to $900 a day. Sounds too good to be true? What do you think, Is Trianasoft a scam?

Let’s investigate further and start by checking out the Pros and Cons

The PROS and CONS of Trianasoft


  • No Experience Needed


  • No TRIAL of the Software
  • Expensive start up FEE
  • Claims to make 92% return
  • No Support
  • Information can be Misleading

What Does Trianasoft Promise ?

Well the claims are that after setting up for 10minutes, you can start making profit in 20minutes! Is this really possible? Is trianasoft a Scam?

Well let’s learn more about this business and find out if it really does deliver on these words, shall we?

For whom is Trianasoft for?

Marketers of Trianasoft, Michael Wedmore and David Campbell portray this program to be suitable for anyone who wants to make money within the online trading market.Is Trianasoft a scam

They have stated that you can choose from two options when using the Trianasoft program(i.e. once you get access to it FIRST!).

You CAN either do manual trades or you can set it to “Auto Trade,” whereby the system does the trades for you.

Are there any specific Tools or Training with Trianasoft?

Nope, these guys make it quite clear that all the hard work is done for you by the software. All that is required of you is to simply press the button when you want to enter or exit a trade.

So, you actually don’t have to do anything!

The Price of Trianasoft

Well, Mr. Michael claims that too many people registering for this software would likely have an  adverse effect on the results of the efficacy of the program.

For that reason, he will be charging a Monthly Subscription of $10 000 for the software, 

But….(it’s coming…wait for it!)

He wants you on board before he releases it to the brokers and traders and wants you to be a part of his team of beta testers. Isn’t that thoughtful?

The main reason he needs you is, so that he can make sure that the program is glitch free before it’s sold to the public… And the best part, as one of the beta testers, you get to use the program for FREE! and all the earnings are Yours to keep!

  • No Long Term Contract
  • No Signing UP
  • No Credit Card or
  • Banking Information.

So where is the catch?  Ah!!! Glad you Asked .

How Trianasoft really works?

To learn more about how these guys work, I decided to fill in my registration details and see what happens.

Well, it comes to no surprise, that I am one of the lucky 25 beta testers to have been selected for trialing his software before it is released to traders and brokers.(Note: I registered a day later, and remarkably the spots were still available. Makes you think!)

Anyway lets continue with the process. Mr Wademan urges you to complete the next step which is creating a profit account. If you decide to leave the page at this point he will unfortunately have to deny you access in the future and give the spot to someone else. So, I diligently filled the form in…

Low and behold, the next step was the part I have been waiting for! The part whereby they want your Money!!

$250, is all he is asking. This is the starter fee to open up your broker account to start your trade and gain you access to his magical software.

Be alert here!!

At this point, you should be asking yourself, does the software actually exist?

 If you have watched the videos, you would have noticed, that nowhere is there even a demo of how the software works. You are only given a teaser screenshot here or there. How can you believe it folks? This is where you have to Not let the emotions take over.

The SCAM of Trianasoft Exposed

RedFlag Nr 1: Amount of Licenses Remaining

Before I jumped into watching the video on the homepage, I decided to try out something. There is a counter on the left hand side that counts down to the number of remaining licences available.

It started from 100 and rapidly counted down. I paused the video and walked around, attended to some chores around the house and returned back to the PC in half an hour. I would have expected the countdown to have ended and sadly EXPECT to be locked out!

But guess what? Yeap, I am sure you guessed right…. the counter stopped at 4 and it literally froze at that number…It wanted me to “Sign up and Provided them with an e-mail address.” Is Trianasoft a scam?Don’t fall for these kind of ploys.They are only there to play on your emotions and get you to Act, before ,”its too late.”

Red Flag Nr 2 : Forking out Blindly without viewing the Software

If you want to trade online, there are various legit programs out there that will let you trial their program. For instance, if you’re interested in learning about Forex, e-toro, provides excellent charting systems and interfaces for you to work on. And they even allow you to paper trade, so that you can get a feel without using any real money.

In Trianasoft’s case, you’ve got to fork out $250. For all you know the software is very likely to be bogus with no trial, training or support.

Red Flag Nr 3 : Fake Testimonials

If you visit the Trianasoft homepage , you will have noticed tons of testimonials floating the page. If you had to scroll down the page there are numerous photos of people apparently making it big with Trianasoft.  You are shown the first month profit and then the Total Profit.(after how long, it doesn’t say..) 

So, exactly how true are they? Check out what I have learnt..

The first picture is of a

Mr Elliot Burns(posted on Trianasoft from Brazil) but is actually that of a Mr Patrick Robinson (from Pictagram) Trianasoft Patrick RobinsonIs Trianasoft a Scam








Next one, we have a Lady by the name of Patricia Russell, who’s real name is Caroline Leopold. Is Trianasoft a scam

Is trianasoft a scam








These are just two of the images that I randomly picked from the list on this site. How much more are fake?! Your guess is as good as mine.

