Make Keyword Research EASY and FUN,Check Out My JAAXY Keyword Tool Review

Why is Keyword Research Important?

When I first started out my journey on niche affiliate marketing I knewJaaxy Keyword Tool Review very little within the online industry. As training and time went on,I learnt what works and what is not beneficial to get your website ranked.

I never would have thought, that a thing such as keywords would play such a big role. Changes within Google’s algorithm had placed its importance along with other 100 different ranking metrics, but it still was a crucial indicator when building your site.

This goes without saying the need of having a powerful keyword tool by your side is important. Hence, my reason for writing this Jaaxy keyword tool review.

I will show you how efficient this research platform is, not only in providing you with the most feasible keywords but other essential functionalities vital to any webmaster’s campaign.

JAAXY made my life easy when it comes to building sites and finding niches.

When you see it in action, you will see why I love it so much.

So, let’s get on with it, shall we?

What made me choose Jaxxy?

Well, I looked around to see what was on offer within the Keyword Tool Market. I like things to be as easy and as straight forward as possible. Especially when there are other things that you need to know with website building, you would want to minimize the frustrations!

I came across keyword tool platforms that

  • needed me to register or
  • wanted me to leave my details for them to get back to me! Either way it was time consuming
  • gives you extended keyword suggestions , but no real competition or monthly searches 
  • did NOT pull results from all search engines
  • wanted me to install software.

I wanted something to help give me the best keyword results QUICKLY and not leave me having to wait for ages for my data.

So, in my journey I ended up finding…..JAAXY.

JAAXY the Tool I could not be without

Two reasons why JAAXY works for me

  1. Accessibility to Quick Results
  2. Accessibility to Results that MATTER

Only three important things you need to know of as to whether a keyword is a good one or not. They are

  • The Competition,
  • The Monthly Searches
  • Whether the keyword makes sense


Because knowing these three things, gives YOU the ability to architect a quality content article that gets ranked well within the search engines, as it has met a major SEO requirement!

Want to know how it works? Stick with me and I will show you..

Jaaxy, helps to find you Awesome Niche Ideas!

Have you ever struggled finding profitable “niches” to built your affiliate website around? Using Jaaxy sorts out that problem. Unfortunately though, it brings in another problem …(trust me its a good problem to have)

Though Jaaxy helps you to find suitable niche ideas to start up your campaign, it can give you the problem of throwing out more ‘great’ niche ideas as well to write content on.

So, now  you can understand why I say it’s a really good problem to have. Think of it like this. Not only did you find one exciting niche, but perhaps some more! If you have enough time on your hands, you can go ahead and build a website or two!

Isn’t that cool?

How easy  can JAAXY make your life?

Just check out my research results below on a couple of Niche Ideas.(These are random ideas that popped into my head as I was writing out this post. So, I took screenshots to show you my findings. Enjoy!)

Niche Idea Number 1Luxury Bed Linens

Here are the results from Jaaxy.Jaxxy Keyword Tool Review

The Keyword Column gives you the keyword that you first typed in, in this case, ‘luxury bed linens.’ Below follows search results related to the main keyword.

Monthly Searches(Avg) : Represents the approximate amount of Monthly Searches pertaining to that particular keyword. In this case, you can see around 529 people on a monthly basis are searching for that term.

QSR(Quoted Search Results): Which tells us the amount of competition that this keyword has within the search engines( Google, Yahoo and Bing). The lower the number, the better. I like to focus on any number less than 300.

Just looking at this keyword, shows that 182 is a great QSR!

KQI(Keyword quality Indicator) : Works very similar to a traffic light system.

Green means, you good to use that keyword.

Yellow means its okay, but may be tough to get good rankings.

Red means a big “NO” go zone!


Just looking at the MS(529) and QSR(182), this is certainly an awesome niche to get into. But there’s more, look at the other keywords I marked above.

Can you see, the other topics that is generated from just this one keyword alone?

If you had to USE this tool again, and search those related keywords, I am willing to bet that you would generate MORE content rich ideas for future posts or pages!

Just remember one thing, you would want your KEYWORDS to make sense! That’s why I ONLY chose those keywords from the above lists.

Lets look at another example.

Niche Idea Number 2 : Antique Collectible SpoonsJaxxy keyword Tool ReviewWell, what do we have here?

Our Keyword Search for Antique Collectible Spoons from JAAXY gives us a MS of 32 and a QSR or 34! This is a hardly tapped ‘into’ niche with such a low competition! Plus check out the topics you can talk about within this niche.

Now, you see why I am just loving this tool. Its the excitement when you tap into hidden gems that hold unlimited earning potential.

And all of this, took me 20seconds per niche to get results. So within a minute, I am able to start off 2 awesome Niche affiliate marketing campaigns.

No need for using other tools or any manual searching. It all takes place right here

Can JAAXY help with finding your page/post rankings?


