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Today I want to give you a quick courseFREE ONLINE KEYWORD TOOL on KEYWORDS, and introduce you to an awesome FREE online Keyword TOOL that you can leverage to find those keywords.

JAXXY does more than just finding low competition results within seconds. It gives you other amazing features such as finding your page rank for a particular keyword, determining great domain names to buy and searching for topics to write out some stellar content for your niche subject. These are just some of the features this tool gives you….

For now,let’s get you started on KEYWORDS……

Is that cool with you?


What is a KEYWORD?


Does this word make you all excited or do you cringe when you HEAR it ?Free online keyword tool

If you are excited then that’s cool. For those of you who are intimidated by the whole idea of KEYWORDS, let me make it easier for you to understand.

It’s really not so bad, once you understand this concept. Going forward in your online business, it will be crucial to your success, so let’s make friends with KEYWORDS and allow them to make us RICH!!!

Irrespective of what medium people use, whether they use social media or Google or Bing, people are using keywords to search for things. So basically, keywords is something that people are searching for!! Simple!

If you want to be successful as an online marketer, then you have to target these specific keywords within your article or blog. The success of the campaign will depend on how relevant the keyword you selected is, how well you know your audience and how helpful your article is to the audience.

The main thing to remember is that you must not lose sight, that essentially, you are writing content for a REAL PERSON. Not for Google or some robot. So, try not to overload your content with these keywords and loose sight of this!


Using a Keyword TOOL

Its essential to use a keyword tool before you embark on writing out your content. If you refer back to my article, “How to find a profitable Niche?” you will find that I used another FREE KEYWORD tool within the Wealthy Affiliate platform to find relevant and engaging ideas for future content topics.

Today I will discuss the important metrics that one needs to look at, in deciding whether or not a KEYWORD is good to use or not.

So, let’s move on with the essentials of a good keyword.

What Makes a KEYWORD an Awesome Keyword?

1.Monthly Searches

Simply put, this is the “Traffic.” The traffic is the amount of people that are searching for this particular keyword.

Is it good to go for a keyword with a high amount of traffic?

Nope! you can call me crazy, but this is not the way to go.


Well, I would prefer to get ranked on Google page 1 with a keyword that has a traffic of 50, rather than use a keyword that has a traffic of 10,000 searches and end up on page 3 of Google. Wouldn’t you?

So, in summary I recommend as long as your Monthly Searches are above 50, then you are good to go.

If you can get 10pages indexed on the first page of Google, with 50searches, you can get a potential of about 500clicks per month. This will be awesome, as it’s all free traffic that you are getting to your site!!

2. QSR( Quoted Search Results)

This is an Extremely IMPORTANT metric to concern yourself with when selecting the keywords. JAXXY scans through the search engines and gives you the exact number of competition that exists for your particular keyword.

If the keyword has under 300 searches for QSR, or competition, then it would be ideal to use within your campaign. I believe that if you want to be on the first page, you can do this by focusing on your competition, not by focusing on traffic numbers.

This shows you that with such a powerful tool, you can find results of thousands of keywords within seconds just with a click of a button.

3. SEO Power

SEO stands for, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. This is basically the practice of getting good rankings with Google. Good rankings equals more traffic equals more conversions.

So the SEO Power of a keyword simply determines whether or not the keyword is viable or not,to get good SEO rankings.

That’s it. The secret to selecting keywords is as simple as that. Hope you feel much better about keywords now?

So, are you ready to give this a go!!


Use the most Powerful Keyword Tool, JAAXY, below and see what great keywords you can come up. See how easy it is to use this tool to find keywords for almost any niche or topic and discover an exicting world of endless possibilities.



Did you have fun with this free online keyword tool? I hope you did.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know in the comments section.

If you would like to learn more about keywords, then check this awesome training out, Mastering the Keyword Research Process.

See you around.

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10 thoughts on “The most Powerful FREE Online Keyword tool you need”

  1. This article is awesome! Thanks for the great information on keywords. Before signing up for wealthy affiliate, I never knew there were ways of researching keywords to find ones that have less competition. I would have just randomly written articles and I probably would have had a hard time ranking in Google and other search engines. Keywords are super important!

    • Hello there.

      Many thanks for the compliment.

      Yeah! I know the feeling, I knew nothing of keywords or its importance when I first started.Learning these kind of things certainly puts you in the playing fields and gives you a good edge of reaping success.

      Thanks for stopping by.



  2. You really simplified the explanation of keyword research in your article. Trying to find the best and most accurate keyword research tool can be very stressful at times. Jaxxy is known to be the best tool to use when researching keywords. My question? Is it wise to search a keyword that has very low competion such as “0” results with no traffic or is it best to have something in the range of “50” with some traffic. I know placement on the first page is very important because most people who shop online wont even click to the 2nd or 3rd page.

    • Hello Troy

      Thanks for the comment and question.

      I personally would NOT use a keyword with “0” traffic and competition.

      Stick with one that is over 50 searches and under 300for competition.You know, then you got a better chance of gaining an audience.

      With this information, coupled with stellar content , and a proper SERP Analysis, you can still gain page one rankings.

      Hope this helps.

      Take Care


  3. Hi,

    Thanks for your detail and very informative post about Jaazy. And all the tips you give make it much more clear for me. I personally had try a few keyword tools before but it’s quite complicated and the pricing is too much. Jaaxy seem a very good option. Plus, I can try it for free first. What to lose right. Thanks for all the great info.


    • Hello Hadri

      Thanks for the comment.

      Yes, the 30 free searches allows one to get the feel of keyword research. There are other free keyword tools such as the one via the Wealthy Affiliate platform and Google Keyword Tool. Frankly, I have not used the latter, but the other two tools, works like a charm.

      Take Care


  4. Great article Roopesh,

    A lot of people do not understand the value of a good keyword tool or how to use it to fullest power. Jaaxy is an amazing tool for web masters to not only find awesome keywords but also to analyze their sites rankings in google. Thanks again for the nice article.

    • Hello John

      I agree with you completey. Having these tools makes life easier and shows you at a glance what people out there are looking for as well what sort of competition you are up against.

      Without it, you are blind as a bat!

      Thanks for stopping by.



  5. Hey there it’s Alexey. Wow thanks for providing us with this keyword tool. I am just starting out in this industry, and understand that keywords play a huge role here. This post really helped me to understand the process. I even tried to find some keywords with the jaaxy feature that you gave us in this post and it really is that simple!
    So you basically saying that by finding keywords with 50 searches and low QSR I am going to be good?

    • Hello Alexey

      No problem, glad that I could make life easier for you.

      I found that using this technique, and the criteria above is quiteesential to having a great start to your content. Remember, make sure your headline is catchy and has the keyword embedded in it along with some awesome and engaging content.

      I think then you are good to go.

      Everything of the best to you.




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