Cryptocurrency Fear, Are Bitcoins a Good investment or Not?

Recently, bitcoins have been getting some attention in the news. This has made lots of folks ask the all important question, are bitcoins a good investment or not?

Unfortunately, the answer is simply not as straightforward. Why?

Well to start off, this sort of cryptocurrency is something that folks are still getting accustomed to. When it makes the news, its value fluctuates. Furthermore, the price is not dependent on the economy but is rather related to its supply and demand.

So, to answer the question, let us look at some important information about this digital currency, that will help in making an informed decision.

Are you up for that? Great, let’s start.

Some Facts about Bitcoins

Lets take a look at some interesting facts about Bitcoins

  • They are already in their eighth year of operation
  • There will never be more than 21 Million Bitcoins
  • Last year the value of Bitcoins was just over $4billion
  • Bitcoin is a volatile ‘currency’ and its value fluctuates from time to time
  • By the end of 2017, there will an estimate of 4.7million users!

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What are some of the benefits of using Bitcoins?

Since its inception in 2009, bitcoins are still doing the rounds. This tells us people are still using them in transactions and various merchants out there are happily accepting them as a form of payment.

Lets looks at some of the benefits of using this form of digital currency.

  1. Ease of transactingAre bitcoins a good investment

Bitcoin is decentralized. This simply means that it is not regulated by a central authority such as a bank. This allows one to perform transactions, from anywhere, at any time without any restrictions.

2. Low Transacting Fees

When making a payment to a merchant, the additional charges may be negligible or nothing at all. Even after a transaction has concluded and one would have to convert the bitcoin value to flat currency, the fee would still be much lower compared to having used a credit card.

3. No Identity Theft

When signing up to a bitcoin wallet, (a storage place for your bitcoin ‘money’), your personal information is not needed.Are bitcoins a good investment

Whilst every finalized transaction is recorded within the blockchain,(this is a record, for the public to view), only public addresses of the parties are visible and nothing else.

This means that you can perform a payment without anyone knowing any of your information.

Whilst this is a good thing, in that your identity is protected, it has also become a primary source for people to perform in dealings that involve drugs and other dark markets.

4.Bitcoin Transactions cannot be Manipulated

Earlier on, I mentioned something called the blockchain. This is the ledger whereby all transactions are recorded and are available for the public to see.

Click on this link to see what the blockchain looks like.

Once a payment has taken place, no-one can alter or manipulate these as they are encrypted.

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Bitcoins are still not as Popular 

Though there are quite a number of merchants that are out there from Mclaren to Subway, to Namecheap, Microsoft, and certain supermarkets, it’s still, I believe, in its infancy in terms of acceptance as a form of ‘currency.’

The fact that only around 20% of the world’s population are clued up as to what a bitcoin actually is, it shows that there is a lack of awareness and understanding when it comes to this cryptocurrency.

It’s time to look at its recent success….

Bitcoins and its Success for 2017

For the first time in 3-years, Bitcoin had reached its highest grossing value of $1,000.

What had caused the value to go up?

Are bitcoins a good investment

It is said that most of the transactions regarding bitcoin trading takes place in China.

One of the reasons that this value reached an all-time high, was due to an increased demand for BITCOIN, due to a surge in the Yuan, China’s domestic currency.

Will the Value of Bitcoin go up?

This is hard to say, as inflation does not determine the price of a bitcoin, but rather the demand.So, we really can’t predict which way it will go.

Bitcoins are released into circulation via a process of mining. Are bitcoins a good investment

Up to a certain point, as we get closer to the 21 Million mark, bitcoins may gain a stronger hold in the market which may push the demand higher.

Only time will tell if the value will go higher or not. The big question now is, is it worth it to invest in bitcoins?

Are bitcoins a good investment?

Personally, I think one should tread carefully when it comes to bitcoins. Mainly because of its volatility.

However, I would certainly invest in Bitcoins. Definitely, not everything that I have, but an amount that I am prepared to lose.

I think that with Bitcoins, it can go either way, up or down. There is a limited supply and I would invest in it to have a ‘part of the future,’

I don’t think that bitcoins are a way of getting rich quickly. Having said that, there is a way of watching the daily trades of bitcoins and making some bucks by ‘entering’ and ‘exiting’ a trade at the correct time. This is something that I have yet to try.

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What about cloud mining?

This is simply the process whereby you sign up with a cloud mining company. You buy hash power or computing power.

In essence, you are helping the mining company with your contribution and will earn a percentage, depending on the amount invested.

I will be going into that in a later post, for those of you who would like to learn more, please watch this space.


Well, what do you think? Are bitcoins a good investment for you?

Will you go for it or not?

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Thanks for joining me today and I hope that you enjoyed this article.

Wish you all, the best of success in your 2017. May you have a fantastic year.



8 thoughts on “Cryptocurrency Fear, Are Bitcoins a Good investment or Not?”

  1. Before reading this, I knew very little about Cryptocurrency. The only thing related to Cryptocurrency that I knew about is probably PayPal, which seems to be very different then what you are talking about on this post.

    Bitcoins may continue to be used more over time in the world’s technological age. If one is smart about using bitcoins, I think they would use some extra money to purchase some and wait until they are in high demand (I think they likely will be, sooner or later). When they are in high demand will be the time to use them in online purchases that accept them.

    I am a recent college graduate, so bitcoins will likely be something I invest in sometime in about 5 years or so.

    Thank you for the information! I enjoyed learning about Cryptocurrency and bitcoins!

    • Hi Roman

      Thank you so much for your comment.

      I think that bitcoins, will still be used as time goes on.The volatility of this digital currency, is what one should always be aware of.

      Glad that you enjoyed this article.



  2. Hi, I had no idea that Bitcoins have been around for eight years already. Have a lot of People been using Bitcoins in the last eight years? Isn’t it a good thing,that when you make a payment with Bitcoins, that nobody knows your information? How do they get your information, to involve you in drug, and other dark markets? Aren’t Bitcoins better for merchants to receive, and easier?

    • Hi Larry

      Thank you for stopping by.

      A very small percentage of the population are aware of how bitcoins exactly work.Bitcoins transactions are open for viewing in the public ledger.You are right when say that no private information of the parties involved are not disclosed here.

      When I say drug markets, I mean the ‘dodgy’ folks turn to bitcoins to fund their operations as there are no traces to them.

      Not many merchants accept bitcoins at the moment.Though, the numbers are increasing.

      Hope this answers your questions.

      Kind Regards


  3. I have been suspicious of bitcoin as a form of financial transaction primarily because I have not know much about it. Your article points out that this is true of much of the world’s population. I have more understanding of bitcoin as I have read you article. I also didn’t realize that it could be an investment vehicle. Although I don’t think I would invest in something like this until I understand it more, I believe I may give it a try in terms of purchasing where merchants online line and offline accept it. Basically just for the experience. Thanks for taking the time to write about Bitcoin. I believe I learned something today.

  4. I love this article. When you think you know everything about a product new information come out. You are up to date on your information. Thank you for educating me further on this.


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