Artius Club Review : Is Artius Club A Scam or A Legit Business For You?

Hi there and welcome to my Artius Club review. You may have recently been approached by someone who has invited you to the Artius Club business. You may have also heard that with the Artius Club you can earn without having to put any money down.

Sounds amazing right?

What exactly is the Artius Club all about? Is it a scam or a legit business opportunity? 

I would like to share my findings with you on Artius Club. It's my hope that this review will help to make your decision much easier.

Ready? Cool, lets get started!




WHAT IS IT ABOUT: It involves the selling of digital products and advertising space. Members can also partake in their referral program to earn money.




If there is one thing that makes me suspicious about any business opportunity, it's when there are no owners or founders standing in to take responsibility.

This is the red flag that stands out like a sore thumb with Artius Club. When one clicks on the 'About Us' tab on the official website, it simply redirects one back to the homepage.

Why all the mystery? Why no transparency?

Who is the owner of artius club

The only information that I could find about the companies origin is the official domain that was last updated in September 2016. Not much else could be determined as everything was kept private. 

Which begs the question? Would you trust your money with a 'ghost', or someone whom you've never met or seen?

I didn't think so!

Let's take a look at how Artius Club operates. 

Wealthy Affiliate review


The Artius Club markets itself as a 'private enterprise' that offers it affiliates the opportunity to earn commissions by investing in their products. More importantly so, by recruiting affiliates to the club.

This is their official statement, 

Artius Club is a scam

What exactly are these 'commercial operations'?

There are two main commercial operations that they are referring to.

How to make money with artius club


The one is related to online advertising. It's called

These are ad links that members must promote. Once people click to view these ads, members will in turn earn a commission. So, its a CPC(cost per click) venture, so to speak.

As for the tools they give you, its your own unique affiliate link. You can also customize this link, if you so wish to.

Can you make good money with these kind of ad jobs?

The amount of money you earn, is dependent on the country from which these clicks are generated in.

how much can you earn with artius club ads

The second way to earn commissions is by getting folks to register for and play one of the GAMES listed on their platform.

Once again, you are provided with your own affiliate link to share these games with folks on social media, blogs, e-mails, etc.

In addition, they provide you with a link to a landing page as well. In my opinion, it's a very plain and basic looking landing page in terms of  design.

As for the games itself, there are 11 games in total that one can promote online.

Artius Club review how can you make money with artius club? by playing games?


The Artius Club adopts a unilevel compensation pay structure that allows a member to earn commissions up to six levels down.

This means that you can earn commissions from any ad clicks or purchases that your direct referrals make(the people who joined with your link), and from the ad clicks and purchases from the clients of your referrals(indirect referrals).

The Artius Club Commissions levels what is the Artius Club all about

In order to build your downline, they recommend that you promote your affiliate link via, 

  • Social Networks
  • E-mail or SMS
  • Live chats

When earning from ads, according to Artius Club, the commission is split 50%. You get 50% and the remainder is apparently split between your upline and for the administration costs of running the platform.

As for the 'playing games' part, it is dependent on the country in which the game is played in. From my understanding, you will not get paid, if the game is not 'authorized for play' within that country.

 For instance, the game ELDARYA, is only open to three countries. 

Artius club how much can you earn by playing games

The payout will be the same as for the ads, where 50% comes to you and the balance is split between the upline and the administration platform respectively.

Is it worth your time to join Artius Club?

What do you think so far?


It's evident from the comp.plan, that the ultimate goal here is to build a strong downline so that one can capitalize on the efforts of your indirect referrals.

Here are two potential problems. 

The first is that since the only way that one can join Artius Club is via your  affiliate link, this means that one has to promote it on social media. Of course you can also write a blog article like this one, and get folks to sign up.(Learn about this awesome platform that teaches you how to build an online business from scratch.)

The problem is that social media platforms do not take it very lightly when one just 'drops links' all over the place. You will end building a reputation as a 'spammer' and no-one like spammers.

The second issue, is that gaming products are not 'rare'. People are savy when it comes to spending, and they won't simply buy 'medicore gaming products' when they can settle for something better. The point, marketing a few gaming products may not be the best way to getting started with an online business.

Apart from no owner or CEO on record, Artius Club offers very little training.

Why I think that Artius Club is a pyramid scheme?

Lastly, the videos are focused heavily on recruiting and not much else. No emphasis on the actual product or service.

