Daily Cash Siphon Review- Can You ‘Siphon’Cash in Under 7 Minutes and 19 Clicks?

Hey there and welcome to my Daily Cash Siphon review. I must admit, that when I heard that this is based on a topic that is 'controversial' and that you can make money 'legally by siphoning your share of a $480 million market.' it got my curiosity.

At the same time, it did not make sense to me. One minute its controversial then the next its legal. If its legal, then there should be no problem at all, right? Maybe it was just a marketing tactic of some kind.

There was a time when Clickbank did have good products in their marketplace.These days, one cannot say the same.

Perhaps, Daily Cash Siphon is one of those rare, good products that is among the rubble. In any event, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and checked their system out.

Is Daily Cash Siphon a Scam that ends up giving you a whole bunch of empty promises? During my research, I made some discoveries.

Let's dive deeper, and let me show you what I've found.

NAME OF PROGRAM: Daily Cash Siphon

WEBSITE: www.DailyCashSiphon.com

WHAT IS IT ABOUT: The course is aimed at teaching you how to sell Clickbank products using affiliate marketing.

OWNER: Chris Parker




There are a number of signs that show that the creators behind Daily Cash Siphon are taking their chances and trying to 'pull a fast one' on you as far as marketing is concerned.

One of the main giveaways is the fact that, the Daily Cash Siphon shares alot of information from another mediocre product called, Five Minute Profit Sites. 

To start off, take a look at the similarities in their sales pages.

Daily Cash siphon review.



The figures in both pictures are the same. 

The folks behind this system thought that they could use the same marketing images, videos,and photos, and just slap different names onto the products and expect the 'unknowing' individual to fall victim to it.

These days, people do their homework before they buy. It's what you are doing right now. Researching before you spend your money. 

So far, things are not looking all that good for Daily Cash Siphon. Nevertheless, I continued watching the video.

When they finally mentioned that they would indeed show you how their system worked, it raised an eyebrow.

How does daily cash siphon work

It turns out, that this business is based on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is certainly a legit way of making money online, as I personally do it.(Read some success stories here).  

I decided to investigate further and see what it is that they are offering.

Allow me to show you.


I've got to admit to you that I was proven wrong.

Daily Cash Siphon inside the member area

To my surprise, I discovered that the training was pretty okay. The owner, Chris Parker covered a range of topics that relate to affiliate marketing.

Most of them are in the form of video modules(60 in total) and they have their own set of tasks(33 tasks).

Is Daily Cash Siphon a Scam

The sections that are covered within this course are as follows: 


What do I think of the training?

As I've mentioned above, I think that the training is decent. For someone who is new to internet marketing , the training can provide a 'birds eye view' of what affiliate marketing is about. 

The principal concept behind affiliate marketing is where you bring together, a customer and an affiliate merchant, by using your website as the primary tool. Upon a successful sale, the affiliate merchant will pay you a handsome commission.

This is how affiliate marketing works.  

What is Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is a great business model. I believe, for one to learn it well, there should be no compromise on the training.

I personally feel that the training of Daily Cash Siphon is not enough. Majority of the videos are short. I feel that justice has not been done on some core topics.

For instance, like the one that involves writing content. The key to becoming a successful affiliate marketer is not so much the design of your site, but rather the content that you write within your site.

Good quality content, that follows 'white hat SEO Guidelines', is how one gets their content ranked on page one of Google. That means more traffic and more conversions.

Daily Cash Siphon why the training is not complete

It also means doing effective keyword research with a decent keyword research tool.

6 minutes in my opinion, is not sufficient time to cover such an important topic. As for keyword density, that is a phased out 'tactic'. Google actually penalizes you for stuffing your content with keywords.

Then there is the situation where some topics are not necessary for the beginner to learn, when they are just starting out, such as 'Guest Blogging' and 'Outsourcing'.

Both of these are more useful later on in your business. When your site is making money and when you have established yourself as an authority. 


At the end of the day, you are getting some training for your investment. From this perspective, I do not think that Daily Cash Siphon is a scam.

Can you make money from using the Daily Cash Siphon?

I think that these guys went a bit overboard with the marketing? For one to build an online business with a solid foundation it requires time, patience and a fair amount of hard work.

It's just like any offline venture. It will not happen overnight. I can guarantee you, that it will not happen in as quick as '7 minutes and 19 clicks'. 

