Can you Make Money Selling on Amazon? Let me show you how..

How to Make Money by Selling on Amazon?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t really need to have stock of physical products to make a profit with an online business. In fact, what if I told you that you can make Selling on Amazonmoney online, just by referring people to a store like Amazon whereby you will be able to earn a profit off every purchase that they make?

You probably think that I must be loosing my mind.The truth is, there are tons of people out there earning money just by following this simple concept called affiliate marketing.

One of the truths is, that some people have made it a full-time career making money selling on Amazon this way….interested in learning more?

No problem , let me show you.

What is the Buzz on becoming an Amazon Affiliate?

You’ve probably heard of Amazon. You may have even bought from them, at some time or the other. As we speak, millions of people are buying right now, at this very moment, from Amazon.

Here are some Amazing Amazon Facts

  • Amazon’s warehouse has a square footage equivalent to 700 Madison Square Gardens
  • It celebrates its 21st Birthday this year as it was launched on the 16th July 1995
  • It was started off by founder Jeff Bezos in his garage in Washington
  • Amazon made $12 000 in sales in its first week
  • At the end of 2015, Amazon reported having more than 270 Million Active Customer accounts in over 75 countries

It was not long before Amazon introduced their affiliate program called Amazon Affiliate.This affiliate program is probably one of the largest affiliate programs around. It makes sense for a big e-commerce company to start going the affiliate route.If you look at it, it’s good business for them, as it gets the affiliates to drive more people to their site.

Why does Amazon need affiliates when it already is so popular?

Good question. Here is the kicker! People know that if they want to buy something, all they have to do, is visit Amazon directly, but what if they’re not sure whether the product is the one that they really ‘want’?Selling on Amazon

In other words, they have not made up their mind as yet. This is where affiliates come into the picture.

Affiliates drive people to Amazon via their blog or website.They are able to do this by offering engaging and helpful content and provide detailed product reviews. These reviews give the customer better insight and allow them to make an easier ‘buying’ decision.

Say for instance you are interested in buying the ‘Vitamix Blender‘ but need to do some more research. You visit a blog about juicing.You read an article on this blog about the ‘amazing benefits that Vitamix offers‘ to juicing. selllingexcitingYou actually get more information than you were looking for, which now puts you in a position to want to buy it.You simply click on the affiliate link and boom you’re directed to Amazon to complete the purchase.


Now you see that though Amazon is big, affiliates can still make heaps of cash via the AA program.

The affiliates job is simply to get a customer from the ‘research phase’  into the ‘ buying phase’

What are the benefits to using the Amazon Associates program?

Amazon pays You on time, Everytime.Selling on Amazon

The last thing that you as an affiliate would want, is to get messed around with your money. With three forms of payment to choose from(cheque,direct deposit or gift certificate), you will definitely get your commissions once you have reached your threshold limit(e.g $100). With more regular sales comes regular and steady paychecks over time.

Whatever your Niche, Amazon has Got you covered.Selling on Amazon

You name the item, and it is very likely that with such huge inventory Amazon is selling it. What makes things even better is that Amazon even shows you their bestsellers, so you can even concentrate on building a niche business around those items. On the other hand, if you are specific on only certain items then you can just focus on them.

The choice is up to you as it is your campaign at the end of the day.

Amazon is a Household Name.

People love it, people trust it and people buy it.

You can leverage upon this. Your job is to help get folks to decide whether the product or service is for them.Once they click on your affiliate link, the rest of the stuff is taken over by Amazon.

A lot of the times, Amazon can optimize the final purchase by offering additional products or sales deals. This is definitely advantageous to you as it means more money in your wallet or purse.

Your Commission Potentials goes Up as you Sell more.

Starting off at a 4% can be disheartening but as you start selling more items, you can earn a higher percentage up to 7.5-8% depending on the amount of items you push.

With over 2 billion people searching the internet daily, reaching a target of 300 people is not only possible but a very big reality.

NonRelated Sales Adds up

So you selling juicing machines on your website. Someone clicks on one of your links and ends up buying some clothing and maybe a toy for their kids. Guess what?

You still get a commission on that sale. Awesome stuff don’t you think?

There is a downfall though, the Amazon cookie lasts only 24hours. So if someone revisits Amazon after 72hours, you get no sale.

How can I become an Affiliate Marketer?

Learning to become an affiliate marketer can be loads of fun and an exciting experience. This is based on the condition that you are getting the training from the right people.

I got my training from Wealthy Affiliate Online University and they are absolutely awesome.

From starting you off with your very own website, then teaching you how to build its foundation, through to learning all about using social media and finally implementing the most up to date techniques to scale the business, everything is literally under one roof at Wealthy Affiliate.

How to earn money while studying in college

I’ve built two websites using the website builder at Wealthy Affiliate, this is the one and the other one is called

This is all about tinnitus. Tinnitus is a ringing in the ears and affects aSelling On Amazon huge percentage of the population. I am suffering from the condition for over 3years now and realized that there are tons of folks that need help. As a pharmacist, I share my knowledge and recommend products to help people deal with their tinnitus. Tinnitus can be a very nasty condition and can really affect one’s quality of life.

My site also offered people the opportunity to share their experiences and to learn from one another on ways of coping. I can tell you, it is an amazing experience being able to reach out to folks all across the world and to make a difference in people lives. Even if it means just listening and offering advice. Here is an excerpt that is taken from my site.

Selling on Amazon









My point is that with affiliate marketing you can make a site based on almost any niche that you want and still become very profitable. Whatever it is that you are passionate about can become your niche.

Ready to give it a go? Start your online business here, register for FREE directly at

Affiliate Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate – a Match Made in heaven

To become a successful affiliate this is what you need

(1) A good affiliate marketing education

(2)Access to other successful affiliates to learn from and a community to depend on

(3)24-hour Help and Support whenever you need it

(4)Website/Hosting/Keyword Research Tools

(5)Help from Top experts in the field

My number one recommendation offers all of these. Read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate hereSelling on Amazon

Click on the Image to Start your FREE Starter Account


There are lots of ‘shiny objects,’ that promise you fortunes quickly. Trust me, I have tried them and you only end up losing your money. Worse, you end up losing precious time which you can’t get back.

This is a formula that has been proven to work for close to 13years now and is still continuing to work.

All you need to do is decide upon your passion or interest, create a website, then learn the SEO techniques to get it ranked on search engines and start earning money with affiliate programs like Amazon.

All of this stuff you learn at Wealthy Affiliate and once you decide to sign up, I will be there waiting to personally help you every step of the way.

Think you can make money by selling on Amazon? I think you can.

Give it a shot.

If you have anything on your mind or would like to know more about affiliate marketing or more about Amazon and its Associate’s program, let me know in the comments box below.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

To your success. Good Luck.

Take Care





2 thoughts on “Can you Make Money Selling on Amazon? Let me show you how..”

  1. I am definitely interested in learning how to do this affiliate marketing thing through Amazon! I just looked into it actually and realized that there’s a policy that if you don’t make a sale in I think 3 months or so they shut down your account? Did you face this problem? I’m worried I won’t make a sale in time so just wondering how you ensured that you did?

    • Hi Martina

      Yes, I certainly did get shut down by Amazon. It is discouraging, but I did not let it deter me. It happened to me when I started with my first website. I then re-applied which was not a big story and within the next 3 months my website started getting more authority and I started earning from Amazon.

      I have been an affiliate with Amazon ever since.

      If you worried about been shut down by Amazon dont. You can re-apply like I did. The refusal is not cast in stone.

      All the best




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