How to Sell Clothes Online? It’s Cheaper than You Think and You Can Do it!

Let me Help you ‘Look Smart’ in Helping you Build Your Own Clothing Website

Hi everybody my name is Roopesh and today I am going to show you how you can go about making money from the fashion industry.How to sell Clothes Online

For those of you who are into fashion and have a passion for it, you can make this not only a part-time but a full-time successful online business.

I am going to show 3 easy to follow, simple steps, that you need to take to make this possible. This article will help folks in one of two ways.

  • Those who have their own fashion brand or a retail physical store and would like to improve upon the sales  or
  • Those who DON’T even own a single piece of clothing to make a sale. Absolutely you can earn a living by selling clothing online without even stocking any clothing at all!

You must be thinking that I am gone crazy. Read on and I will show you a way on how to sell clothes online using just your laptop and internet connection.

All I ask in return is 6 minutes of your time. Is that a Deal?

Great, let us get started, my clock is ticking!How to sell clothes online

Why Sell Online?

It’s about expanding your reach and targeting a bigger audience.

And Why NOT?

With 2 Billion people searching the internet on a daily basis, it makes sense to chose this path to get a share of the market. If you are going to put in some hard work and effort then why not aim high?

Don’t You agree?

3 Simple Steps to Selling Online

Step One: Give Your Clothing Business a Home (a Website)

Whether you have an existing clothing business or intend to start your own fashion niche online business(I will tell you EXACTLY how in Step 2), you need a website.

Having a website changes the playing fields, giving you access to the whole world. You can engage with customers all over and it would be ‘an awesome’ feeling knowing that you’ve helped someone look good who is living on the other side of the continent.

How to Clothes Online
If you have a great passive income system, whether you work or not your money keeps Growing!!

By becoming an authority online, you can really grow your business and the earnings can be amazing building you a passive income stream for life!

What’s really cool is that using a platform like you can choose from a range of FREE websites.Using this platform,you can be up and be running in no time at all.

All you need is a name for your website and you’re ready to start your very own website right now!

How to sell clothes online
A sample of one of the thousands of themes that you can use from the Siterubix.platform

You can register your FREE domain name in the box below. You will be getting your very own fully functional website and access to the Wealthy Affiliate community that will take you through the process of building your clothing website.(Don’t worry that is FREE too)

You can fill your domain name above or alternatively go directly to and start building your business right away!

Step 2: Getting Exposure to Your Website(or getting visitors)

This is where things can get exciting. There is no point in having the best-looking website if no -one is ever going to visit it . Would you agree with me on that?How to clothes online

So, this step is crucial. This is the part whereby you get to learn how to build your website up so that you can get traffic(people) to visit and ultimately buy from you.

It is the step that once executed perfectly will connect you with your audience and help you drive those important sales.

How do I learn to do that ? Gosh that sounds tough! Relax. What if I told you that you’ve already got this step in check?


Remember when you signed up in step one to register your very own domain name? Well, that is where you already registered for the awesome teaching and training at the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

Can you see now, how things are coming together and how building your clothing business can be an exciting reality?

For those of you who already have an existing website and want to scale the SEO and learn about keyword techniques and other important technicial stuff, this is the place to be, to make it grow into unimaginable earning potential.

What if dont have any website or have NO stock , how can I build a clothing website of my own?

That is an excellent question. Wealthy Affiliate will fit a glove for you. Here you will learn about affiliate marketing. It is simply a process whereby you can earn commissions by promoting clothing on your website to people.How to sell clothes online

You don’t need to stock any clothing whatsoever. You just need to register as an affiliate with Amazon or any of the hundreds of Affiliate merchants out there(registration is free). You spend time building up quality content on your site and review the latest fashion trends in the industry.

As the site grows and you become an authority, people will start visiting and once they buy from these merchants, you get paid handsomely.

How is that for selling clothes online?

By the way, this is what I do.I don’t personally sell clothes but I know how to sell stuff online. And it works, I have earned online commisions. There is nothing as exciting as earning your first commission.

Think that you are up for it?

The first 10 lessons at Wealthy Affiliate are FREE. Get your business started right away register directly with

Step 3 : Getting that ongoing support and training(Keeping your website up to date)

The internet world is in constant change. You would want to be kept up to date with the latest trends and make sure your site is adaptable and compliant with Google’s requirements.