JAAXY gives you an instant snapshot of how well your keywords are performing for you. Just go to the Site Rankings tab and punch in your keywords that you used within your article and BOOM! you get your results.

As I mentioned, I started with my first site, over 6 months ago.Here are some of the results I received from page rankings using the JAAXY tool. I have left this site alone for the past 4 months and have never added additional content. Bad me!Jaaxy keyword tool review

Google favours sites that have regular and engaging content taking place and will rank them higher. Not bad though for a site with little or no activity. Would’nt you say?

Is DOMAIN hoarding your game?

I have written about Domain flipping, as a great source of earning a passive income online. Its simply the process of buying, developing and selling of online domains(or online properties)

JAAXY gives you the edge of sourcing out some great domain names, that are not already snatched up yet by the online market. Jaaxy Keyword Tool ReviewYou get a birds eye view of whether the .com, .org or .net are still available.

Purchasing these domains at around $13 and tweaking them up a bit. Then follow on with some optimization to garner some traffic and you good to sell at a profit!!

How Much will Jaaxy Cost?

Basically there are three options for one to choose from. There is the FREE membership, then a Pro VERSION and finally the Enterprise Package.Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review

Here is the PRICE breakdown of these different plans

JAAXY STARTER = FREE( NO Credit Card Needed)

This a limited version but gives folks an idea of the Jaaxy Service. It gives you keyword results, rankings and other functionalties such as website analyser and affiliate program finder.

JAAXY Pro = $19 per Month, $199 per Year

This is more for the intermediate users and is relatively advanced. In fact, this used to be the premium package, until the Enterprise version came along.

The additional feature is the SEO analysis and the option of having unlimited searches as opposed to the FREE version.

So, when you analysing websites or looking for suitable affiliate programs, you are not just locked down to 30 Searches!

JAAXY Enterprise = $49 per Month, $ 499 per Year

This is for Power Users who want their ‘research done and want it DONE NOW!’   Its truly a Time Saver and instead of spending hours with other methods, this version gives you the keyword and website research within seconds!

In addition to giving INSTANT keyword results and website ranking, its gives you an INSTANT list of available domain results. This allows you to find high value domains with a click of a button to build your ‘precious’ domain portfolio.

You also get a feature to ‘pre-sort’ the columns of the Competition, Keyword Searches, QSR and KQI, allowing you to gain maximum effiency of the results and save you lots of TIME!

I have included a table below to show you the comparisons between the different versions. Do check it out!

⇒Choose the JAAXY Version that Fits your Budget⇐

If you’re not sure which one to go for, don’t stress. Give yourself time and check out the FREE version where you get to see the inner workings of JAAXY. If the Enterprise version, is out of your budget, then consider the Pro version.

Its still awesome and may be slightly slower(than enterprise), but you’re still getting top notch data results for your internet marketing campaign.

Are you ready to test out Jaaxy? Give it a go below, type in whatever comes to your mind and see what results Jaaxy gives you. You may even get surprised by what you get!

Thanks for Joining me today and hope that this Jaaxy keyword Tool review helped you.

If you have any questions, or have something that is on your mind, give me a shout.

Always here to help.













4 thoughts on “Make Keyword Research EASY and FUN,Check Out My JAAXY Keyword Tool Review”

  1. Hi, Roopesh.

    There are many Keyword Tools available Online but all I have found so far is either expensive and/or difficult to use. I am looking for an easy to use and affordable Keyword Tool for my use and Jaaxy fits that!

    Thanks for your recommendation and I will definitely check out Jaaxy.

    • Hi Edmund

      Its really fun,easy and an awesome tool to have at your disposal. Check it out and if there is anything else, that you need to know, just give me shout.

      Always glad to help out.

      Take Care


  2. I’m new to Jaaxy and have been using it in a fairly basic way so far. You’ve highlighted some of the deeper and more comprehensive ways in which it can be used that so far I haven’t touched on. You’ve also showed me how Jaaxy can be used for a purpose that hadn’t occurred to me – domain hoarding. It isn’t exactly my niche, but the significant thing is it’s woken me up to how broad the possibilities are with keyword searching on such a comprehensive product. One thing I found especially useful was how you showed that Jaaxy can be used to analyse how well keywords are performing as you go. This is something I will definitely implement as I develop my site.

    • Hello

      Welcome to the world of internet marketing.

      Its fine to start using Jaaxy in a basic way, as time goes on you will learn the other functionalities of this keyword tool. Trust me. it will become so easy, its scary!

      Its good to keep a check on the rankings of your keywords. I have learnt that at times not all my keywords may do well, but as you keep adding content and interacting on social media, Google will pay more attention to your site. Clearly, this is something that I have NOT been doing with the site I used as an example.

      All the best to you in your site development.

      Let me know, if there is anything that I can help with.




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