Learn How To find the Best Keywords for Your Website, HERE

Are Keywords necessary for SEO?

Before we learn how to the find the best keywords for your website, first lets find out if this is necessary to do in the first place.

How to Find the best keywords for your website
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To answer the above question, lets simply take a look at the New Updated SEO fundamentals for 2016. In a nutshell, below are the most powerful and latest SEO strategies for 2016.

  1. Keyword Research
  2. On Page SEO ( things like word count, internal links and use of headers and meta-tags)
  3. Mobile Responsiveness (and load speeds)
  4. Link Building e.g high domain authority sites linking to your site
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Mobile SEO

As you can see, keyword research sticks out like a sore thumb. It therefore makes sense, to give this time and attention during the content creating process of our website.

The million dollar question here is, “Exactly how does one go about building content with a keyword that has excellent ranking potential?”smiling face

Let’s find out…..

How to find the Keywords that will get you the Traffic?

This is a three step process and I am going to walk you through it, and show you what it involves to find those awesome keywords for your article.

The steps are as follows

  • Concept Research using the Alphabet soup techniques and Q&A sites
  • Keyword Research(using a powerful Keyword Tool- JAAXY)
  • Deciding which keywords to use and analysing its benefits  (Using JAAXY)

Once you get the hang of this and start using some cool techniques and user friendly keyword tools, it becomes easy and fun to do keyword research!

Ready ? Great! Lets start. lovely emoji

Phase One : Going about Concept Research

Let’s assume for a moment, that you are within the “Making Money Online“niche.

So you have a site called , Onlinemoneyforme.com( by the way, that domain is still available at the time of me publishing this article.If you want to, you can pick it up for $13bucks, click here, register and go to the Site Domains Section).

You now want to come up with some high traffic, low competition keywords, upon which your article will be based. This is what concept research is all about, finding “concepts” and ideas through keywords.

Using the Alphabet Soup Technique

This is one of the best and free ways to help you find out what it is that people are looking for within the search engines. Trust me, you have used it so often, but I bet that you never knew it had a fancy name like “Google Instant” or ‘alphabet soup technique”

How does the alphabet soup technique work?

Very simply put, you punch in a couple of words within the Google search bar and Google will try to ‘predict ‘ what it is you are searching for.shocked emoji

We are going to use this technique to find some keywords for our next powerful article for onlinemoneyforme.com

I started to type in “make money” , here are the results belowHow to find the best keywords for your websiteThis gave me some okay choices, but it does not make me happy. So lets modify our search and try the term, “how to make money by.”How to find the best keywords for your websiteIsn’t this better? Look what ideas we have for our website already. All of these can be used as ways to teach someone to learn to earn within the online world.

Now lets expand our search and go to Q&A sites such ehow.comhow to find the best keywords for your websiteI typed in the search bar, “how to make money online.” These are my results,How to find the best keywords for your websiteSo now we’ve got two more ideas for our articles.

Next step, lets use JAAXY , our awesome keyword tool, to find out whether these keywords are good for SEO or not.

Phase Two : Keyword Research

In this phase we want to check out the viability of the keyword/s that we are thinking of using within our article. By this I mean, we need to measure it up against certain criteria which will determine whether we can go ahead and use it or not.

These are the most important criteria that one needs to consider.How to find the best keywords for your website

Monthly Searches(Avg) : We need to determine the amount of people that are searching for this particular keyword within the search engines. I usually like to consider a number above 50 people(or searches) per month, for it to be adequate enough!

QSR(Quoted Search Results) : This is the amount of competition that is attracted towards the keyword. If you’re going to use a keyword, you would want to know what competition you are up against. Here, I usually like to keep the number below 300. Anything higher, I think, makes your keyword hard to rank!

The Keyword must make sense: As you will very soon see, I will only consider keywords that makes sense and have no grammatical errors!

You must be asking? How am going to know all these things about the Keyword?

Don’t Stress. This is going to be a piece of cake. You know why?

Because this is what JAAXY does. I simply punch in the keyword, and within seconds, I get all the above information I need  and more!!

Ain’t that cool?

Let me show you, below is a screenshot of my results for our first keyword idea, “how to make money by.”( Remember we used the alphabet soup for this).

Check out the results from JAAXY.How to find the best keywords for your websiteThe ones I’ve highlighted within the red blocks, are the ones that I am particularly interested in. As you can see the Monthly Searches are all great! But what is even better is that the QSR(OR Competition) are all well below 300!

