Pure Haven Essentials Review- Is Pure Haven A Legit Business Opportunity?

Hi there. Welcome to my Pure Haven Essentials review. Considering joining the MLM(multi-level marketing) game?

Just like other make money sectors, the MLM industry also has their fair share of changes. One minute, a company might have the 'right ingredients' to join and the next moment, it's labelled as a 'stay-away-from', pyramid scheme.

Is Pure Haven legit or does it fall into the scam category? What challenges are there, if any, that one will face should they decide to build a Pure Haven home based business? Finally, does the company really supply you with the adequate tools to become a successful consultant?

It's always a good thing to do your research. At the end of the day, you need to find a way of making money that is not only legit, but more importantly feels right for you.

Is it my hope that this review will help to make that decision an easier one.

Let's get started by checking out who it is that is behind the Pure Haven Business opportunity.

NAME OF PRODUCT: Pure Haven Essentials

WEBSITE: www.PureHavenEssentials.com

OWNER: Joe Orcho(CEO)

WHAT IS ABOUT: A MLM(multi-level marketing) opportunity that is focused on selling toxin-free products.




Pure Haven prides themselves in selling products that are not ridden with toxic chemicals or ingredients. 

In my books, this is a plus already. However, is there real proof that these are made with the strictest of standards? I will reveal that to you in the next section. 

The initial hiccup which I found to be shocking was the fact that I could not find any information on the owners of Pure Haven.

Clicking on the contact information does not give you anyone's name.

Why no evidence of the founders of Pure Haven

I then ran a quick check with BBB(better business bureau), and nothing came up there as well.

Why does pure haven essentials no have any proof of the owners

Strange don't you think? Why all the secrecy?

Were these folks hiding something? 

Upon further investigation and referencing other Pure Haven essentials reviews, it turns out that Pure Haven is a rebranded version of a company called Ava Anderson non toxic that was shut down on the 25th January 2016.

This is confirmed by noticing that the phone number on the BBE site for Ava Anderson and Pure Haven are exactly the same.

Pure Haven is a rebrand of ava anderson
Pure haven is a rebrand of Ava Anderson

Ava Anderson, founded the Ava Anderson Non Toxic brand at the young age of 19 years. Her passion for producing non toxic products led her to building a business, made of cosmetics, soaps, creams and other products.

Ava Anderson founder of Ava Anderson non toxic

Apparently, the story goes that some of their suppliers could not honor the deal by providing products that were completely synthetic-free. They discovered foreign ingredients within these products that affected the overall integrity of the products. 

The family also claimed that their daughter was attacked whilst trying to build and protect the brand on social media. 

Another reason for the closure, was purely from the basis of a family decision. There are stories of newly appointed owners and a CEO. On record, the latest is, that they have a Mr. Joe Ochoa, as the acting CEO.

Whatever the case may be, I think that they should still keep folks informed of their site.

Having a little bit of transparency can go a long way. Even if it means having a small  'about me' section, that can put the trust issue at rest.

Maybe I am crazy and asking for too much. 

Let's talk about the products.

Are they really non-toxic? Do they work?

Coming up next.

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The Pure Haven essentials catalog is quite extensive boasting products that cover a wide range of categories.

Pure haven essentials products

These categories include, 

  • Pure Haven Essential Oils
  • Make-up products
  • Petcare products
  • Body and hair care products,
  • Men's grooming products

Are these products really non-toxic?

I learned that back in September 2016, Pure Haven Essentials was awarded certification as a USDA National Organic Program certified organic manufacturing facility.

The site boldy states the following claim,

Our products are 100% free of toxins. Guaranteed.

Do the Pure Haven essentials products work?

I think that answer would depend on the individual. What may work for you, may not necessarily work for me.

In other words, you have to try the products out yourself. This is the main 'starting step' to building a Pure Haven business.

If and only once you are happy with the results of having used the products, will it then become easier to market it to others.

Speaking of making money with Pure Haven essentials, there are more ways.

Let me show you their compensation plan.


To get started with the Pure Haven business, you have to purchase a business kit. There are three options that you can choose from. 

Along with the kit purchases, you also get your own marketing website.

  • BASIC KIT, $199

As with most MLM companies, their compensation plan can become pretty complicated. I will try to make it as simple as possible to understand.

There are 4 ways of making money with Pure Haven.

  • Commission and Bonus on Personal Sales
  • Building your Group
  • Earn income through Executive Promotion
  • Earn Generation Commissions on entire Groups in your downline


You can earn up to 30-50% commission on personal sales generated.(You cannot earn commissions on your direct purchases as they already offer you a 30% discount)

The more products you sell, the higher are your commissions

Pure haven essentials compensation plan


From this point onward, the focus is on the building of your downline. The more folks that you introduce and who ultimately joins you, the more money you earn.

