Auto Chat Profits: Automated Daily Profits Or A Scam In Disguise ?

Hi there and welcome to my Auto Chat Profits review. This is a system that is advertised as an 'automated software' capable of churning profits on a daily basis! Apparently this system can get working in "under 6 minutes and 14 clicks!"

Sounds amazing, right?

Is Auto Chat Profits a Scam? They claim that you can qualify for a free license to operate the software? Is there a catch? Is this really a system that is "new and unseen?" 

I decided to check out their trial version, to find answers.

It is my hope that this review will help give you all the information that you need, to help make an informed decision.

Ready? Great, let's get started!

NAME OF PROGRAM : Auto Chat Profits


FOUNDER : Unknown

WHAT IS ABOUT: Promoting Clickbank products using the affiliate marketing model.




The initial sales video hints that you need to qualify for a 'license' to use their robot software. What is this software supposed to do?

In a nutshell Auto Chat Profits is all about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a legit way of making money online.

Let me summarize this business model for you....

You need to have a website in place. With affiliate marketing you are the middle man, bringing the customer and affiliate merchant(or supplier) together.

When the customer buys from the affiliate merchant(let's say it's Amazon), you in turn earn a commission(from Amazon).That in a nutshell is how affiliate marketing works.

How does affiliate marketing work

Click on this image to start your own affiliate marketing business

Coming back to Auto Chat Profits, their idea is to give you a few tools to promote Clickbank products.

In other words, you would become a ClickBank affiliate. (I have some reservations about Clickbank, which I will discuss towards the end.)

Cool, now that you have an idea of what Auto Chat Profits is about, how exactly does the system work? Is there really 'secret robot' technology working in the back-end?

Are you going to learn about some cool 'alien way of making money quickly' method?

Let's check it out in the next section.


After all the hype and flashing bank balances that you see initially, you will later find the actual member's area to be pretty plain and disappointing in comparison. At least, this is my experience.

It's fairly straight forward too. You have to complete three steps, 

  • Step One : Sign Up as a Clickbank Affiliate
  • Step Two : Choose a Domain Name
  • Step Three : Register for an E-mail Service Provider
What is the Auto Chat Profits members area all about

A couple of points to consider here....


Step two, where you have to choose a domain name is not what you think it will be. You are not going to get a fully fledged website. 

Instead it's a single page website that offers very little in terms of customization and personalization.

I would assume that the name Auto Chat Profits, has to do with the 'type' of website that they give to you. It's a signal page template loaded with 'chat boxes.'

It looks like this, 

Why is it called Auto Chat Profit

The point of these chat boxes is to guide the visitor through a series of questions, that eventually leads to them opting for one of the Clickbank products, which if they pay, earns you a commission.

What if they do not buy anything or click "no" all the way till the end?

This is where the e-mail marketing tool comes into play, which brings me to POINT NUMBER TWO.


They want you to sign up with Get Response, an e-mail service provider.

Note: this is going to be a monthly expense, should you choose to sign up for ACP.

Why the need for the email service?

So that you can re-target the customers who opted 'NO' in the initial offer.

The last part of the training gives you a basic introduction into using Solo Ads. This is how they want you to get traffic to your website- by buying 'clicks' from people who already have an existing e-mail subscriber list.

That covers the core training enclosed within Auto Chat Profits.  

In my opinion its affiliate marketing training in reverse.

E-mail marketing comes after you get traffic, not before.

You are not given the freedom to build a website that is filled with quality content which will have a fair chance of getting ranked with Google. In other words, no focus on 'white hat' SEO techniques to get quality traffic.

So what is the agenda behind this free license?

Apart from Solo Ads,if you want to learn other traffic methods,you got to pay more. In addition their attempt to show you REAL proof of profits is not convincing enough.

Let me explain more about these two aspects next.

Wealthy Affiliate review


You got your 'ready made website.' 

If you are interested in learning more traffic methods, then you can buy their upsell called Traffic Tsunami. It will cost you $97.