The point here is to illustrate that nothing within the program gels to make one bit of sense. This leaves me to make one decision and that is an easy one to make..

My Final Verdict on Trianasoft

NOT LEGIT – The marketing of the product is misleading, deceitful and inaccurate.Is Trianasoft a Scam

I do not dispute the fact that one can make money earning online via trading, but I am quite certain that Trianasoft is not one of them.

As I had mentioned earlier on, there are programs out there that allow you to trial and work in an environment with a safety net before you start parting with your hard earned cash.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to such a program. It’s got nothing to do with binary options though. So sorry for those of you who where looking for that.

Nonetheless, it’s an amazing platform to learn to build a solid online business and has all the fundamental aspects that are integral to its success. This includes the amazing step by step tutorials and lessons, the awesome support of over 200 000 members in the community, direct help and support from the founders and a real shot at building a long term passive income vehicle. The best part is, that it’s FREE TO JOIN and trial, and see if it’s really for you without having to pull out your Credit Card.

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Is Trianasoft a scam? Now you know.Thanks folks for your time. You have been awesome.

If there is anything that I can help with, or you got something on your mind, just give me a shout in the comment box below and I will get back to you.

Kind Regards and Take Care


14 thoughts on “Is Trianasoft a Scam? Not sure? This Review makes it Clearer for You!”

  1. Hahahaja,infact you have made me laugh so hard about this so called software, but its getting too much .how is people been able to scam without thinking that God is coming.they spit on us who are trying to make money online. But my friend thanks a million for this super review.I noticed you did a lot of investigation before coming up with this,thanks again.

    • Hi Roland

      I guess they think they can get away without anybody watching. Sadly, though there some innocent people that fall prey to them and I really do feel for them.

      I like to investigate a company be it a positive or negative one, in detail before I put anything out there for people to read.

      Take Care


  2. Lol! Fantastic article man. I actually looked into the same kind of program though I don’t recall the name and everything you said I went through and noticed myself(even the so called countdown).Naturally the ride ended as soon as the “free” setup grew to the same $250 as you experienced. Also good use of levity and at the right points of the article too!

    • Hi Christopher

      Yes, I think this is a very common tactic that these guys are using. Glad you enjoyed the article.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  3. Wonderful article I like how you exposed this program for what it really is and that’s a scam. I totally agree it’s not legit and very misleading. I have a lady friend who was intrested in trying this program. But after reading your review . I will be sharing it with her tomorrow and see if she has a change of heart.

    • Hey There

      Glad that I could be of assistance to you as well as your friend. Please do send her by this site, if she needs more info and can read the story.

      I hope that she makes the right decision.



  4. Very good article and thanks for exposing trainascam for what they really are. I had a buddy that use to use them and he learned the hard way that they are a joke. This post just proves what i was telling him the entire time about them. I will share this post to help inform others of this rip off binary options scam. I agree totally they don’t help at all he messaged them often and never got a reply and they shoot you lies non stop. About how you’ll make this much back if you invest that much its all rubbish and they need to be exposed. Please continue to tell it how it is. We need more people like you on the internet.

    • Hi There

      Sorry to hear about your friend. I hope that he did not loose lots of his money. As I said, they don’t have much to offer and one is better off checking other more legit online opportunities.

      Thanks for stopping by and I do wish your friend better luck the next time round.

      All the best


  5. Hahaha this was a really great review and i’m glad there are people like you reviewing these scam artist. Honestly, i can’t stand guys like these as they are making profit from conning others. If you people see fake testimonials like these a red flag should appear straight away!

    Great post and keep up the great work Roopesh 🙂

    • Hey Vinnie

      Nice to hear from you again, thanks for stopping by.

      Glad that you found this helpful.

      See you around.

      Take Care


  6. Have heard of and seen such scams way too often for my comfort.

    Trianasoft is just one of many Binary options scams that cast a wide net and hope that there’s someone gullible enough to cough up that $250.

    Hopefully, more people read your article so that we can stop lining the pockets of undeserving people who create no value whatsoever.

    • There are lots of binary option robots out there.Some of them, actually do work, whilst others promise ‘unexpected gains.’

      I too hope that this post will help a lot of folks out there.



  7. $10,000 for this program?. Tell me this is a typo, because if it’s not, the program should be called Passive Income for Us, meaning the owners. I love it when these sites say they can’t have too many subscribers. This is just the old “take it away from them” ploy. With the other information you provide, this thing looks like a consumer train wreck. Thanks for the warning! Well done.


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