How to Make Money in your spare time? 3 Simple Steps to follow..

Hi, people. Thanks for stopping by. Today I am going to show you a way on how to make money in your spare time.How to make money in your spare time

You only need to spend around an hour or two into this venture and in time it will grow to a point of earning you some good returns.

Warning this is NOT A GET RICH THING. It requires some hard work and time.

The more spare time you put into building this online business, the more you can scale its earning potential. What is so great about it, is that over time you will be building a nice income stream that can really afford you a passive income for life.

So, are you ready to follow these 3 simple steps and have some fun?

Earning money is Fun when it’s all about Affiliate Marketing

Before I go through those 3 easy steps, let me first tell you what affiliate marketing is all about. This is the process whereby you DON’T sell anything on your own. How to make money in your spare timeYou simply affiliate your viewers or members from your own website or a Youtube channel or any online medium and in return you earn a percentage of the revenue from it.

So in a nutshell, you will earn commissions from promoting(products or services)on your website. If you had mentioned this sort of business to me, one and a half years ago, I would have been very skeptical.

After having done affiliate marketing myself and learning the ropes(having started from knowing nothing), I can say with confidence today, that affiliate marketing does work.

It really feels exhilarating when you have earned your first commission. After that, it is just a question of scaling your business and repeating the magic formula.

Learn more, read my post ,

⇒How does Affiliate Marketing work?⇐

Affiliate marketing is here to stay

With over 2billion folks surfing the internet daily, it shows that the internet is only growing bigger by the day. As for affiliate marketing, software giants such as DELL and other big names like FRENCH CONNECTION and Schur, recently got into the affiliate game. This is indicative that affiliate marketing is something to get into, as it’s both popular and lucrative as well.

Check out the full article here, DELL and two other Giants delve into Affiliate Marketing.

If I showed you three easy steps to get into this awesome business opportunity, would you try it?  And the best part is that to get started, it is completely free.

Great! Glad you are onboard.

Let us jump into those steps that I promised you.

Affiliate Marketing – Let us get Started

Step OneGet Your share of Internet Real Estate(get a Website)

Starting an online business can seem a bit intimidating. It was for me back then. However, I was actually pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get the framework of my very first website up and running. It took me NOT longer than 30seconds to do it.

Can you believe it?

You will see how easy it is to own a piece of the internet shortly. And did I mention that the process is FREE!

Yeap, simply put in whatever name you would like your website to be, in the block below. It will tell you immediately whether the domain name is available or not. In case you’re wondering what name to go for, I would recommend choosing something that interests you or something that you love doing. As this is what the website is going to be all about.

It can be a hobby you love doing, baseball cards, something in the health field, camping gear etc. Basically, anything can be a profitable niche. And don’t be scared because when you sign up, you get access to two and not just one free website. So experiment with it and have some fun!

If you’re having fun, then the process will not be a burden or feel like a job.

Once your domain name is available simply click on the BUILD IT NOW button. You will then be taken to the Wealthy Affiliate Community to complete the free registration process.

This is an awesome community and it’s where I learned tons of information and am still learning more stuff on making money online.

Go ahead and get your domain name here

Step Two : Getting your website noticed

Congratulations on signing up! Now that you have a website, how do you proceed on building it up? This is the exciting part.

This is the step whereby you learn the process of adding engaging and quality content to your site. You will also learn about various ways on how to get your site ranked onto Google and other search engines.

Once you rank well, people will start to notice you. Once people start noticing you, they read your article. All they have to do now is click on whatever it is that you are promoting and boom! you start earning commissions.

How will I learn all this stuff?

I am so glad that you asked. Everything that you need to know is at the Wealthy Affiliate community that I’ve mentioned earlier on.

Signing up for your free domain using the SiteRubix Platform, already grants you access to 10 Free Lessons of the Online Entrepreneurship course. The course is broken down into easy step-by-step tutorials making it exciting and leaves one feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Now you are at the final step to getting your very own successful online business off the ground.

Step 3: A Business without Support and Training is DOOMED

Whether it is an online or an offline business, if you don’t get a good support structure, without the necessary tools and back-up, then things can become pretty difficult.

Agree?How to make money in your spare time

This is why a huge percentage of marketers fail because they are not taught the do’s and don’ts of online marketing. Or even worse they are taught the wrong things which can cause their site to be barred from Google forever. You don’t want this to happen to you, do you?

This step is letting you know that from the start to the end, you’ve got top-notch training and tools at the Wealthy Affiliate community. Not to mention with the constant changes regarding internet policies and rules, you are kept up to date so that your business does not suffer.

To give you an example, here is a blog written by Kyle, the co-founder of Wealthy affiliate, discussing the latest Google Algorithm called the Penguin, and how it affects site rankings. Interesting stuff, check it out here.

Google Penguin 4.0, Another Content Based Move

What is so special about the Wealthy Affiliate community?

Well apart from getting access to some top experts within the field, you will be amongst a community of over 300 000 people working towards their dream of building an online business.