The First Upsell of Auto Chat Profits

There are two additional upsells. These are: 

  • Faster Profits - $197
  • Double Your Profit Sites - $187
Auto Chat Profits is expensive with crazy upsells

As you can see, it can turn out to be quite a costly affair.

So much for free license, don't you think?

The sales video has a couple of fake testimonials. From experience, I have learned that this is quite common with some of the Clickbank products.

An interesting observation is the screenshots of their sales earnings. Take a look at this. 

Is Auto Chat Profits a scam showing 2013 earnings

Notice that they are showing you figures that date back to 2013. That is 7 years ago!

A lot has changed since then.

The point- can you really believe that this system actually works? Can you really make money with Auto Chat Profits?

What do you think?

There is someone else that is interesting when it comes to their support team.

Allow me to indulge you.


For a moment, it was 'like a breath of fresh air' when I saw that they actually had a support coach on standby.

Auto Chat Profits has a fake support coach

Sadly my happiness was quickly dampened.

With some research, I discovered that it's a stock photo that they used. In other words, the photo is available on stock image websites and anyone can use it. 

Basically it's a fake.

Auto Chat Profits is a scam with fake success coach

Nevertheless, I decided to test out how efficient and helpful their 24/7 support really is? 

I was unhappy about the fact of having to use Get Response. Not that I have anything against it. It's because I am already using ConvertKit.

I really do not see the need to pay for two services. So, I asked their support if there is a way around this issue.

The Auto Chat Profits support

To my surprise, their support was actually good.

Auto Chat Profits support is good

Is Auto Chat Profits a scam? It's time for the verdict.


To start off with, I think that the sales video is overly hyped up and misleading.They'll have you believe that the Auto Chat Profits is a simple push button system that can rake in $423.67 on a daily basis!

Is Auto  Chat Profits a scam? They lie by saying that its new and unseen technology.

As you have seen in the training section, this is not "new and unseen" stuff. E-mail marketing and affiliate marketing using Clickbank products has been around for years.

Some of the training videos are incomplete and feature rehashed content from another mediocre product called FMPS or Five Minute Profit Sites.

Auto Chat Profits is a scam

Nevertheless some of the strategies that they talk about are legit methods of making money online.

The e-mail marketing, having a website(a real one), the landing pages and Pay Per Click(PPC), are till this day used by millions of online entrepreneurs.

However, I believe that they must be used correctly(and at the right time) in order to see proper results. For instance, why spend all that money on an email marketing service provider when your site is still in it's infancy or not even properly built to receiving traffic.

You're practically going to end up burning your money.

And if you think that you can use paid advertising to promote your 'mini-websites, think again.

Google and Bing have strict regulations in place and they want to see a website that has got traction before they approve your ad. As you have seen, their template hardly qualifies as a REAL website.

Lastly, you are limited to promoting only Clickbank products. Some of them are okay, and some of them are really bad. Would you want to promote a mediocre product that you yourself would never use, to other people?

Of course not! Remember it's easy to build a website, it's harder to build an online reputation.

Bottom Line: The one good part is that you can get a refund on this purchase.The support is good. Auto Chat Profits will not be cheap if you were to buy into the additional products. I personally believe that this system may waste something more precious than your money, it's your Time.


What if I told you that you can promote anything and make money using Affiliate Marketing. Whatever your hobby or passion is, you can build a sustainable passive income business. One where you are not limited to Clickbank products only.

Would you believe it?

I can you show you an amazing teaching platform that shows you how to do this. In fact this teaching platform has the step by step lessons, the top notch support and interactive helpful community, to help you from start till the end.

And the best part is that it's free to test out. You can remain a free member for as long as you like. Interested?

Learn more about this platform here.

The game plan is to be able to set aside time and put some effort. No business can turn overnight profits. Be cautious, if anyone tells you otherwise.

Thanks for joining me on this Auto Chat Profits Review.

I hope that it has given you the answers that you need to make an informed decision.

Have you tried affiliate marketing before? If so, how was your experience. If you have not, what is your main concern or worry, if any?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Take Care



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