The IK Daily Profit Review,Dangerous or Safe? Learn More Here!

What is 1 k Daily Profit?

This is a binary option software package based on a so-called ‘breakthrough algorithm’ with the promise of reaping you extraordinary monetary gains on a daily basis.1k daily Profit Review

Developed by someone who goes by the name of John Becker, this software is marketed as something that does all the hard work and can literally run on autopilot doing all your trades whilst you make the big bucks!

Sounds scammy? Is 1k Daily Profit a scam or is it worth your while and time? This 1k Daily Profit review dissects the program from inside out and reveals to you its true colours.

The Pros and Cons of 1k Daily Profit


  • No Experience, training or prior knowledge of Online Trading Needed


  • No Trial of the Software
  • No Support
  • Huge Entry Price
  • Misleading and Unrealistic  projections of Financial Gains

Who Exactly is John Becker?

Let’s start by taking a look at the founder of 1K Daily Profit. What is so interesting, is that we are introduced to him only via a snapshot nothing else, no personal welcome, no background information or credentials, nothing!

Though the video has commentary, there is no way at all, that you would know if the speaker is Mr Becker or not?

This leaves one to ask the obvious, “Is John Becker the real deal?” Read on to find out some startling revelations.

So, here is the picture of the man of the hour as depicted on the website.1K Daily ProFIT reVIEW

And with a little bit of research, I found a variety of poses with the same man on the popular Photoimage stocklist site called Shutterstock.  Don’t believe me, here is the Link, check it out for yourself! Businessman with Glasses from SHUTTERSTOCK

So, is Mr Becker someone that you can trust? I would NOT, not even with my lovable Rubber Duck!

I have always maintained that if you cannot trust somebody, why should you then trust or believe whatever it is that they are selling to You!

Let’s continue to learn more about 1K Daily profit.

For who is the 1K Daily Profit Intended for?

1K Daily profit Review

It’s very clearly stated in the video, this model does Not Require any marketing or selling( No MLM or Affiliate Marketing) and no where within the site is there any indication of training, tutorials or modules to be done. So, its safe to say that just about anyone can take on the program.

And you don’t have to fork out your credit card or debit card details as there will be no payments taking place.

Can they be so kind to us?

Here is the Catch!! ( It had to come some time or the other…)

Once you’ve entered in your e-mail address, you will be directed to the page, where things become exciting. This is where you ARE REELED INTO the ploy, and have to part from Your Hard earned cash….

The Price

Don’t feel bad if you have fallen for the ‘limited time offerIs 1K Daily Profit a Scam and went ahead with signing up. It’s a common tactic used to bait people and to get a hold of their money.

To unlock the features of the trading software, you need to deposit the minimal fee of $250 into the account.

Why does $250 sound so familiar?

Because this is the same asking figure that another binary option scam called Trianasoft was punting for. Check out my review of Trianasoft and you will see similar patterns unfolding.

What should also sound off your warning bells, is the fact that you would be depositing money into a ‘so-called’ trading account with brokers of their selection, and you don’t even know whether they are regulated by the relevant authorities or not!

What about the Support From 1 K Daily Profit?

Very little can be said regarding the support on offer here. If you try to click on the support link at the bottom of the main page, you will simply be refreshing the page and be directed to watch the sales video again!1K daily profit review

And if that is not convincing enough, look at the unhappy customers venting out on the 1k Facebook page after having received NO reply, and others complaining of on-going spam e-mails.

My Final Opinion of 1k Daily Profit

Before I give you my final say on this one, I want to direct your attention to a couple of other things that don’t go nicely with this deal.

Red Flag Nr1 : $7000 a week, Are you really sure about that?

The narrator clearly states in the video that by following the demo, and using the trade software you can make returns of $1000 a day! They go on to state that one can make up to $7000 a week.1K Daily Profit Review

So, they’re including Saturday and Sunday trades! We all know that the markets are closed for the weekend.

So my advice for these scammers is, if you are going to scam, then use some logic when doing it!

Red Flag Nr 2: 99.8% Accurate Profit Margin

Highly unlikely. One of the classic marketing ‘bait’ techniques 1K dAILY PROFIT rEVIEWemployed to lure folks in, is to promise them high returns on low investment.

If you have to research some legit and well known systems out there, you will likely find that they hit more or less on the 85% target rather than promising absurd gains of 99.8%

I personally believe it to be another lie to get you to sign up. But what about all the testimonials and positive product reviews posted on the site? Surely everybody can’t be wrong?

Glad you asked. Let’s address that in the next section…

Red Flag Nr 3: Fake Testimonials

In my previous review of Trianasoft, a bogus binary options system, I uncovered some fake testimonials, by revealing to the readers the true identities of the images that were used.