So you certainly won’t be left feeling all alone and you will be part of an amazing pay it forward family. There are so many channels to get help from, like the live chats, to blogs, to classrooms to PM(private messaging).How to make money in your spare time

People share their experiences, help one another and motivate each other. It’s truly an awesome place to be. You need  to experience it for yourself to understand what I am talking to make money in your spare time

Above is my profile within the Wealthy Affiliate community. Go ahead and sign up and we can meet up. You can check out my websites, visit the blogs that I wrote and see what the rest of the gang is up to.

Registration is FREE. You will not be obligated in any way and you don’t need a credit card!



At the end of the day, it’s about making things worth your while. This post is about suggesting to you an excellent way on how to make money in your spare time. You really do need only about an hour or two a day. If you got more spare time, then that’s even better!

I, personally, am able to put in only about an hour a day. Sometimes less. The main point here, is that it is something that I love to do and I love utilizing my spare time on building an online business.

I hope that this article has helped you by giving you an idea on how to spend your time building a business.

If there is anything else on your mind or you are not sure about something, give me shout using the comment box below.

I would love to help wherever I can.

Hope to hear from you.

Take Care







8 thoughts on “How to Make Money in your spare time? 3 Simple Steps to follow..”

  1. I have been with WA for nearly a year and haven’t received a penny in affiliate marketing sales. The timescales on here are unrealistic and I have followed the training to the letter. The thing I do like about it is that I can make unlimited websites and I am treating as a big hosting platform for my sites and hoping something might come in that way! I hope you have a different experience to me. Let me know if you do!

    • Hello Gary

      Thank you very much for your comment.

      What niche are you in? Building an online business can certainly take time. Sometimes, a year may NOT be enough. I only can say this from my very own experience.Let me explain.

      I have two websites. The one is my niche websites that helps people with tinnitus. This is a constant ringing in the ears. I offer suggestions and tips to help people cope with their tinnitus. The other website is within the money making niche.

      I started the niche website back in August 2015. I started earning commissions only in June 2015. The other website started in January 2016. I am getting traffic , however its earnings are not as good as the niche.

      My point is that these things may take time. I wish that I could tell you when it will happen but I cannot. I do know at Wealthy Affiliate, we are been taught to build solid online businesses with the right techniques, good support and awesome tools to help us. I know that your site will pick up sooner or later. Perhaps send me your URL, I can check it out and offer some pointers.



  2. Hello Roopesh
    Like many people l dream of making extra income online from home,maybe even take it to the next level and make it full-time income but knowing where to get started is difficult.
    With so many scams out there,or taking surveys for cents,it`s difficult to find the right program to join or what
    to do any earn honest income online.
    You mention affiliate marketing,what if someone is not a sales person? l know lm no sales person and may not even be able to sell people water in a desert.
    You mentioned building a free website with site Rubix,what happens if l want to leave the program? will they take my website away or can i transfer the site or the content to a different host?
    Thanks for your answer

    • Hi Roamy

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yes, there are certainly tons of scams out there and the numbers are growing. As for taking surveys, there are some legit ones but as you said the earnings are next to nothing in comparison to the amount of time you invest.

      Coming to affiliate marketing your question is valid and I am sure that it is one that is on a lot of people’s mind. Sure affiliate marketing is about writing about products or services and earning a commission.In its raw form, it is sales. However, I have been taught at Wealthy Affiliate to think of the people that are visiting your site NOT as a customer but as a friend. Someone, whom you are talking to and helping with an issue.

      In this way, it is easy to write and will not really appear as ‘salesy.’ Does this makes sense? And if you are talking about something that interests you or something that you are passionate about, then affiliate marketing will not necessarily be a job, but something that you love to do. Once folks start seeing your passion, they will gravitate towards your work and you will be rewarded.

      On the flip-side, Wealthy Affiliate does give you a 7 day trial to see if affiliate marketing is for you without any payment. It may not be for everyone and I think that is okay.

      As for the free website, it is a sub-domain. For instance if you into selling baseball cards, your free website would be something like Though the website is yours to keep to life, the sub-domain indicates that it is a part of the siterubix platform. This essentially means that it is exclusively offering you daily back-ups, malware protection, a spam free environment and top notch wordpress hosting at Siterubix. You can take your site with you and host it elsewhere, but you need transfer it to your own domain name, when leaving SiteRubix.

      Hope this helps



  3. Thank you so much for this great and informative post. I love the idea of making money from my hobby while earning passive income. There are so many online scams out there but Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best and most honest company providing quality training. There are a lot of great information in your post to get people interested and start to live out their passion while helping others. Thanks for the great post!

    • Thanks so much for your comment.

      I am glad to hear that you have had a great experience at Wealthy Affiliate. It is an awesome place to be if you are interested in starting up an online business.

      To your success.



  4. You are 100% right about this not being a get rich easy scenario. The amount and time that you put in is what you will reap when your site starts to go viral. If you actually spend time ensuring that you have good content, that you are being unique and interesting, the you can truly go far in this business. The best part, to me anyways is the fact that you get to work whenever and wherever you want. Everything is up to you and it is so amazing.

    • Hi Hailey

      You are spot on, the best part about having an online business, is that you can work from anywhere and at your own time.

      As you mentioned, it will NOT happen overnight. Lots of hard work and time to put in to get to that point.

      Personally, I feel that it is worth it to invest the time and work hard for 6-12months, then later on, the hard work will start paying off.

      Wish you lots of success in your online journey.




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