Simple and Easy Ways on How to find ideas for blog posts

Do you have writer’s block?

Do you struggle to come up with topics for new content for your blog?

Don’t stress, it’s common and it happens to the best of us. Allow me to show you some of the ways that I use, on how to find ideas for blog posts or pages.How to find ideas for blog post

As with most things in life, once you do it more regularly, it becomes more easier and quicker to do.

Regular writing gives me an opportunity to research my niche more and as I learn more I am able to share more.

I hope you have a similar experience and that some of these tips will help you too.

Let’s jump right into it!

Ready! Set ! Go!

Keywords are the KEY to your Content

Keywords are extremely helpful in opening the door for you.

The door to what?How to find ideas for blog posts

To getting your content to be shared with the WORLD.

Keywords, be it a “word” or a “phrase” helps to bring forth your article. Good keywords help to get your content well ranked and allows for an audience to engage with your site.

As I discussed previously, “keywords” are what people are punching into the search engines to get answers.

You would want your article to give them the answer. So, get the right keyword, write quality and helpful CONTENT that gets well ranked, and there you have it. You are well on your way!!

I talked previously about keyword density and the strategic placement of them within your posts.  If you would like to learn more check this article out.

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I also chatted about the keyword tool. Very Important! Using a keyword tool, helps to give one an idea of the “traffic” and the “competition” that they are up against, when using that particular keyword.

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How to Find Ideas for Blog Posts?

  1. Identify your Audience

First things first, KNOW who you would want to address your article to.

Knowing the target audience makes it easier to How to find ideas for blog postsdecide what the article is going to be about.

Always REMEMBER THIS, its about helping or teaching someone out there.

One of the things that helps me, is to create a profile of the customer. Sort of an imaginary friend with whom you are going to have a conversation with.

Below are some profiles that I have created from different niches, to illustrate my point

  • Is my audience, the housewives with a desire to earn an income? ( Money Making Niche)
  • Is it the elderly, that are having joint problems? ( Health Niche)
  • Am I targeting college students with Tinnitus only? ( Health Niche )
  • Is my audience individuals with insufficient knowledge of online scams? ( Money Making Niche )
  • Does my audience have a frustrating 9-5 job? ( Money Making Niche )

So, now that you have identified your audience, its time to go onto the next step….be a problem solver

Taking the above scenarios, HERE are problem solving questions you can address…

  • How can I offer these housewives an opportunity to work for a few hours at home, without taking away their entire day?
  • Discuss the joint problems and explain it in more detail and offer a solution.
  • For the college students, show them how common Tinnitus is and what lifestyle modifications or changes they can implement to lessen the condition.
  • Explain to those who are unaware, the basics of how online scams work and how to avoid them.
  • Show the frustrated employee some ways where they can still work and start something on the side

Assisting people in solving a problem is a great way to help. So think about your reader profiles and what problems they have – you’ll get ideas for blog posts in no time.

2Revisit your Older content

If you have written some previous content, then this can help you a lot.

Within this content, just by reading, you may be able to pick up an idea or two for newer projects.

Let me give you an example, below are two snapshots from my ‘Get Started’ page. How to find ideas for blog posts

how to find ideas for blog posts

I went back to see if perhaps, I could pick up some ideas to base some new content on.

As you can see, I picked up two ideas from just this one page alone!

Not bad! Don’t you think? By the way, just to let you know, I ended up using these two and produced some fresh content

If you would like to, you can visit those completed works here.

  1. Qualities of a Honest Online Business
  2. Are “FREE” trials or sign-ups from online companies a good thing?

Anyways, I am sure you get the point. New ideas can spring up from old content. So, give this a go.

You may be pleasantly surprised with what you come up with.

Bonus Tip

If you have comments from older content, then this can help you too.


Sometimes, within your comments you may get your readers asking questions related to the article. Whilst some questions may be easy to answer, others can warrant an entire blog post.

You can leverage these to your advantage and write up a whole new article! So in actual fact, you’re getting ideas from your audience.

Can you see how important engagement really is?

2. Writing from older content can help with SEO.


When you are done with creating some new material from ideas from your older articles, you can do some easy internal linking between the posts.

This looks good in Google’s eyes as they can see that you are building a quality and informative site.  Readers may tend to stay longer on your site. Ultimately this helps to boost your rankings.

So, its definitely worthwhile to re-visit your older content on a regular basis.

3. Forums

This is one place that is often neglected and not used as a source for new ideas. The great part about forums is, that you get to see what issues are on people’s mind. You can see the common questions asked or which areas people need HELP with.How to find ideas for blog posts

This is where you can get some really amazing ideas on what content to deliver next. And the best part is that it’s FREE to join these forums.

