Is My ECom Club a Scam? Are You Ready To Pay For High Upsells?

Hi and welcome to My Ecom Club Review. Within the sales video you are going to hear these words, "this is truly the type of business that you can set up once and let run with a few tweaks."

Can it be possible and that easy to make money online? Is My Ecom Club a Scam or is it the genuine deal? No doubt, people are making serious money online. I congratulate you for turning your attention to this online world.

However, many opportunities will have you believe that you can make fortunes overnight with little or no effort. Does My Ecom Club fall into this category?

Let me show you what it's all about.


WEBSITE: www.MyEcomClub.Com

FOUNDERS : Teo Vee and Others

PRICE: 3 Upsells, $37, $1997 and $97




The man behind the free training of My Ecom Club is Teo Vee. Apparently he has been in the e-commerce game since 2008. 

Who is the owner of My Ecom Club

He states in his training videos that he has lost lot's of money in the past, and suffered much failure. This course according to him will help to avoid such pitfalls and help you to succeed in the online world with his so-called 'magic formula.'

However, as you land on the official My ECom Club website, there is no about me page. To me it seemed a bit strange. The only reason I ended up coming across Teo's name was because I decided to check out the free training. 

Later on,it became clear that other's were involved as well.

Who are the owners of My Ecom Club

For instance, in the last training videos we have a guy by the name of Jordan. 

It turns out that his name is Jordan Daniel. My research showed that he was involved in promoting a platform called MOBE. This is one that was shut down last year. You can check out my MOBE review here.

Why all the secrecy? Why don't they disclose upfront who is behind the program?

There are other names attached to My Ecom Club as well.This gave me an uneasy feeling to begin with.

Are there any good results with My ECom Club?

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You will get to know of a gentleman by the name of Max. He apparently made $68 in one day from having used the My Ecom Club system.

My Ecom club is a scam with having fake  testimonials

The only problem here is that the testimonial is fake.The image is a stock photo image available on the GettyImages Photo website.

My ecom Club is a scam with fake testimonials

The same can be said of a particular 'Mike' who made a whopping 10 grand with his site.

My ecom club is loaded with fake testimonials

Once again this image is available at GettyImages. Take a look below.

Does My Ecom Club really work fake testimonials

On the other hand, there were both positive reviews and complaints on the BBB(Better Business Bureau) website.

At this point, I am still on the fence with regards to my decision about My ECom Club.

To help me make my decision, I decided to dive into their training on offer.

This is what I learned...


What is the my Ecom Magic Formula all about

What exactly is this 'magic formula' that Teo Vee is referring to?

When you sign up to MEC or My ECom club, Teo emphasises that it's a real $200 program that you have been granted access to for FREE!

What is My Ecom Club all about

In a nutshell the course is all about teaching you how to do drop shipping using an E-commerce store. 

What exactly is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is basically where you are essentially the 'middle man' between the supplier(this is the drop shipper such as Ali Express) and the customer.

My Ecom Club review is ali express really a secret supplier

(Note: It's funny how Jordan mentions that he has revealed a secret supplier such as Ali Express. Ali Express is not a secret. Anyone searching Google will come to find that it's a multi-billion dollar empire built by Jack Ma)

So, you will buy the products from Ali Express and promote them on your online store. When the customer places an order for the item, Ali Express will handle the shipping on your behalf.

Your main job is to promote your site and handle customer complaints, honor refunds/returns and taxes, etc.

Drop shipping is a legit way of making money.

The big question here is, ''does My Ecom Club 'tick all the boxes' when it comes to providing comprehensive training?" More importantly, is My Ecom Club Affordable?

Breakdown of the Free Training

Here are the videos you gain access to as a free member:

  • Video One: Getting Started With My Ecom Club
  • Video Two: E-Commerce Essentials, The Power of E-Commerce
  • Video Three: How to Find a Niche
  • Video Four : Thinking Like an Entrepreneur
  • Video Five : Proven eCommerce Suppliers
  • Video Six : How to Use Shopify
  • Video Seven : Discover the Hottest Products to Sell
  • Video Eight : Step Strategy Session

I found some of the videos to be a 'rush-through' sort of thing. For instance let's take the third video-the one on finding a niche.

Teo first makes mention of using a Shopify website for your E-commerce store. He then takes you to FaceBook to research products. Thereafter he jumps to AliExpress, to show you the 'popularity' of these products.

After which he talks about using Facebook Advertising to promote these products.

I can understand where he is going with the whole thing. However, I keep thinking of someone who is new to all of this.

What would they be feeling? Probably overwhelmed, maybe confused even.To me it's not slow paced and not broken down in a step-by-step fashion.

During the training videos, Teo showed screenshots of the 'so-called' profits that his store was making.

However,there is something that bothered me here.

Why could he not show us the actual site or give us the domain?

I mean if we could visit his online store, then that would be the 'proof in the pudding', right?

What do you think?

Bottom Line: Despite everything I think that the free training is fair. It provides one with a basic introduction into the world of E-commerce. So if you want to learn about using Shopify, AliExpress and Drop Shipping, this course can help as a start-up.

Where does all this lead to?

At some point, you are going to ask yourself, "why all this free training, what is the catch?" I mean free training is nice and all, but surely there is a price to pay.

It turns out, there is a price to pay, and it's not cheap!