The cost to join the Artius Club is $35. You do not pay an upfront fee, but as soon as you start recruiting folks and earning, they will deduct from you, the monies owed.

As I've showed you, for both the games and the ads, the payout is really small. And that means, that it will take a long time and lots of effort to reach that $35 point. Only then, after having broke even, are you in the clear to start making profit.

Sounds to me, like lots of time wasted and very little reward in return. I personally would not recommend Artius Club.


If you are going to be spending your precious time and working hard at making money online, then why not invest in yourself, and build a legacy that will reward you for the future?

The truth is that there are no 'get rich quick' formulas out there. It all boils down to hard work and time. I believe that that is what separates the successful from the 'not so successful.'

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Thanks for joining me on this Artius Club review.

I hope that it has helped you out.

Have you had any luck with playing games or sharing ads in the past? 

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Kind Regards and Take Care



11 thoughts on “Artius Club Review : Is Artius Club A Scam or A Legit Business For You?”

  1. Excellent article. It’s crazy the number of recruiting sites that are out there promising huge commissions only to pay pennies more than anything else. It’s an eye-opener to many to how many of these sites exist. One thing I like about your article and site is you can reach out and inform the populace of such sites while offering insight on ways for others to invest their time into and see an awesome reward. Thank you for sharing. 

    • You are most welcome. 

      That is the cool part of having a website. With the right training, and tools, you are able to reach out to the world and help and teach them legit ways on how to make money online.

      I have met some really amazing people online and nothing feels more awesome knowing that you helped to make a difference in someone’s life.

      Should you need help with anything, just give a shout.

      All the best


  2. Hi, I have never heard of the Artius club before. I don’t like these kind of things. They just cannot make me feel slimy. At least the one we play games sounds like it might be a little bit of fun rather than just promoting items you know nothing about. I appreciate your taking the time to review these kinds of programs to let people know the truth about what they are and to avoid them! Mean it doesn’t sound like a 100% scam, once you get over that $35 hump you can bring in a few pennies here and there but it sounds like it’s a lot of work for not much return.

  3. Thank you for such an informative article. I’m surprised that companies like that continue to exist when there are many more legit ways to earn money online.

    The over riding takeaway I got from your article is that we need to do our homework before signing up to anything. With the primary one being how active the owners are in their promotion and support. 

    Good food for thought.

  4. I have not heard of the Artius club before but it looks as though this is yet another scam as soon as I read user unknown! 

    You just know it don’t you.

    Is there no legitimate online businesses that you can do to earn an honest wage online?

    I do however think it’s a good idea that your membership is taken out of your affiliate referals commission so it shows potential so I don’t understand why the secrecy to the origins of the company behind the product.

  5. HI, Roopesh.  I hadn’t heard of Artius Club before reading your review.  From what you said, though, is sounds a lot like a pyramid scheme.  The products listed are not much more than a cover for the recruiting effort, which seems to be the main focus of the website.  I’ve been burned by MLM and pyramid schemes in the past, so I’m pretty leery of them.  Your review will help me and others become more informed.  Do you have any idea of how many people have signed up so far?  Thanks for your review.


    • Hey Grant

      Sorry to hear about your experience with MLM’s and pyramid schemes.I too got hit pretty hard with a business called Skybiz. It promised huge fortunes, and at the time, I was so hyped up. 

      Sadly though, I ended up loosing lots of meaningful relationships.

      As for the member count of ArtiusClub, I have no idea how many they have.

      Take Care


  6. Hey Roopesh,

    These kind of websites are very common in online world.  Artiusclub does not seem like scam but $35,  I think will take a lot of time to deduct it from your balance and start your own earning. 

    Some of the most established sites like click sense and other few, has same module but with a slight variation.  Clicksense does not deduct any amount and totally free to join and a paid to click (PTC) site.

    Do you think Artiusclub is a scam?

    • Hi There. 

      Yes, I have actually used Clicksense before. I agree that it different compared to Artiusclub.

      As for ArtiusClub being a scam, I personally would not recommend it.



  7. I have never even heard of Artius club.  There are a lot of places online that tell you they can help you to earn money and not all of them are scams but some of them will just waste your valuable time with little to no earnings to show for it.  If you want to make money online and have it not feel like a job then you need to do something that you love to do.  Whateveer that is can be turned into a business by helping others and making money.

    • I agree with you completely. If you love what you, its does not feel like a job. It’s something that you will look forward to do. The bonus, is to find a business opportunity that pays you your worth. 

      Thanks so much for stopping by.




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