Just type in the Google Search Bar, “YOUR NICHE + Forums ” and you’re ready to go forum hunting!

Start off by introducing yourself and making some friends. Help people wherever you can and then, wherever you see “gaps”, start writing away.

4. Product Reviews

If you are within the “niche affiliate marketing ” business, then one of your main sources of income will be through product reviews.

This goes without saying, try not to just cram your site with just product reviews. You don’t want to look like a huge “informercial” or something like that!

Nevertheless, product reviews not only gives you a break from writing standard articles, but gives you some ideas on what content to write about next.

Simply visit sites such as “TREND HUNTER” and punch in your niche. You will get a range of the latest and coolest things happening around the world. This is an excellent place to get ideas on writing product review content.

5. Using the Alphabet Soup Technique to find new content ideas.

In 2010, Google launched ‘Google Instant.’ Essentially, this is whereby Google gives you terms that are commonly searched, once you put in a few words.

It tries to predict what it is that you are looking for whilst at the same time, shows you what people have looked for.

So, they are giving you keywords as to which are the ‘good ones’. This gives you some awesome content ideas to write on, for a couple of posts. Let me show you how it works.

Let’s say for instant, I want to talk about unemployment. I punch into the Google search bar, the following, ‘Rate of employment by.’

Below you can see the common search terms by people.


How to find ideas for blog posts


Can you see now, how many ‘keywords’ I’ve just got. This will easily give me at least another 2 or 3 more topics, to write some new content on.

Some more tips for you

  • When you are writing out content, try to be personal and write as if you are helping out a friend. Getting a little personal and sharing a story with some success or failures that you have encountered, helps people to relate to you.
  • Try to blog as regular as possible. Not only will you get used to writing and talking to your readers, but its great for Google too. At the end of the day, you want to get a good ranking  page. The best way is to write regular, engaging and helpful content.


Well folks, that’s it for today. These are some of the ways that I use, on how to find ideas for blog posts.

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As time goes on, I find it easier to implement and enjoy the process of writing.

The best part about writing, I find is, is that it feels good that someone out there will get to read your work and benefit from it

That’s the best reward

Did you find the article helpful? Have you tried any of these techniques before? Do you have some of your own to share with us?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and Take Care










8 thoughts on “Simple and Easy Ways on How to find ideas for blog posts”

  1. Hi there, I just love hearing about how I can overcome writers block because this is something that I have MOST of the time. I will do great for a while, then here comes that complete stand-still. This is a good idea to create an imaginary friend who is in my niche, and have a conversation with her. I can totally relate with this because if I was talking to someone that I have a lot in common with, I can talk to them all day long and never get tired. Wow! How did you come up with this one? You’ve gave me some great things to go on to get back to work. I have been a sitting Duck for a while now Thanks, Wonderful thinking!

    • Hi Retha

      You are very welcome.

      I find this strategy works for me and helps to keep the momentum going as far writing is concerned. Another important tip for you, also keep a little notebook and pen with you, you never know when the ideas come to mind and you would want to have a note of it for future posts or pages.

      All the best to you.



  2. Hey! I really enjoyed your post.
    I also love writing and I have found that having a pen and paper close by like you suggested helps me keep more ideas on paper.
    When you’re using keywords for your website, how do you decide what to write first or do you pick a keyword and then write around it?
    Thanks, Tim Owen

    • Hi Tim

      Thanks for the compliment.

      With regards to keywords, I do my research beforehand and use the techniques and JAAXY keyword tool in the process.

      Once I found it, I try to write as natural as possible and don’t focus too much on the primary keyword. In the end, the entire article, will get ranked.

      Hope this helps



  3. That was awesome. Thank You!! You put the information in easy to follow and understand format. This will help me in the future, as just 2 months into internet marketing with WA. I have heaps to write about now. Thank You again, Caroline p.s i will refer back to this as i go!!:-)

  4. Hi Roopesh
    As far as content go, I can keep up with what my site is all about. What I will have need of is affiliate products. I looked into the site you recommended and found it overwhelming. I also didn’t see anywhere to search for a particular area on it. I’m unclear as to whether I need to join, in order to search for anything. But it’s late and I can check it out further tomorrow. Even so, thank you for your valuable insight, it was helpful.

    • Hi Becka
      Are you referring to the “trend hunter” site? If it is that one, then it can be a little tricky to getting used to. However, once you get the hang of it, its not so bad. If you need help, just let me know.
      Thanks for stopping by


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