What does this mean?

This means that I’ve got 8 awesome topics that I can get started on, to write for my money making niche website.  Cool stuff, don’t you think?

Want to Learn a JAAXY Trick?

If you look just below the main “MENU” bar, there is a “SAVE TO LIST” option. How to find the Best keywords for your websiteThis allows you to save all your checked keywords in one safe place. Neat,huh? So lets save these words before we go on.

Now, lets do some more keyword searching. Remember we found two ‘ideas’ at the ehow.com website. Let’s punch in one of those keywords within Jaaxy and see what we get.

I will use the search term, ” how to make money on the internet.”

Check out the results below…how to find the best keywords for your websiteFrom this term, we get another 4 topics to add to our niche building website. I have saved these to our existing keywords list and now we are going to go on to the final phase.

This is where we analyse our searches and make a decision.

Phase Three : The Decision Making Phase

Let us pull up our final keyword list from JAAXY and look at the keywords more closer.How to find the best keywords for your websiteI’ve made some markings on this list to show you some interesting findings.

Firstly, all the RED(checked) blocks indicate topics that you can start writing about. There are twelve topics in total.

Now, look closely at the ones I categorized into (A), (B) and (C). Notice anything about them?

Exactly! You are spot on!

They each share a common part of keyword.

If you leverage one keyword for your article, you can actually get exposure to the monthly searches of the other keywords that share common words as the primary keyword!

Let me explain,

Take for instance the (A) Group,

learn how to make money by blogging

how to make money by blogging

I would personally use the first one. It may have low monthly searches but just look at the potential traffic it can get from the second term’s result.

And more importantly, this keyword has a much lower competition, so you’ve got a better chance of ranking!

Check out the Keywords with the (B) tags,

Which one would you go with, and why?

How to make money by writing online. – because its got higher monthly searches and lower competition.

Are you starting to get the hang of this ?

I saved the BEST for LAST. When it comes to looking at the 3 options for the keywords marked with the (C)

I would choose, ” how to make money on the internet from home.”

Once again its got a decent amount of monthly visits and the traffic is relatively low.

Can you see now that its not so bad to learn how to find the best keywords for your website? As long as you do it step by step and use an easy to use keyword tool like Jaaxy, you should be fine.

Want to learn more about JAAXY,

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Important Tip for YOU

How often should one use a keyword within their article?

This is a very common question that I get asked. Sometimes people are under the impression, that if they use it as many times as they can, they can get ranked higher. Sorry to say, but this is NOT the case.

Google does not use KEYWORD DENSITY anymore to rank your pages or posts.

How to find the best keywords for your website
Click on this Image To learn more

With the changes in Google’s alogorithm, it became more self-aware of the context of your content.

What this boils down to is the creation of engaging and quality content. This is what Google is looking for and if you achieve this, Google will reward you with good rankings. So while keywords are important, it should not be the only focal point.

Your unique content that you write will automatically get ranked.Everything that you write will eventually be seen by Google and ranked accordingly. So, get your keyword to start you off and then just write out your article naturally.

Got it? Great.

Where in my content should I place my keyword?

Personally I place them within the following places

  • Within the title of your article,
  • Within the first 140 character spaces of the paragraph(if possible, don’t just stuff it in)
  • Within the body of the article
  • And towards the end of your page or post.

That’s it. That’s all I do, and I find it works for me.

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Well folks that concludes my lesson for today on how to find the best keywords for your website. I hope that you found it helpful and can see that with the right tools, keywords research can be pretty easy.

If you have any comments, questions or would like to share something, please use the comments box below and I will get back to you.

Have you used any other keyword tool? How was your experience with it? Would you try JAAXY?

I would love to hear from you.



14 thoughts on “Learn How To find the Best Keywords for Your Website, HERE”

  1. I have used google like many others millions of times and never omce thought about using it for keywords.

    I have been struggling to rank for many articles is it possibke to out rank the big players?

    I also had a two month break from writing content would this of affected my rankings?

    • Hello Steven

      I personally think, in the long run as you keep working on your site and adding quality and engaging content, it will get starting good rankings and be able to come onto a nice spot on Google.

