Is Essante Organics a Scam?-‘Organic Hype’ or Legit Opportunity?

Are you ready to go green? Are you looking at building your own business? Then you may be considering joining the Essante Organics MLM business?

A business that is focused on producing products that are toxin-free and made from organic and wild crafted daily-use products. Is Essante Organics a scam or is it a legit business opportunity?

What challenges are there, if any, when it comes to the selling of their products? What about the business model, is this the right business for you?

Let me help you decide if Essante Organics is for you.

NAME OF BUSINESS: Essante Organics


OWNERS: Michael Wenniger(CEO)

WHAT IS IT ABOUT: A MLM Business that is concentrated within the organic and toxin-free product market. 



Essante Organics- An Overview

The company was launched by Michael Wenniger back in 2009. At that point in time, it was apparently the first USA direct sales company to offer products globally, with their  ToxicFree®, organic and wildcrafted ingredients.

The company has expanded in various markets globally. I took to checking out their rating with the BBB(better business bureau).

Essante organics better business bureau rankings

They have five customer reviews that averaged around 4.5 out of five stars. 

As far as their rankings are concerned, they showed a ranking of 195 out of 855 on MLM rankings database.

essante organics mlm rankings

So far so good. Now let's have a look at their products and see if its worth all the buzz.

Wealthy Affiliate review

The Essante Organics Products- Is it Really that Unique?

The official Essante Organics website market their products as, " earth friendly, pH balanced products made with premium organic and ToxicFree® ingredients."

This is a great plus for the company. I personally am all for products that are safe and not tested on animals, or have no harmful chemicals.

In my opinion though, I believe that they are not the only one's that have entered the 'organic' sector. I am not going to make this post about comparing Essante Organics with other companies. It's important to highlight the challenges that one can face, should one decide to promote Essante Organics.

For instance, let me share my personal story with the 'organic' vs 'inorganic' scenario as an example. I was not always a pro-organic, or toxin free product buyer. I could care less. I never bothered reading the labels or checking for the 'cruelty free' logo.

Then my wife started introducing me to some 'organic' products (a product line that she trusted). I was very stubborn at first. I learned about the harm that we cause to our environment, our animals and even our bodies by using these 'synthetic ingredient-based products.'

Fast forward to today, I use specific brands that I have come to trust.

As an Essante Organics consultant, your first step is to determine if these products resonate with you. (I do not believe that one should market or sell something which one will not use themselves. Just my opinion.)

If so, then that's only 50% of the battle won.

The harder challenge, is to convince others and that means educating people. If you happened to meet someone who is stubborn like me and is loyal to a specific brand, then your job is set out for you.

Bottom Line: Test the product/s out yourself. If you are happy, good, if not, close the door on the opportunity. People see right through folks who are not sincere when they are selling. Many people may not be open to trying something new if they are already comfortable with a brand that they trust.

Now, with that all said, let's take a look at the Essante Organics product catalog.

Essante Organics products catalog

They have an impressive product line that features various categories such as, 

  • BODY AND SPA -(includes their shampoo's, hair gels, facial cleansers, exfoliates, lip balms, eye creams and facelift serums)
  • HOMECARE AND OUTDOOR LIVING-(includes dish soaps, laundry liquid, sanitizers, bug sprays and repellents)
  • BABY CARE-(includes baby shampoo, baby foam, toothpaste and baby lotion)
  • pH NUTRITION-(includes greens powder, superfruit nutrition powders, omega 3.6.9 formulations and ph test strips)

Let's now explore what one has to do to make money with Essante Organics.


I noticed a particular pattern when it comes to the compensation plan of most MLM businesses.

They essentially have TWO main pathways. The first is through direct sales. In other words selling the product to earn retail profits.

The second pathway is based on the building of your down-line. The focus is to recruit. Usually, this pathway is broken down into further sub-steps.

Coming back to Essante Organics, they apparently have a 6 paycheck system. The 1st Paycheck, is earning via direct selling.They give you 30% retail commission.

The rest of the 5 paycheck earnings are through recruiting, matching bonus, rank achievements and global pool profit sharing of the company.

I think that the video below from Essante Organics, does a way better job than I at explaining the comp plan. Check it out, it's only 5 minutes long.

From the video, it's evident that if you want to earn the bigger paychecks, then one must enroll more people to the business. 

The main way to become successful within a MLM business structure, or to 'climb to the top,' is to get people within your downline to duplicate what you do.

Essante Organics want you to duplicate yourself

I don't want to burst your bubble here or put you off the MLM idea, but in my personal opinion it's easier said than done.

For one, you may be passionate and enthusiastic about the business, but everyone may not be on the same level as you are. You can show people the potential of the business, but they need to develop the drive to want it badly.

The same can be said when it comes to the sales and marketing experience. Not everyone may have the same level of expertise. In fact, some folks may really want to make a passive income, but they do not want to recruit.(This platform teaches you how, without having to recruit).

Hence, it's not as easy, to get people to duplicate what you do.

Essante organics review, essante organics wants you to recruit to earn money

From the image above, you need to have 512 executives enrolled within your downline to earn $3,832.

I am not saying that it cannot be done. I do believe that it will be challenging though.

What do you think? Are you up for the challenge?

How much will it cost to become an Essante Organics 'partner'?

To buy the products as retail customer, there are no charges.

Should you decide to buy the products at discounted prices, then you will have to pay a one-time fee of $29.95. However, you still will not be entitled to earn commissions from any referrals that joins your downline.

To earn commissions, you would need to register as a BRAND PARTNER. It would cost you a one-time $499, or $199, or $29.95 fee - optional Go-Green Packs.


The company has got a long standing history within the industry. They have a decent product portfolio. For long term sustainability of the environment and safety of our health and the wellbeing of animals, the companies product line is heading in the right direction.

I do not think that Essante Organics is a scam.

Do I recommend this business for you?

If you are someone, who enjoys the recruiting type of businesses, then this may be your cup of coffee. If you are like me, one who sucks at recruiting, then I would advise you to stay clear.


I endorse one MLM company and that is THE AIM COMPANIES. I use their products but do not actively promote or go out looking for referrals. Purely because of one main reason-From previous experience I have lost some solid family relationships as a result of trying to recruit them into a MLM-venture.

I primarily make a passive income online using a business model called affiliate marketing. No recruiting, no cold-calling, no need to buy monthly stock. An affiliate marketing business can be built on any hobby, or topic that one is passionate about.

One does not need any experience to get started. As a pharmacist, I knew nothing and this awesome platform helped me get started 3 years ago.

I invite you to check out my NR.1 recommendation by clicking on the button below.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Essante Organics review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Have you had any experience with multi-level-marketing businesses? How did it work out for you?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards and Take Care


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