Let's not forget, that nowhere, is there solid and verifiable proof found that Daily Cash Siphon works.

Your guess is as good as mine?


If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results.- Tony Robbins ...

Tony said "find someone who has achieved the results," I would like to add to that and say "if that someone is able to mentor you," it's even better.

When I started my affiliate marketing journey 3 years ago, this awesome platform helped me to become the success that I am today.

Beside the step-by-step training, the top-notch tools, the up to date live weekly webinars, nothing could match up to the amazing and helpful support that I received from the interactive community at Wealthy Affiliate.

I truly believe that anyone can achieve their financial dreams. It's a matter of consciously choosing to be around people that have achieved what you desire and learning from them, and letting them help you. Of course, it's goes without saying, that you need to come to the party as well.

Wealthy Affiliate has that 'special ingredient'. Click here to join them for free.

3 Billion Searches a day on the internet

The training teaches you how to tap into the billion dollar industry, by showing you how to build a business on any niche around your passion or a hobby.

Unlike Daily Cash Siphon, they do not restrict you to marketing just Clickbank products.(I still maintain that most of their products are of mediocre quality.)

Here is my comparison between the two courses, 

Wealthy Affiliate is better than Daily Cash Siphon

I hope that this Daily Cash Siphon review has helped you out. 

It was so awesome to have your company today. If there are any questions on your mind, please do not hesitate to leave it in the comments section below.

What are your feelings, fears or reservations about affiliate marketing? 

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards


6 thoughts on “Daily Cash Siphon Review- Can You ‘Siphon’Cash in Under 7 Minutes and 19 Clicks?”

  1. It seems that they already screwed their business in the beginning with putting pictures of other sites, second, the fact that they say you can get rich overnight, or at least get money fast is a joke, where nowadays only a few people would fall into that trap. Now Affiliate Marketing is something where you indeed need to be patienced with, if you invest lots of time, monry will come, but not overnight. 

    Even it doesn’t seems like scam and the training looks decent, I wouldn’t join it.

    Would you recommend it to somebody?

  2. Hi Roopesh,

    What is worrying to me is the fact that they show income figures that are most probably not true.  I agree with you if you do get some value for your money it cannot be classified as a scam.  I would rather see it as a poor investment.  The question is do you get value for your money?  According to you NO.

    I have not tried them yet.  Do they have a free membership option where you can check it out first?  If not, I will not even be interested at all.

    The Wealthy Affiliate program you recommend do have a free membership option and looks very promising:)

    Thanks for a great review!

    • Hi there

      Hope that you are well?

      Daily Cash Siphon does not have a free membership option. However, they do refund you, should you not be happy with your purchase.

      Let me know if you need any help with Wealthy Affiliate.



  3. I’ve read a couple of Daily Cash Siphon reviews now and it seems like this program ain’t worth joining. Although they do offer some useful training, overall they just seem too dishonest in the way they make it seem you can get rich quick.

    They also use these words like “weird trick” and “glitch” to really make it sound mysterious, as if it’s some kind of untapped gold mine. I’ve seen these words before on other places like click bait advertisements, are they all written by the same copy writer or something?

    Honest and legit programs will tell it to you straight up that building a successful online business takes lots of time and effort. These guys just make you think you can make money within days just to get you to buy their program…

  4. I totally agree with you Roopesh, I just had my time browsing Daily Cash Siphone, you know what, if you may want to know one thing that I hate and that can easily identifies a an online scam, is the one that sends videos to people telling them it’s a private video and must not be distributed to other people.

    That strategy is the one used by Daily Cash Siphone. 

    Also the reason that Daily Cash Siphone and Five Minute Profit Site is a one-man site that pretend to be two separate entities, is a poorly strategy that spilled the can of worms. The 2 site have the same theme, same Liability Disclaimer, same Income Disclaimer, and have both a welcoming video said to be a private.

    Thank you so much for enlightening this to vulnerable people looking for online adventures.

    I am looking for legit Online Making money platform, I have looked also to your #1 recommendation, it seem legit, I will give it a try  

    • Hey there

      It’s nice to see that you have done your ‘homework’ about these guys as well.

      Thanks for checking out my #1 Recommendation. 

      Should you need help with anything, give me a shout.

      Looking forward to helping you.




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