You start at the consultant level. When another consultant joins you, you achieve the STAR RANK. When you get two consultants, you achieve the DOUBLE STAR RANK, and so forth.

Each rank pays out a specific commission based on the volume that the members makes.


STAR CONSULTANT(One consultant sponsored)

  • personal sales PLUS
  • 5% on personal sponsored CV(constant volume)

DOUBLE STAR CONSULTANT(Two consultants sponsored)

  • personal sales PLUS
  • 7% on all personally sponsored (Level 1) CV PLUS
  •  3% on all Level 2 CV

TRIPLE STAR CONSULTANT(Three consultants sponsored)

  • personal sales PLUS
  •  7% on all personally sponsored (Level 1) CV
  •  5% on all Level 2 CV
  •  3% on all Level 3 CV

EXECUTIVE CONSULTANT(Four consultants directly sponsored)

  • all personal sales PLUS
  • 7% on all personally sponsored (Level 1) CV PLUS
  • 5% on all level 2 CV PLUS 
  • 5% on all level 3 CV PLUS 
  • 2% on all CV in his/her group regardless of what level they are at. 


When you reach the Executive rank, you unlock the first 'leadership' level.They award you with a $500 New Executive Bonus.

You can also earn an additional $500 bonus, should a member within your downline achieve the executive rank as well.


Your objective at this stage, is to help consultants to promote to the Executive level and beyond, and you in turn can earn the higher paychecks.

You can earn up to five generations down.

Pure Haven essentials compensation plan is complicated

It should be noted that to qualify for any commissions, one must be an active consultant. 

For instance, if you are in the beginning stages, you will have to have $300 or more in personal sales(PS)

To qualify for the Executive generational commissions, as in the table above, one must make  $1000 in monthly PS, $8000 in group sales(GS), have 4 Active Legs and 2 Double Star legs.

Bottom Line: If you are deciding to get into this business, you may need to consider your budget as the initial investment costs may not be everyone's cup of coffee.

Now that we know what it is that we have to do to become a success, is it the right business for you?

Let me help you to make the decision easier


Is Pure Haven Essentials a pyramid scheme? The company does have a decent product portfolio. Hence, it's not simply a case about money exchange. So, as far as that is concerned, I do not think that Pure Have Essentials is a scam. 

Should you sign up to Pure Haven? Before you decide to go ahead, consider these three issues.


When I say 'limited growth' I am not referring to their compensation plan, but rather to the countries of operation. As a consultant, you can only join if you are a US resident.

You can only join if you are a us citizen

Which means you are going to be operating from only one country.

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One of the main tools that they give you, is a marketing website.

The site looks like the original company's one, except that it has your details on it.

Are the tools sufficient enough to help you grow your business?

From experience,I learned that by simply dropping links(like website links) on Social Media is not enough to get people interested in your offer. People want information and help, and need to trust you before you can sell anything to them.

The other challenge is that your generic marketing website will look exactly the same as the other Pure Haven consultants. How do you stand out amongst the crowd?


Pure haven essentials is a scam as they want you to recruit

The more folks you recruit, the higher the commissions you earn. Plain and simple, that is how one becomes a success in the MLM industry. 

Is recruiting your key strength?

I tried MLM before and focused on getting family members to join me first. In the process, I lost many meaningful relationships. 

I am not blaming the company or anything like that. My point is that recruiting was not my key strength and I do not like the idea of 'hosting parties', 'going to seminars,' etc. 

If you have good sales and marketing experience, then perhaps Pure Haven may be the business for you.


I do not believe that all MLM businesses are scams.

In fact, there is one MLM business that I do endorse and that is THE AIM COMPANIES. They are a health based company and as a pharmacist, I have experienced amazing benefits with using their products.

On that basis, I will tell people about the business, but I do not actively focus on building it. I do not even know what the comp plan is all about. Read my AIM COMPANIES review here

I make money online without having to recruit a single person. I DO NOT need to buy any products or spend money monthly, to keep the business active. Its based on a different type of marketing model called affiliate marketing.

If recruiting is not your thing, then I invite you to check out My NR.1 Recommendation HERE.

Thanks so much for joining me on this Pure Haven Essentials Review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Do you prefer affiliate marketing or multi-level marketing? 

Let me know your thoughts.

Looking forward in hearing from you

Kind Regards and Take Care



15 thoughts on “Pure Haven Essentials Review- Is Pure Haven A Legit Business Opportunity?”

  1. Hi there,

    Thank you for this in depth look at the history of this company. To me the young lady who intitially stated the company most likely had good intentions. Anyone who starts up an ethical, environmentally friendly company usually does. She, as your article states was let down a lot by her manufacturers.

    My question would be do you think she could turn this around in some kind of reputation damage reverse story? Like use the fact how she was so let down, and she went onto grow her business better and bigger type thing? 

    Would be a great lesson learned profile story.