It seems, that scammers are utilizing this method in order to employ a ‘credible boost’ to their marketing product. In my opinion, 1K daily is no different. I tried finding out identities to corresponding pictures on the website, but it only lead me to Stocklist Image sites.

I read up on another review site of 1K Daily Profit, only to find that one of the gentleman’s photos was used in another program review with a different name. So, enough said, as it’s plain to see the show is a fake!

Final Verdict: NOT LEGIT, Stay Away, the information is an outrageous lie based on misleading and deceitful information.1K Daily Profit ReviewConclusion

It’s evident that if you’re looking at building a successful online business  this opportunity falls short in every department.

Why not check out my review of an awesome online training platform that offers superior training and tutorials, top notch support, a whole community of over 200 000 people to help you at the click of a button, and 2 Free websites to get you started off right away.

The best part is, that there is a trial, so you get to see if it’s really for you. You have absolutely nothing to loose.

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Thanks folks for reading my 1K Daily Profit Review. Hope that this has helped you. If you have any comments, views or would like to share anything, please use the comment box below.

And if you have tried out this program, please share your experiences with us.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

All the best and Stay Safe






12 thoughts on “The IK Daily Profit Review,Dangerous or Safe? Learn More Here!”

  1. Hi Roopesh,
    How funny that they used a stock photo, that’s hilarious. Thanks you for this information, it is quite obvious that this system is dangerous.

    Have you found any of these “binary options” trader deals that isn’t a scam? It seems like a lot of them are scams as I’m seeing many reviews stating so.


    • Hey Kris

      Yeah, scammers will try every trick in the book, to get a hold of your cash.Actually, there are some really good binary options programs out there.I am checking those out and in due course will post a review here.

      Thanks for your visit.



  2. Hi Roopesh,

    Good work exposing scams!

    The fact the picture isn’t even the actual product owner would be enough for me to running a mile I must admit!

    I’m from more a Forex background so the concept of automated tools doing trading for you isn’t alien to me, even then with Forex robots you need still need to trade them on instructions and how they should trade.

    The fact they are asking for you to give money to unknown traders etc, is a big no, if people see the warning signs you mention I suggest they run a mile!

    • Hello Nate

      I agree, if someone is hiding behind the sheets, then imagine what else must be hidden in the closet.

      It’s nice to see that you are from the Forex background.Your insight given here is highly appreciated and confirms that there is no such trading system that can really run on autopilot as depicted in the 1K video.Thanks for that.

      If one intends to build a successful online business, then it is imperative to research the guys that you are going to invest your money with.As you said, in this case, with unknown brokers present, it’s safer to just walk away.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  3. I’ve read about binary options. I’ve seen all the packaging that make it into investment, trading, passive income etc. But to me, it is more to gambling as commodities fluctuation on a short term basis is unpredictable. We are talking about seconds, and minutes here. When actual investment took years. And the best holding position according to Warren Buffet is forever. Nice job of warning others of this scam.

    • Hello Kenny

      I like your insight here.Yes, this system can be compared to just sucking your thumb and pray that all falls in your favour.

      As you mentioned, a solid investment is one that lasts over longer periods of time and sustains one.Sure, there be quicker and legit investment vehicles, but this one does not come anywhere close to them



  4. Ohh Man!!! The product is hilarious.

    I remember watching another video of binary training of a different program wherein they had these pretty house and supercars parked in the garage. They have paid actors to come in to testify how awesome the program is.

    But the 1K Daily Profit really takes scamming to another level. If you are going to scam people at least do not use stock images.

    It may be funny to me because I’ve had some bad experiences in the past when it comes to online programs and know what to look for but there are people out there who don’t know better and part with their hard earned cash.

    This is a great review, I just hope people trying to purchase the program do some research and come across your review of the 1K daily profit before they make a decision.

    • Hi Josh
      It’s so true what you said.People, out there may not know entirely how to pick up whether the deal presented before them, is in fact a scam or not.Its been advertised so well, as you mentioned with those fancy cars that at times it may come off as genuine.

      It is my hope, that this article would help as many folks as possible out there.

      Thanks for your visit.

  5. Thanks Roopesh for your informative review of the 1K Daily binary option software package. I’ve never even dabbled in binary options myself, but even if I was into it I would not purchase this. It looks like I can safely throw this on the “to forget” list. Pretty terrible stuff. I’m really getting tired of being misled with products that aren’t nearly as valuable as claimed. I will check out your recommendation. Thanks again.

    • Hi Paul

      You are very welcome.

      Yes, it certainly is a good idea, to let this one go. I hear that you are getting tired of these scammers, but sadly so they will not stop and people need to know about how they are operating.

      If there is anything else that I can help with, do let me know.

      Take Care


  6. Thank you very much for the valuable information . You are doing a great job with your website by telling people about scams .

    All the best!


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