Let me show you.


The website does make mention of the $37 advisor fee.This is if you opt to have a coach by your side during the training. 

My Ecom Club advisor

I was assigned a certain Elise Nassiff as my advisor. It would have been nice to see what Elise looks like.

Anyway the costs do not stop there.

They have an offer that they claim is an "all done for you site"

They state that;

  • They can build your entire Shopify Store for You,
  • You can choose from their list of popular niches,
  • They will load the best converting products on your site,
  • These sites will allow you to fulfill your customer orders with a simple click of a button,

All of this, they will sell to you for $2497.

How much does My ecom club costs

However for a limited time only, they are prepared to discount it by $500, and give it to for $1997.

My Ecom Club is a scam with heavy priced items

Interestingly enough, this deal is actually available anytime. I refreshed my browser and visited the site a day later, and I still qualified for the $1997 price. So don't feel pressured here.

Say for instance that you decide to sign up, the support and training is going to be an additional expense. It comes at the amount of $97.

How much does My ecom club really costs

For me, the most shocking part is that unlike various other products that I have come across, there is no grace period or no money back guarantee here. 

In the case of My Ecom Club, you are not spending a few bucks, but over 2 grand. Sadly though, there is no refunds as per agreement.

My ecom club no refunds

To summarise, you spend $37(advisor fee) + $1997(membership) + $97(support), and you cannot get a refund if the system does not work for you. You also have to wait 2 weeks for your 'done for you' site to be ready.

Does this sound scammy to you?

Is My Ecom Club a scam?

It's time for the verdict.


I think that Teo should be given his due for the training that he has put out here. For a newbie wanting to get into the drop shipping game, it can provide as a basic introduction. From this point of view, I do not think that My ECom Club is a scam.

However, I did not like the way they kept back some crucial information, only until the end.The site is not very clear as to who is behind this project. Most importantly you only get to find out the actual costs later. 

To me it seems that once you pay for My ECom Club, you are sort of locked in. Therefore, one should carefully consider this as there is a substantial amount of money involved.

A final point to drive home- Yes, it's nice to have a 'fully automatic done for you business' on your hands, where you have to do very little and wait for the profits to roll in.

From experience, I learned that when it comes to building a solid online business of your own, it's a rollercoaster ride. You are going to have up's and down's, success and failure. 

It helps to 'get your hands dirty' and do the stuff on your own, and most importantly, having mentorship and support like this awesome training platform is crucial.

In that way, you are more independent and will know what works and what doesn't. Just my 2 cents here!

Should you join My ECom Club?

My answer to you is, listen to your heart. If it feels right then go for it. If it does not ,walk away. Honor your feelings, whatever it tells you.


My Ecom Club Review

They are right when they say that if you follow someone who is already doing what you are doing and having success, then it increases your chances of becoming a success.

When I started 3 years ago in the online world, I had a mentor. In fact I have an online community of like minded individuals helping me to achieve the online success that I have today.

I knew nothing about online business. Just knowing that I was not alone and had help every step of the way made a huge difference.

This teaching platform has step-by step training, top notch back up for your business, and this cool community that I keep bragging about (lol).

You can join this platform for free and see for yourself, exactly what I am talking about.

As Teo said, more and more people are shopping online. This teaching platform taught me how to tap into this billion dollar market without having to buy products or worry about after-sales customer queries. They taught me how to make money using another legit business model called affiliate marketing.

I would like the opportunity to mentor you and help you build your very own affiliate marketing business, if you are interested. 

Simply join this platform for FREE, and we can get started or read more below.

Thanks so much for joining me on My Ecom Club Review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I promise to get back to you as soon as I can.

Have an awesome 2019.



6 thoughts on “Is My ECom Club a Scam? Are You Ready To Pay For High Upsells?”

  1. I must say that this article was very helpful to me as one of my friends asked me about this stuff but I did not know is it trusted or a scam. It is not so expensive but I would spend money on some trusted and legit training because getting rich overnight is not possible. Thanks for sharing such an honest review.

  2. I was told one can really make money online but I gave no preference to that because I had a job then. I lost my job about three months ago and since then I have searching for ways to make money online . I have been coming across different platforms but none has been explanatory as this and the fact that I don’t want to fall victim of scam has really held me back. Reading this I have known a lot about my ecom club and the features are convincing. I will join your platform so I can learn more about affiliate marketing because I believe what other recommends is the best to go for.

    • Hi There

      Sorry to hear about your job.Please reach out to me whenever you want. 

      I know that sometimes it can be hard to start trusting, but I would like you to know that if you need help with any aspect, just give me a shout.

  3. Great detective job! I think drop shipping was great about 5 years ago, not it started to die down, in my opinion. My Ecom club to me doesn’t sound so legit, they might be right with their course but you can get that information for free on youtube and might get more if you do the reseach on your own. I hope people do the research before joining my ecom club.

  4. Hi Roopesh! I appreciate your honest review of this site. After reading your review, I really don’t trust My Ecom Club. The lack of upfront information concerning who is back of the system is scary (in my point of view). And the prices are high with upsells. The only way I could pay all that money is being sure the system works. And I feel we can’t be sure. And on the other side, they don’t have a money back policy. So, I’ll move on. My Ecom Club is not for me. Thank you for the review.


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