    • I agree with you that the intentions are good. I also do believe that a company that has a sincere ‘mission’ that reach massive levels of success.

      Nothing can stop anyone with good intentions and with the interests of people first, to build a solid online business,

      I guess time will tell….

  2. H Roopish<

    I am like you not a MLM fan at all. But you have peaked my interest in the Pure Haven Plan. I would hesitate because of the failure of Ava Anderson non toxic, but she was only 19yrs old. Being so young, could have been the problem, she was too inexperienced maybe? Pure Haven is offering a fairly decent income level structure, and the top package at less than $600 buck is very reasonable for a new business start up! However, it would depend upon more research before I got involved. And like I said, I am not a fan of MLM.

    I do like your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliates, they are a better alternative, with less money upfront as well. And the good part is, they are not an MLM. No recruiting! Thanks for bringing this MLM to my attention, and helping me to stay away from it as well!


  3. IMHO, Affiliate Marketing dominates MLM because with MLM you are limited to not only have to make initial recruits, but to also motivate those recruits to also recruit and finding enough people interested in such propositions is not easy in my experience.

    With Affiliate Marketing you are more dependent on your own work and can focus on building up a niche website to gain traffic month after month for years to come and with the right affiliate offers is worth a lot of money in the long term.

    I do hear stories of people making it big in MLM, but it seems these are always the people that get in ‘on the ground floor’ so to speak and then these markets for a particular program seem to saturate.

  4. Hi Roopesh,

    Great comprehensive review on Pure Haven Essentials. I had not heard of this company prior to this. 

    I believe there are great MLM companies out there although as you mentioned, they do involve recruiting. And also require much promoting of the products to get other members onboard. I was part of an MLM company a couple years ago – loved the product although “selling” even though they don’t call it selling was not for me. I felt much too “pushy” prompting the company. 

    I have to agree with you that affiliate marketing is a much better business model. There’s no selling or recruiting involved which is much more suited for me. 

    Kind regards


    • Hi Christine

      Hope that you are well?

      Thanks for sharing your experience of MLM.

      If you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing, or how to get started, click here.

      All the best and take care


  5. What a courage of an 19 years old girl to found her own business. It is a good example for everyone who is a hard-worker and never makes a rest. Really impressive. Regarding to the topic, in my opinion it is better to use Non Toxic brand as these do not have negative effects to the organism. Bio products are always healthy. 

  6. I’ve not heard of pure haven but I have had experience of MLM companies  and unfortunately it was not a nice one.

    It was really hard to make ends meat and twice as hard to recruit. Luckily I did manage to make a small profit but the initial outlay was much cheaper than the memberships that pure heaven are demanding and I for one would never join for those prices.

    I don’t believe MLM business models work in the long run as they do require continuous recruiting to make them work as the stock sales don’t actually cover their running costs as the main income is in the joining fees. If that reduces then the company runs into difficulties.

  7. I had not heard of Pure Haven Essentials, but I have to say that little to no reference regarding the change of ownership would be disconcerting to me. Are these even the same products, or did those change too?

    Because you endorse AIM, I’m going to look at it. While I’m not looking to get into MLM (again) for now, I am a firm believer in multiple income streams and MLM can be an income stream if you have the skill, patience and luck to develop a strong downline.

    Recruiting is DEFINITELY not my thing. The last place I tried MLM was also health related. They didn’t allow independent online marketing for lead generation, a consultant would have to buy into their lead generation system as an extra service in order to benefit from the new way things are done.

    Does AIM limit you in that way?

    I am already using your number 1 recommended global business opportunity and I am happy so far with their offerings and with my own vision for potential through them. I am building that income stream to a point when I will be ready to approach MLM again to develop another.

    Thanks for the information! 

    • Hi there

      Thanks so much for stopping by.

      To be honest with you, I do not know much about AIM COMPANIES compensation plan. I endorse the company purely because I am been using the products for a number of years, and I know that it works.

      I do not concentrate on building THE AIM business, as I too am not a fan of MLM business. I love to follow the affiliate marketing model.

      You can check my NR.1 Recommendation here.



  8. mmmh, I can’t afford to do this MLM business because the cost involved in running the business is just but too much.

    Basic Kit has the minimal amount of cost at $199, that is $200 in short, its a lot of money, especially for a person like me who is looking to start a business and is struggling financially. 

    I will try affiliate marketing as per your recommendation, it has reasonable cost, I have signed in and I will be assessing how the program works for the next week, If all goes well, I am going to upgrade.

    Thank you so much for providing such valuable information 

  9. Before actually starting to do anything online I look for reviews and thank you for writing a good honest one. If what I have reed in the past is true even the most awesome pyramid will only make the first people involved get rich, as with everyone building legs quickly runs through the interested people leaving the bottom of the leg, no one to recruit. I am always happy to read about opportunities being scam or real. Thank you for writing about Pure Heaven nice to read the truth  


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