With access to over 1000’s of experts in the field and an active community not to mention 24hour technicial support team on standby at Wealthy Affiliate, it would be safe to say that you’re completely covered with your business interests here.

And I will be there to guide you through the process as well. Here is my profile at the Wealthy Affiliate Community.How to sell Clothes Online

Go ahead and visit my profile and let us meet up.Whilst you are there you can visit the websites that I built and watch the YouTube videos I’ve produced. The links are all under my profile picture.

Got any more questions on mind about how to sell clothes online?

Its an awesome niche to get into. You can really tap into the market  and I can help you. Please feel free to contact me using the comments box anytime.

I would love to help you and see you become successful. I am here to answer any questions that you may have. Hope that you enjoyed this article and found it helpful.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Take Care and Have a Great Day



10 thoughts on “How to Sell Clothes Online? It’s Cheaper than You Think and You Can Do it!”

  1. I thought I will find some “regular” way to do it, but this seems like a very nice deal, especially because you don’t need to actually own or deal with any shipping, etc. And the fashion industry is so large and always growing, seems not to a bad way to start at all.

    • Hi Jolita

      Absolutely, the nice part about affiliate marketing, is that you do not need to worry about shipping or stocking of any products.All of these things are handled by your affiliate merchants.

      You just got to concentrate on helping your readers.Once they found the help, they will buy what you have to offer and you will be handsomely rewarded your commission.

      All the best to you



  2. Hi Roopesh,

    You make it sound so easy, all the steps laid out and clear message. Makes me think I need to get a move on with finding some other products and getting another site built.

    Especially when I can have up to 50 sites hosted through siterubix at wealthy affiliate. It seems a shame to waste all that storage.

    • Hi Jenny

      The great part of affiliate marketing is that there is so much that one can write about.The only thing to consider before you go ahead and build more sites is time.

      You would want to have sufficient time so that you can give each of your sites the attention that they deserve so that they can become profitable and worthwhile.

      I have two websites built up.Though I have ideas so at least another two more, I find that I am over my head as other things tend to crop up and take away my time.

      If you can do it, I would say go for it.At the end of the day, these are assets that we building up and in time they will provide a good financial return.

      All the best Jenny and let me know if there is anything that I can assist you with.



  3. Nice informative article Roopesh! I never even thought about being able to do some of this stuff.

    Genius, really. I’ve heard about wealthy affiliate but never thought to build a site around clothes that I don’t even own.

    I’m curious how to drive traffic to a site. I’ve been trying and it just is going so so very slow. I’m hanging in there though. I rate and review dog toys, but now you’ve got me thinking I can expand quite easily into lots of different dog/pet niches!

    • Hello Leah

      This is the beauty of affiliate marketing. It allows you to sell online without the need to have any inventory of your own. Once you start earning commissions then the sky is the limit.

      Affiliate marketing takes time and for your site to get the traffic, you need to be consistent and provide engaging and useful content. Google will reward you in time.

      I think your ‘dog toy,’ niche is a good one. How long have you been busy with it? Give it a chance and build regular content. If you like check out the training and lessons at Wealthy Affiliate. They are excellent in helping folks both newbies and experts into the world of affiliate marketing.

      Good luck and make lots of money!



  4. Hi, Roopesh! I just wanted to stop by and say your content is awesome and very inspirational.

    I’ve already joined Premium within WA to create my own success story. The value of the added training available at WA is unbelievable.

    I’ve never seen anything like this all in one place. Usually, each part has to be found separately and you usually end up investing a fortune.

    I’m going to continue following each step with great intent, and I hope you keep posting content. Very nice job.

  5. I’m a newbie to wealthy affiliates myself, and have only been a member for less than a month now. I already have a website started in my own niche, with some traffic, and have been indexed by google! It really is so simple and easy and really fun too!

    Love your webpage! I like how you went into more detail on a specific niche, and how that can work regardless if you have product to sell or not. Gave me some insight to my own Website, Thank you!

    • Hi Meghan

      So happy to hear that you joined the Wealthy Affiliate gang. Also glad you enjoying your experience. I always believe that if you enjoy what you do, then you will do it more. People will see your passion and things will have a ripple effect.

      Glad that this article also helped in your campaign. If you need help with anything else, please just let me know.

      See you around.




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