goDesana MLM Review:Can You Make Money By Selling Essential Oils?

Hi there and welcome to my goDesana review. goDesana is an MLM business opportunity that claims to sell products that are organic, plant-based, gluten-free,non-GMO, dairy-free and cruelty free.

It certainly sounds like the company to join, should you be considering going all green. Can you make good money with goDesana? More importantly, what is one required to do, in order to earn the bigger paychecks?

Thinking of signing up? Let me show you what this business is all about. It is my hope, that this review will help to make your decision all the more easier.



OWNERS: Pauls Scarcella

WHAT IS ABOUT: A network marketing company that is focused on the Going Green market. 




First we need to talk about Alexandria Brighton.

Who is Alexandria Brighton?

She is an aromatherapy formulator, educator and owner of the Brighton Institute of Botanical Studies.

GoDesana who is Alexandria Brighton

It has been said that her 300+ essential oils, Herbs, Grasses, Minerals, pH Balance Nutrition and Personal Care Stilroom formulations are highly sought after.

In March 2014, she partnered with goDesana.These products are now exclusively available at this company. She has the final word when it comes to the sourcing of plant materials from artisan distillers and farmers worldwide.

The founders and owners of goDesana are the husband/wife duo, Paula and Ben Scarcella.

goDesana who is the founder of godesana

Paula Scarcella is the founder of a brand called Green Organics International.The story goes that she was not happy with a previous company's compensation plan(which she joined), feeling that it was unfair.

It turns out that goDesana is actually a rebrand of Green Organics International that took place back in 2011. I tried to find out the reason for the rebranding but could not find much information.

The only other information worth mentioning is, that Paula has been involved in the MLM industry from as far back as the 1990's.

So, with the above combination heading the team, what sort of deal would you be getting as a GoDesana affiliate?

Let's start by taking a look at their products.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner


I think one of the advantages of joining a company like GoDesana, lies in the fact that essentials oils are trending in today's time.

Google trends shows that essential oils are trending


I do not believe that the essential oils market have hit the saturation point like the other MLM's  that are focused within the health and wellness sector.

However it does not mean that there is no competition. I reviewed two other MLM businesses, namely Pure Haven Essentials and Essante Organics that are already capitalizing on this market.

These are the product categories that are available within the goDesana catalog,

  • Accessories such as diffusers, inhalers,
  • Ayurvedic Tooth and Gum Powders, 
  • Weight Loss preparations,
  • Magnesium lotions,
  • Teas and supplements,
  • Superfoods, 
  • Herbal blends, and 
  • Essential oils

I am not sure if you have had any experience with using essential oils. My wife is an Aromatherapist. I can tell you firsthand that essential oils really do the trick.

I have come to learn that these oils are pretty powerful. Some interact with one's blood pressure, some with certain medications, certain ones are to be avoided completely and so forth.

The point is that one needs to exercise caution when using these types of products.

As far as the goDesana oils are concerned, they do have the traditional FDA(Food and Drug Administration) disclaimer on their site.

As for the prices, I ran a small test. 

I compared the price of the Frankincense oil with two other companies. 




 $47.00 for 10mls = $4.7 per ml

Company NR.1

$99.34 for 15mls = $6.62 per ml

Company NR.2

$69.75 for 15mls = $4.65 per ml

The pricing is market related.

Do goDesana products really work?

I guess the only answer here is, that one has to try the products out first, using the proper guidelines.

How can one make money by joining goDesana? Let's talk about their compensation plan.


GoDesana affords you the opportunity to market your business through various channels.

You can, 

  • have face-to-face parties(displaying the products)
  • have online parties(using social media marketing)
  • have a catalog party(folks can shop online through your website)

Basically, the more sales you generate at these parties, the higher would be 'your shopping dollars,' and you can qualify to receive discounts on products.

goDesana compensation plan

Where the 'twist' comes in is that unlike other MLM opportunities, this one offers  you a 'free to join' option. 

There are six income streams that are built into the goDesana pay plan. They are as follows, 


As a free member, you can start earning immediately on all retail purchases. The RETAIL SALES BONUS is 50% of the Bonus Volume of all the sales that you make.

The FAST START BONUS allows you to earn on the wholesale purchases within your organization. Its goes 3 generations down.

how does the godesana compensation plan work

It's calculated at 20% on the Business Volume(BV) on your first generation, and, 3% and 2% on the 2nd and 3rd generation respectively.

Note: even if you are inactive, you can still earn 1st Generation commissions.