      Yes, I think disengaging from working from your site, can have an effect on your site rankings. But don’t stress, just get back on the bandwagon, you will come up again.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  2. Hi there Roopesh,

    Thanks for sharing this excellent tutorial on how to get the maximum out of keyword research. You really made it sound so easy, in fact as easy as A,B,C.

    I am definitely going to apply that ABC technique to my keyword hunting.

    Keep up the excellent work.

    • Hello Derek

      You are very Welcome. Glad that I could be of help to you.

      Once you get the hang of things, its really not so bad. If you need any help, just let me know.

      Good Luck


  3. Hi there Roopesh, great article.

    I already understand the fundamentals of keywords but I’m always looking for new ways to find them rather than use the same ones that everyone else is using inside the popular research tools.

    I have to say, I love the idea of finding ideas within Q & A sites, it makes complete sense as these are real people asking real questions and if they are asking them, there are bound to be others wondering the same thing.

    It makes perfect sense to grab the questions and use them as keywords within our articles.

    I’d like to share another method of finding keywords with you that I learned recently of I may?

    I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of Udemy, but they offer thousands of online courses covering all kinds of things.

    Now, the authors of these courses know their target market well and have their course titles, descriptions, and content containing keywords so that potential students will be able to find them.

    I like to hop over to Udemy (no need to create an account), type in a subject that I’d like to do keyword research for and see what courses pop up.

    From there, I make a list of some of the course titles and parts of the descriptions and then head over to my keyword research tool and begin plugging in some of these phrases to see how many people are searching for them.

    I quite often find some real gems that are often overlooked by other people.

    I hope that makes sense?

    Thanks again Roopesh, I’m off over to Quora and Yahoo answers for a little research.

    • Hi Lee

      Thank you for the comment.

      I love your idea of Udemy. I have heard of them, and to be honest with you, I never tried them.

      That is an amazing and a brilliant idea. Its make perfect sense, as these guys cover contemporary related topics and people like us can use it to find another avenue of what is happening.

      Much appreciated and thanks for the sharing with us.

      Good luck with Quora and Yahoo.

      See you around

      Take Care


  4. Hi Roopesh,

    I never new about the Alphabet Soup method until a few weeks ago.

    Currently i am using this method in conjunction with jaaxy and the results are amazing, i am finding golden nugget keywords that i would never of thought about until i started using this method.

    With this research you can find more keywords to help you write more articles or content on your chosen subject.

    • Hi Lee

      I agree with you 100%, the alphabet soup along with Jaaxy is a powerful combination.

      Over time, as I am sure you will realize, that you should sufficient ideas and topics to write upon and even start up other niche websites.

      It truly powerful stuff.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  5. Excellent write up for finding best keywords. I’m familiar with Jaaxy and other keywords and how important they are with writing fresh content.

    I personally find Jaaxy as the better tool, and I also like the great tip on how you do the alphabet soup with using the Google search.

    • Hello Travis

      Nice to hear from you again. Hope all is going well.

      Yes, I love JAAXY as well. Its awesome and fun to use. The alphabet soup technique really does work like a gem.

      See you around and glad you enjoyed the article.


  6. Hi Roopesh, Thanks for such an interesting and informative article. I have been using keyword research tools for only a couple of months now but you just managed to answer all of my questions in the one place. The part that intrigued me the most was the paragraph on keyword density. I have been concerned that I am using too many keywords, and again, too few at times too.
    So, if I just use your formula for keyword placement, that is the right amount?
    Thanks very much, Kris

    • Hello Kris

      You are most welcome.

      According to Matt Cutts, keyword density plays a minor role in Good SEO strategy for the long term. I think you should be okay, if you focus on your content once you have the keywords in their relevant places.

      Let me know, if there is anything that I can help with.

      All the best Roopesh

  7. Thank for sharing this great article! I love how listed how to get the best keywords and what techniques you should be using in order to find them as well as what the different things mean when researching how well a keyword will do such as QSR and and KQI. I’ve used the Alphabet technique before, but I’ll admit I don’t it nearly enough and I know I’m shortchanging myself by not doing so I need to change that today. Have a lot of your posts ranked on the first page of Google because of the techniques you shared with us today?

    • Hello Brian

      With SEO and Keywords, I have learnt that not every single ‘keyword’ or article is going to get you on the first page of Google.

      I believe that in time, your work will certainly see the light and gain the traction. Just keep  working at it and write with the intent of helping people,Everything will fall into place , when the time is right.

      All the best to you.




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