The POWER OF 2 BONUS, allows you to earn bonuses on any orders of 20 BV, 50 BV and 125 BV or more.

It works three generations down. For instance should your organization have two 1st Generation orders of 20 BV, you would get a $10 bonus. If you get four 2nd Generation orders of 20 BV, you would get a $15 bonus, and for eight 3rd Generation orders of 20 BV, you get $25.

The same applies to 50 BV and 125 BV. Of course, the bonuses would be much higher.

The TEAM MATRIX BONUS, pays you down through 7 levels in the organisation, regardless of who the members put up and below of you.

goDesana compensation plan

The main condition is that you have to be an active customer, to qualify.

As you focus on the building of your team and help your referrals to achieve higher rankings, you in turn will receive a TEAM CHECK MATCH BONUS.

The final part of their compensation plan, is the RANK ADVANCEMENT. As your business grows, and you reach the Emerald rank(or higher), you qualify for the RANK ADVANCEMENT BONUS. It's split over 10 months and you have to maintain this rank, over that time frame.

How does the godesana compensation plan works

In a nutshell, that covers their overall compensation. You get the general idea, that the more you focus on the building of your downline, the more successful you will be.

Are you up for it?

Is goDesana a legit business opportunity?


The part that got me a bit worried, is where one can earn commissions even whilst being an inactive member. Even though it does not apply to the entire business structure, its a bit concerning.

If people are inactive and their interests become soley on recruiting folks without making a purchase, then it can become a 'pyramid scheme.' At least, this is the way that I look at it.

Nevertheless, as for the rest of the business, they have a decent product line and they have been in existence for quite some time.

Can you really make money with GoDesana? The truth about joining an MLM-enterprise, is that your earnings are directly proportional to the amount of folks you recruit.

As the screenshot shows, the more people within your downline, the bigger the paychecks.

what is the avergae earningsof godesana consultants

But the screenshot also reveals something else. That majority of the members are earning the smaller paychecks(18%-averaging $1,200). Only 1% are taking home $124, 857. Which means that recruiting is tough, and may not be everyone's cup of tea/coffee.

As for buying and using the products, the company also disclosed that 70% of the sales were generated by wholesale customers who did not participate in the incentive plan.

The remaining 30% came from non-members, from consultants who joined to create the 'for-profit' business, and practitioners who used the Private Label Program. 

Is is not easy to simply sell the godesana products

I believe that this means it can be a challenge for one to build their own goDesana business.

Not saying that it cannot be done.

If you have the sales and marketing experience and enjoy recruiting, then perhaps this business may be for you.

Wealthy Affiliate Banner


There are folks out there, like myself, who do not enjoy the recruiting business. I did not fair well at it, and ended up loosing some valuable relationships.

Not implying that this will happen to you, just sharing my experiences with you. 

Different strokes for different folks. If you feel that the goDesana business appeals to you, then I would like to wish you the very best.

If, on the other hand, you do not like the sound of having to recruit people to earn, or having to host 'parties', then read on.

3 years ago I learned how to make money online using a business model, that is built on one's own passion or hobby. No need to buy any products upfront, and no need to talk to anyone to join you.

Update 2nd June 2019: Here is a YouTube Video I made to show you how this teaching platform helped me to earn passive income online.

I invite you to learn more, by clicking on the link below,

That concludes my review of the GoDesana MLM business. I hope that it has helped you out.

Have you tried MLM businesses before? If so, how did it work out for you?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Wishing you everything of the best.

Kind Regards and Take Care


2 thoughts on “goDesana MLM Review:Can You Make Money By Selling Essential Oils?”

  1. Roopesh, Thank you for the extensive review. goDesana sounds like most other MLM companies in that only a few make a significant income. I have done 2 MLM jobs in the past. Neither one made any money for me. Mostly because I am not a salesman. 

    It does sound like she has some reasonable prices and yes essential oils are perfect for many things. But

    I don’t like the MLM business model. 

    This other business you are talking about, I think that is something I would like to do. Do you say I don’t have to find prospects? That is the part I hated most about MLM companies. I am going to check your company further. It sounds exciting. 


    • Hey Laura

      Glad that this review has helped you out. 

      As for the affiliate marketing business, yes you do not need to do any recruiting to make money. You can build an online business based on your own passion or interest. 

      The platform that I used helped me to get started from scratch, You can register as a free member here and test it out for yourself and see if it is worth your time or not
      Wish you everything of the best.




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